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The Nicnacjak Podcast

The Nicnacjak Podcast

By Nicolas Jackson
This is the podcast journal of Nicolas Jackson featuring honest conversations from the perspective of a Millennial socialist who struggles with mental health challenges and has a passion for technology, aviation and aviation simulation.
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Nicnacjak Podcast: Fifteen Years of Podcasting

The Nicnacjak Podcast

FSRideAlong: Cross Country Challenges: Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Legs 3-5 Summary, Lessons and Stats
Show Notes: Over the past 3 legs Nicolas has flown from Lewiston, Idaho to Thompson, Manitoba with stops in Lethbridge, AB and North Battleford, SK. In that time Nicolas has covered 1,095 nm complete with a harrowing crossing of The Rockies over Montana along with some nice easy stretches over The Canadian Plains and the beginning of vast stretches of lakes and tundra. Listen to ride along and hear what Nicolas has learned and the things going through their mind as they consider the challenges that lie ahead including:  cold northerly weather, crossing The Hudson Bay, greater distances between airports and The North Atlantic. Blog Post Donate Screenshots and Docs Links Simply Magpie Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Volanta Flight Track Leg 3 Volanta Flight Track Leg 4 Volanta Flight Track Leg 5 Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Stats Total Fuel Bill (so far): $ 1,218.48 USD Total Fuel Used (so far): 185.8  gal Block time (so far): 12.31 hrs Flight Time (so far) 10.7 hrs Average Ground Speed (so far): 162 kts/ 186.4 mph/ 300 kph Logged Distance Flown: 1,731 nm GC Distance Remaining to EGNT: 3010.2 nm Flight Sim Logbook Total: 11-4/2018-5/5/2021 6,590.66 hours 1415 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.22 hours Average Flight Length 4.65 hours 44.53 hrs in SR22 over 23 flights and 5,739 nm
May 6, 2021
FSRideAlong Any Landing You Can Limp Away From? : Chico to Newcastle in a SR22 Simply Magpie Extreme Tour Leg 2 Summery, Lessons and Stats
On Leg 2 of Nicolas’ virtual SR22 trek from Chico, CA US to Newcastle, UK Nicolas runs into weather, X-Plane transition pains and the ground at 208 fpm with a jarring G force of 1.69 gs. Fortunately no one gets hurt or dies in a pixelated world. Lessons were hopefully learned, and 636 nm have passed beneath the nose with 3,908.8 nm of learning to come. Leg 3 should see Nicolas cross into Canada and spend more time considering the challenges ahead. Come ride along! Links Donate Nicnacjak’s Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Screenshots Blog Post Orbx TorqueSim SR22 Cirrus SR22 Reflected Reality TS SR22 Tutorial X-Plane 11 Active Sky For X-Plane 11 SkyVector Navigraph Stats Inintal Fuel Bill for full tanks @ KCIC apx $459.08 Today’s Fuel Bill: 24 gallons of fuel @ $5 a Gallon= $120 @KLKV Todays’ Maintenance Bill: Don’t tell Nicolas; They don’t want to know Total Fuel costs So Far (If It Were Real): apx $579.08 Total Fuel Burned So Far: 60.3 gal Total Tracked Distance so far: 636 nm Total Planned Distance So Far: 578.9 nm Increase Over Plan: +9% GC Distance Remaining: 3,908.8 Today’s Block Time: 2 hr 51 min Today’s Air Time: 2 hr 34 min Logged Distance: 404 nm Fuel burned Today: 39.6 Gal Fuel Remaining: 51 Gal. 1 gal imbalance at shutdown Landing Rate : 207.55 fpm Landing G Force 1.69 Touchdown Speed: 58 kias Landing Wind 298 @ 7 knots Landing RWY: 26 KLWS Entire Trip Flight Time So Far: 3.91 hrs Entire Trip Block Time So Far: 4.53 hrs Nicolas’ Current Logbook Total: 6,583.66 hours 1412 flights completed Average Daily Logged Time = 7.25 hours Average Flight Length 4.66 hours 37.72 hrs in SR22 over 20 flights and 4,818 nm Last Airliner Sim Session: 4/23/21
May 2, 2021
FSRideAlong: A Crazy Magpie Plan: Taking The Torque Sim Cirrus SR22 G3 from Chico to Newcastle In XP11
I’ve been flying The Torque Sim model of the normally aspirated Cirrus SR22 G3 in X-Plane a lot lately. What I haven’t done is taken advantage of the unique online virtual flying club that is Simply Magpie. So, to rectify this and improve my skills in The SR22 I am embarking on a crazy journey. The goal is to make the 4,300 nm (GCR) trek across North America and The North Atlantic from my home in Chico, CA, US to The Simply Magpie Hub in Newcastle, UK. This will require some careful flight planning. Taking into account weather, terrain, fuel endurance and the many remote stretches of North America and The North Atlantic along the way. It will also give me the chance to improve my skills in X-Plane’s rendition of The Garmin G1000. Finely, it will challenge my engine management skills and take me a good portion of the way around the world. I plan on doing this trip over a few weeks. Taking it slow and flying shorter legs to keep my skills and attention sharp along with my general goal to reduce my average daily block and average leg time. I planned and completed the first leg of the journey across The Cascades and into Eastern Oregon’s high desert from Chico, CA (KCIC) to Lakeview, OR (KLKV) on April 30th, 2021. Planning is underway for leg 2 which will take me across the high desert of Eastern Oregon and Washington towards Lewiston, ID. Leg 3 will take me towards the Canadian Rockies. I am doing my flight planning courtesy of SkyVector. A summary of Leg 1 is included in this podcast episode. Leg reports will be a mix of podcasts, Tweets and blog posts (don’t have the GPU needed to live stream). Keep checking back for trip reports in podcast and blog form. And, be sure to check out Simply Magpie. Links Blog Post Donate Flight Sim Services Simply Magpie Screenshots
May 1, 2021
FSRideAlong: Now Entering The Triple Sim World
In this episode Nicolas talks about their attempts to manage life with 3 simulators on one computer while trying to decrease their sim time and improve G1000 and hand flying skills. They go over the vitals for their last few legs which took them from SFO to Crescent City via Seattle, Juneau, Sitka, Port Hardy, Seattle, Portland and Corvallis. No eventual destination. Just aimless simulated wonderings across 3 simulators in a mix of airliners and general aviation aircraft. Come ride along! Featured Sims MSFS P3Dv4.5 XP11 Featured Add Ons DD Seattle for P3D (also available for  XP11) Orbx: Volanta, Southern Alaska for P3D, Juneau for P3D, True Earth Washington SD for XP11, True Earth Oregon SD for XP11, True Earth Northern California for XP11 TorqueSim Cirrus SR22 for XP11 (normally aspirated) Default MSFS Diamond DA40NG XHangar-Diamond DA20 for XP11 RealityXP Garmin GTN 750 for XP11 (used with DA20) Working Title G1000 Mod (MSFS used with DA40NG) Mentioned IBlueYounder/FlightBeam KPDX (P3D,XP11) Flight Sim Association Check out Nicolas’ Flight Sim Services Thanks to Simply Magpie for sponsoring To leave feedback or donate to support the podcast please visit or send Nicolas an email. Please be kind!
April 29, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast: Fifteen Years of Podcasting
In The Nicnacjak Podcast Season 14 Finale Nicolas reflects on their 15 years in podcasting and broadcasting. An unplanned career move that turned out reasonably well. Still, Nicolas expresses concern about the future of the medium as big tech tries to tighten their grip on content producers like themselves who have enjoyed relative freedom in an increasingly corporately controlled internet environment. Feedback Donate Flight Sim Services
April 27, 2021
FSRideAlong: Starting To Change My Mind About MSFS
On a whim Nicolas installed MSFS again. And, after doing a few flights with the Working Title G1000 over the past few days and hearing the news that Working Title is now part of the MSFS development team, Nicolas is finding themselves feeling more optimistic about the platform and it’s future prospects. Maybe once should let go of their bitterness at a certain point? Recent developments and Asbo streams about The SDK only adds more fuel to this newfound optimism fire. Hardware shortage considerations notwithstanding. For G1000/3000 work Nicolas is still invested in and recommending XP11. And, they are eagerly awaiting The Flight Sim Association stream on the topic on Saturday May 1st 11am PDT/1800z. Check out for details On the P3Dv4 end of thinks Nicolas has been learning about the scenery liberty and scenery layering the hard way after having issues with layering DD Seattle on top of Orbx PNW. Consequently, Nicolas is resolving to learn more about the scenery liberty and the package system. Finly, the time Nicolas has spent in The DA40NG in MSFS has left Nicolas intrigued with the real airplane. MSFS mods and more research required. If only they had a medical and lots of money….The show is rounded off with Nicolas’ updated flight sim wish list Links Working Title G1000 (MSFS Mod) Lorby Prepar3D Addon Organize (P3D Utility Free) Flight Sim Association Support Nicolas’ Flight Sim Services Donate Feedback
April 25, 2021
FSRideAlong: Thoughts On The Flight Sim Association and FlightSimExpo
In this episode Nicolas shares their thoughts following their first month of membership in The Flight Sim Association. There seems to be ample potential to build a good educational and avocational online community so long as the goal of the organization is to maintain financial viability by educating and connecting people passionate about flight sim technology and it’s many potential applications. Other Sim Activities: Flying less: 7.31 daily average block time. Average flight length 4.69 hours. Mixed use of airliners across the fleet. Still not ready to really review CS 767 or PMDG 777-200ER but getting closer. The learning curve is steep enough on Air Hauler 2 that Nicolas has given up on that product in favor of waiting on PMDG. Nicolas is still monitoring MSFS. At the moment though, the hardware shortage and lack of add ons with complex avionics systems mean Nicolas will continue to wait before adopting the platform. Donate Flight Sim Services Website Sponsored by Simply Magpie
April 20, 2021
Nicnacjak: Shelter From The Storm
This episode finds Nicolas living in a very confused mixed reality surrounded by technology in an effort to obscure their own vulnerability to shelter issues. Still haunted by their brief experience with being shelterless half a decade ago, Nicolas attempts to process their feelings about the eviction of shelterless camps in Chico and Los Angeles and the limited paths to resolution. While taking the legal approach to challenging these evictions is the most viable it requires a  massive amount of funding and is a long term approach. And, in the short term,  direct action is unsustainable without mass. And, with a divided and desperate population mass appeal seems hard to come by. Donate
April 18, 2021
Nicnacjak Podcast-Technical Lessons and Budget Cuts
In this episode Nicolas talks about what they’ve learned from building their own computer over the past years and their future technical aspirations. Links PCPartpicker Build List Donate
April 10, 2021
Nicnacjak-Integrity II
A mistake in switching podcasts hosts has resulted in The Nicnac Podcast and FSRideAlong Podcasts being merged into one feed and Nicolas is seeking feedback on how listeners feel about potentially having one Podcast and Twitter feed again. Additionally, Nicolas got the stimulus and a tax return within a very short timespan. Having consumed “like a good American” Nicolas is now continuing to wrestle with their conscience and ensure their continued survival and comfort. Feedback Donate
March 21, 2021
In this episode Nicolas struggles with their own sense of integrity and their recent lapses as well as the lapses in integrity of other organizations and people around them. Nicolas really struggles with trying to find an honest path towards hard reduction.
March 13, 2021
Cleaning Up The Airplane
In this episode Nicolas talks about their recent sim purchases (Orbx Juneau, The CaptainSim 767 and Air Hauler 2) and their reasons for choosing these add ons. They also talk about the real world aviation industry and their dream airliner for current conditions. Finely they mention changes they are making to their aviation social media and their ongoing entrepreneurial aspirations relative to simulation.
March 11, 2021
That’s Simutrainment
In this episode Nicolas emphasizes the educational potential of flight sim and expresses a desire to work to further legitimize serious consumer simulation to the aviation community and industry.
March 4, 2021
Sim Ops And Utilities
In this episode some work flow issues with flight preparation cause Nicolas to think about the untapped potential for increased fidelity in flight ops simulations no matter what developers it ends up coming from (sim devs or companies that already produce flight operations software support packages for real world ops). Nicolas also talks about their desire for an updated performance calculator utility and  airline financial management utility. Finely, Nicolas discusses getting back into online flying.
February 19, 2021
Community Building
Recent experience has given Nicolas pause about the way they think about and try to contribute to building communities. Now with a more fully realized understanding of the failings of the democratic process, Nicolas thinks again of NVC, Consensus and other approaches to arriving at a communal sense of consent to the best extent possible. Nicolas also expresses distress over their continued social challenges and how CBT style interventions have proved not to be effective for them.
February 15, 2021
Crossposting; AVGeeking and Simming For Esteem; Maybe money?
Having relieved some immediate survival concerns relative to shelter, Nicolas ponders the marketability of their AVGeek and Flight Sim skills and passion. Nicolas also explains their continued X-Plane/P3D preferences as being a function of avionics simulation fidelity and a function of their love of computers and pressing buttons.
February 9, 2021
In this episode Nicolas discusses trying to triage meeting the current demands of their life loosely informed by their understanding of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and The Wellness Recovery Action Plan. The former has proven to be more helpful as Nicolas works though their survival needs in hopes of being able to spend more time on meeting esteem needs.
February 7, 2021
GA in MSFS 2020 And X-Plane 11
In this episode Nicolas goes back to the basics with General Aviation in MSFS 2020 and X-Plane 11. The limited functionality of the default G1000 in MSFS 2020 left Nicolas wanting even after trying a few mods.  XP 11 was 1000x better stock and stock content can easily be supplemented with payware add ons. More importantly, though, X-Plane’s flight dynamics feel much more realistic and there is a seemingly endless selection of good freeware scenery.
January 18, 2021
2021....Now What?
In this episode Nicolas tries to get their head in a planning space for 2021 and the continued limited possibilities of living and working in the virtual world.
January 18, 2021
A Multisim World
In this episode Nicolas talks about their recent exploration of General Aviation Aircraft in X-Plane 11 including The TorqueSim Cirrus SR22 and X-Aviation/Leading Edge Simulations Beech Sundowner. Both airplanes have been enjoyable as Nicolas looks X-Plane. Nicolas tried MSFS (2020) but gave up due to the limitations of the default G1000.  Check out Nicols’ Sim Support Services @
January 2, 2021
A Cold And Dark December
In this episode Nicolas tries to move forward based on the idea of camaraderie and an admittedly poor understanding of a wellness and recovery action plan. Topics covered include: Nicolas admitting the wrongness of their election prediction, managing digital ecosystem use, skipping Christmas, and “pushing Biden left” by calling out neoliberal humbug.
December 18, 2020
Sim Hardware, Sim Platforms and Future Proofing
In this episode Nicolas updates listeners on their new Ryzen 3600 + Geforce 1660ti build. Nicolas commits to a future upgrade to The Ryzen 5000 series along with a 3000 series Nvidia GPU. Nicloas covers their recent experience with X-Plane 11 and The FlightFactor A350. Thinking ahead, Nicolas is waiting till their hardware improves before moving to P3Dv5 and MSFS 2020. Currently, Nicolas is struggling for v4 optimization and flight continued control failure.
December 4, 2020
In this episode Nicolas does their best to come up with a coping and survival mechanism for the times ahead. They conclude that the best approach is to develop a tight knit group of people that one can support and get support from. They also talk about their vote, the problematic mechanics of representation and the potential of the sociocratic mechanic. Finally, they mention their new flight sim service offers.
October 27, 2020
In this episode Nicolas ponders technology. Why do we have it? What are the resultant societal implications? Nicolas also ponders taking a trip to Seattle to visit the ghost of their adulthood.
September 8, 2020
Surplus Thought
In this episode Nicolas contemplates their current station in life and wonders about their ability to adapt should society's paradigm ever shift. They also contemplate whether human society has evolved to such an extent as to be immune to natural law.
August 25, 2020
Accepting A Grim Reality
In this episode Nicolas continues to struggle with reality. In the process they come to the realization that they are an agnostic fatalist. A combination that’s less than desirable and somewhat illogical.
August 21, 2020
Embracing The Moment But Thinking About The Future
Nicolas’ participation in a reading group leads them to start thinking about ways to plant seeds of thought and action in light of the current reality.
August 17, 2020
Don't Underestimate Evil
In this episode processes their continued attempts to cope with reality and make the best of the situation.
August 15, 2020
Partial Engine Failure
In this episode Nicolas discusses their recent simming as they attempt to slog through a bout of depression in their personal life. Recent flight sim purchases discussed include Orbx’s Palm Spings, San Jose and Santa Barbra. They also discuss their blogging concept starting with a recent post they composed about moving from simulating Boeing operations to simulating Airbus operation. Future topics include learning the FlightFactor A350 for XPlane 11.
August 15, 2020
Living On Borrowed Time
While Nicolas is relieved to have gotten another month in shelter they are str