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Ebony Goddess Mind Melt Phone Sex

Ebony Goddess Mind Melt Phone Sex

By Nicole Renee
Brat. Hedonist. Ebony hypnodomme and phone sex provider. Black Queen. I discuss issues that affect me and that I have experienced, in addition to phone sex, fetishes, and other kinks. Sit back, relax, and stay a while. For more information on my services, subscribe to my blog Follow me on twitter:
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Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation And Fetishes
I meant to have both this and the blog posted weeks ago. It was originally about other fetishes and services I offer, and then two days ago I had a really irritating encounter with what I will call "a white sex worker Karen" regarding my use of the term "sissies." There seems to be an ignorance outside of the BDSM community, on different types of fetishes, including the sissy fetish, and since I happen to know more about these fetishes than say... someone who just got into sex work 2 seconds ago, I decided to talk about how I feel about kink, and go more into depth about who actually participates in the sissy fetish including transgender women who enjoy being called sissies, and my thoughts on racism in the adult and kink communities. So this will sort of be a "stay out of black women's business" podcast in addition to talking about what kinks I enjoy offering my callers. If you want to read my latest blog go to and follow me on Twitter if you want more hypnosis and sissy and humiliation content @NicoleReneeKali and don't forget to subscribe. 
August 25, 2022
Gooning Mindfuck - Ebony Goddess Nicole's Hypnotic Journey
Is gooning real? The same question has been asked of hypnosis. And gooning is a form of a hypnotic, trance-like state, reached by edging without release until you get to a euphoria that lasts as long as you keep gooning without... release. This is a story of what happens when you finally give into those urges, and find yourself under my spell. Please subscribe to the podcast if you like it, and subscribe to the blog for more clips and previews of my phone sex audio files. You can read the latest blog here Stay up to date on all my wicked workings, by following me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali 
July 08, 2022
Ebony HypnoDomme Takes Over The Embassy With Mind Control
Your first encounter with the Ebony HypnoDomme was at the Embassy. And you got to witness her takeover, as she also took control of your mind. Listen to this hypnotic tale of mind control, and if you like, read the new blog:  Make sure you subscribe, and follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali 
March 28, 2022
Ebony Erotic Hypnosis - Platform Madness
With AVNstars shutting down monetization, and sex workers feeling a bit disgruntled, it might be frustration to be either a content creator who loves hypnosis content, or a hypnosis fan looking to buy that content. But there is something you can do, and if you're looking for the Queen of Ebony Erotic Hypnosis you can always find me on Niteflirt, and this podcast will tell you where to find my exclusive content once it leaves Avnstars. For links to my Niteflirt profile and where I'll be and am currently selling content, please go to my latest blog: and do subscribe to both the blog, push alerts, and my podcast. Bonus: Free audio now up on the blog, from me and the ladies of Niteflirt, just in time for Christmas. You can follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
December 17, 2021
Is Cryptocurrency The Future Of Femdom And Findom?
There's buzz of a new cryptocurrency called tribute token, going around, and with good reason. Have you been having a hard time finding your favorite Ebony Hypnodomme, or any hypnosis content in general? You want to listen to this podcast, and support our industry... especially if you want to continue having access to all that kinky fetish content you love so much. Want more? Read my latest blog subscribe to this podcast and my blog, and if you like my content, send me some "encouragement" in the form of currency. 
November 16, 2021
Catfishing Kink - The Fetish And The Annoyingly Overused Term
Where virtual gaming is concerned, and people can be furries, unicorns, and inanimate objects, calling someone a catfish on SL is just silly to me. Yet it still happens. Why? Well mostly because of ill informed newbies to the sex worker world, and pop culture, which turned everything from wearing makeup, to playing a persona on second life, into catfishing. So here I am, a GenX black woman, and Hypnodomme practitioner, weighing in on why everyone would be much happier if they minded their own business. And in that regard, I only have one contradiction. Read the blog and grab a seat and some earbuds. If you're brave enough to listen to this whole podcast, follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
October 26, 2021
Erotic Hypnosis - Ebony Mind Control: Is Hypnosis Real?
Experts will tell you that hypnosis in all its forms is just a parlor trick, but is that really true? I have my own views on the reality of erotic hypnosis, and before I answer that question, let me say this: People go into trance, every day, several times a day. Keep listening right here to see what else I have to say about hypnosis phone sex, and read the blog at: and watch a few of my mind control clips. Follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali 
July 12, 2021
Ebony Strapon And Ebony Tgirl Phone Sex - Black Women In Femdom Fantasies
I'm not just an Ebony Hypnodomme, there are many fetishes I enjoy talking to callers about, unfortunately I don't often get to discuss them all. This episode I'm veering off the hypnodomme course, and diving into ebony strapon and ebony tgirl phone sex fantasies. Both are popular fetishes involving femdom and black women, and also many bits and pieces of other kinks. If you enjoy ebony strapon femdom or ebony tgirls, give this podcast a play, and don't forget to subscribe. If you want to read the blog, go to and follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
April 20, 2021
Signs You Are A Cuckold Fetishist - Ebony Cuckolding Fantasies
What are some of the signs you are a cuckold? And what are some signs you have a cuckold fetish? If you're listening to this podcast, that's your first clue. For more cuckold clues, keep listening, and read my new blog: Follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
March 08, 2021
The Love Language of Erotic Hypnosis - Serving An Ebony Hypnodomme
What is the love language of erotic hypnosis? It's trust, but at its core there is so much more to it than that. Devotion, surrender, peace, escape, all words that can be used to describe a good mindfuck. Think of my voice as the phallic symbol, that penetrates your mind over and over. Now, listen to this podcast, and then go read my blog, at and read how to explore your mind control fetish with me. Follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
February 14, 2021
Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis
Orgasm denial is a popular fetish, but what about coerced orgasms and edging? This is the subject of my latest blog where I discuss the fun of having someone edge and release continuously in a loop. It is also black history month and there is a quick do's and don'ts from the Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck, on how to conduct yourself in my presence, and how to show fealty to me this month, and every month. You can read the blog here:  follow me on Twitter: @NicoleReneeKali
February 03, 2021
Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox Fantasy
I recently had the pleasure of creating my very own animated coerced intox video for a client, and I'd like to tell you about it. If you want more details and a summary of my Ebony stripper, coerced intox roleplay videos, you can find them on manyvids. Information and links to the videos can be found on my blog at: Follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
January 15, 2021
Ebony Goddess Mind Control - Sissy Training For The New Year
Wake up sissy, it's time for your training. What would you do if you one day woke up to find your life in a spiral, and discovered that Ebony Goddess Nicole had been programming you to be a sissy. And worse yet, you liked it, even though you knew you had been tricked into feminization, you liked being Goddess Nicole's sissy. Today's podcast addresses that very subject, feminization, sissification, and mind control. If you would like to read the sissy training blog, please go to and make sure you subscribe to the blog. In the meantime, enjoy the sweet sound of my voice leading you into sissy training. Follow me on twitter and find out what I've been up to: @NicoleReneeKali
January 07, 2021
Ebony Christmas Mind Control
I've got a new audio in the store, and a word of caution to anyone seeking erotic hypnosis from the Ebony Goddess of mind melt. I'm addictive, I'm potent, and I make zero apologies for such. If you want to delve deep into your loss of control and hypno kink, listen to this podcast, and then go read my blog and check my new audio for sale: I would appreciate it if you subscribe to both the podcast and the blog. You may also follow me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
December 29, 2020
Let's Talk About Financial Domination (And Why I Don't Talk Much About It)
What is financial domination? Why are people so obsessed with it. And why does it keep getting confused for Femdom? While similar, in the fact that you have to pay for both, they are not the same. And if you are wondering how both differ from D/s relationships, we'll get into why, I think that even if you are only searching for a long term D/s relationship with a Dominant woman, you still need to pay for her time.  Also a tyrade on my part, about freeloading subs.  You can read my blog on the subject at and make sure you subscribe to the blog. You can also find me on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali 
December 11, 2020
Ebony Hot Wife Switch Bait Fantasy
So you're one of those so called alpha white men, who wants to see his amazingly hot wife get railed by several men. Hmm... BORING. I have a better idea. I am your ebony hot wife, and I've decided you need a lesson in manners. So I've decided to turn the tables on you, and show you what happens when your wife gets tired of your foolishness. If you enjoy humiliation and degradation, this is for you, and if not, you're going to need a lot of therapy. If you want to read the blog,  go to: and do leave a comment. You can follow me on twitter @nicolereneekali  and Instagram (same name).
November 12, 2020
Halloween Hypnosis With Ebony Goddess Nicole
Happy Halloween from Goddess Nicole. One of my favorite things to do to grown men is turn them into my little bitchasses. And the other is celebrate Halloween watching scary movies. And the other, is a little Ebony erotic hypnosis. Let's turn things up a notch, how about erotic hypnosis and CBT? Intrigued? Have a listen. Read the blog at: and have a safe all Hallows eve.  Follow Ebony Goddess Nicole on Twitter @NicoleReneeKali
October 31, 2020
Gender Bending Feminization - The Many Ways Of Sissies
I'd like to discuss gender bending and feminization. If you're a sissy into coerced feminization and switching gender roles, sit back and join me for a discussion that sissies and crossdressers are bound to get a tingle from. If you are enjoying the podcast, please read the blog here: Twitter: @NicoleReneeKali
September 30, 2020
CBT Genital Pain Play
Have you missed my voice? I hope you have, today I'd like to talk to you about CBT and genital pain play. Yes the cbt stands for cock and ball torment, not cognitive behavioral therapy which is something else entirely. If you like pain and BDSM, let's chat about CBT and find out how you can connect with the Ebony Goddess of mindfuck, and let me play with your balls. I enjoy making men cry, after all. To read the blog go to: follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
August 24, 2020
Entanglement August - Pu$$y Incense And Black Goddess Worship
Big girls need love too, and I'm no exception. I just found out it's entanglement August! And I'd like to touch base on my last podcast and blog, and what I look for in customers, and what turns me on aside from erotic hypnosis, if you want to listen, please subscribe. For the blog: You can grab the rss feed and subscribe there too. Thanks for listening. @NicoleReneeKali on Twitter
August 11, 2020
Ebony Goddess Message For Dusty Men
I have a potent message for black men: Heal. And heal by yourself, because black women are busy. The subject is dusty broke ass men who expect black women to fix them, heal them, council them, cook for them, fuck them, take care of them. Yall have the game backwards. Here's what you can do about that if you choose to: 1. Go back home to your mama. 2. Take accountability and raise your level of mind and worth.  And for black women, my message pertains to taking everything you've worked so hard for, and just giving it to some lame, all in the name of dick, and having a man. We can all do better, I am going to share my thoughts. Trigger warning: toxic masculinity, incels, etc. will probably not like what I have to say, let me know when I give a damn so we can both be surprised together. Subscribe to the podcast for more episodes. Subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on all things Ebony Goddess Hypnodomme. Follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
August 08, 2020
Ebony MILF Mistress - Vixen Next Door
Older women are sexy. I said what I said. I'm a MILF and I love being one, I have no qualms about being out of my 20s, because I also no longer have to put up with bullshit I put up with in my 20s. Listen in, and also read my MILF blog, to find out why being an Ebony MILF Mistress is so sexy. Follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
July 15, 2020
Eat My Ass - Ebony Goddess Ass Licking Ass Worship
Today we're talking about ass worship, ass licking, and a few other things naughty boys love to do, when a nice round ass is in their face. Yes I'm referring to toilet play. A very naughty subject, yet some people love it, why? Read my ass licking blog here: Twitter: @NicoleReneeKali
July 06, 2020
Do You Have A Black Women Fetish
Race is currently a touchy subject, and with good reason, but I would really like to know, for those who fetishize black women, what does it for you? Why are you attracted specifically to black women and what do you love about us? In phone sex I've discussed race play with customers and other kinks in direct relation to Ebony phone sex. I would love to share my experiences and hear about yours. Read the black women fetish blog I wrote, at and follow me on twitter @nicolereneekali
June 06, 2020
Positive Femdom - How To Be An Asset To Goddess Nicole
My blog and podcast are fairly new, but my experience and views are well cultivated. In this podcast I discuss the difference between a Queen and a Princess and why both matter, the black woman's experience and why black feminism is very different from its counterpart, feminine energy, and why you need to pay sex workers for their time. I hope you'll listen in and support the podcast, also please subscribe and support my blog where you can read more about this podcast episode: Follow me on Twitter: @NicoleReneeKali
May 26, 2020
Ebony Goddess Cuckolding - I'll Make Your Wife Call Me Daddy
Your wife will call me daddy because in the realm of ebony goddess cuckolding, I can give her so much more pleasure than you can. It's not just an empowering move, it's just another way I love to mindfuck you and shatter your world into tiny little pieces. Just like I did with Alfred, the day he came home to find me in bed with his luscious blonde wife. So what did happen with wifey? Tune in now, and read the blog, at   Subscribe so you never miss an episode. And follow me on twitter @NicoleReneeKali to keep up to date with Goddess Nicole. 
May 11, 2020
Ebony Goddess Mind Melt
Goddess Nicole now has her very own podcast. Get to know me and learn more about this enchanting adult entertainer and what she has to offer. In this episode Nicole Renee discusses her path  into phone sex and how her life has changed since the covid pandemic started. For more information on Nicole, subscribe to her blog. And also follow her on twitter @NicoleReneeKali
April 28, 2020