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Night of the Livid Punks!

Night of the Livid Punks!

By Damien Inbred
Damien Inbred of Doomed Society Radio sits down and chats with some close friends and other respected members of the international DIY punk community. They discuss life, love, anarchy, music, punk, and whatever else comes up in an informal setting.
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Episode 03: Let's Talk Punk, Life, Passion, and Revolt with Andy Lefton
This time around we've got long-time friend Andy "Leffer" Lefton (WAR//PLAGUE, F.O.T.K., PROVOKED, PONTIUS PILATE, "Organize And Arise", etc) in the hot seat to discuss punk ethics, the burning rage of a dying world, guns, punk rock, and we finally get to hear what happened with "The Baron" and the whole TAU CROSS debacle. What does one do when they find out their bandmate and close friend turns out to have an extremely disgusting world view? It's my first time talking to Andy in a few years, and I'm happy to let you all in on the conversation!
January 03, 2021
Minisode #2 - Still Here!
Hoo boy, it's been a while! Just a quick reminder that I'm still here, and looking forward to get this off the ground again. Brand new proper episode coming shortly, featuring good friend of Doomed Society, Andy Lefton (aka Leffer) of WAR//PLAGUE, FOTK, PROVOKED, and "Organize and Arise" fame. 
January 03, 2021
Episode 2: Adrienne Stone - Punk for Life
Content Warning: Some discussion regarding sexual assault. This time around, Damien chats with an incredibly well-respected member of the DIY punk community! You most likely know Adrienne as the powerful voice behind SPITBOY and occasionally AUS-ROTTEN, or through her columns in MRR and Profane Existence. On this episode, we sit down and chat about life in the East Bay punk scene, Spitboy, tensions between Spitboy and the riot grrrl movement, Tim Yohannan, recording with Steve Albini at his Batcave-esque studio, Aus-Rotten, and the meanest prank a friend ever pulled. Songs Played on this episode: AUS-ROTTEN: isolation or solution SPITBOY: sexism impressed AVAIL: pink houses photo credit: Chris Larson, Slug And Lettuce -
April 18, 2020
Minisode #1: The One Where A Dehydrated Inbred Talks About Upcoming Episodes
Looks like we've stumbled upon a theme. I forgot to get Jeremy's Jello Biafra story. Who's the guest on the next (proper) episode? If you have 6 minutes to waste, waste them here!
April 12, 2020
Episode 1: Jeremy Stone - King of the Coffee Punx
On the debut episode of Night of the Livid Punks, Damien sits down with longtime friend, former Profane Existence editor/coordinator, and king of the coffee punx Jeremy Stone. Sit back and relax as Jeremy and Damien chat about self-isolation, punk life, Profane Existence, Minneapolis, having their hearts broken by The Baron, and of course - coffee! And just for fun, hear Jeremy gush about six crucial punk songs that mean a lot to him! Closing song: SPITBOY - "In Your Face"
March 29, 2020