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The Nightmare Bazaar

The Nightmare Bazaar

By C.H. Newell
Father Son Holy Gore presents The Nightmare Bazaar, a space for stories that touch upon the eerie, the eldritch, the horrific, and the inexplicable. Many of the stories will be original. Some will be readings of classic or underrated literature.
Come. Join us, headlong into a new nightmare every couple weeks.
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"Demon" by Joyce Carol Oates

The Nightmare Bazaar

"The Lonesome Place" by August Derleth
For this episode of The Nightmare Bazaar I decided to do another short story by a famous author, a rendition of one of my personal favourite creepy little tales: "The Lonesome Place" by August Derleth. The Nightmare Bazaar's intro/outro features the tracks "Doomsday" by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio & "Cornelia" by Aim To Head. The reading of "The Lonesome Place" features background music by Spranzi ("Disturbing 1"). All tracks are copyright & royalty free use. You can get early access to podcast episodes & a ton more content each month at
September 24, 2021
"Interview" by C.H. Newell
The latest episode of The Nightmare Bazaar is "Interview"—an homage to Anne Rice & her vampires, but a whole lot more overtly queer. The Nightmare Bazaar's intro/outro features the tracks "Doomsday" & "Pulse" by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. All tracks are copyright & royalty free use.
September 12, 2021
"A Sound of Blood" by C.H. Newell
The latest episode is titled "A Sound of Blood" & it's by yours truly. The story involves a man who suddenly, at middle age, develops an odd, terrifying sense of synesthesia which crosses his senses; he now tastes sound. This sends him into an existential downward spiral with a shocking conclusion. The Nightmare Bazaar's intro/outro features the tracks "Doomsday" & "City of the Dead" by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio. The reading of "A Sound of Blood" contains the tracks "Akane's Regret" and "Abjection" by REPULSIVE. All tracks are copyright/royalty free use.
August 24, 2021
"Demon" by Joyce Carol Oates
A reading of the terrifying Joyce Carol Oates short story "Demon" from her collection Demon and Other Tales (1996). Voices: C.H. Newell
August 2, 2021
"A Face of Nothing" by C.H. Newell
This is the very first episode of The Nightmare Bazaar, presented by Father Son Holy Gore. This podcast is going to be all about original genre stories, all of the macabre variety, with the occasional classic or obscure horror story along the way. The initial story you're about to hear is one of my own: "A Face of Nothing." This is actually a new, extended version of my first published horror story, "Book of the Black Moon," originally published by Centum Press in 2015. If you dig this story then please subscribe to the podcast & share with any like-minded horror creeps you know out there amongst the land of the living. For now, come on in—join me in the dark. If you'd like more content, including film lectures, monthly short stories, & various columns on Queer Gothic, wrestling, & film remakes, you can find my Patreon at Voices & Foley Work: C.H. Newell
August 2, 2021