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Night Witch

Night Witch

By The Night Witches
We're all hurtling down the road of life in our own personal flaming dumpsters- but what if we could be less on fire? Join the Night Witches on a journey of self-discovery- tackling topics with a signature blend of irreverence and deference in an attempt to probe our event horizons that we may emerge less inflamed on the other side. A podcast in equal parts comedy and tragedy, truth bombs and f-bombs.
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Existential Exhaustion and What, if Anything, is Too Serious to be Joked About?
Your Night Witches return to falling in love after an extended float down the river of exhaustion from these trying times, answering the question What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about? The 36 Questions that Lead to Love Follow us on Twitter!
June 12, 2020
The Fountain of Youth: Hard No. The Postmortal and Why Not to be Forever Young Episode 12
Humans want to be eternally young for some reason, so let's talk about why that's a terribad idea. Featuring a glimpse of Drew Magary's book, The Postmortal, which is a SUPER NEAT-O experiment into why living forever might be the worst thing for us. Find us on Twitter!
May 01, 2020
Reefer Madness, Harry Anslinger, and the Whizzinator: 420 NW Edition Episode 11
Your witches take a break from falling in love spark up a conversation in celebration of 420: The Devil's Holiday. Let's crack open some #weedfacts to learn you a thing or two about the controversial plant in this episode which unofficially-officially kicks off the podcast for realies! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to learn EVEN MORE!
April 20, 2020
The Literal and Figurative Juiciest Episode: Most Embarrassing Moments! Episode 10
Your Night Witches delve deep into the tastiest question on the list: What's Your Most Embarrassing Moment! 36 Questions that Lead to Love Follow us on Twitter!
April 14, 2020
1 in 30 People Poop in the Work Showers and Now You Also Have that Dark Knowledge Episode 9
Do you have work showers? Do you work with 30 or more people? I have bad news for you. Your Night Witches tackle THAT deeply upsetting topic, plus continue down the path of falling in love with a slightly lighter step this week! Shower Pooper Survey 36 Questions that Lead to Love Follow us on Twitter!
April 10, 2020
Life is Like a $20 Pair of Tights Rolling Down Your Legs as You Walk Home Episode 8
Your Night Witches return back to the task at hand: Falling in Love- talking about family, expectations, and what kind of sartorial analogy best sums up your life! The 36 Questions that lead to Love Follow us on Twitter!
April 01, 2020
Special Edition: Your Backdoor Emergency Broadcast about Covid-19
The coronavirus Covid-19,: You cannot avoid hearing about it- it's on all of our minds, and there's little chance you won't be affected by it. So what can you do? Well, a HECKIN LOT, actually! Join Night Witches Kiera, Twylark, and Nika as we converse about the pandemic with our signature blend of bum jokes and realtalk. Stay safe and stay smart, friendos! As always, you know where to find us (Twitter).
March 25, 2020
Spells for Uncursing Your Genitals, Thicc Dirigibles, and Entering the Nethersrealm! Episode 7
A light-hearted reprieve from the weight of our Terrible Memories, this episode we talk about uncursing your balls, our ideal transportation system, and other topics all in our journey to fall in love! Follow us on Twitter! The 36 Questions that Lead to Love
March 19, 2020
The Terrible Episode- Be Warned! Episode 6
In this beast of an episode, your Night Witches followup from last week's Treasured memories, and talk instead about their most Terrible ones. Heads up, this one covers some serious stuff regarding abuse and assault and a terror trove of other topics, so listener discretion is advised! Abuse resources Assault resources Find us on Twitter! 36 Questions That Lead to Love!
March 10, 2020
If You Snort Lightning Bugs, Your Eyes Glow (Do Not Test This) Episode 5
In this energetic episode, your Night Witches share their most Treasured Memories, discuss fireflies, Harry Potter spoilers, the stale turds cradled within you, Pirate porn prolapse, and just about everything you've come to expect from us! 36 Questions That Lead to Love Find us on Twitter! WKCooldown Gaming New Podcast
March 02, 2020
So How Inadequate Do You Feel About Your Greatest Accomplishment? Episode 4
Not-quite-half-way into the list of the 36 Questions That Lead to Love, and waist deep in existential crises! We consider our greatest accomplishments (the answer may surprise you!) and talk about what we value most in a friendship Find us on Twitter!
February 25, 2020
Dreams, or How You Can Help Keri's Feet Go To Scotland! Episode 3
As we continue our journey down the rabbit hole of the 36 Questions That Lead to Love, we ask ourselves: what are our dreams? The answer may surprise you! Also, Keri has a unique investment opportunity for you (if you are specifically into that kind of thing!) Château de Gudanes (the french chateâu renovation  site) The 36 Questions That Lead to Love Find us all on Twitter!
February 22, 2020
The Inevitability of Death, and How Kiera Was a Science Experiment? Episode 2
The Night Witches commence round 2 of the Questions That Lead to Love, where we we open with the absolute killer "Do you have a secret hunch how you will die?" and end on top of Twy, logrolling her down a hill into battle. The 36 Questions That Lead to Love Find us all on Twitter!
February 21, 2020
Falling In Love, Plus the Perfect Stephen King Grocery Store Meet-Cute Episode 1
The Night Witches fall in love- or die trying. Twy, Keri, Kiera and Nika begin to follow the "36 Questions that Lead to Love" (as featured by the New York Times) in an attempt to really get to know each other- and it works WAY too well. Laughter and tears abound!    The 36 Questions That Lead to Love Find us all on Twitter!
February 13, 2020
Keri's a Giant LARP Nerd and Now Everyone Knows Episode 0 pt2
Kiera and Nika are joined by Keri, who takes us down the rabbit hole of of LARP (Live Action Roleplay), Renaissance festivals, and period reenactment groups- both the highs and the lows. Another former Patreon-exclusive proto-pilot episode! Find us all on Twitter!
February 13, 2020
Best Places To Haunt if You Were a Ghost, Bird Woman, and Other Spoopy Stories Episode 0
Kiera, Nika and Twylark discuss their ideal afterlife roles, the best places to do a heckin' haunt, and share some personal ghost stories and other odd encounters in this early proto-pilot episode, formerly a spooky Patreon Halloween exclusive. Twy's personal best of bringing up 9/11 just 14 minutes into the first recording! Find us all on Twitter!
February 13, 2020