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She Did That!

She Did That!

By Nikai Fondon
Debunk the myth that self-starting women (specifically those who are entrepreneurs, philanthropists or in high positions) are somehow different from everyone else. She Did That introduces you to women of color doing amazing work in various sectors. We talk about their journey, hot topics in their industry, and how they practice self care. Listen in to see yourself in our every day leaders.
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The Afraid Don't Get Paid (feat. Candace Chatman)

She Did That!

There's Space for Me Too (feat. Xiomara Albán DeLobato)
I sat down with Xiomara to discuss her new career move and how she found herself winning Business West's 40 under 40.  Xiomara currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council (EDC). With over a decade of experience in the public and private sphere, Xiomara has been a steadfast advocate for equitable access to economic and academic growth and opportunity in the region and beyond.   A Springfield native, she has dedicated her career and community involvement to serve as an active change agent in Western Mass with a focus in identifying inequitable, inaccessible, and inefficient practices within organizations and developing inclusive solution-oriented strategies that lead to tangible + positive outcomes. Facebook: Xiomara Albán DeLobato F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
November 17, 2021
Just a lil' Bit of Sarcasm (feat. Nina Reed)
I sat down to speak with Nina Read, owner and founder of Sarcastic Sweets, LLC about her journey to owning her own brick and mortar bakery after starting as a food truck! Hear her story and order some sweets :) W E B S I T E: F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
November 10, 2021
Black Girls Must Die Exhausted (feat. Jayne Allen)
I sat down with Jaunique Sealey to chat about her new book called "Black Girls Must Die Exhausted", being a modern woman and how the book came to be!  The Harvard Law grad is a popular speaker, thought leader, seasoned business executive, and noted author who writes fiction under her chosen nom de plume, Jayne Allen. The Detroit native and L.A.-based writer began her career as an attorney in the music industry as an executive at Universal Music Group. She later served as a senior digital strategist and business development executive for Lady Gaga and as an attorney and strategist for Prince, whom she credits for teaching her how to truly be an artist.  She has also dabbled in standup comedy, is trained in improv, and is a fun and engaging conversationalist offering quick-witted humor and notable insights. In the forthcoming publication, Black Girls Must Die Exhausted, Ms. Sealey shares relatable, real-life experiences of the lead character Tabitha Walker, a young professional who knows what she wants with a plan in place to have it all. That is until life gets in the way with an unexpected fertility diagnosis. BGMDE centers around the narrative and perspective of a black female protagonist navigating contemporary fertility issues, family, race, relationships, and inequality, to ultimately discover what matters most wasn’t what she originally thought. This book is about receiving a wake-up call and opportunity to define life on your terms rather than accepting how the world imposes its own definitions. With this story, Jaunique implores readers to "find your word" in life. Tabitha's word is exhausted. Link to the Book Jayne's Instagram: @jayneallenwrites F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
November 03, 2021
Black Girls Achieve (feat. Taniqua Huguley)
I sat down with Taniqua to speak about starting a program to help empower young women through developing leadership skills and practical life knowledge. Taniqua hails from Long Island City, NY and has lived in Hartford, CT since 2011. She is the Outreach Director of Open Communities Alliance, an organization aimed to unwind intentional segregation and to provide housing opportunities and access to all. She is also the founder and owner of a new organization Black Girls Achieve, which is a girl empowerment program that aims to provide black girls the skills and tools to learn about the ways society shapes black girlhood and how to navigate its nuances. Taniqua is a two-time Trinity College graduate, in 2011 she received het Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology; in 2017 she received her Master of Arts degree in Public Policy. Taniqua has also received the 50 for the Next 50, Hartford’s Finest, and 100 women of color awards. INSTAGRAM- @blackgirlsachieve_ F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
October 27, 2021
She is Always With Me (feat. Dominique Dawkins)
I spoke with Dominique to catch up with her and hear more about her dedication to building stronger communities. She and her family was featured on the tv show Extreme Home Makeover when we were both in high school and her mother was super invested in making schools safer by creating government policies about bullying. I have seen her advocate for communities in many capacities so you already know I had to sit down and chat with her! Hope you enjoy. Dominique Dawkins has spent most of her professional career working in county government and engaging the community on strategic initiatives and policies related to the Census, poverty-related issues, and citizen engagement in local government. As an advocate for higher learning, Dominique has volunteered in creating college scholarship and internship opportunities as well as assisting high school and college students in college scholarship research in North Carolina. Dominique currently works for Spartanburg County in the Community Development department as a Community Specialist. She received a Political Science and Global studies degree from Bennett College in Greensboro, NC and a Master of Public Administration from North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Dominique is a native of Springfield, Massachusetts and currently resides in Spartanburg, SC with her husband André. Dominique on Instagram: @_dominationnn_ F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
October 20, 2021
Mastering Scrum and Life (feat. Anna Mbengam)
I sat down with Anna to understand more about the Scrum Master industry/ position title, starting a coaching business and achieving everything she has set her mind to. If you haven't heard of what a Scrum Master is, this is the episode to find out!  "An Agilist at its best ! Driven by Gratitude. Love being a Scrum Master/ Agile Coach ! Interested in networking, traveling, business ventures and ideas. You can find me in the gym or being a once a month weekend warrior in the Army or traveling Somewhere." Anna on Instagram: @scrum_champions F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
July 07, 2021
Direct Your Purpose (feat. Ruby Maddox)
I sat down with Ruby Maddox, founder of Direct Your Purpose, to talk about finding your purpose in life and starting multiple non-profit organizations. Ruby Maddox is a Purpose Coach, consultant, and facilitator, dedicated to helping individuals cultivate their potential for meaningful contributions to society.  She is the co-founder of two nonprofit organizations focused on social justice, leadership, and equity.  Ruby is a TEDx speaker and recipient of the 40 Under 40 Business and Community Leader's award. INSTAGRAM- @directyourpurpose F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
April 28, 2021
Network! Network! Network! (feat. Zaccia Chesson)
I sat down with Zaccia to talk about her journey in starting and owning a successful marketing firm called Green Millenial. We spoke about how she did it and how she got the courage to start a business after working in the food industry. She did that and so can you! "I am 26 years old. African American, Puerto Rican and Chilean. Grew up in Leominster, MA. I own a marketing firm and our organization has offices in CA, MA, MD, and NJ." Instagram: @zacciachesson Website: F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
April 23, 2021
The Afraid Don't Get Paid (feat. Candace Chatman)
This week I talk to Candace Chatman. A skilled DM Sales Coach. Her main goal is to help other coaches and service providers gain clients and make MONEY. Her key phrase is "The Afraid Don't Get Paid" which is also the title of her episode. She's helped me gain the confidence to start this podcast and step into my power to help others! She's great and effective. @candacechatman_ F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
April 07, 2021
It'$ My Money (feat. Patrina Dixon)
In this episode, I talk financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life. She has been a resource to me; helping me increase my credit score by 3o points in 3 months. Her advice is legit!  Patrina Dixon, a Personal Finance Expert, Speaker, Award-Winning Author, and host of The Money Exchange Podcast; through her trademark brand, It'$ My Money, runs financial workshops, a blog, & retail products. Her company empowers individuals to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle & become financially independent. Patrina has been featured in CNBC, Black Enterprise, Experian, and FOX61 & she is a 100 Women of Color alumna. Instagram: @itsmymoney_ F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
March 31, 2021
An Inclusive Experience (feat. Alaina Macaulay)
I sat down with Alaina Macaulay to speak about her experiences working in a position solely dedicated to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on a college campus. "Alaina M. T. Macaulay is the Executive Director of Diversity and Inclusion for the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Since joining the Isenberg family in the Summer of 2019, she has been focused on developing and managing programs that make members of underrepresented groups feel at home at Isenberg, while working with all groups to support them in being engaged and inclusive community members. Prior to her work in Isenberg, she served as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Elms College in Chicopee, MA.  During her career, Alaina has led workshops and presentations nationally and internationally on the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion and understanding bias.   Although she's originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she now calls Springfield, Massachusetts her home. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Charles, daughter, Kiya and dog, Ozzy." F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
March 17, 2021
Love Your Menses (feat. Bria Gadsden)
I sat down with Bria to discuss the taboo of period talk and how she's breaking down the stigma around menstruation and self care with her non-profit called, Love Your Menses.  Bria Gadsden, MS is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Love Your Menses, Inc. She is a social entrepreneur, health educator, and reproductive health advocate who is passionate about creating social impact community based health promotion programs that promote health equity in Black and Brown communities.  Bria received her masters degree in Community Health Education from Merrimack College and her bachelors degree in Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She has experience working in education, government, nonprofit, and private sectors. Bria was born and raised in Boston, MA and currently resides in North Andover, MA. Bria's Website: F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8 Buy Me A Coffee
March 11, 2021
Ladder to Leadership (feat. Sisterhood Boutique/Amal + Zikki)
I sat down with Amal and Zikki to discuss how they started their non-profit at just 15 and 16 years old. They are now a thriving organization continuously supporting young women and girls in Minnesota that has been in existence for 8 years. Learn more about how they did it! Amal is a Master student in City and Regional planning. She is one of the co-founders of the Sisterhood Boutique, a business venture that is  designed to help young East African girls gain leadership and work experience. Currently, she is the In-store Lead manager where she works with youth and  manages the store. At her job, Amal provides financial literacy and assistance in college readiness. She mentors youth and provides resources to pursue higher education. Zikki is the co-founder and current site coordinator of Sisterhood Boutique, a business venture that is designed to help young East African girls gain leadership and work experience. She is a student at Normandale College where she’s planning on pursuing youth studies at the University of Minnesota. She has over 6 years of experience working with youth and creating a curriculum on youth development. Zikki did America-Corp, where she was a Public Allie scholar a national movement committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership capacities of our young people. In her quest to help others, she is very involved in her community through participation in local businesses and initiatives. Zikki has multiple years of volunteer experience and is an active community member. In the future, Zikki is interested in combining her passion for youth development and non-profit to bring light to issues the face immigrant communities. F O L L O W   ME:   Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That)   Instagram- @nikaielise   Twitter- @nikaielise8
October 09, 2020
Lead or Be Led Astray (feat. Tiana Burnett)
I sat down with Tiana to speak about her journey to becoming a respected center for arts enthusiasts and arts professionals in the Western Massachusetts area.  Co-owner of Studio 235, CEO of YllwBrd Management, and founder of She studied Art History and Arts management at UMass Amherst and has been working as a curator, consultant and photographer alongside developing these brands and businesses. Her mission throughout these platforms is to facilitate a safe and inclusive platform for artists and creatives to showcase their work and develop professionally. F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8
September 23, 2020
Isolate in the Right Way (feat. Olivia Brooks)
I sat down to speak with Olivia about her photography business and how she became the talented woman that she is today.  She is a self-taught photographer and retoucher. For the past 5 years, she has been perfecting her craft, growing as a business woman and building relationships. F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8
September 16, 2020
Wellness for the Culture (feat. Whitney Dodds)
I sat down with Whitney to talk about her journey in the mental health field and why Wellness for the Culture is making a whole lot of impact. Whitney Dodds is the founder of Wellness for the Culture, LLC a mental health practice in Springfield, Ma. She has obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, as well as a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from American International College. Whitney is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Connecticut and Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts. In 2019, Dodds published a book entitled “Whit’s the Matter with You?”  She is also the chair of Wellness for the Culture Expo, a yearly exposition featuring speakers, workshops, and vendors geared toward mental health wellness, held at local community centers to be made accessible for all.  F O L L O W   ME: Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise Twitter- @nikaielise8
August 19, 2020
I Just Did It! (feat. Tanisha Arena)
I sat down with Tanisha Arena and spoke about her journey to making social justice her full-time job. "I left the private sector for nonprofit to make a difference in the work I do, from being an author, a mentor for LGBTQ youth, a youth worker, domestic violence advocate and now Executive Director of Arise For Social Justice, my heart is in helping people identify and overcome barriers, figure out their best selves and then helping them get there. I am a part of the community I serve, and I bring my whole self to this work, each layer of my identity contributing to cultivating relationships and building bridges in the community. I believe in connections, in the power of community and in speaking your truth. Authenticity will never go out of style." F O L L O W   ME:  Facebook- @shedidthatpod (She Did That) Instagram- @nikaielise   Twitter- @nikaielise8
August 12, 2020
They Believed In Me (feat. Dr. Yadilette Rivera-Colón)
I sat down to chat with Dr. Yadilette about women of color in the STEM fields, mentorship and more! She earned her doctorate in Molecular and Cellular Biology in 2013 from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she researched structural and biochemical properties of human lysosomal enzymes. Upon completion of her doctorate, she became an IRACDA Post-doctoral fellow at the PENN-Professional Opportunities for Research and Teaching, in the laboratory of Ronen Marmorstein, Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania, where she focused on biochemical studies of protein acetyltransferases. Most importantly, her career has been shaped by her passion for education. Dr. Rivera-Colón collaborates with universities and non-profit education organizations like Girls inc. of the Valley where she shares her knowledge and experiences with students of all ages and academic and cultural backgrounds. Her work as a professor, community educator and a mentor is where she thrives the most.  Follow her on Facebook @ Yadilette Rivera-Colón F O L L O W   ME: Instagram- @nikaielise  Twitter- @nikaielise8
July 29, 2020
I Go By Free (feat. Teinya Thompson)
I sat down to chat with Teinya about her growing her holistic health business. Starting with yoni steams, Pum Pum Powa serves our community by helping women stop for a little self care and has expanded into coaching sessions and yoga classes. Being a mother, a business owner, activist, and wife, Teinya is woman who DID THAT! Pum Pum Powa creates holistic products and services for healing and empowering the {feminine} mind, body, and spirit. Offering holistic self care products such as yoni bath and steam mixes, sage, incense, along with services such as steam sessions, self care sessions, and soon to come yoga sessions. Pum Pum Powa is centered around women healing and empowerment but recognizes that regardless of gender, we all can benefit from a moment of self care. Follow her on Instagram @Pumpumpowabyfree F O L L O W   ME: Instagram- @nikaielise  Twitter- @nikaielise8
July 22, 2020
Inner Strength (feat. Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández)
I sat down to chat with Dr. Yves about her journey to becoming the President of Greenfield Community College! Her background and grit is something she uses to push herself forward and not hold herself back. Dr. Yves Salomon-Fernández is President of Greenfield Community College in Massachusetts. Her experience in higher education includes serving at small, rural, large and medium-sized selective private and public universities, as well as open access institutions. Dr. Salomon-Fernández is a recognized thought leader, writing and speaking on issues related to reinventing higher education, rural innovation, and women’s leadership. In March 2018, Diverse Issues in Higher Education named Yves one of the Top 25 Women in Higher Education. She has taught at the undergraduate, Master’s, and doctorate levels. Additionally, Dr. Yves has served as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation and Johns Hopkins University Press. Follow her on Facebook @ Yves Salomon Fernandez F O L L O W   ME: Instagram- @nikaielise  Twitter- @nikaielise8
July 15, 2020
Stop Trolling Yourself| Negative Self-Talk
#MotivationMonday Change the way you think and you can change the world.
July 13, 2020
Stronger Together (Feat. Regina Hudson)
I sat down to chat with Regina about her new upcoming book and brand Lady Soldiers. Her own story of empowerment as well as others is featured in the book! Make sure sure you get a copy in JULY!   Regina Hudson describes in her upcoming book that she always felt out of place, was always the black sheep from childhood into adulthood.  Dealing with low self esteem, insecurities, bullying, etc, Regina had to find a way to break free.  After toxic relationships, a negative cycle of events, and now single motherhood, Regina launched Lady Soldiers, a movement reminding women of their strength and the importance of woman empowerment.  Not only is Regina Hudson the founder of the Lady Soldiers book and movement, but she is also the founder and CEO of Hudson Financial Strategies, an insurance and financial literacy agency.  Regina Hudson is committed to making a positive impact in her community and in the world with her women empowerment movement and educating on financial literacy.   Follow her on Instagram @ladysoldiersworldwide   F O L L O W   ME:  Instagram- @nikaielise   Twitter- @nikaielise8
July 01, 2020