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The Badass Goddess Podcast

The Badass Goddess Podcast

By Nikki White
Where Self-Mastery and The Mysteries meet
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The Unexpected Truth Behind Your Spiritual Purpose In The Aquarian Age
How do we make the jump into the Aquarian Age correctly? How do we begin to calm the fires of the wounded masculine society to bring in a new sense of wholeness within every single person?
April 05, 2022
The Power Of A Priestess
What is the Diving Feminine? What is a priestess? How can we all tap into our inner wisdom to create a life inclusive of all beings? In this episode we discuss what it is to be of the Divine Feminine and what our obligations are as women who contribute our gifts to the collective healing.
March 24, 2022
Turn Burdens Into Miracles
What happens to your energy and your manifestation abilities when you are full of resentment and grudge-type energy? Join me as we discover the magic of forgiveness and lightness-of-spirit that allows the miracles in!
March 08, 2022
Episode 1: What is a badass anyway?
Are you seeing and owning your true "Soul You"? Often times we're great at owning our mistakes, but not our gifts and talents. This episode talks about how to own your soul's authenticity.
February 21, 2022