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The Nimon Be Praised

The Nimon Be Praised

By Joe Ford
Two Doctor Who fans from opposite ends of the world, Jack and Joe discuss Doctor Who from every angle their grey matter will allow.
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The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Colin Baker’s Doctor (TV & Big Finish)
Set sail to the mid 80s with Jack and Joe as they tackle the most controversial of Doctors. Was he an ambitious failure on television? Did Big Finish successfully salvage his reputation? And which Nimon picks Colin as his favourite Doctor? 1hr9m - Chris Chapman’s Scorched Earth is discussed 1hr14m - Paul Magrs & Steve Cole’s The Wormery is discussed 1hr25m - Nev Fountain’s Peri & the Piscon Paradox is discussed 1hr39m Clayton Hickman and Gareth Roberts’ The One Doctor is discussed Marvellous stories all!
January 9, 2021
0.5 of The Nimon Be Praised Spreads Some Whittaker era ❤️
Join Joe as he spends half an hour gleefully spreading some love for an era he enjoys. It’s a snappy list of elements that he loves from each episode of the era.
January 8, 2021
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Resolution!
Join Jack & Joe as they tackle a possessed archaeologist, work their way through Daddy issues and consider the horror of New Years Day without WiFi! Resolution is on the cards, with some additional talk of the upcoming special, a reveal of Doctor Who themed Christmas presents and the ‘articulate’ seasonal name that story game. Come join the fun.
December 29, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Join forces with Two Watch Who to discuss Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD
Join Jack & Joe & Mark & Sarah as two podcasts combine to have fun talking about the second Peter Cushing movie. Gimp costumes, jazz music, unfinished direction, fabulous Daleks and a lacklustre Doctor all feature. And the tale of the hotel from hell that has to be heard to be believed. This is a three way call from Australia to Cardiff to Eastbourne, so please forgive a few audio issues.
December 13, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Plus one discuss the Douglas Adams stories
Join Jack & Joe & Nathan (from Flight Through Entirety) as they wax lyrical about their three favourite stories from the Graham Williams stories. Jack chooses The Pirate Planet and loves its skilful plotting, social commentary and sly wit. Nathan chooses City of Death and he’s beguiled by the romance of the story, the blissful guest characters and the smart and intelligent narrative. Joe favours Shada for its charm, its pricking at Time Lord pomposity and its beautiful new completed animated form. This is a huge happy love-in discussing some of the sunniest, smartest, wittiest Doctor Who stories. The perfect antidote to the 2020 blues. There are a few pauses, as this was three separate calls coming together and forgive us for all being so ridiculously polite and trying encourage each other to talk when interrupting 🙂
November 30, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss The Power of the Daleks
Join Jack & Joe as they head back to 1966 and enjoy a discussion of Patrick Troughton’s debut story. Is the main man at the top of his game or a shifty, sinister anti-hero? Is Doctor Who dangerous again? Is this the best Dalek story? Are Polly and Ben even necessary? All this and much more as we head to Vulcan and try to avoid being massacred!
November 25, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Their Favourite Christmas Specials
Join Jack & Joe as we round off our second series of podcasts with a discussion of our favourite Christmas Specials! Does RTD even get a look in? Why is Jack’s favourite Joe’s least favourite? Is Matt Smith’s Doctor a left wing time fascist? Does Peter Capaldi finally cheer up at Christmas? And what will be the last of The Brain of Morbius quotes as wave goodbye to that story and herald in a fresh one?
November 14, 2020
0.5 of The Nimon Be Praised in conversation with Nathan Bottomley
Join Joe as he has a fascinating conversation with fellow podcaster, Nathan Bottomley, from Flight Through Entirety. We discuss FTE, Eric Saward, Hinchcliffe, RTD, Steven Moffat, Barbara, Susan, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane, Robert Holmes...and so much more. We wander the length and breadth of Doctor Who.
November 7, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Ghost Light
Join Jack & Joe as they scratch the Victorian veneer and see if something nasty comes crawling out. Clever or confusing? Is this a renaissance for the show? The best cast in the classic series? And is the extended blu ray version worth watching? All this and more Light impressions than is healthy for two grown men to perform.
November 5, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised Plus One Discuss Punjab & Mysterio
Join Jack & Joe & Rohan as they step into the muddy waters of the partition of India and leap into the technicolour panels of a Doctor Who comic strip. Does Jodie Whittaker cement herself as the Doctor in this mid season historical? Does Mysterio live up to the legacy of the superhero movies it is homaging? And how would you cast the romantic leads in this romcom? All this and more as we introduce a brilliantly engaging guest caster.
October 24, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised Plus One! Discuss Doctor Who: The TV Movie
Join Jack, Joe and special guest star Kayla (creator of the podcast artwork) as they head to San Fransisco 1999 for the start of Paul McGann’s prolific reign as the Doctor. Just who was the most vital minor character? How camp can Eric Roberts go? Is this a movie or a pilot? All this and so much more laughter and high jinks.
October 17, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! discuss The Caves of Androzani
Jack & Joe are back! This week they are discussing an undisputed classic...or perhaps they are about to dispute that? Is Nicola Bryant a little too good in the role of the sexually targeted victim? Is this the best directed Doctor Who story? Are there any redeemable characters here? And should this be going out at teatime? All this and a trailer for the next four episodes...featuring guest stars!
October 15, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Akhaten and Praxeus
Join Jack & Joe as they are reunited after a few weeks and get to work praising stories from eras they aren’t fond of. Can Merry actually sing? What is the best version of Clara? Is Doctor Who too woke? And is it possible to give four regulars something to do in 45 minutes? All this and a full ten minutes of frippery as we desperately manage to avoid introducing our topic!
October 7, 2020
0.5 of The Nimon Be Praised! Dares a Twin Dilemma Commentary!
With Jack off on thespian duties, Joe dares to plumb the depths of melodrama and tackle The Twin Dilemma solo! Does Colin Baker salvage this story or ruin it? Is tin foil chic an eighties aesthetic? Should Hugo Lang have been a companion? Does Fabian deserve her own spin off show? And can Joe defend his 5/10 rating for this story?
October 1, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Reappraise Season 24
Join Jack and Joe as they avoid the Rani’s bubble traps, swim past the robotic nasties in the pool, let loose the bees that bring down the Bannermen and open a window that melts off Kane’s face. Season 24 is in the limelight and we’re ready to discuss whether it is unfairly maligned. Is this Sylvester McCoy’s best season, performance wise? Is Mel as grotesque as the stories around her? Hurry...while stocks last
September 14, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Hell Bent & The Timeless Children
Join Jack & Joe as they tackle the potentially thorny subject of controversial episodes, specifically Hell Bent and The Timeless Children. Two divisive Gallifrey based episodes that attempt to shake up the formula. Was Hell Bent the ultimate criticism of the Doctor and how far he is meant to is it just perversely toxic characterisation? Was The Timeless Children a bold opening out of the shows storytelling possibilities...or was a damning of established continuity? Join us as we reach some huge conclusions about two reviled and celebrated episodes.
September 3, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss The Power of Kroll
Join Jack & Joe as they kick off series two with a combative episode discussing the gripping Key to Time epic, The Power of Kroll. How would Russell T. Davies have written this story? Is it possible to give a damn about the Swampies? Is this the best Doctor Who location work? And find out all about the sequel...The Children of Kroll! All this and we try very hard to discuss the merits or otherwise of this run of the mill adventure.
August 25, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss Their Favourite Companions Part Two
Join Jack & Joe as they take another waltz around the delightful task of discussing their favourite companions. This week Jack is in the spotlight with Martha Jones, Romana and Bill Potts receiving these accolades. Which was the best Romana? Was Martha the most resilient of all companions? And was Bill where Steven Moffat finally got his companions right? All this and more in another thrilling instalment of The Nimon Be Praised!
August 18, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised Discuss Their Favourite Companions Part One
Join a slightly sleepy Jack and Joe as they discuss their top three companions across the entirety of classic and new Who. This week we focus on Joe’s favourites. Who is the ultimate career woman of the sixties? Which companion worked beautifully in five iterations? And which new series companion surprised us all with her great depth and wonderful humour? All this and more in this enthused episode that celebrates the Doctor’s friends.
August 11, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss The Woman Who Fell to Earth
Join Jack & Joe as they broach the potentially controversial subject of the Chibnall/Whittaker era of the show. An episode we both enjoy, it gives us the chance to delve into the positives and the negatives of the era even if we have a very different opinion of the era as a whole. Was it finally time for a female Doctor? Is three companions too many? Was it time to return to simpler, character focussed Doctor Who? And was the shift from Capaldi to Whittaker the biggest tonal shift the show has ever taken? All this and much more as we take on one of the most divisive eras in modern Who...
July 27, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss A Good Man Goes To War
Nimon at War! Join Jack & Joe in their most combative episode yet, as they take opposing sides on the series six mid season finale A Good Man Goes to War. Is this a responsible criticism of the Doctor...or does Matt Smith simply not have the gravitas to pull off what is being asked of him? Are the characters written with a pleasant lightness of touch...or does nobody come across with any authenticity? And does the series deserve applause for attempting a season arc this structured...or is the whole piece fatally flawed? All this and discussion of the shows production, character assassination and potentially the sickest moment in all of Doctor Who. Hop on board as The Nimon Be Praised! tackle a Steven Moffat spectacular. 
July 21, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss The Chase!
Join Jack & Joe as they brave the sunny plains of Aridius, discover the truth about the Marie Celeste, step into the collective fears of humanity and witness all out robot war on Mechanus.  The Chase has come in for a lot of flack over the years and we build a surprisingly positive case for the story, whilst generously acknowledging its faults. Does this story feature the ultimate Doctor Who ball sac monster? Should Morton Dill have skipped into the TARDIS instead of Steven? And we might have a very solid idea why these particular Daleks are so thick. All this and we say goodbye to Ian and Barbara in another exciting instalment of The Nimon Be Praised! 
July 14, 2020
Discuss The Russell T. Davies era - Part 0.5
Join Jack & Joe as they take a waltz through the Russell T. Davies era. Well, that was the idea. Instead we only got halfway through season one AND singularly failed to remember The Long Game (which we will come back to). It’s an era with plenty to unpick and we will be come back to it in half season segments. Was Rose the ultimate audience identification character? Is The Unquiet Dead quite unmemorable in retrospect? And are the Slitheen the secret weapon of series one? All this is and much much more as we both learn that when talking about Doctor Who, we can’t do things by halves.
July 7, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! Discuss their Guilty Pleasures!
It's time for Jack & Joe to confess their sins and reveal their Doctor Who guilty pleasures. Much laughter ensues as they attempt to convince one another that Time and the Rani, The Girl Who Died, Planet of the Daleks and The Husbands of River Song are all deliriously enjoyable. Which story is the campest? Does one feature a Doctor Who can make you believe in any scenario? Why is everything in a Jamie Mathieson story so rubbish? And would Husbands have been a good place for Steven Moffat to step off? All this and much, much more. We had a riot recording this episode...we hope you all enjoy it.  There are a few moments (just moments) where the time lagged but it shouldn't affect your enjoyment. 
June 30, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! discuss Ace
This week Jack and Joe tackle the apparently unstoppable companion known as Ace. Was she the secret weapon of the Sylvester McCoy era on television? Did anyone like this actually exist in the eighties? Should she have been locked up as a modern day vandal? Just how many stories HAS she featured in? And do her books and audios count? All this and more fabulous Nimon quotes, Joe battling with his phone alarm and Jack using his finest charm to consider how he would get on on a date with Ace. The Nimon Be Praised! is back!
June 24, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised! discuss Underworld
Jack and Joe bring all their deductive powers to the fore and study the 1977 story Underworld to try find some positives to say!  In this episode we are interrupted by the postman, discuss whether the enjoyment of special effects spoils or enhances our experience of watching Doctor Who, try and come to the conclusion of whether watching Underworld adds enjoyment to our week and figure who would play certain characters if this was a New Series episode today! You might think it is impossible to spend two hours talking about Underworld...but never underestimate The Nimon Be Praised! 
June 17, 2020
The Nimon Be Praised discuss The Ribos Operation
In their debut episode, Jack and Joe tackle the opening story of series sixteen. Discussion of Robert Holmes, the season arc, the production, the double acts and shine much light on why they love this story.
June 11, 2020