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Nishante Divinelove

Nishante Divinelove

By Nisha Desai
Nishante Divinelove is an Intuitive Psychic Spiritual Coach, Reader, Artist. We do Weekly Divination Reflections. Myths and Tales to bring our awareness and focus more in the spiritual world. These reflections allow us to stay on course and see what the energy of our planet and the our souls have to say to us. Divination to tap into the divine guidance to guide us on our path. Everything on this planet is a guide, a divine tool. We just need to focus on our soul to know the guidance. For readings, soul talk, awareness you can connect with me here
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Weekly Reflections- July 12- July 18, 2021- Divination: Geomancy

Nishante Divinelove

Weekly Reflections- July 12- July 18, 2021- Divination: Geomancy

Nishante Divinelove

Weekly Reflections- August 2nd -August 8th, 2021- Divination- Cleanse
This week is short and sweet. It’s about cleansing our spiritual world and letting go of everything that does nothing belong to our higher minds and souls. Happy Cleansing!
August 3, 2021
Weekly Reflections- July 26th- July 31st- Divination. Animal Spirit Guides. Walrus
Weekly Reflections are a way to stay centered, grounded and connected to our planet, Mother Earth. It is very important to understand that everything is symbolic. Every which way one turns one will find guidance. It is a way of living on this planet. Another purpose of divination and reflections is to bring an awareness that we are not alone. We have guidance inside and outside if we ask for it.
July 26, 2021
Weekly Reflections: July19-July 25,2021- Divination- Herbiary Oracle- Marshmallows
This week is about a spoonful of sugar. To reflect, soften and rediscover your own sweetness. The way is within. Herbiary Oracle by Mata Toll
July 19, 2021
Weekly Reflections- July 12- July 18, 2021- Divination: Geomancy
Geomancy: “The art of Geomancy is a recognition of the earth as a living intelligence capable of answering our questions”- John Michael Greer
July 12, 2021
Heart and Soul Conversations!
Welcome to our heart and soul Conversations. These conversations are about walking your talk and an the insight into soul. What our soul desires for us to know, to be aware of. Our wish is for you to connect with your own soul and higher mind and choose to serve the greater good of soul and higher mind.
July 7, 2021
Weekly Reflections- Week 5th July to July 11th, 2021- Divination- Herbiary Oracle- Daisy- Poem
This weeks edition we have included a Daisy’s Song by John Keats! Reflect, bring positive changes in your life and your surroundings and see you next week!
July 4, 2021
Weekly Reflections 6/27/21- 7/3/21 Divination- Word- Retreat
This weeks Reflection is on Retreat. Retreat to the oneness of your soul.
June 21, 2021
Wheel of the Year Myths and Tales- The Return of the Sun King by Christine Natale
A beautiful story full of allegories about the Fairy Queen who had fallen asleep and would not wake up again. You can find out yourself on The wonder of childhood where Christine Natale has shared her story.
June 19, 2021