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NittyLiveTv #CreativeAdultExperience

NittyLiveTv #CreativeAdultExperience

By NittyLiveTv
Welcome to NittyLiveTv where Being A Creative Adult Living out your Experience with Uncensored Truth is given in perspectives, blunt, and funny understandings. I will help all around me no matter the age. I travel to network and connect with lives all over. I accept donations rather then ask for it. I have goals to create a place where it does not cost you a dime to receive an opportunity or resource.
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Authority permission having access
Do you have gratitude? Do you have respect? There are so many ways and characteristics we want to develop in life, but until we can say yes to those two minimum then how can you stand to receive that permission or the access.
December 30, 2020
GAME GIMMICK PLAN . Learning to budget.
I gave you a true insight on GGP a great self-growth graph to understanding a true budget of equation. in my upcoming book I will have it written in words how exciting is that so for the time being please listen to this lovely word insight of tools and perspectives of reasoning and senses .
November 01, 2020
A causal book conversation
I sit and relax. I teach to learn. I love to grow and play. I'm learning how to put that experience in that method of teaching and way of learning into graphs and equations plus a book! so listen to this casual book conversation.
November 01, 2020
Essence of hip-hop and her daughter essence.
I get the special opportunity to sit down with mother and daughter essence of hip-hop and it is amazing. Things to lovely beings are pure energy and pure creative creationist. They speak about themselves and they create rhymes and lyrics that relate to themselves and are transparent to who they are
August 05, 2020
learning who does not want to be a liability and who is . Learning decks and cards with in our life.
Learning who does not want to be a liability or who is making the effort to not be a liability. learning what a deck of cards are and figuring out the type of deck it is also learning the cards you are playing. With quotes and confirmations to a few perspective theories and actions in test by the voice of reason.
May 25, 2020
PT. 2 How To Control Your Words and Actions from being an Liability.
Intermission is at the end! Stay for the Mental Poem and A Guest Poet/Artist as well.
May 24, 2020
Playing your role, understanding your position, and how to not become a liability.
Too many times we would like to blame another individual for the role of position replay though once we accept the role or position that we are in it is not our responsibility to figure out if we should prosper in it or cut ties if you do not understand or know the position or role you are playing and how severe it can become then you must stop evaluate then proceed until you do that you can never put the blame on anybody else and after you do that you are blank goes directly to yourself we do not blame others for ourselves we blame ourselves understand thank you
May 23, 2020
V.O.R Quote Proper C & A = PR = Proper Law Of Attraction.
The two laws of life explained. Quotes from The Voice Of Reason personally. The Law of Attraction broken down into the self mind. Voice Of Reason hard copy books coming soon.
May 16, 2020
Morning Talk : W/Guest @Charmajesti . Talk on Men and Woman Forethought, Growth, Levels.
She brought the Adult MINDSET : To my Young Adult Mind Set.
April 12, 2020
We talk about Religion, Growth, society, and the spirit within the human body . With a special guest
I enjoyed having this discussion with charmmajesity and also prince . Very much have an open mind of perspective and awareness. It is important you listen and understand to accept in a way of Growth.
April 05, 2020
Respect Your Passions.
You learn what you want to live Thur. It is urgent that we figure out which of our passions will stay
April 01, 2020
Virus Talk. Trump. connections. Lost Economy.
What do you think is the great pandemic.? The fact of ' Dropping dead at anytime ' or Having To Survive Without the Economy' ??
March 23, 2020
So a lil view on The "Corona Virus".
One Word .. "sanitary"
March 19, 2020
Exploring, Accepting, Believing the Animal Within Your Self.
You must be find the relationship between fruits ,veggies, animals, spirit.
February 29, 2020
No One is Exempt from their time or word play used.
Beware of the words you use because the ears need to hear comfort when it's a possible unfriendly or unwatchable tone to be released.
January 07, 2020
A fresh of breath air.
Don't forget to remember your wins, to give thanks to your fight, and to honor those that have brought light into your life. Now that is a fresh of breath air.
November 18, 2019
Live Audio Interview on 94.1 KPFA WHAP Radio Show Hosted By Dj Chill Statis W/ Guest Star Shae-Nitty
Shae-Nitty comes out to Oakland California. While out there she manages to book an interview with one of the hottest Indie radio stations out in Berkeley California 94.1 KPFA WHAP radio show introducing her newest and latest single More Love now available on majority platforms and video out now.
October 19, 2019
Understanding Un Wanted Energy Towards You.
It is sure hard to speak to energies that do not want you around. Do not let those same energies make you feel like you are a mistake or you will be misplaced if you find yourself in the presence of other Energies.
September 12, 2019
Understanding Your Vibrations in Manifestations.
You must understand: 3 parts yourself. 1. mind 2. mouth / voice 3. heart. In this segment I further explain how the manifestation of your vibrations came to be. This will be the first episode and the season of vibrations of manifestations. If you would like to be a guest speaker please DM which way you are available.
September 08, 2019
Accepting the spirit vs the human body .
You are not obligated to show likeness to a human vessel if you have decided to accept the spirit self. Provide healing instead of distractions.
August 18, 2019
Book 2 of Voice Of Reason Relation Edition Coming Soon.
I ask a fee questions to get an insight about what many understand about relations and the level that presents itself.
August 14, 2019
Distractions in Growth Disguises By Dream Sellers
You can easily get disteacted by anothers dreams. Do not allow yourself to be sway by a sell but rather an action.
August 05, 2019
Respect Your Craft. Period..
It is a hard thing to keep your resepct in your craft. It is a honor to be as talented or creative you are. Do not let others dictate how and where you are leveling up to go.
July 09, 2019
Put a Cap On Your Energy.
Capping. I turned capping into a personally motive. If you do not add to my growth then i have to put a cap on my energy and sip it else where.
July 08, 2019
What are feelings and what are emotions? How do they differ and How are they similar?
Feelings and Emotions! Get them before they consume you!. At the end of this episode I have a lesson plan or self challenge to complete! Stay till the end and also give feedback not only for support buy for growth and interactions.
May 24, 2019
Be Great. Take Responsibility. Stand For Your Accountability
Be Great. Take Responsibility. Stand For Your Accountability. You are Blessed and Your Words and Actions Create A whole New Space Of Opportunity For Your Growth Within Your World. #NLTVLMLK #NittyLiveTv
March 25, 2019
Driving With Your Passion. : L.M.L.K
You Must Create and Understand Your Passion to Plan For The Drive To Your Success! ------'------NittyLiveTv.LMLK
March 21, 2019
#WealthySoulTribe - presents Cado San
Cado San #defgun @lonelyboydream contact: He is A Spiritual Mindset and A Pure Creative Creator. s/o @wealthysoultribe for the interview, location, and #ViBes !
March 20, 2019
Good & Right .. Short Version
The universe is good you just have to find the right good for you!
March 10, 2019
Sleep Talk with L.M.L.K
Principle of my dream.. Good morning
March 08, 2019
NLTV ft Killa Cas "Mountian Dew Talk"
Our bodies are very important. Let us not keep puting what will eventually kill our insides within our bodies. This is a story that yes check the truth.. Though it is a greater principle from the story presented as informative rather then factual. NLTV ft Killa Cas "Mountian Dew Talk"
March 07, 2019
We gotta stop Assumming
Let us not assume a person is speaking at is and complaining. Accept the questions in the air and the statments being stated.
March 05, 2019
Color and Why we should get off it.✔Guest: The Quantum Plane
Color and Why we should get off it. Special guest ft @TheQuantumPlane on insta. Life is hard. Though if we keep making it all about color it deff will get harder and unsafer. We must start to check each Other as spirits controlling a host and learn substance and perspectives are what rule and control the planet but is what keeps us connected to our spirit. #NittyLiveTv.
March 04, 2019
Promise YourSelf...
It is hard to not let your self be the victim of a promise be great and be outspoken about your truth.
March 03, 2019
Magnetic Attraction & Life Of Sin
We as Humans Create The Sin We Indulge In....
February 24, 2019
Tell People How To Treat You
To Observe Is To Learn..
February 24, 2019
What If.
More on this specific topic coming soon. S/o to @dj_innerghee for chatting and sharing his perspectives.
February 22, 2019
Let Us Fill The Silence With Positivity & Growth.
Let Us Fill The Silence With Positivity & Growth. #NittyLiveTv I Have A Great Perspective in The Speaking Zone. We Shall Allow our selves the Respect of silence = Peace of mind with Space and Observance of Opportunity In Collecting Truth and Growth To Preceive in Presentation.
February 21, 2019
The List Is Your Completions
No matter what you decide to write on paper as a list for what you need it does not confirm that your list will be completed and have consideration to the event. But yes yes yes yes yes send out that list to the list of people you wrote down who you feel would be clutch and powerful and successful in completing tasks in your life. Remember that list is still your number one task.
February 19, 2019
Mni white Board Challenge
Completing a Mini White Board Can Be One of The Most Fundamentals Taks In Your Growth to Success. #LMLK.
February 16, 2019
Never Live A Facade.
I def pronounced the word wrong so excuse me. Though live your life the way you create it and not the way you have seen it done.
February 10, 2019
Chp 8 " Powerful- Understanding-Souls-Sacrifice-Years"
Chp 8 " Powerful- Understanding-Souls-Sacrifice-Years" Live Reading & Discussion .#LMLK "The Women Is The Master Of The Piece Called Exquisite." "Let us Respect, Love , Protect, and Keep Alive The Woman!" On youtube @ NittyLiveTv - Chp 8 "P.U.S.S.Y" Live Reading & Discussion.
January 21, 2019
Be you no matter if you wish directions you are dealt with. Be you no matter the hinder miss you live through understand without you who would be you. we love you. #NittyLiveTv
January 19, 2019
Chp7: No disputes, No arguments.
Chp7: "No disputes, No arguments. only new level to approach." By.LMLK. LIVE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK @VoiceOfReason.LMLK . Thank you For Tuning In. Love all my Listeners!!
January 14, 2019
No Mans Norm .. Coach G
There is no true definition to how you become a man though you look within and you find your truth to becoming the man you want to be. "No Mans Norm" @CoachG
January 07, 2019
Desire Poem
A Short Poem About The Life To Desire.
January 07, 2019
Chp 5 "Adapt Accordingly"
Adapt by your instincts. Pay attention to your subconscious. Stop thinking so much and be true to who you are mentally and emotionally.
January 06, 2019
Can you find the god in you?
If someone burned down all the books that presented what a God is for you or told you what God to follow and to pray to would you still be able to find the god from within you.
January 04, 2019
We all are Goddesses
Angel and Devil Came From A God..
January 02, 2019
The Truth About Being A Man #HoodTruth
When you truly do not care what people are going to think. When you become a MAN and are not ashamed of it. When you can talk the truth. #NittyLiveTv
January 02, 2019
Chp 4. .Get In Tune With Your Inner Self.
Get in tune with your inner self. Chapter 4 of voice of reason. Live Guest Speaker as well. Question: " How Do You Go From Who You Know Knowing Thats Who You are to Being Morally Conscious. "
December 30, 2018
3 Life Categories
Once you know the three different stages of life. Then you can place yourself and remove yourself accordingly to the category you have accepted.
December 30, 2018
Expectations . Dedications
You must have the dedication to give somebody the expectation of only surviving in their life the way they must survive in the healthiest way they can survive.
December 26, 2018
ADDICTION & Solution
Image ending all your problems by ending your main addiction. Live video .
December 24, 2018
December 24, 2018
Voice Of Reason Chp 3
Voice Of Reason : LMLK Chp 3 Discussion! " Do Not Let The Tone Distract You From The Message " ** Turn Down The Volume To Your Feelings**
December 23, 2018
Level of Milestones
You may not understand that you are reaching for unlimited golds and inspirations so be prepared when you meet an individual that is doing what you wish to continue to do and keep your eyes open to learn to value and to genuinely understand where they're coming from thank you
December 16, 2018
Even when you pay No Blessings
Do not ever be #disappointed when you #paid for a #blessings and it was not given to you. Why because they are not meant to encourage your success. Only to inspire you to futher invest within your self rather with many others. Only to realize with a smile how many ask you to bless them with the same gift that you paid in full for and never received. Think about How you want to surround your self with optimizing lives. It could be the few lives trying to decease you rather increase you.
December 13, 2018
Live recording of chapter 2 " Understand, Acceptance, Growth" from the "Voice Of Reason By: LMLK"
December 10, 2018
Truth about Mirrors & Reflectors
reflectors allow you to create a reality that you want where as you marry us show you the truth of who You Are in reality.
December 07, 2018
Relationship of GROWTH
Sometimes you may feel that you are supposed to be growing with somebody in a loving way but realize that it could just be growth of prospering.
December 06, 2018
Relationship obstacles
What do you do when you run into either a growth or hinder mint and the relationship.?
December 05, 2018
Emotions & Feelings
It may be hard to understand at first. So when you go through the motions she will understand your emotions and feel the right feelings to be great.
December 04, 2018
No stress factors should go unknown
Learning to communicate is the true way we all survive.
November 29, 2018
Chp 1: Live Reading & Discussions
We read the chapter. Review objectives and goals Following a great conclusion. Drop your responses. Visual on YouTube @ NittyLiveTv . Book on cdbaby @ " Voice Of Reason"
November 28, 2018
A Water Filler - 7 ingredients for a health drink
1. Kiwi 2. Bay leaf 3. Lemon/Lime 4. Grapeseed oil 5. Papaya 6. Cayenne Pepper 7. Distilled water
November 21, 2018
Needing A Review
1. What Not to Ask! 2. What should to ask! 3 Rules . How To . Intro . Body. Conclusion.
November 20, 2018
Be Great
Everybody may not accept you and you have to understand that you will accept everybody but your spirit needs only the real ones to get involved
November 17, 2018
Do the work first then ask.
Make sure you go through all the possibilities such as the research, the customer service, and also your own commonsense before you decide to ask the person next to you for the answer.
November 16, 2018
The Thing With Dreams.
One thing I will ask. * If you are not living your Dreams then what are you doing while you live.?
November 16, 2018
The Only Fear In Life Is.. #LMLK
Trust in yourself.. fears where. No fears allowed anymore. Be great and grow everyday.
November 13, 2018
StoryTime: Chp1: Voice Of Reason
Story Time: With Shae-NItty. Chp ! ; ' Trust In Your Self And Who You Pray To ." ....#Quote " I Do NOt Dabble In The Water; I Relax On The Shore!" I am revealing my life to my supporters. I hope you can understand these are real-time events and are not to be tried at home. Video vision @
November 13, 2018
Blueprint / Freestyle
Stay great and you can follow my Instagram @shae_nitty. Also my Facebook at LMLK : INSPIRATION AND MOTIVATION.
November 12, 2018
Coincidence blessings
#NittyLiveTv .. #Coincedence Every decision is made off of a mixture of other facts, hypotheses and decisions so make a rational wise one and never give up the opportunity to perceive your decision into a beneficial solution.
November 11, 2018
Travel. Organized . Blessings.
I Got B.O.T. S .. To travel is a great way of fulfilling your deepest passion that pertains to that. Organize your blueprint 2 3D view your print for your future, because you are a blessing. Sauce.!
November 10, 2018
Being okay with your Decisions #NittyLiveTv
Being okay with your Decisions #NittyLiveTv Take the time to tell your feelings to breath, and you allow solid perspectives and stable findings to assist in your decision making on what is best for not only another person, but truly for the Self.
November 09, 2018
The fear of asking . with no regrets! #NittyLiveTv
The fear of asking . with no regrets! #NittyLiveTv Never allow the fear of asking put you in a hole with regrets.
November 08, 2018
Falling into your Goals #NittyLiveTv
Falling into your goals can be very scary. I say bring the kid back into you that had no fears and if we try out and make it because your goes need you for the accomplishment for them to be alive.
November 07, 2018
Accountability #NittyLiveTv
You must speak about your self. You are you own master . So remember who is causing you to not breathe. Take accountability for who you are, where your going , and what you are doing!.
November 05, 2018
Stepping outside your comfort zone! #NitttLiveTv
You must understand to grow Beyond is to step out of your comfort zone into a new Zone which can be just levels to your old zone! Follow my YouTube for live videos and Instagram @nittylive_tv
November 04, 2018
Do not forget your intentions to get distracted by the present. #nittylivetv.
October 12, 2018
Responsimentalbility #NittyLiveTv
You Must Have The Mental Capacity To Accept Your Responsibilities.
October 07, 2018
#NittyLiveTv Adventure Time: Theme Song: Experience
You can either choose a mental imaginative experience or a physical experience for your adventures. #NittyLiveTv
October 04, 2018
NittyLiveTv: Travel Time
Traveling can always be a magical experience or an inconvenience. Grow and Advance who you are!
October 02, 2018
Growing up and keeping respect
You may had a crazy Life as a child, but give up your respect to put yourself or anybody else in a disrespectful manner.
September 27, 2018
Precious moments.
Precious Moments come from what you understand. Accepting existence in understanding yourself is the greatest precious moment you can ever have. #NittyLiveTv
September 24, 2018
Proper Conversations & Proper Associations
Proper Conversations & Proper Associations You never know who and what or when . Though if it is unsettling to you . I advise you to become of a more settling experience, situation, or person. #NittyLiveTv
September 23, 2018
Organize priorities
You must figure out what you will allowed to be your priority. Then organize your priorities. To continue to live your life accordingly to the way you want.
September 22, 2018
Pun: You must understand your self before your understand what your doing .
It is hard to speak and accept. But you must understand what your speaking about to accept what is actually going on.
September 20, 2018
Be Free . Travel. Grow
No matter where you go. You must adapt though never loose your self in that sense. Be loving and open minded to Prosper within peace.
September 18, 2018
Socialize In An Inconvenient Comfort
No Matter what you go through. Or let become an inconvenience still stay open minded to network and connect with who and what is around you. #NittyLiveTv #UncensoredTruth Socialize In An Inconvenient Comfort
August 31, 2018
Wait To Date
Get to know your self before you make it your dutie to get to know another .
August 29, 2018
Do Not Dabble in the Water, Relax on The Shore
Too many times you feel you have to explore another individual's life, but the truth is if you do not seek every aspect of the experience 2 observe then relax on the shore and create your own experience. #NittyLiveTV #UncensoredTruth
August 28, 2018
NittyLiveTv on Loyalty
Loyalty trulybComes From Within.
August 01, 2018
Be Your Own Boss
You must give your self a set of rules and standards to live by. You tube at : NittyLiveTv
July 15, 2018
NittyLiveTv: Trust
Trust in you and the one you pray too.
July 04, 2018
Shae-Nitty Speaks on Core Actions of Living
1. Understand 2. Accept 3. Now Move On . Do not Delay or do the fourth one. Which is never Retaliate. #NittyLiveTv
June 30, 2018