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NoMeanSoccer Podcast

NoMeanSoccer Podcast

By NMS Media
An below average podcast from an above average city about an above average team
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So you're saying there's gonna be a season
Richard and Brian sit down to Indy Eleven's group - Discuss the team's home opener against Saint Louis - and volunteer to be the radio voices of Indy Eleven.  (This will be updated asap)
July 8, 2020
Don't call it a comeback
BACK in the saddle again - Richard and Brian plug in their microphones again to talk USL return to play - Black Lives Matter - Indy Eleven signing a new player and a whole lot more!
June 22, 2020
Meen Mom BFF Not
Richard is joined by a few guests to talk about the recent struggles faced by the players during the COVID-19 shutdown. Katherine Reed, Jordan Farr, and Tyler Gibson call in to let us know about the USLPA, just how much an average USL player actually makes, and what community service they’ve been up to without games on the schedule.
May 26, 2020
Elliot says the darndest things
The world is a scary place right now and a dark place for everyone. Kids, especially, face a difficult time not know what is truly going on. For some, this means missing events, parties, school events, and for our guest on this episode of the pod... birthdays.  Elliot's 9th Birthday is TODAY and we decided that we needed to meet Indy Eleven's youngest and most outspoken fan. Hear how Elliot is staying "match fit", how many Fortnite dances he knows, and how he's already more talented than Richard and  Brian... there might also be an announcement of the next member of the "Indy Eleven Academy"  Follow Elliot and the "Next Gen Ultra" on TWITTER @NextGenUltras Follow Elliot's wonderful mom Katherine on Twitter @KCHReed Follow Richard on Twitter @TweetsbyRichard Follow Brian on Twitter @SoccerWithBrian 
April 7, 2020
The One with Peter Evans
Richard and Brian sat down with the mayor of No Mean City, Peter Evans for a two-part conversation about Indy Eleven the journey thaT Peter has seen it go through.  Part One focuses on the birth of the supporters groups, what Peter learned from watching other groups, and more. Peter was one of many members of the Brickyard Battalion and we appreciate him educating us on the story of the team! You can find Peter on Twitter @_Midwesterner 
March 27, 2020
The Show Must Go On
Despite the devasting virus attacking the country, Richard and Brian chat all things saccaaahhh - Coronavirus  - USL Championship season suspended 30 days - US Soccer "sucks ass"  and more as always, thank you to our partners at BGN, Ruffneck Scarves, IcarusFC and the Brickyard Battalion 
March 15, 2020
Richard is a meme lord
The guys sit down to discuss the Memphis match and take a peak at the Sporting Kansas City II match coming up this week... also Richard nurses a hangover from all the dope memes he dropped 
March 9, 2020
Know Your Foe - Soccer With A Side of Barbecue
Richard throws a house party and invites Lawrence Dockery from the 901 Soccer Podcast to join him. They talk about Memphis’ new signing, the season outlook for 901, and preview the season opener this weekend. Throw in some shade for the Sunshine State, and some Vegas promotional advice, and this episode is hot off the grill.
March 5, 2020
Now from Dane Kelly Country
No Mean Soccer returns this week to discuss: Richard moved Potential starting eleven for Memphis Announced the next Know your Foe Brian loses his mind and train of thought A VOICEMAIL! Why it's good to join MLS  And more As always you can reach the show on twitter @NoMeanSoccer you can reach Brian on Twitter @SoccerwithBrian and reach RIchard on Twitter @TweetbyRichard **THIS WILL BE UPDATED 2.24***
February 24, 2020
Could Eleven Park be inside IMS?
THE BOYS ARE BACK this week talking all things Indy Eleven, Eleven Park, and MORE Topics include (but not limited to): Cam Lindley Richard hates Florida Could Eleven Park fit inside or around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? Discussion of FC Cincy's head coach using the N-Word What can you read from preseason games? And more! Special thanks to BGN, Ruffneck Scarves, IcarusFC, and the Brickyard Battalion!
February 17, 2020
Know Your Mean Soccer - Don't Fear the (Carolina) Reaper
THIS WEEK with preseason being just underway the guys introduced a new show/segment as they welcomed the original "The" THE Soccer Goose onto the show for the first episode of "Know Your Foe"  They talked: Why Ben didn't sign with Charlotte Independence  Dane Kelly's impact on and off the field in Charlotte  And Over/Under After that Richard and Brian talked about the recent IBJ article and once again asked the question "Is it better to build more than what you need or what you need and expand when you need more seats" You can find Ben Goshorn on Twitter @TheSoccerGoose You can find his podcast @TalkinJacks for ALL of your Charlotte Independence commentary You can find Richard on Twitter @TweetbyRichard You can find Brian on Twitter @SoccerwithBrian You can find the show's Twitter @NoMeanSoccer Ben's article on trying out for the Independence Special thanks to our partners with The Brickyard Battalion Visit for all of your Brickyard Battalion tickets
February 2, 2020
Episode 12: No Mean Steinbangers
The boys are back together for a normal show this week... they discuss: Farias heading back to Brazil Dane Kelly heading back to the Carolinas Carleton heading to Indy Eleven and a question from the #NoMeanMailbag about the greatest XI of Indy Eleven As always, you can interact with the show on Twitter @NoMeanSoccer You can talk with Brian Cook @SoccerWithBrian You can talk with Richard Rainwater @TweetbyRichard Special thanks to @The_BYB, The Brickyard Battalion, for their partnership during the 2020 USLC Season. 
January 27, 2020
Episode 11 - Hey! That’s the name of the team!
Richard is left to his own devices (yikes) and plays a new game with Andrew Dettmer, the new President of the BYB. USL and roster news is discussed, along with many shots being fired.
January 20, 2020
New Year New Show
The guys sit down and catch up from everything that's happened in the offseason.  Reaction to the roster (so far) Reaction to the Indystar Article and the infamous "MLS Bid" debate Reaction to Miami FC joining and the schedule incoming
January 6, 2020
Episode 10: Just when we started figuring out the answers, they changed the questions
The post season blues has begun to hit as Indy Eleven suffered a demoralizing defeat to Louisville City in the Eastern Conference Final.  Brian and Richard recap the game and also begin to look at the roster Will Dane Kelly return? Should Jordan Farr be the starter? Who is the most shocking name to leave? And also reaction to Martin Rennie's "couple of year" deal! Be sure to follow: Richard @TweetsByRichard Brian @SoccerWithBrian and the show @NoMeanSoccer for the latest news and opinions on Indiana's Team! 
November 18, 2019
Episode Nine: The Sweet Smell of River Trash
Richard and Brian are back and are tackling the upcoming Louisville-Indianapolis Association Football Contest for the USL Eastern Conference title. We talk Jordan Farr, home field advantage, and how the crowd will play a key role in Saturday’s game. Let’s gooooo!!!!!
November 8, 2019
Nashville v Indy Eleven Preview!
Brian and Richard sit down to preview the matchup between Indy Eleven and Nashville SC Richard: @TweetsbyRichard Brian: @SoccerwithBrian
November 2, 2019
Episode 7: We’re Talking Playoffs!
Richard takes the reins this week, and brought a special guest along with him. The NMS crew is joined by Joe Goldstein to preview New York Red Bulls vs Indy Eleven in the USL Championship playoffs.
October 25, 2019
Episode Six: All that glitters is not gold
THIS WEEK the guys talk Jordan Farr v Evan Newton Debate Brian goes on a rant about tactics Mitchell Osmund being a BAMF Rowdies' Guenzatti being a tool  SPR being a "winnable game USL deciding to not pull a MLS And more Richard Rainwater @Da_Safety_Guy Brian Cook @SoccerwithBrian @NoMeanSoccer fore more! 
October 14, 2019
Special Edition: National Coming Out Day
In this very special episode of No Mean Soccer, and in the spirit of #NationalComingOutDay, Richard shares his personal story about struggling with identity, finding redemption, and hope for those in a similar position. 
October 12, 2019
Episode Five: To Be or Not To Be
It's Episode 5! To be or Not to Be! The guys talk: A week where Martin Rennie's job security was questioned (by some) A fourth loss away! Another home win! Brian disrespect Richard's hat And is Rayo OKC on it's way back!? All this and more!  *Midway through our recording the audio cut out. We repaired it as best we can but if there are differences in the audio and it bothers you send all hate mail to Audacity. Twitter Richard Rainwater: @Da_Safety_Guy Brian Cook: @SoccerwithBrian
October 7, 2019
Episode Quatro - It’s all gone to $%#!
Richard and Brian recap a "rough" week of Indy Eleven results,  Go over in detail what could be the problem Richard talks Brian off the ledge  And the guys request pictures of cute dogs (And other animals) Get involved @NoMeanSoccer on Twitter @Da_Safety_Guy for Richard Rainwater's Twitter @SoccerwithBrian for Brian Cook's Twitter
September 30, 2019
"Only accidents, crimes, wars, will still kill us but unfortunately, crimes, wars, will multiply.
THIS WEEK:  Brian and Richard talk: Moving to a weekly format Richard preparing for the state fair Indy Eleven's up and down performance Is Indy Eleven ready to be a top team in the east? And more. Find Richard Rainwater on Twitter @Da_Safety_Guy Find Brian Cook on Twitter @SoccerWithBrian Find the podcast on Twitter @NoMeanSoccer Use a podcast app that you can't find us on? Tweet us and we will make sure we get on there. Submit questions to us on Twitter.
September 23, 2019
As flies to wanton boys we are for the gods
EPISODE ONE IS HERE Join Richard and Brian as they dive into the latest in on the field news They cover the move of the Charleston Battery game (this was recorded ahead of the game Sunday) They give their predictions for the month of September And also talk about the stress the remaining games will have on Indiana's Team Segment two they take a deep dive into racism in soccer and  Touch on racial abuse towards Lukaku They also spend time on MLS and the problem they've created Finally, they close out with a new game, "Why are Indy Eleven so ______"  You can follow the show on Twitter @NoMeanSoccer You can follow Richard Rainwater on Twitter @Da_Safety_Guy You can follow Brian Cook on Twitter @SoccerWithBrian You can follow both hosts writing @BGNWritten and
September 9, 2019
Episode 0: Future of Indy Eleven
In this episode:  Richard and Brian chat about their thoughts on the future of Indy Eleven including -MLS  -Would fans even enjoy MLS the way they enjoy USL? -Stadium And answer some questions from listeners You can follow Richard on Twitter @da_safety_guy and Brian on Twitter @SoccerWithBrian
August 25, 2019