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My Favorite Christmas Music

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By Kevin Shanks
Nobody Asked You, Kevin! is a podcast about everything and nothing. Pop culture, movies, music, TV, science, drugs, poison, politics, current events, cats, parenthood. Nothing is off the table.
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Somebody Had To Ask with Amanda Albers
It’s episode 10 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin!  Tonight’s show focuses on Somebody Had To Ask, a 20 question Q&A with a special guest. Tonight’s guest is Amanda Albers. We talk about a wide range of things including July 4th, curse words, 90s music, Slipknot, Nickelback, sandwiches, common courtesy, and not being creepy.  Don't forget to name that intro tune and send me your answer. Amanda can be found on The Leftover Army podcast feed on The Leftover Army Monsters: Giant Podcast All Out Attack.  The Leftover Army Podcast network  Nobody Asked You, Kevin! on Twitter Nobody Asked You, Kevin! on Facebook Email:
March 19, 2019
Rock Music, Didgeridoos, Rule 4, Hepatitis A, CBD, Giving Thanks, and Dumb Questions
Welcome to Episode 9 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin!  In this episode, I talk about some live rock concerts I just saw, didgeridoos, Rule # 4, Hepatitis A, movies, CBD and drug tests, give thanks, and I ask a special guest some dumb questions (and get some really good answers). Intro (00:30) Rock Talk (01:31) Dorothy’s Freedom Tour including Spirit Animal and Dorothy Sirius XM Octane Accelerator Tour including Afterlife, Royal Tusk, and Like A Storm Kevin’s Rules of Life (30:58) Rule # 4 – Wash Your Fucking Hands Movies and Shit (35:53) Happy Death Day 2 U Alita Battle Angel Gratitude, Dude. (39:23) Thank you to Pop Culture Leftovers (Brian and Jake), StarkCast (Joe), Tales from the Yard (Scott), and Heroes of Noise (Dan and Steve) Drugs, Man. (42:47) Can CBD cause a positive urine drug test for marijuana? Somebody Had To Ask! (60:53) Q&A with Rebekah Dahling Outro (117:03) Links of Interest My blog, Dose Makes the Poison ( Pop Culture Leftovers podcast ( StarkCast podcast ( Tales from the Yard podcast ( Heroes of Noise podcast ( First ever ‘Somebody Had To Ask!’ guest was Rebekah Dahling. She can be found on Twitter at ( She can also be found as host/co-host on the Number One Comic Books podcast (, Runaways TV Talk podcast (, The Animated Batman podcast (, and sometimes on The Supercast ( Any music appearing in this podcast was recorded live by Kevin Shanks via iPhone or sampled from his legally purchased music library. If any disputes regarding the use of music should arise, please contact Kevin Shanks at
February 26, 2019
This Ain't No Halftime $h!+
Welcome to episode 8 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! Join me as I ramble on about the Super Bowl Halftime Show, the awesomeness of the Foo Fighters, a new hobby, and some underrated guitar solos. This ain't no halftime shit. This is some good time shit. Rock with Hopp Podcast can be found here: Shinedown's 2018 album Attention Attention can be found here:
February 6, 2019
I Am A Forensic Toxicologist - AMA
Back off man, I'm a scientist! Welcome to Episode 7 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! Today's episode is a little different as I talk about forensic toxicology and I answer your questions about toxicology. I even talk about the fentanyl exposure hysteria. Enjoy!
January 10, 2019
A Night of Bodily Fluids, the GWAR Experience
Welcome to Episode 6 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! In this episode, I talk about a night of metal and bodily fluids, otherwise known as attending a GWAR concert. I also listen to some of their music. Enjoy!
January 1, 2019
Favorite Songs of 2018
Welcome to Episode 5 of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! In today's episode, I list my favorite songs for the year 2018. Some good songs in this one, go ahead and listen!
December 29, 2018
My Favorite Christmas Music
Welcome to episode 4 of NAYK! This is part 1 of a 2 part Christmas themed series of episodes. In part 1, I talk about my favorite Christmas music - both traditional and rock/metal. Give it a listen! There may be some surprises in the list! Stay tuned for part 2 (Christmas movies) soon!
December 18, 2018
A Thought On Stan Lee
Welcome to Episode 3 of NAYK! I give my brief thoughts on Stan Lee's passing on 11/12/2018. Excelsior! The Spider-Man outro song is from NStens1117 on YouTube. The Stan Lee cameo is from Sony's Spider-Man 3 (2007). The Steve Rogers/Captain America excerpt is from Disney/Marvel's Captain America: Civil War (2016).
December 9, 2018
Ice Nine Kills
Welcome to Episode 2 of Nobody Asked You Kevin! In this episode, I discuss the metal band Ice Nine Kills and my experience seeing them in concert on the Atreyu In Your Wake Tour 2018. Enjoy!
December 4, 2018
This is the introduction episode of Nobody Asked You, Kevin! Just a little intro to what I want the podcast to be and some info about me.
November 15, 2018
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