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Nobody Knows with Chanté

Nobody Knows with Chanté

By Chanté
Nobody, not even Chanté, knows what she's going to talk about each week.
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Nobody Knows about Music Award Shows
In this episode, Chanté talks about her hatred for award shows. This time around she specifically recounts the secondhand embarrassment that comes with viewing music based ceremonies from home.  TWITTER...where i stan my favs [ ] INSTAGRAM...where i post on my stories about the favs that i stan [ ] WEBSITE CREDITS Music produced by Chanté Walker BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY Email: Thanks for listening! And reading the description lol
October 28, 2020
Nobody Knows About The Social Dilemma
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
In this episode, Chanté explores her love for the internet, as well as her disdain for push notifications. We talk briefly about the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma, rant about the days I used to check my college email address, suggest some of my favorite content creators, and recite golden Just Girly Things gems from peak Tumblr days.   Links for contents mentioned: Chanté's Favorite Youtuber's video - Song Exploder Podcast - The Read Podcast - Jade + X.D. Podcast - Gettin' Grown Podcast - Jesus & Jollof Podcast - Small Doses with Amanda Seales Podcast - The Friend Zone Podcast - Eat Pray Thot Podcast - We Said What We Said with Rickey and Denzel Podcast -
October 21, 2020
Nobody Knows About 2020
Chanté talks about the tragedy that is 2020 and her goal to be mononymous. 
September 2, 2020