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Nobody Listens to Mac

Nobody Listens to Mac

By MacTheDJ.Com
Having a contrarian opinion can be exhausting .. throughout my life, I'm typically an opposing voice and dismissed. Some might agree with my viewpoints, others don't .. are you going to listen to Mac .. or not?! .. maybe not right?! .. ok that's fine .. totally fine.
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Red Flags
Stemming from the internet debate regarding "Red Flags" in the dating game. A "Red Flag" is defined as a signal or warming that may imply that person is not suitable for a relationship. Intro Music: Juvenile & Birdman "You Broke"
March 07, 2022
Height-ism, Color-ism, and other "ism"'s Featuring @TheNerdBae
Stemming from a Facebook post, we discuss the infatuation of height and the perils of skin complexion within the black community.   This episode is featuring @TheNerdBae, PLEASE check out here blog and follow all socials.  Twitter: @iamMacTheDJ|
July 12, 2021
GameStop, AMC...Gambling vs Investing
This past week, we witnessed a group of redditers collective push GameStop stock to record highs, in an attempted to bankrupt a hedge fund whom heavily shorted the stock. This news, among other headlines, increased activity in the stock market from retail investors. This new found interest forces me to ponder, are retail investors gambling .. more so than investing? Intro Music: Mike Smiff and D. She "Gangsta Party" Link
February 03, 2021
PS5, To Buy? Or Not To Buy?
Commentary on the PS5/Xbox debate. Whether it is fiscally intelligent to purchase one, and/or should a person's significant other make said purchase. Intro Music Artist: Mook Boy Title: Helicopter Handwriting Link:
November 18, 2020
The Birkin Bag Debate & The Presidential Election
Commentary on Saweetie's comments regarding men buying "Birkin Bags"  for their significant others. Also, quick comments regarding the 2020 presidential election.
November 10, 2020
Should Men Get More Credit For Being Faithful?
A recent topic that has gone viral courtesy to the Breakfast Club, "Should Men Get More Credit For Being Faithful?".
November 02, 2020