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Welcome to No Escape! E3 Thoughts, and a Quick Summary

An episode of No Escape From Video Games

By IllicitPopsicle
The podcast that contends politics and video games are inseparable. Hosted by Trevor Hultner.
We Already Live In a Cyberpunk Dystopia
Hey everyone. Welcome to episode 2 of the No Escape podcast. This one has some rough content, so here's a content warning: This episode features discussions about concentration camps, Donald Trump, racist slurs, sexual, physical and emotional violence, possible transphobic bullshit. There's a transcript of the show below if you'd prefer to read rather than listen, if you're deaf/hearing impaired, if you have an auditory processing disorder or if you want to read along while you listen. Time Stamps: 1:30 - Kyle Kashuv/Liz Cheney's dumb bullshit re: racial slurs, getting kicked out of Harvard, and quibbling over the usage of "concentration camps" to describe ICE's concentration camps. 11:00 - Cyberpunk 2077 might be closer to The Witcher than we thought, and this isn't great. Games featured on today's podcast: Cyberpunk 2077 Social Media: Twitter: @noescapevg, @illicitpopsicle Facebook: Website: Patreon: Anchor: TRANSCRIPT: (To my dismay, I can't actually give y'all a transcript here. There's a 4000 character word count on this description. Go over to to read the transcript. Sorry!)
June 20, 2019
Welcome to No Escape! E3 Thoughts, and a Quick Summary
Hello and welcome to No Escape from Video Games! This is the podcast that aims to reunite the medium and the message. Politics and video games are inescapable, and we're gonna talk about em.  Games we talked about today: - Cyberpunk 2077 - Elden Ring - Doom Eternal - Final Fantasy VII Remake Follow us on Twitter: @noescapevg Follow us on Facebook: No Escape From Video Games Visit our website: Support us on Patreon!
June 17, 2019
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