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001 Kaleb Jimenez

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Candid interviews with leading people in the industries of live and post production audio, live and post production video, lighting, visual design and much more.
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002 My Favorite Things (First Annual)
Jonathan Perez Instagram: perezjonathan1 My Favorite Things (First Annual) Books: •How to Lead When You're Not in Charge •Everybody, Always Podcasts: •ACCIDENTAL TECH PODCAST •99% Invisible •How I Built This •PetaPixel Photography Podcast •Radio Lab •The Talk Show •Upgrade Gear: •Sennheiser AVX •Bolt 250 •DJI Ronin-S •SmallHD Focus •Rhino Slider •Kessler Second Shooter Plus •Samsung T5 •Sony A7iii •Sony a6400 •DJI Mavic 2 •DJI Osmo Pocket
January 29, 2019
001 Kaleb Jimenez
•The very first episode of the Noisy Pixels Podcast! -Interview with Kaleb Jimenez of KEJ productions. •Sony a6700 and A7siii Rumors •KEJ Productions - •Enneagrams - •16 Personalities - •The Atlas Project on Spotify - •Higher Shutter speed - •New macs - •Dongle town •SSL Consoles -
November 19, 2018
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