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Cruise Ships for Nomads

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By Beck Power
This is a podcast for digital nomads and aspiring nomads, people who want to be location independent or work remotely.

What's a digital nomad? Someone who works online, not tied to a specific location - we work from anywhere.

I'm talking about my daily life as a nomad, about issues, problems, wins, successes, different countries, languages and ways to make more money nomadically. Tune in to find tools to help you nomad better.

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Building the Original Digital Nomad Hub with Amy Scott of Nomadtopia
Amy Scott is a pioneer of the nomad movement, starting after her cousins convinced her to quit her job in 2004!  Thirteen years later, she is a podcaster and freelance editor, with several other income streams to support her lifestyle.  She has seen the digital nomad world go through many changes and developments through the years. Give a listen to learn how her Nomadtopia hub has been a major part of the growth of the industry and lifestyle. Stay emPowered, Beck
October 10, 2018
Business Systems Strategy with Andrea Jordan
Andrea Jordan is a fellow Kiwi who works as a business strategist and photographer.  This former lawyer helps business owners reduce their stress and systematize and organize their business systems through her company, all while traveling as a digital nomad for the past four years. Stay emPowered, Beck
October 3, 2018
Guided Guatemalan Tours with Chelsea Glass
Chelsea Glass had her heart stolen by Latin America.  She spends half the year running her travel company, giving tours around Guatemala.  The other half, she works on the internet to build her business while enjoying her adopted home region. Stay emPowered, Beck
September 26, 2018
Content Marketing while traveling full time with Susan Shain
Susan Shain is a recovering ski bum who followed the path of seasonal jobs that has taken her around the world for the past decade.  Listen to how she ended up a travel blogger and content marketer traveling full time as she built her freelance writing career. Stay emPowered, Beck
September 19, 2018
Travel Blogging Pioneer Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo
Nora Dunn is one of the original Pioneers of travel blogging going back to 2006, and has blazed a trail for literally thousands of others she's inspired through the years.  She makes her living as a freelance writer and blogger, and also teaches people how to become a digital nomad.  Nora is truly one of the original modern nomads who has lived and traveled in just about every way you can imagine. Stay emPowered, Beck
September 12, 2018
Digital Nomad Life on Pause with Amber Monaco
Amber Monaco and I get into kind of a taboo subject today.  Amber is an American Digital Nomad who has spent most of her time as a Copywriter and content creator, and has recently made a switch BACK from the digital nomad life.  Find out why in this week's episode… Stay emPowered, Beck
September 5, 2018
New Season: Ep 101: Mapping Megan Around the World
Megan Jerrard from Mapping Megan has one of the most popular travel blogs around since 2007.  Her adventure and adrenaline filled stories with her husband Mike have been featured in places like National Geographic, the New York Times, and Forbes.  Listen to find out how she has made such a name for herself in the competitive world of travel writing. Stay emPowered, Beck
August 29, 2018
Ep 100: 100 Podcasts in 100 Days
Recording 100 podcasts in 100 days was more than just putting on a show for you. Hopefully you've been able to learn quite a bit from these episodes, but the part that excites me the most is due to my own challenge. After years of talking about doing a podcast, I finally decided to actually talk on a podcast, and publish it. Things have changed considerably since starting 3 months ago. Taking on this challenge was pretty difficult, but the reward you feel from actually accomplishing the goal. I didn't always feel like doing it, and there were a ton of complications. It would have been easy to walk away when things went wrong, but I'm the type of person who says they're going to do something, and it just happens. But it's still a challenge. Hear how I encourage myself to follow through with some discipline in order to complete tasks I wasn't even sure was possible. Hear what's coming next and why it's important to have the discipline to complete you
May 30, 2018
Life in Playa del Carmen for Digital Nomads
Playa del Carmen Mexico is one of the better digital nomad hotspots, and is where I am now. The wifi situation has not been ideal in my experience, but some people have found better connections. Playa is about 15–20% more expensive than it was for me in Bangkok, but I've been eating out at fancier places, and doing new stuff since I only just arrived. Listen to today's podcast to find out the rest of my thoughts on Playa and staying here long-term. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 29, 2018
Finance Travel and Freelance Success with Eric Rosenberg
Eric has a long-term background in the world of finance, including all the traditional career life plans of banking industry jobs, grad school, and the world of corporate accounting. He escaped from what he calls "Grey cubicle land" 2 years ago after the "overnight success" he found from starting a blog in 2008 and building his side-hustle. He left his high-paid finance job when he was able to replace his income through freelance writing and other work based off his blog platform. Eric goes deep into loads of tips on travel and flight hacking using credit card points and travel rewards programs on today's podcast. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 28, 2018
Epic Retreats and Workshops Around the World with Lynan Saperstein
Lynan wants everyone on the road and traveling instead of complaining about the life they hate. A semi-nomadic nomad based in Austin, she works with many international clients and scaling her business. Starting as a bit of a retreat junkie, she's been building her own epic hosted retreat experiences for a variety of events. She also helps her clients to build their own events and retreats. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 27, 2018
Circling the Drain and How to Break the Cycle
Explaining yesterday's Pessimism episode (podcast episode? My own episode?) Yesterday a lot of my fears and insecurities were bubbling to the surface. I know we all do this to some degree or another, and I'm a believer in dealing with it, letting it out, and getting it handled. Almost every time it happens, it is related to comparing myself to others or something else I think I should be doing. Handling it will get you past it and back to normal, and I cover some of the ways I deal with these momentary lapses in today's podcast. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 26, 2018
The Pessimist and Self-Doubt
Does your brain make itself crazy too? Despite all evidence of past and current successes, our brains can find the flaws, make us feel weak and worthless, and fail to help us get things done. Today you can listen to a personal self-therapy session and hear how my brain is working as I record this episode, and how saying all this stuff out loud actually helps make it better to help me realize how silly our brains are. Hear how negative self-talk and general madness of that cycle can be dealt with so life can go on without interruption. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 25, 2018
Accountability for Fun & Profit
If you’re easily distracted from the things you were planning by the newer shinier thing that pops up, and the thing you were planning never ends up happening, you might need a way to stay accountable (like me). It’s why I started this public 100 podcasts in 100 days project. I could have kept it to myself as a personal goal, but knowing myself, I would have faffed it off at a much earlier episode than this one at 94. This one was a lot of work, and I would have easily quit or been distracted and felt the shame of quitting early had I kept my standard low on this, or kept it quiet. I announced it publically, and the quitshame would have been far worse if everyone else knew too. Listen to today’s podcast to hear how I’ve been dealing with my own accountability, and how you can get help with accountability of your own. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 24, 2018
Finding the Real You
Stuff can happen in life, and usually does. I made a video the other day with the intention of going into a totally different topic, ended up with a monologue about how I've had some of that stuff happen in my life recently. Everything in my life has been shaken up this first half of the year, and it really threw me for a bit.  This time of reflection and vulnerability has lead me down the rabbit hole of finding out what I really want. Listen to how you too can get back to finding the real You, and where you want to be. Learn how my brain works, and yours might as well. Don't stay small and safe, when you can be the real you. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 23, 2018
Busy-ness is not a Business
Making decisions and taking actions can be a good thing. A lot can be said for listening to all the things, reading all the things, and learning all the things…and even taking some initial actions. But very little gets said about that after the "getting started" phase of building a business. Things will get difficult, but it's part of the journey. There are a lot of aspects to a business, and there are tons of things that can keep you busy, but are merely distractions. Hear how it's showing up in my business life, and how I deal with it to get back on track with the important things (like making money!) Stay emPowered, Beck
May 22, 2018
Nomadic Craft Beer Marketing with Chad Mitchell
Chad is a digital Nomad who currently manages the marketing department for the craft beer industry in Southeast Asia. Yep, he gets paid to travel and share craft beer with people in exotic countries. There are digital nomad jobs in every conceivable niche! Learn all about passions, networking, and how you can build any business venture if you're willing to do whatever it takes on today's podcast! Stay emPowered, Beck
May 21, 2018
Ep 90: Remote Copywriting with Chelsea Baldwin
Chelsea Baldwin has been a freelance copywriter since 2008 and fresh out of college. She's travelled the world through Southeast Asia, India, and South America while sustaining her lifestyle through copywriting for businesses. Learn on today's podcast how she gets clients and jobs, all about the workshops she teaches, and simple exercises you can do today to improve the sales copy for your businesses or for your clients. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 20, 2018
The Facade
Talking with my friend Libby last night, we got into a chat about people who put up a facade. Usually online in various places (like Tinder) that only shows the best parts of their life and to make them look good, but isn't authentic Authenticity is a lot easier than pretending to be something you're not. It's best to just be yourself so that the you that people see is the real you. Be authentic from day one and don't give a crap what anyone thinks. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 19, 2018
Bad Days for Nomads and Regular People
Digital Nomads have bad days. Just like everyone else. Don't feel like doing it today, don't want to get out of bed, whatever the reason, it happens to all of us. So what should you do when you're having a day that just sucks? First answer is to just embrace it. Let it happen and accept it. Within a reasonable amount of time. Don't have too many. Find out what else you can do to overcome these bad days, whether you're a nomad or a normal person on today's podcast. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 18, 2018
Why Digital Nomads Travel
In talking with many other Digital Nomads, we seem to tend to all go to the same places, hang out in groups and packs, and general do the me too kind of travel. A friend asked me why I travel, and I tried to give my answer as to why I do it. I travel because it gives me the familiar feeling of being an outsider. Listen to today's podcast and hear more about the reasons why, in one of my more personal and authentic episodes. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 17, 2018
What is Imposter Syndrome and How to Overcome It
You haven't heard of Imposter Syndrome? You most likely have it, as most people seem to have it to some degree. It's that thing where you feel no matter how successful you are at something (often business), you don't really believe you're "good enough" and people are going to find out you're a fraud, and you'll be exposed as a charlatan, and you'll lose everything. Seems healthy enough? Ironically, the people who don't seem to have this issue are usually the ones who really should! Listen to today's podcast for ways to lessen this nonsense in your brain so you can figure out that you actually are good enough and deserving. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 16, 2018
Therapy is for All of Us
Today I wanted to talk about the necessity of therapy and having an outlet when living as a Digital Nomad or an entrepreneur and business owner. It's often a lonely life and no matter where you go, you go with you. Without an outlet or outside source of a place to get things sorted out with someone else rather than yourself alone is invaluable. I would encourage you to reach out to someone outside your normal sphere. Whatever works for you…whether a therapist, mentor, coach, or other kind of person who doesn't have a biased interest (such as a family member)…reach out to someone you can turn to for help sorting through "stuff" for optimal mental and emotional assistance. Even laying the thoughts out there and getting your stuff out can help you process that stuff and keep you on the right track. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 15, 2018
Tough Girl Challenges with Sarah WIlliams
Whether running 6 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara desert or hiking the 2190 miles of the Appalachian Trail in 100 days (while vlogging it!), Sarah Williams lives to inspire other people to great adventures. Sarah is all about motivating and inspiring women and girls to get out there, to live life to their fullest, to travel, to explore. As well as talking the talk, she also gets out and walks the walk. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 14, 2018
Nomadic Home Bases and Building Community with Sienna Brown
Having a home base and growing communities is what Sienna Brown does...from Spain! Originally from Brooklyn, NY and now living in Spain for 4 years, Sienna runs a community and business for women of color to help them move abroad to Spain. She is also the marketing director for the first coworking and coliving space on the mediterranean. Find out why she chose the small town of Jávea, Spain to maintain a home base, and how she got her growing community started to help women of color move abroad and live the life of their dreams. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 13, 2018
Other People's Opinions
In today's episode, I'm reading from a book I've been getting a lot out of, and thought I would share something important with you here today. The book is called Mindset by Carol S. Dweck, PhD. I opened it to this section while on a quick break, and found it useful and applicable to me right now. Give a listen as I read a page from this book that talks about a common problem that women have in everyday situations of daily life. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 12, 2018
Simplicity in Your Business Offers
An impromptu episode from the beach in Playa del Carmen Mexico. Joined by previous NomadMe Podcast guest Mariza Montiero! (Episode 55: Cryptocurrency) Getting stuck doing the same thing the same way is a situation I've been keeping myself in with some of my businesses. I use NomadFly as an example of how I need to simplify the offer and strategy, rather than the complications I've been adding for a variety of reasons. Mindset and copywriting have a ton to do with this also, and you can hear in this episode how this new change has really lit the fire again after getting into too much of a routine back in Bangkok. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 11, 2018
Ep 80: Positivity is a Life Skill
I keep a few negative people on my friend's list to help me. It doesn't always work, but the people who are constantly negative about everything in the world (especially about things that don't even affect them) can be useful as a reminder to NOT BE LIKE THAT. It takes a bit of work to not let it drag you down, and you definitely don't want to keep too many of this type of person in your circle. You don't want to become that. Listen today to hear some examples of how I deal with these people and exercises to make life a much more fun adventure through the power of positivity. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 10, 2018
Dealing with the Inevitable Haters
I never quite understand how people can spend so much time hating and spreading negativity. Spreading positivity is one of my core values, yet there always seems to be a couple of dickheads in any crowd. Listen to today's podcast to learn how best to deal with, think about, and cope with haters, dickheads, and negative people. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 9, 2018
Rejection by Family Members
Being rejected by people you hold dear is one of the more traumatic events for digital nomads. People who are close and don’t understand the appeal of your chosen lifestyle will reject you and try to hold you back to their own standard of living. Listen today to the story of my expected life’s blueprint, how I’ve learned to deal with it, and how to get on with life regardless of those who try holding you back. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 8, 2018
Travel Tours to Fund Nomadic Life with Blake Boles
Bitten early on by the travel bug, Blake Boles dug into the different ways he could fund a traveling lifestyle for himself. Since 2008, he’s built his own travel tour company that allows him to follow this dream life as a digital nomad. Learn how he built the business running only one or two trips a year and funds his lifestyle the rest of the year. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 7, 2018
Managing Time and Money with Naomi Peters
Naomi is an actress with full citizenships in three countries. She has been location independent since 2007, and a full-time nomad since 2016. All while running her time-intensive consulting business.  She’s learned to use house sitting strategies to both travel full-time and dramatically cut down her expenses and pay down excessive debt at a much higher rate than normal. She runs a virtual team that works in the areas of assistant services, bookkeeping, copywriting, organizing, tech services, and business structure consulting. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 6, 2018
Finding Your People
This one took me a bit of time to figure out, but it is of priceless benefit to my life once I started to work it out. Being nomadic and moving from place to place makes building a typical local community difficult. Since your local changes from place to place, it certainly isn’t a traditional lifestyle. It is critically important to have a community of your people for the times when things won’t quite go your way and you just need support. I’ve been fortunate that I worked it out imperfectly, but have my group of friends (family), so that when this latest breakup happened, I had my people to go to rather than sitting alone in my room. Go out and make yourself approachable to be sure you build up your core group of your people before you really need to. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 5, 2018
Traveling as a Lesbian
Travel to most countries doesn’t really matter much, but when traveling as a lesbian, you do need to exercise a bit of caution in many cases. I would never discourage anyone from travel, but as a single female traveller, you will want to be wary of who you tell about your situation. Most regular people aren’t used to the idea of a woman traveling alone, and I get asked about my husband or boyfriend all the time. Sometime it doesn’t matter, but in most cases, a little extra discretion about who you tell is all you need to otherwise make this point of travel a non-issue. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 4, 2018
Getting Rid of Your Extra Stuff
Today is a quick episode about selling off or otherwise getting rid of excess stuff. I’ll give you some of the many ways to sell off your stuff so you can move on relatively light. It seems like it can’t be helped when you take up a home base for any length of time. You just accumulate stuff. You can’t reasonably take it all with you when moving on to another country to make a different home base. Listen to today’s episode for my advice on how to make the process as painless as possible. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 3, 2018
Creepy Men you Meet as a Digital Nomad
There’s a situation that comes up among female digital nomads. It’s a subject that gets talked about quite a bit, and that’s being approached by creepy men. Not all men, of course. But it happens quite a bit. It’s not something that should prevent you from traveling at all, but it is something that seems to happen more often than back at home.  It’s a conversation that needs to continue, as we continue to blend into different cultures and groups so that women can feel safer and respected, men can learn how not to be creepy, and even ways to offer up assistance, if needed. Stay emPowered, Beck
May 2, 2018
Saying Goodbye and Moving On
Every Digital Nomad will have to deal with goodbyes.  Friends, relationships, even cities will come and go from your life as long as you are driven to explore. Some people struggle with this even more than leaving home to start their travels. Tune in to today’s episode to hear my take on this as I prepare to say goodbye to one chapter of this nomadic life, and am excited at what’s to come! Stay emPowered, Beck
May 1, 2018
Ep 70: Thought Leader Marketing with M. Shannon Hernandez
M. Shannon Hernandez helps her clients establish themselves as the experts they already are. She quit her 15-year career as a teacher making usual low teacher’s pay, and now lives mostly in Costa Rica working 3 days a week while generating $30k per month in revenue from her business. If you want to be a thought leader, build a brand, and a business that you’re proud of based on your knowledge and authenticity — this is an episode you don’t want to miss! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 30, 2018
Freelance Writing with Viv Egan
On today’s podcast, we’ve got freelance writer and co-host of the amazing Nomad & Spice Podcast Viv Egan. A Digital Nomad since 2014, she now considers herself Location Independent, since she does work from a home base in the UK, but travels whenever she likes (and of course can run her business from anywhere). Viv dishes out tips, resources, and some of the many types of writing jobs out there to get started with a freelance writing career, and tells you what you really need to get started as a freelancing Digital Nomad. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 29, 2018
The Long Game and The Shortcut
Shortcuts are a great way to get ahead, if you can find real ones. Focus on your business and it’s purpose, then the platforms will come easier, because you’ve been focused on the right thing. Put in all the effort you can before moving on to something else from your business platforms. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 28, 2018
Green Smoothies Feel Euphoric
Healthy lifestyle is important when adding the stresses of travel and running a business. In today’s episode, I’ll give you my recipes on how I start each day at my home base in Bangkok. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 27, 2018
Why Digital Nomads are Often Minimalist Travelers
Regular vacation travelers pack up and drag around luggage sometimes bigger than they are.  Doing all this then moving it all to the new place every couple of days is tiring, even for people only traveling only a few weeks. This excess packing of giant bags of things you’ll never need would make Digital Nomad life impossible. When I travel, no matter for weekend trips or a 4 week trips, I always bring the same small bag. Listen to today’s podcast for the many ways to deal with things you can’t live without and even free up cash to start your business. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 26, 2018
A Thailand Getaway Nobody Knows About
Thailand is such a widely-known Digital Nomad hub, mostly congregated around several major hubs. But there are many places still that work great for Digital Nomads, even if most of them never go. I recorded this when just back from our short trip to Khao Sok. Find all about this secret (for now, lol) place in today’s podcast Stay emPowered, Beck
April 25, 2018
What Skills you can Learn as Digital Nomads
People always ask what skills they should learn to become a Digital Nomad. But that's the way it really works. Learning random skills if you have no goal for what you want to do is pointless. The way I think about Digital Nomad skills is more about the type of work you want to do, and each has it's own skills Hear the way I break it down in today's podcast. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 24, 2018
7 Books in 7 Weeks with Lise Cartwright
Prepare to be amazed in this episode, because I'm talking to Lise Cartwright. Lise is pretty much THE BOMB. Yes, she's a prolific author and coach. Yes, she wrote 7 books in 7 weeks but she also has a strategy. (She would have to, right?) She's sharing that strategy with us today - not just to write a book, but to self publish it and everything that entails. The goal here is to show you that writing a book doesn't need to be the big scary thing everyone thinks. It's more about breaking it down into chunks that are achieveable. So let's do this! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 23, 2018
Running a Saas Company as a Nomad and Volcano Retreats
I was introduced to Amar recently and was blown away by his action taker personality - I really love that kind of entrepreneur. Amar co founded Zenmaid, software as a service for companies that organize maid services. He also runs entrepreneur retreats at Italian volcanoes. Epic. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 22, 2018
Setting up a Bank Account in Thailand
When I first arrived in Thailand, I lost my bank card immediately. It was a huge problem. I just always thought I wouldn't be able to set up a Thai account, so I didn't for about two years. Now I have accounts in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the USA and the UK. And working on more! I think it's a lot easier to just have a local account for things so I set them up all the time. Honestly if you want something you will find a way to do it. And if you don't want it enough you will find a lot of excuses. But getting an account in Thailand is easy, it just takes persistence. I tell you the banks to use and avoid, and what to say when you want to open an account in Thailand. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 21, 2018
Over-Preparation for Becoming Nomadic
In this episode, I take a question from a nomad Facebook group and give some advice. It's just advice from my experience, and what I would do. The question is about leaving home for a year and whether or not to prepare all the visas in advance. Listen in to find out the (my) answer... Stay emPowered, Beck
April 20, 2018
The Best Business Advice I Got
The advice in today's episode is pretty simple. You might not like it. You ma not want to hear it. It's not going to make things more fun. But it's true, and I wish I would have listened to it years ago. It's to focus on one thing, don't give up on it, be consistent with it and OWN it. I was so indecisive for so long, I wasted a lot of time. Enjoy this episode! Remember to jump over into our Facebook group, 6 Figure Digital Nomads. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 19, 2018
Starting a Business without any Capital
In this episode I PLEAD with you to stop waiting for investment in our big idea before you get started, or waiting until you've saved up thousands until you'll create a product. Create the product sales page and then see if people will pay you! Better yet, just talk to people and see if they will pay, then send them a Paypal button. Create the product for them according to their specific needs, get testimonials, double the price and then sell to other people. Don't forget to join our Facebook group, Six Figure Digital Nomads :) Stay emPowered, Beck
April 18, 2018
Being Specific
In all the digital nomad groups I'm in (and there are a lot of them) I find that most of the questions are super generic "how do I get started" "how do I make a shopify store" "what is the best place to go" etc. I mean come on, how vague can you get? It's obvious these people are doing NOTHING and just talking. Someone actually building a business would ask something super specific, like, I am getting $1.20 likes on m Facebook page, how do I bring that number down?" or "I've applied for a Thai visa, how long will it take to get approved?" --> they are actuall DOING something instead of just talking about it. This is a mini rant about being more specific, to receive more specific answers. Don't forget to listen to more episodes of NomadMe, there are plenty to choose from! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 17, 2018
Traveling Every Spare Minute with a Full Time Job
In this episode I talk to Jen Ruiz who has literally traveled more than most nomads in the last 12 months. The only difference is, she has a full time job and home and just does shorter trips. Jen drops some serious knowledge bombs on travel hacking and how to make the most of every vacation day- if you haven't taken the plunge to be a nomad yet and just want to get some travel done, this is the episode for you (but I highly recommend the other episodes too!) Just a reminder, to go back and listen to other episodes you haven't heard yet! Binge listening is A-OK with me! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 16, 2018
Cryptocurrency with Mariza Montiero
On today's episode, Mariza and I discuss how you can get started using cryptocurrency, and how we as a society are just scratching the surface of using the blockchain in our everyday lives. I really believe cryptocurrency is the future. I tried to ask questions I thought newbies would ask, Mariza is extremely knowledgeable and runs her own group on the subject. Check out her group She Knows Crypto on Facebook. The tagline is "stop being mansplained the blockchain" lol, if you think that sounds good I really recommend joining! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 15, 2018
Driving Traffic and Building an Audience
Today I'm going to talk about driving traffic to your business or sales funnel. It's one of a big struggle some people have. Every business needs to get people to the business. There are a variety of ways to get these eyeballs to your site or funnel, and I'll cover each of these topics in future episodes. No single strategy works for every business model, but today I'll go over some of the most-used and most effective ways to get people (traffic) to your site so you can turn them into paying customers. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 14, 2018
The Best Place to Start as a Digital Nomad
In today's episode, I'm going to talk about the best place to start your life as a Digital Nomad. For those people who are just starting out: just got a passport, never traveled long-term, or been far from home, there are some things you should consider. You probably shouldn't go far from "home" straight away, depending on the type of person you are. But if you're more adventurous than that and confident you'll manage, I recommend Thailand as a starting Nomad spot. 1- Thailand has some of the best tourist infrastructure in the world. This makes things like transportation super-easy and all over the place. The signs are often in English, the visa system is relatively easy (relatively). 2- It's also very cheap, which takes a lot of stress off of building up your business, especially if you're just starting out. The internet is fast and cheap. Food, accomodations, and they have just about anything you'd think you would only be able to get back home.
April 13, 2018
Ep 52: Do You Need to be Gifted?
Putting in work makes you good at something, not just some sort of natural aptitude. Past Beck honestly felt that there would be some “one thing” I could find if I looked hard enough. But that is not the way things work. You can become awesome at anything you choose. Find the thing you're interested in doing? What do you do when nobody's around, when no money is involved, and you're doing it because you love doing it? Do that thing. Put in the work, and you can get great at it. Listen to today's episode to learn more about making your own aptitudes. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 12, 2018
Ep 51: Goals and Realistic Strategies for them
What happens when you reach goals of your dream day is that you feel like you need write more of them. But after achieving my dream day as I'd written it down, I also wanted to careful about becoming complacent. The dream day is really great, but there are still issues. So I had to come up with new goals. Especially as a Digital Nomad spending a lot of time overseas, planning your dream day becomes more difficult. And often when you think you want something...maybe desperate for it...often, when you get it, it's not what you thought it would be. It's amazing, but at it's really important that you have goals at every stage. I really want to know what your dream day looks like. Give today's episode a listen to learn how you can work toward your goals, reach them, and make constant progress. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 11, 2018
Ep 50: Songkran: the World's Biggest Water Fight
The people of Thailand celebrate their traditional Thai New Year for several days each year in mid-April in every corner of the country. It's the hottest month of the year here, and it has turned into the world's biggest water festival. It's called Songkran, and if you go outside, you WILL get wet, whether you want to or not! It's also one of the most popular times to come to Thailand, so both Thai people and foreigners alike all take part in this fun holiday. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 10, 2018
Ways to Avoid Burnout with Kate Bagoy
In this episode, Kate and I discuss why burnout happens (It's happened to me multiple times) and what we can do to avoid it. Right after this episode I went to get a massage. Sometimes you just sit at the computer too long, or even start to feel guilty when you're not working! Crazy. Let's all take a deep breath shall we? What are you doing this for? Isn't it to have a better life? It's happening right now. So enjoy it! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 9, 2018
Dad Blogging Around the World with Ricky Shetty
Ricky Shetty is a BOSS. Three kids, multiple businesses, hundreds of podcasts a year and even more videos - how the heck does he do it? Not to mention his projects, sponsorships and taking time for himself - this guy is a machine. We had so much to talk about, I'm sure he will be back on here in the future. Homeschooling, worldschooling, all the schoolings. Listen in to learn how to take your kids abroad without missing school. Share this ep with someone you think could give this a go! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 8, 2018
How to Run a Giveaway (And why you'd want to)
Have you ever tried a giveaway? I haven't. In this episode I walk you through how I'm setting this one up, and what you can do if you're looking for ways to grow your list as well as bring some awesome products to your audience. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 7, 2018
Empowering Beliefs
I believe that every self help organization or religion in the world is just a framework for belief distribution. It doesn't matter what the teachings are, everyone is being primed for some sort of beliefs. It's up to you to choose which beliefs you want to support. It's your brain and you can fill it with whatever you want! For me I choose to believe in positivity and empowerment. Some people choose to believe the excuses that pop up. (Note, people who choose to believe the good stuff also get excuses that pop into our heads, we just choose to ignore them.) What will you choose? Stay emPowered, Beck
April 6, 2018
Keeping Funnels Simple
In this episode, I share an example I got from Scott Oldford about the most basic way you can structure a funnel. I think when we make funnels we can get carried away with upsells and offers and links and PDFs and all the things. Scott breaks down how to keep your funnel simple and offer appropriate items in your value ladder without getting over complicated. It's a back to the basics episode, and we all need those sometimes. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 5, 2018
Weakness --> Strength
I finished an interview and felt so awkward, I had to make an episode. I feel like I suck at talking to humans (I'm not saying I'm any better at talking to plants, animals or aliens just FYI) and I get really uncomfortable in interviews. Haha. That's why I started a podcast! If you suck at something, that's OK. There's no inherent meaning in that. You CAN get better. No one was born an expert. Keep learning, keep practicing, keep getting out of your comfort zone. At least... that's what I'm doing. Let's see if my 100th episode is any better than my first one. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 4, 2018
Organizing your funnel
I watched Scott Oldford talk about funnels, and I realized a lot of people make the mistake of adding loads of different upsells and overcomplicating everything in their funnel. Not only that -- they are doing multiple funnels in multiple niches at the same time, before one has even taken off. I am guilty of this myself. It's really fun to start new projects, and not as fun to keep pushing the ones that have outlived their excitement. But Russell Brunson said not to move on to a new funnel until the first one has made a million dollars. Tweak or offer, tweak your copy, tweak your funnel -- don't overcomplicate it or move on to something else. Stay emPowered, Beck
April 3, 2018
Running a social media agency from your laptop with Hannah Wiley
Hannah Wiley is a badass. I met her initially online a million years ago, then in person in Barcelona (literally bumped into her) then I heard she was doing her thing in Colombia, then Mexico, but this interview was done in San Diego... She's living the nomadic dream! If you want to run a small (or big) agency from your laptop, Hannah dishes on how to get started, how to find clients and how to keep your dreams alive on the road - this is an interview you don't want to miss! Stay emPowered, Beck
April 2, 2018
Ep#41 Masterminds with Liz Scully
In this episode, Liz and I shoot the shit on why masterminds are the best way to make money online and how you can easily run your own. Since I'm thinking about starting one, I ask all my questions! Tune in and see if running a mastermind is for you, or if you would rather be part of one and dominate your market that way. Want to join my mastermind? Shoot me an email at :) Stay emPowered, Beck
April 1, 2018
Standing up for Yourself
In this episode, I have a bit of a rant. I'm tired of seeing women second guess themselves - you deserve to be here, damnit! Many times I see people who are all show, prance around with crazy confidence, making millions of dollars, based on just marketing themselves and making themselves look good. Meanwhile, people with huge talents and amazing work ethics are stuck at less than 6 figures a year because they don't have the confidence or kahunas that these other people have. Grr. This episode isn't eloquent (to be fair none of them are) but it's a stream of consciousness nonetheless. Don't sell yourself short! Ignore the haters (including your own brain.) You got this. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 31, 2018
Sharing Your Vision
There are a few schools of thought on sharing your vision. Sometimes all people will do is talk about it, and never take any action. Some say to write it down and schedule it. I think it's also important to let the people around you know what's going to be happening. The reason you might be worried about telling people is simple (and there's only one reason.) It's that you might fail. What if I tell people my vision and then it doesn't happen? I'll look like an idiot. Well then, you better make it happen. These things aren't left to chance. YOU have the power to make it a reality. In this episode, I talk about sharing your vision with your team, the people who work for and with you, so they know what they're driving toward. Few people are excited about doing a spreadsheet. It's more exciting if they know that this spreadsheet is an integral part of your sponsorship strategy and that they are responsible for its success. Share
March 30, 2018
On my recent trip to New York, we were walking a LOT. (Living in Bangkok it's hard to justify the Uber prices in NY! Just saying.) As we walked, I noticed that my back started to get really sore. Like really sore. I'd have to bend over or sit down to feel better. LAME! I mean I'm 33! (I know, I look good.) Anyways lately, I've been sore getting out of bed too. I figure it's all the working on the laptop and not exercising. And since I just heard Garrett White talk about his daily 4 parts of his morning routine, I figured, how the heck am I going to get myself to exercise? I figured a light yoga practice daily was the way to go. I feel much better when I do yoga. I'm by no means good at it or even that interested in yoga itself, but it makes me feel good and my back feels normal again, so here we are. If you're looking for something light to do, I recommend Adrien's Youtube 30 day challenge. I just randomly pick a day and do it. It's the perfect length and
March 29, 2018
Power of Systems
When I used to go to the gym (lol) I would go in, put my stuff in a locker and walk into the main workout area. I would stop, look around, and think "hmm what do I feel like doing..." Bad idea. As a result, I would run for 5 minutes (until I thought I was tired) do a few random weight exercises with no idea what I was doing, and feel good about a few leg presses. Finally, I would go somewhere and do 10 pushups. Or 7. Whatever I felt like before my will gave in. It wasn't until I had a personal trainer come to my condo in Bangkok and give me exactly the exercises I needed to do, and exactly how many times to do them, AND exactly what weight I should do them with, that I figured out how to actually work out properly. I'd walk in and know, I needed to do 3 sets of 8 of this arm thing, then the same of that arm thing. I knew exactly which weights to use. I knew what to do next at all times. And when it was all done, I could leave. I didn't have to wonder abou
March 28, 2018
Focusing on One Thing
There are so many things I got out of FHL. The biggest (well one of the biggest was to decide on one funnel and commit to it. Stop faffing around and give something a chance to work. It's alot like business ideas. I used to have millions and jump around between them, but there's no chance they'll work because I didn't give them enough time. Your first funnels will fail. Probably. So re-do them. Tweak them. Fix the traffic, the messaging, the offer. Chances are you can fix it. But don't run around looking for a home run right away. These take work, and one one takes off, it's beautiful. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 27, 2018
Cruise Ships for Nomads
Amanda grew up on cargo ships and cruises. I wanted to ask her how nomads can work on cruise ships and what kinds of jobs are available - plus how to get them. She doesn't hold anything back! Stay tuned for another episode later on where we cover how you can HACK cruising and get awesome cruises around the world for super cheap... Stay emPowered - Beck
March 26, 2018
Following Your Heart with Dan Dunn
Dan Dunn and his wife Stephanie had what most people would consider a dream life. California, great jobs, cars, house... but it wasn't what they wanted. Spoiler alert - they decided it wasn't for them. They created their own adventure - packed up all their stuff and never looked back. Stay emPowered - Beck
March 25, 2018
Instagram Stories
FHL again! Russell Brunson went over Youtube, Facebook, Podcasts and Instagram. He said Insta stories are like a mini reality show - what's your show? Mine is at @beck.power - see you there! Stay emPowered - Beck
March 24, 2018
What Drives You to Live this Nomad Life
I was at FHL 2018 in Orlando when Katie Richardson asked me what drives me. I often get asked how the heck I'm so driven but this was a different kind of question and to be honest I really had to think about it! Here's what I said! Stay emPowered - Beck
March 23, 2018
30 Podcasts in 30 Days - What I've Learned
Just start. You’re never going to be ready so stop overthinking it. Perfection is not the goal, the goal is action and experience. Take imperfect actions and get data. I don’t love the idea of doing these for the next year. But I’d like to do one with different series. Like sessions. But I’ll do at least 100 of these and see where it takes me. I suck at talking to people. But I suck less now than I did 30 days ago. So, it’s improvement and I’m proud of that. When you decide that something is going to happen, and take action, it’s decided. There’s no going back or giving up. This means your ultimate goals can be guaranteed if you have a plan and make that decision to do it no matter what excuses come up. Some people are assholes. I’m not going to listen to them anymore. I’m going to do my own thing and stop worrying about what people think. 10 episodes were too many to launch with. Doing it again I’d start with 3 and have more in the barrel. (Chamber? Idk anything about guns...) I ne
March 22, 2018
Ep #30: The APEC visa for digital nomads
The APEC visa is exactly what digital nomads need. But it's not available for everyone and it's not available everywhere. It's a good start though - if you're eligible, definitely pick one up. They're valid for 5 years and make it super easy to enter most places on the list :) Stay emPowered, Beck
March 21, 2018
7 Day Startup By Dan Norris (Book Review)
This book is really important to me. Not because it holds inside it the secret of the universe - it doesn't. Instead, it simplified down all the things I had been thinking (literally for YEARS,) got me out of my own head and started me on the path to my own business. If you're like I was, and paralysed by inertia because you can't decide on what direction to take or what to do next, this book is a must read for anyone starting out. Stay in your head, you're dead. I only review books that I give 5 stars. This is one of them! I'll try to get a book reviewed most weeks because reading is what? FUNDAMENTAL. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 20, 2018
Janice Chaka is the Queen of Introverts. (Long live the Queen!) In this episode, Janice is underwhelmed by my excitement about Mexico. She also sets me right about what an introvert truly is (the definition might not be what you expect.) Stay emPowered, Beck
March 19, 2018
In this episode, Nat and Jodie talk about their life as full time housesitters. Full time nomads don't have to move around all the time - they can take house sits for almost any period. Nat and Jodie get free accommodation wherever they go, and plan their travel around their favorite places (and favorite pets.) Where would you go if you could find free accommodation anywhere? Stay emPowered, Beck
March 18, 2018
How do Digital Nomads Receive Money?
As digital nomads, we need to get paid, and it's not as easy as as just getting a paycheck every month. In this episode I talk tools - and bank accounts. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 17, 2018
Your Digital Nomad Value Ladder
Once you have built an audience, you basically have unlimited options of how to help them solve their problems. Everyone has problems, and ultimately you want your products and services to solve those pain points for them, so you become their go-to in your industry. Too many times I see nomads mad or upset because their ONE product isn’t selling. Try repurposing it, fool! What else could it be? For example if you have a video course. Could you sell a smaller, shorter “starter” version? Could you sell only the audios? Could you put it together with someone else’s product and sell it as a bundle? Could you perhaps sell a transcription, or upsell to people who already bought it with a 1-1 consultation, or maybe you could make 8 mini products that branch out from that course, addressing smaller problems that the audience still has. Perhaps you can interview people on the topic and add the interviews to the video course to add value? There are a
March 16, 2018
One thing I’ve started doing lately is being mindful. I wouldn’t consider myself a stereotypical non meat eating lesbian who takes meditation seriously, but hey I guess that’s who I am. Practicing mindfulness is something that a lot of the people who I admire, set aside time for during the day. One of the reasons I like to meditate is because my days get pretty hectic. I’m “on” a lot of the day and my mind is going at a million miles an hour. It’s really helpful to set aside 5-10 minutes a couple of times a day just to sit and reset my brain. Literally I just sit somewhere quiet or put in headphones and pull my brain back from wherever it’s stretched out to. It’s kind of like a reset and it’s been really helpful for me. You can use the Calm app or headspace app or anything you want really, I find I still do need some direction while I meditate or I get super distracted. You can actually feel yourself come back to a center. What’s really important is that you clear your mind as much
March 15, 2018
Picking a Niche for your Digital Nomad Business
This is a fun episode because I remember when I first started my first project, NomadFly. In the previous podcast episode yesterday, I spoke about overthinking and this is one of the things I was overthinking for REAL. The problem was, I thought that I would have to marry my first topic. Like if I chose it I would have to be known as “the travel agent” forever, and I don’t want to be a travel agent. That’s why I stopped being one! What I didn’t understand is that there are so many angles to take in any niche, so many products and different ways to do something, that whatever I tried would just be the beginning, the first steps, which would just move me, kind of into the arena. Then I would be able to play. But if you don’t take those first few steps you just keep standing on the outside, never participating and always feeling that feeling, that you’re not involved, you’re not playing the game. So my advice is the same as Dan Norris’ advice in the book 7 day startup - t
March 14, 2018
Overthinking Your Nomadic Life
Digital nomads always overthink before they get started - so: Let’s talk overthinking, which is a concept near and dear to my heart. I honestly believed, when I was poor and had the cold sweats in my apartment in Bangkok a few years ago, that it mattered what I chose to start with and I had to get it right from day one or else I’d be a huge failure. In fact I think that the more I overthought, the more I overthought…. It got into kind of a downward spiral that made me scared to do anything at all in case it didn’t work. I am aware that doesn’t make much sense right now, it sounds crazy. But the saying is true - “Stay in your head, you’re dead” The ONLY thing to do is to take action. The ONLY thing that you can do to move forward, is take a step. Standing still and thinking will not work. Yes the future will be uncertain. But no amount of thinking is going to get you certain. All that will happen is you will waste precious time. Stay
March 13, 2018
Pancakes and Full Time Travel with Kit Whelan
Kit Whelan is a co founder of the 7in7 digital nomad conference, and one of my favorite people. Why? We're pankcake buddies, of course! (And obvs there are more reasons, but that's the most important.) Kit is a co host of the Nomad+Spice podcast, which is must listen for all nomads! Kit has been a nomad for almost 10 years, and is travelling full time - yup no home base, just travelling a few weeks or months in each place. We talk about location independence, and how remote work is the future. We are so lucky to be nomadic and I was really reminded of that during this episode. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 12, 2018
Exploring the Arctic and Kicking Ass with Heather Thorkelson
Attention digital nomads----> If Heather isn't the most kickass person you've heard on a podcast... I don't believe you. There's something epic about being known as an Arctic explorer - being a known associate of penguins and polar bears, battling enormous blocks of ice, forging a path into (relatively) unknown lands on huge ships... In this episode, I ask Heather about how she got started and her journey to become an expert on the polar regions and a world traveler. I can't wait to have her on again to shoot the shit and talk about more of our journeys. I love this conversation because we get into the real grime of entrepreneurship, the low points, the fears, the sacrifice, and how to overcome adversity to achieve what you really want. Want to join Heather and I in Antarctica in 2022? It's awhile away but you can put a deposit down to go with us through 7in7 - it will be a digital nomad conference like no other. Apply here and make your deposi
March 11, 2018
Nomadic Proof of Onward Travel, For Free
When I first became nomadic, and some airline staff asked me for proof I was going to leave the country, I would buy a cheap ticket to a nearby country and then not use it. Ugh. As time went on, a few services popped up. Flyonward, Bestonwardticket, but they all had issues. They'd take to long to deliver (I was usually in a hurry) I couldn't open the ticket on my phone (who has time to get out their laptop and find internet when they're trying to check in?) The customer service wasn't responsive I had to pay every time I wanted a fake ticket! Some people recommend using Photoshop but I'm not photoshopically inclined... So I decided I'd get a small software product made, that would handle the problems I'd experienced with other sites. BOOM: Nomadproof was born. Digital nomads rejoice! You can get proof of onward travel in just a few clicks on your phone, and best of all, NomadProof is free! I wanted to give
March 10, 2018
Talking vs Doing
What I'm about to tell you is 100% true, and I'm 100% not happy about it lol. I left New Zealand in 2013, to embark on my great nomadic journey. Of course I was going to Chiang Mai! I had no idea what I was doing, or what I would do for money, but I figured it would take care of itself. After all, I'd read the 4 hour work week, and it was easy enough, right? WRONG. I spent 4 months in Chiang Mai telling people all the stuff I wanted to do (start a coliving space, start remote work retreats, it went on and on) but I never actually DID anything. I talked a lot but the action wasn't there. Most people at least take SOME action even if it's not that much or it's the wrong action, but I was legit not doing ANYTHING. Haha. I think I expected that it would happen if I wanted it enough -- like passively WANTED IT. Haha -- nope. Action is what is required - immediate action. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 9, 2018
Ep#17: What is a Winner?
We always worship winners. People who seem to be able to accomplish superhuman feats. People who beat out the competition to come first. Especially people who seem to turn everything they touch into gold. But we sell ourselves short. It doesn't matter what other people are doing, the experiences they have that are hidden from us so it looks as if they are magically able in some way that we are not. I think being a winner is about pushing through hard things. Not giving in to the thoughts that tell you to give up, that this will never work, that it's not for you, that this should be easier. The truth is it's not easy. It's such a mental game and if you can win that game, you're officially a winner. People who keep pushing are absolutely winners. People who see what's going on around them and refuse to give up, refuse to stop, refuse to be affected by drama, by bullshit, by self doubt. People who decide something, and then do it. Every day.
March 8, 2018
Are You a Morning Person?
Almost every morning (hey I'm not perfect) I get out of bed at 5:30. I wouldn't have called myself a morning person actually, but like anything, I'm no fixed way and I've taught myself to make it happen - here's why. I get all my morning routines done and get started working at about 7:30. When this all goes smoothly, I normally get en entire days work done by 10am. I then feel amazing and stop work at 1pm or 2pm so I can reward myself and enjoy the rest of the day. I have had to create systems for this, it's not easy to force myself to wake up at that time. One thing that helps is that I'm MOSTLY excited about what I'm going to work on that day - and if it's not that exciting, I reframe it. I look forward to finishing tasks so I can move on to the next task. Some people are adamant they work best late at night and like sleeping in, and that's OK! This morning thing doesn't work for everyone. But I really encourage you to try out mornings for a 7 day or
March 7, 2018
The Magic of 10 Ideas a Day
I originally heard about this idea from James Altucher. (My fave author and probably one of my fave humans.) James says to write 10 ideas a day because it stretches your "idea muscle" - that is, it helps you be more creative and problem solve when you really need to problem solve. I used this practice and the practice of daily gratitude, to get out of the funk that I was in in the middle of 2016. Every night I'd go to sleep crying and every day I'd be sweating the "fear sweats" in my tiny Bangkok apartment. I had no money and as far as I could tell, no way of getting any. I kept telling myself that no one cared about me and that I was all alone in the world. For the last few months I had been contemplating if anyone would miss me if I disappeared. I started a small daily practice and things started to change. I was able to start thinking outside the box, take action on a few of the ideas and really realize that I was not stupid or useless or any of
March 6, 2018
Short Personal or Group Challenges
I love challenges because the commitment isn't too great. 7 days? 10 days? Even 3 days, depending on what it is I'm trying to do. I highly recommend trying a personal challenge or starting/joining a group challenge, to build those small habits that make a big difference. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 5, 2018
The Easiest way to Make Money as a Digital Nomad
There are a metric crap ton of ways to make money as a digital nomad. One of the fastest ways and one of the easiest ways, I believe, is to sell information, that you already have in your head. (Or someone else has already provided.) Info products are good because you just need to package up the information you have on a topic (like indoor gardening for example, knitting cat costumes, or repairing a motorcycle.) Then you find people who are looking for that skill or information, and show them how your product solves their problem or is what they're looking for. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 4, 2018
Being a Digital Nomad with a Home Base
There are lots of ways to live as a nomad - full time travel, staying places 6 months at a time, or having a home base are the top 3 contenders. Here's how and why I choose to be based in Bangkok. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 3, 2018
Finding Remote Work on LinkedIn with Sami Gardner
I can't believe I only just got to meet Sami Gardner! She is a lot of fun. Sami is passionate about helping people find work online to live their nomadic dream. She's a career consultant among a few other things! She drops some gold on how to take action after you've decided to leave your job and her passion is economic empowerment. Sami's thought on packing "you don't have to bring everything - they have things in other countries, and sometimes they're even better." Stay emPowered, Beck
March 2, 2018
Growth Hacking as a Digital Nomad
I finally managed to meet Danny in Feb 2018. In a whirlwind week, we were able to meet up and go over some of the awesome and clever ways he grows companies. This episode is recorded live from my living room, which we were able to stream on the NomadMe Facebook page. Enjoy! See you tomorrow. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
My best way to stand out when applying for jobs
I got so sick of looking at awful job applications, I needed to make this podcast to at least get my method out there and make it easier for people who have no idea how to separate themselves from the pack. Hint: initiative. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
How I got started as a digital nomad
This is a quick version of my story getting started as a nomad. There are some excellend anecdotes in coming episodes, so stay tuned :) Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Finding Your Personal Brand with Erica Blair
Very excited to talk to Erica Blair, my favorite brand strategist and co-Chiang Mai enthusiast. We cover a range of personal branding questions, how to raise your rates and find your perfect audience. Erica is a pro at getting clear on who you are and who you are serving, so make sure you don't miss this episode! Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Digital Nomad Me
It's episode 1! Here's what to expect. I wanted to make a resource online for digital nomads who want to be more successful, who want to find their people, connect, find better tools or better clients. I want to give people thinking about starting, a clear path to start. Most of all, I want to deep dive into mindset, and how we can hack our brains to be more successful, as nomads. Stay emPowered -- Beck.
March 1, 2018
Don't Wait to Start
In this episode, (recorded while driving from Pattaya to Bangkok via taxi) I talk about why people often put things off and off - I, for example, didn't start this podcast back in 2011 when I got the art done, then again in 2017 when I couldn't get the intro right. Starting is the key to success and here's a few minutes of me talking about that. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Cheap Flights for Nomads
I am a former travel agent, and now run where I show people better ways to search for flights. In this episode, I explain the general concept of flight hacking. is a community of travel hacking digital nomads. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Motivating yourself should be a self generated practice -- not something you just wait for. You are in charge of putting yourself in the right state, the zone, whatever you call it -- to get done the things you need to do, when you need to do them. Make a calendar, and plan your days - then stick to the plan. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Negative Self Talk
Like it or not, there's a voice in your head. Everyone has one. That voice is made up of all your experiences, neurons that fire when triggered by situations that remind you of something that happened before. That voice is not the truth - it's just thoughts that come and go like waves. Good mood, bad mood, offended, excited... it's all just neurons. Luckily, you have another voice. That voice is you. Choosing not to be offended, choosing to look on the bright side, choosing to work even though you don't feel like it. If we all listened to that first voice, we'd never get anything done and we'd be slaves to our own vices. Luckily, you're not a slave. You get to choose - so choose wisely. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
Be a Nomadic Consultant with John Logar
John is one of my favorite entrepreneurs, and I've been following him for awhile. He has perfected the art of walking a potential customer through the sales process. John will teach you how to be a sales machine, with minimal ongoing effort, to get clients on retainer and travel the world as a consultant. Stay emPowered, Beck
March 1, 2018
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