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Unmasking the Revolution - Episode 4

An episode of The French Revolution : Unmasking Truth -- Unmasking Revolution

By Unmasking the Revolution
It has been a long time coming but is at last here: an objective, thoughtful, and absolutely critical discussion on the truths of the French Revolution and their awesome, continuing effects on our world today.

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Special: St. Joan of Arc - The Virtue, The Valor, and The Victory
She was a special forces commando before the invention of the internal combustion engine. She was a model of true femininity and feminism before there was such a concept as women’s rights. With equal mercy she gave no favor to the rich yet showed no partiality to the poor,. She tempered valor with virtue, and with the deepest humility surrendered her victories to the Crown and to God’s Altar. She saved France from the diabolism even then beginning to cement itself in the British Islands, and protected the French people from the ravages of English mercenaries intent only on looting the Continental peasants they oppressed.  She was sentenced to death in a Show Trial that would have made Mr. Stalin blush, by fiendish lawyers who reacted to her purity like Dracula taken out for a summer’s day picnic.  In a special episode of Unmasking the Revolution we are joined by the inimitable and (to be seen) indefatigable Monsieur who explains how this slight peasant girl became the spiritual colossus we know of today and who is held to be the patron of France’s monarchs and of France herself. 
January 28, 2019
Special: August 10th, 1792 - Vignettes from Hell
Step back in time, if you have the courage, and face the brutal horror of August 10th 1792 in person. The tragic lack of knowledge most people have of the French Revolution contributes to the revolutionary tragedy itself; however it is unconscionable that the sack of the Tuileries—the Swiss Guard massacred, the King and Queen put in chains, and the happy zest for murder which followed—remains hidden. The day of blood and terror, those two names behind ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité’, is now unmasked.  To find out more, please visit
January 28, 2019
Unmasking the Revolution - Episode 4
 "Castle of Christ" Part II [Episode 5] (With apologies to our listeners for the long delay in airing this episode. We at Unmasking the Revolution wish you and yours an excellent New Year. Thank you.)I In the awful wake of Christian Rome’s collapse a few brave souls and a few holy saints—among them Saint Martin of Tours and St. Genevieve of  struggled to keep what remained of Western Civilization intact. They stood as little islands of hope in world consumed by barbarian flames and populated by the empty husk of sacked cities.  In this episode we learn how one of these little islands of hope became the Kingdom of France with the conversion of King Clovis to Christianity. We learn how one little king through acts of intense personal courage and shrewd political maneuvering, and also by the Grace of God, set his kingdom on a course from a war-torn province of a ravaged empire to become the cosmopolitan heart of Christian Civilization: the Eldest Daughter of the Church.  Adhering entirely to the podcast’s dedication to find and explore justice and right order, to find the truth, our returning guests Monsieur and Expat also discuss suggestions by some that King Clovis and political as well as pious motivations. Yet whatever his motives may or may not have been, there is no denying that by his action King Clovis laid the foundation for the Kingdom of France, the rampart of Christian Civilization: the Castle of Christ.  To find out more, please visit:
December 22, 2018
Unmasking the Revolution - Episode 3
"Castle of Christ" Part I [Episode 3] In the most riveting episode yet of Unmasking the Revolution, the show is joined by Expat: an objective, intelligent, unbiased, and (as yet) unopinionated American. With his wry wit and trenchant questions we delve into the great “middle stream” of public opinion's current view and explore the motives of people who may or may not decide to form a new government. The opening of the show and the questions asked at the opening provide a suitable arena indeed for the entrance of Monsieur, who is once again kind enough to join our program. In a revelatory broadcast Monsieur enumerates the acts of a number of saints that, together, resulted in the formation of the French monarchy and the French state. We then learn how several saints and a newly crowned and freshly converted king defend the church, civil order, and indeed Western Civilization itself from the depraved and bloody hands of the barbarian hordes that roamed Europe after Rome’s collapse. This order lasted for 1,500 years and appropriately, at long last, we may praise it as the Castle of Christ. To find out more, please visit:
November 23, 2018
Unmasking the Revolution - Episode 2
“Lost” Part II [Episode 2] Monsieur joins the program at the bottom of the hour to continue our exploration of revolutionary horror and, miraculously, the survival of the – sacred – French Monarchy through uncountable dangers and plots. Before Monsieur joins the program we begin to outline a discussion of legitimate authority… and the source whence it flows. We discuss the Christianization of Imperial Rome and the schizophrenic madness of election season, and, against good advice, enter into the minds of the Revolutionists. A stage is set for a discussion of incredible importance, where, for the first time in broadcasting history, the suppressed truth of legitimism shall be revealed. In doing so, in setting out the lamp of truth, the revolution shall be unmasked. To find out more, please visit:
November 14, 2018
Unmasking the Revolution - ## [Pilot Episode] ##
“Legitimate Truth” [Pilot Episode] Our world has been masked, we have been blindfolded, the most wide-reaching and impactful event of the modern world, the French Revolution and the processes it began have been, tragically, left largely alone to slink along in the shadows. Our flashlights are starting to sputter, how much longer can they stay on? To find out more, please visit:
November 13, 2018
Unmasking the Revolution - Episode 1
“Lost” Part I [Episode 1] We begin exploring the glaring ironies within and bewildering advertisements without of the American elections. In the remaining segments we host, with delight, a guest from France, highly placed within legitimist circles, with totally unique and heretofore unheard in English insight into French political and historical life , Monsieur. In the first of several interviews we waste no time at all delving into the French Revolution, the world it overthrew, and the impact it continues to have on our lives today. To find out more, please visit:
October 29, 2018
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