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The Noname Nerd Podcast

The Noname Nerd Podcast

By The Noname Nerd
This podcast is focused on providing practical tips on how nerds engaged in content creation can further their craft and grow their followings. It is part of the Noname Nerd community, which is dedicated to creating positive and welcoming online spaces for nerds of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
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E46: Mental Health Check Pt 2: 3 Steps to Surviving The Streamer Grind
If you ask most streamers–especially new people–why they want to make a career out of streaming, one of the most common answers to this question is “because being paid to play games sounds fun!” It’s often not until we really dig deep into streaming that we realize how challenging of a job it can be. Around the discord server, we often refer to it simply as “The Grind”. In this podcast, we’re going to discuss how to survive The Grind, by setting the right expectations, setting SMART goals, and some techniques to keep positive.
January 17, 2022
E45: Mental Health Check Part 1: The Industry Secret About Who Can Be a Content Creator
Here at the Noname Nerd Communities, we’ve talked to countless nerds wanting to get into various content creation categories. We often ask them why they haven’t started, and the response is always some variant of the same answer. “I don’t know how.” “I’m not good enough yet.” We could keep going, but you get the idea. So, let’s take a deep dive into a concept known as “impostor syndrome.” We’ll define it, let you in on the industry secret on who qualifies as a content creator, and we’ll teach you how to beat it by using a student mentality!
January 10, 2022
E44: Giving Back Part 2: 3 Ways To Maximize Charitable Donations
Charity streams are one of the most fun ways to give back to the community as a streamer. Last time, we discussed how to pick a charity to work with. But now that we’ve found one, how can we fundraise as effectively as possible with our audience? Today, we’re going to look at some widely successful tactics that we can use to increase the revenue for our charity of choice. We’ll be discussing publicizing techniques, goal setting and incentives, and perfecting the “inform and ask.” Let’s take a look at how mastering these three items can maximize your fundraising impact.
December 27, 2021
E43: Who Can You Help? Part 1: The 3 Best Charity Stream Options
You know, if our community is any indication, nerds might just be the most caring individuals on the planet. Have you ever wondered how you can help other people by creating content? Charities all over the world have discovered how great it can be to work with online content creators, which has opened up a plethora of options for you to help the world around you with your content! In this podcast, we’ll explore 3 different ways you can help: working directly with charities, working with digital hubs, and working with a curator hub. Want to learn more? Head to one of our online communities at!
December 20, 2021
E42: Building Your Brand Part 3: 2 Ways To Build Your Home on the Internet
In previous podcasts, we’ve discussed finding the right voice and right platform for your content. But how do people find that voice? Equally important to finding your voice is finding consistent places where your fans can find you! So today, we’re going to discuss the steps you need to take to carve out a more permanent home on the internet!  Before we dig in, though….you might be wondering why we need to do this at all. I mean, you’ve already got your own page on Twitch or Youtube, right? I mean fans could always find you there, right?  Wrong.
December 13, 2021
E41: Get To Know Joe#BIGBITE, Our Community Manager
Joe was recently promoted to our community manager.  For a long time, he has been the backbone of the community and we are really excited to have him move into this role.  Listen to this podcast to learn a little more about Joe and what the Noname Nerd community means to him.  Remember, you belong at the Noname Nerd and you can always join our Discord and Facebook communities for free at
December 06, 2021
E40: 8 Characters To Build Your Team Around
Last time, we talked about finding your voice. We failed to answer one very important question, though. What if you have multiple voices in your videos? Finding your voice is one thing, but finding the voice of your team is a completely different battle. In this podcast, we’ll discuss why variety and balance matters, and discuss some ideas for roles to play. Don't forget to stop by our online communities at where you will also find plenty of characters! ;)
November 29, 2021
E39: Three Steps to Finding Your Voice
Who are you, who are you talking to, and what do you want to say? When we begin our journey into content creation, there are a number of different factors to consider. What platform will we produce on? What basic format of content are we going to make? What is my release schedule going to look like? I could make this list go on and on, but that would only further prove the point I’m about to make. Finding your voice is one of the most important steps you can take while building your brand. Make sure to stop by one of our online communities at for more tips and tricks on how to find your voice!
November 22, 2021
E38: The Noname Nerd and NFTs
What is the fascination with NFTs?  I'll give you a brief introduction to what are NFTs and why I think that they have the potential to change how we interact with technology in the future.  I will show you some of the projects that I am currently working on connecting the Noname Nerd with NFTs and give you a brief look at what might be in store for the future.  If you haven't already, grab a free NFT from the Noname Nerd here:
November 16, 2021
E37: Cross-Platform Wars: 3 Ways To Make Multiple Platforms Work For You
In the last podcast, we found what platform would most likely be a good home for us. But just because we picked a primary platform doesn’t mean we can’t utilize the other platforms! Playing around with cross-platform strategies can help us do three big things: it helps us explore new horizons, diversify our viewer base, and build our primary platform’s viewership via cross-promotion. Let’s take a look at how we can use these three elements in our cross-platform strategy. Don't forget that you can join the Noname Nerd community for free at!
November 08, 2021
E36: Platform Wars: The 4 Best Video Platforms for Content Creators
So you want to make content, huh? Choosing the correct platform can make or break your chances of making it big, so it’s important to consider. Now, cross-platform marketing strategies are important--so much so that we’ll be covering that next, but for today, let’s figure out which one of the Big Four content platforms are right for you, based upon what content you intend to make. So, let’s take a moment to look at what Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok can do for you, as well as considering strategy for looking at smaller, newer platforms.  Don't forget that you can join the Noname Nerd community for free at
November 01, 2021
E35: Hate Doesn't Belong Here
Unfortunately, the digital world is not always as welcoming as the awesome folks at the Noname Nerd communities (which you really should be a part of at  If you are a streamer who has dealt with a hate raid or are simply worried about it, this is the podcast for you.  In this episode, we'll talk about some steps that you can take to keep your stream safe from the haters.  Give it a listen!
October 25, 2021
E34: The Noname Nerd Guide to Twitch Affiliate Part 2
This is the second in our two part series on Twitch Affiiate so make sure to listen to the last episode if you haven't already.  Twitch Affiliate is one of the most important early milestones in the career of a streamer so be sure to get these important tips and tricks gleaned from the Noname Nerd community.  If you are interested in a printed copy of our Guide to Twitch Affiliate you can also download it here:
October 18, 2021
E33: The Noname Nerd Guide to Twitch Affiliate Part 1
The Podcast is back!  This time we'll go over how to reach that important milestone of Twitch Affiliate.  Learn how to get your first followers, why you might be streaming too much and more.  Listen up because this podcast has an all new sound to it as well!  If you are interested in our Guide to Twitch Affiliate you can also download it here:
October 12, 2021
E32: How To Make Your Stream Sound More Professional
Time to restart the podcast.  Again.  This time, I'm experimenting with some new screen recording software (not noticeable if you are just listening to this) and working on refocusing on creating content that is focused on topics that will provide a direct benefit to people in the Noname Nerd Community.  Keep your fingers crossed and to access the article that I am discussing, head to
September 19, 2021
E31: Can Streamers Change the World?
We are proud to announce our partnership with Stream for a Cause! This amazing non-profit organization really has the values and mission that align so well with the Noname Nerd community that I could not pass up the opportunity to work with them and support them.  Stream for a Cause knows we can do more together than we could do alone.  The Stream for a Cause (SfaC) staff and volunteer content creators work side by side to create unique charity stream events that help fund a wide variety of small, community based organizations. By helping creators of all sizes to construct custom charity events tailored to the community and creating memorable experiences; SfaC is able to spread positivity while raising funds! SfaC stands by content creators every step of the way, even during the charity stream, to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. With a focus on entertainment, community celebration, and unique experiences SfaC aims to take the stress and confusion out of planning a charity stream.  What does this mean?  For the company, this means that 2% of ALL sales will be donated to Stream for a Cause for the rest of 2021.  Having met with their Executive Director on multiple occasions, I know that they are committed to finding worthy causes for these funds and would encourage you to get donate as well!  For YOU, this means that you have a dedicated partner to guide you from the start of your prepping and planning, all the way to the very end of your actual stream. It means being able to ask questions and getting clarity about anything related to your charity stream.  What do I do next?  Sign up as a volunteer RIGHT NOW!  It does not cost you anything and will put you on the path towards your first successful charity stream.  GO HERE: I would encourage you to read more about this great organization on their website (  The truth is, I don't "share" access to the Noname Nerd community lightly, but what they are doing really resonated with me and I truly believe that we will be able to multiply the great work that so many of you nerds are doing through this partnership.  Look for more opportunities to get involved soon!
August 01, 2021
E30: Should You Develop a Personal Brand Or a Company Brand?
While a lot of people default to creating a personal brand when they start out streaming on engaging in content creation seriously, I think that it is worth thinking about the pros and cons of taking more of a company approach.  I've worked with new esports teams and gaming organizations that struggle to find where they fit along the "personal to company" brand spectrum.  While there is a no size fits all answer, here are some thoughts to help you along your brand development journey.  Don't forget to join our online communities at and grab some gamer apparel at
July 06, 2021
E29: How To Manage A Lack of Motivation With Content Creation
So it has been a few weeks since I've released a podcast episode.  This is despite my stated goal to release an episode every week.  I know that some of you can identify with that problem.  So, what tools do I use to overcome a lack of motivation?  Listen for some tips and tricks to help you get going when the motivation just isn't there...  Don't forget to check out the Noname Nerd community at and the store at
June 28, 2021
E28: Community Before Company
First, shout out to our new Discord admin Breen ( and our new Discord mod Mirabaar ( as well as the May Discord Nerd of the Month Bankstro (  Today, I talk about why the Noname Nerd community is so important to me personally and why I believe it is important.  To do so, I read off a great essay by Zelda Gamer (also available here:  If you aren't a member of one of our online communities, head to to find us.  If you are already a member, just know that we appreciate you.
June 07, 2021
E27: What is the Noname Nerd planning for June 2021?
Happy Memorial Day, Happy Pride Month, and you have a chance to get a free product from the NEW Noname Nerd product line!  Also, we are still looking for people to try out for our esports teams!  Yes, that's a lot of information packed into a short podcast!  Some of this information is very time-limited, so head to if you want to be a part of our product launch.  Head to if you want to find the link to our Discord server to help us raise money for The Trevor Project and to try out for our esports teams.  And, of course, head to to order a special edition Nerd Pride Rainbow Gamer Jersey.  Remember 3% of all sales in June are being donated to The Trevor Project so this is the month to get your orders in!
June 01, 2021
E26: Stop Being Authentic to Your Audience!
I want to correct some advice that I have been giving regarding being authentic to your audience.  Seriously, I was wrong.  If you want to really connect with your audience, you have to stop thinking about who you are in a binary sense.  You are an ever-shifting multiplicity.  Celebrate it!  Use it!  Then, join our online communities at
May 24, 2021
E25: The Noname Nerd OG Brand Ambassador ZackAtk77!
As many of you know, the Noname Nerd company has evolved a lot since it started in 2018.  The one person who has been a part of that evolution and supporting the Nerd community since it was little more than an idea is ZackAtk77!  I was so happy to have a chance to talk with Zack about his history with the company and explore some of his goals as a streamer.  He truly embodies the Noname Nerd spirit and is a great member of the community and representative of the brand.  Make sure to drop him a follow at  If you want to be a member of the Noname Nerd community just head to to join and head to to get great custom merch for gamers, streamers, and content creators!
May 17, 2021
E24: Our first Discord Nerd of the Month for March is Bankstro!
Ok, I know that I'm releasing this podcast and doing this interview months after Bankstro was actually Nerd of the Month, but it didn't occur to me until after March that it would be cool to include all of our Nerds of the Month (NOTM) in the podcast.  So expect more in the future as I get caught up with April and May!  So give this episode a listen to learn about how Bankstro got into gaming, give him a follow at, and if you are interested in being the NOTM be sure to head to our Discord Server ( and simply be the most active member for a month to win a gift card, special social media shout outs, and the opportunity to appear on this podcast!  Some restrictions do apply.  
May 10, 2021
E23: Interview with Robert Miller, Executive Director of Stream for a Cause
We are very excited to have Robert Miller, the Executive Director of Stream for a Cause join us for an interview!  This great organization is leveraging the collective power of streamers of all sizes to enact positive change through coordinated fundraising efforts.  I've had a chance to speak with Rob on multiple occasions even before this interview and, not only is he a dedicated nerd, but he is passionate about positive social change.  Learn more about his organization at  
May 03, 2021
E22: Learning from Failure and Foreshadowing of a New Esports Team
It's been a few weeks and that is totally on me.  I thought that I would turn my omission into a lesson with a brief discussion about what can be gained from failure.  But, let's stop talking about it as failure--just iterations.  Also, be sure to listen because we have a new esports team that will be announced very soon!  And you can be a part of it!  Want more? Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
April 26, 2021
E21: Networking for Introverts
Everyone says that you should network to grow your personal brand, but how do you actually do that?  What if you are shy introvert?  Here are some tips and pointers to help you get that conversation started.  Want more? Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
April 06, 2021
E20: Random Chat with My Kids
What happens when the podcast hits 20 episodes?  I sit down with my kids for some random conversation.  It's mildly incoherent, involves random comments about milk, and you can learn about just how hot ghost pepper hot sauce is.  If you are looking to actually learn something about gaming, streaming, or content creation, you may want to wait until next week.  Or, head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
March 30, 2021
E19: Interview with Wondrabread
Wondrabread is one of the latest additions to our community staff, although they have been an active and punny member of this community for a while!  Seriously, Wondrabread is not at all crusty and not one to loaf around.  Grab some great streaming advice that is not at all half baked on this podcast episode!  Also, make sure to follow them at!  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
March 23, 2021
E18: The Power of Virtual Communities
Did you know that, according to a recent survey, in 11 out of 15 countries studied, the largest proportion of respondents reported the most important group to which they belong is a primarily online one?  Check out the study at  This is a big freaking deal in terms of social change and supports the fundamental question that is bothering me right now.  Why do we keep talking about virtual followers and not about virtual leaders?  Why are we so focused on figuring out how we can get more followers instead of asking ourselves how we can be better virtual leaders?  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
March 15, 2021
E17: Lead Like a Nerd
You really need to listen to this other podcast.  It's right here:  I'll explain why in my podcast.  The short answer is that we need more real and authentic nerds out there working to make the world a better place.  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
March 08, 2021
E16: Interview with Gatorceri
Gatorceri has been seen worldwide in Noname Nerd ads!  Now hear from her personally in this interview!  Also, make sure to follow her at!  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
March 01, 2021
E15: Interview with Joanie Kraut, CEO of Women in Games International
We are so excited to announce that the Noname Nerd is partnering with Women in Gaming International!  This amazing organization is working to promote equity in the gaming industry and as a company and community that is dedicated to created welcoming and inclusive environments, we couldn't be happier to be working with them.  Make sure to check out this interview with Joanie Kraut, their CEO to learn more about how you can get involved!
February 23, 2021
Special Episode: How to develop a new product
This is a special episode that is not dropping at our regular time because I woke up this morning with a new idea.  Well, actually it's an idea that has been on my mind for a little while in terms of a new product.  However, the idea that I woke up with this morning is the idea that I would take you along on my journey of product development from idea to inception.  It might be a winner and it might be a loser, but in either case, it can help you nerds out there who are thinking about turning your stream into a business understand the steps that are necessary to take an idea to market.  Want to learn what the new product is?  Just give this a listen!  As always, you can learn more about turning your stream into a business at and join one of our online communities for free at
February 16, 2021
E14: How to get over a 1,000 followers with 3 streams
I don't actually stream all that much. I spend a lot more time engaged in online community development than I do streaming. Yet, I managed to grow my Twitch channel to over 1,000 followers even though I only streamed 3 times.  How did I do that?  There's one simple answer.
February 16, 2021
E13: Discussing personas with Breen
In this episode, I chat with Breen, streamer and mod in our Discord. We talk a little about what it means to have an on-screen persona and things to avoid when you are just starting to stream. Of course, hair color comes into the conversation and I would encourage you to start following Breen at so that you can see what she looks like as a watermelon.  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
February 08, 2021
E12: Luck versus planning in growing your audience
Is the answer to growing your personal brand simply luck? I think that idea is ridiculous because that would mean that successful people are simply luck people. At the same time, to suggest that luck or chance doesn't play a role is equally ridiculous.  What's the anwer? List to find out.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
February 02, 2021
E11: Interview with Corey from One Up Games
Today, we talk with Corey Atwood, the Creative Director at One Up Games, a Premiere Video Game Lounge & eSports Center located in Plainville, MA. We get a little retro and talk about the challenges of running an esports center during a pandemic.  We are proud to be partnering with One Up Games on some online tournaments so be sure to check them out at  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
January 26, 2021
E10: An Honest Conversation About Making Money on Twitch
This was our first video that was live-streamed on Twitch at the same time.  I gave an honest assessment of the money that you are likely to make streaming full time on Twitch (think below the poverty line) and some reasons why you should do it anyway.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
January 18, 2021
E9: BIGBITEJoe, public relations guru, and the rule of 3 for Twitch streamers
Today, we talk with BIGBITEJoe who is an admin for our online communities and our informal guru of public relations.  Learn about how he got into content creation with Big Bite Media, some tips regarding getting affiliate on Twitch, thoughts on managing online communities, and more!  Want to learn even more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
January 11, 2021
E8: Reviews of Call of Duty: Cold War and Cyberpunk 2077
We have a very special guest on this episode!  He is one of the inspirations behind the Noname Nerd, the person behind many of the packages that we send out, and one of the famous Blue Pistols. He joins us to talk about the games he is currently playing to give reviews and recommendations.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
January 05, 2021
E7: Interview with Brand Ambassador QueenFizz
Our first podcast interview! QueenFizz is an Admin on our Private FB group, mod on our Discord Server, and team captain of our Call of Duty N3 Team.  She is a Brand Ambassador for the company and one of the people who has really taken the Noname Nerd community to new heights this summer. Check out her stream at  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
January 01, 2021
E6: The secret to success without being an influencer
If you want to gain followers and grow your audience, you really need to stop thinking like an influencer. Even when you are just getting started, begin to think about your content as part of a business, not just a following.  Listen to me explain why.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
December 27, 2020
E5: A brief history of the Noname Nerd (2020 Update)
The Noname Nerd Community has undergone some incredible growth in 2020 and I thought it was a good time to talk to you about where we came from, where we are, and where we are going.  2021 has some big things in store for us as a community and I am grateful to all of you who have helped us on this journey!  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
December 23, 2020
E4: Streaming as an art form
Do you have people who look down on your hobby as a streamer?  You need to explain to them that it is really an art form.  People have thought the same way about all new forms of media.  First people look down on it before they realize how much skill it takes to do it well...   Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
December 18, 2020
E3: One step to bringing credibility to your stream
What is one thing that you can do to bring credibility to your stream or personal brand?  This is one very common mistake that people make when they reach out to the Noname Nerd company.  It's easy to fix too so you really need to do it if you want to convert your passion into a businesss.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at
December 16, 2020
E2: The role of email in growing your audience or following
In this episode, I discuss why both why it is important that you collect email addresses for your followers, but also how you can do so.  Whether you are starting out as a streamer or growing as an influencer, this is must-know information to protect your audience from algorithm changes and to future proof your audience.  Want to learn more?  Head to for our courses on growing your audience.  Join our online communities at 
December 10, 2020
E1: Introduction to the Noname Nerd Podcast
This is our very first Podcast for the Noname Nerd community and I would like to start with a shout out to Joe, Fluffy, Phazer, Queen, Breen, Gator, and the rest of the community of gamers, streamers, and content creator that inspired me to dip my toes into the water of content creation.  If you are a nerd who love to game, stream, read, play, watch, and interested in promoting a welcoming and inclusive nerd culture.  You belong with us.  Just head to and join one of our online communities.  We are more than a brand, we are a community where nerds truly belong.  Listen now to learn about why I've started this podcast and what to expect from it and future podcasts.
December 10, 2020