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No New Abnormal

No New Abnormal

By NoNewAbnormal
2020 showed the world the extent to which centralized control has been concentrated into the hands of the very few, at the expense of the rest of us. The global collectivist totalitarianism being installed in the name of fighting a deadly plague really serves other longstanding agendas, and is just the tip of the iceberg. Join us as we fight censorship, expose deceit, and help raise awareness in a way the layman can get behind. Live free, be independent, build strong & healthy selves, relationships, families and communities. Say no to the new abnormal.
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The Asymptomatic Lie

No New Abnormal

PCR - Science or Fraud?
The whole world's covid numbers, and the devastating policies instituted "to fight covid", are based on the use of PCR. But what if PCR tests don't REALLY tell you whether or not you've "got covid", are even infected OR contagious AT ALL? Find out in today's episode, and make up your own mind about whether we have been led astray. Find us everywhere at Linktree EPISODE CITATIONS: Definition of PCR Kary Mullis clip Brownstone Institute article on PCR Manufacturers say not to use PCR as the only evidence for diagnosis CDC "RNA may not indicate infectious virus" quote Vincent Racaniello "detects nucleic acids, not infectious virus" quote The Lancet "RNA detection cannot be used to infer infectiousness" quote Oxford Clinical Infectious Diseases "PCR detects RNA, not infectious virus" quote World Health Organization COVID-19 technical lead Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove "doesn't tell you you're contagious" quote (at 35:18)  Dr. Fauci "PCR over 35 is useless" quote Dr. Jared Bullard "PCR over 25 produce no viable cultures" quote Counting covid within up to 60 days of a positive test Director of Public Health of Illinois Dr. Ezike saying covid counted even if it's clearly not the cause of death
January 22, 2022
The Asymptomatic Lie
Today's episode shares the scientific truth behind the supposed "asymptomatic spread". This is the second part in an important series bringing to light the many layers of deceit in a narrative that has traumatised people the world over. The citations mentioned in today's episode: Dr. Fauci - asymptomatic never the driver of outbreaks Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove - asymptomatic spread very rare Nature, November 2020 - 10 million people, zero asymptomatic spread JAMA, December 2020 - 54 studies, 77k people, zero asymptomatic spread
July 07, 2021
Not So Novel, After All
In this first episode we discuss the science that flies in the face of the official story's claims about "everyone" being at risk from a novel virus. First part in an important series that will bring to light the many layers of deceit in a narrative that has traumatised people the world over. The citations mentioned in today's episode: Nature, 2008 - 1918 influenza, still immune 90 years later Nature, 2020 - 2003 coronavirus, still immune 17 years later Nature, 2021 - immunity to SARS-CoV-2 due to influenza exposure JCI Insight, 2021 - 90% of uninfected already immune to SARS-CoV-2
July 01, 2021