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By What Makes Sense
NONSENSE is a bi-weekly alternative, pop punk, punk, and hardcore music podcast hosted by band members of What Makes Sense: Aaron Barkstrom and Adam Rebillard. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @nonsensepod for more.
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EPISODE 51: ft. Autumn Revival
Joining us this week is Alexy and Mickey of Bronx, NY-based alternative band Autumn Revival. AR just recently released one hell of a single called “What It Something That I Said?”, which is the first glimpse they have provided their fans with into their upcoming EP. In this episode we discuss the new single, playing shows in New York City, Presidente Beer, and some of our favorite up and coming bands. Song of the week: “Meant For Misery” by Settle Your Scores. Outro: “Was It Something That I Said”. Follow: @Autumn_Revival and @NonsensePod for more!
June 11, 2021
EPISODE 50: ft. The Sparkle and Fade
The BIG 5-0! EPISODE 50 is here and this week we are joined by Tyler and TJ of the CT-based power pop band, The Sparkle And Fade. You may recognize them from being featured as our “Song of the Week” several episodes back. In this episode we discuss their DIY ethos, their favorite piece of gear, and how strange of year it was to be in band last year. Song of the Week: “National Treasure” by 20 SomeThing. Outro: “Up In The Air” by The Sparkle And Fade. Follow @nonsensepod and @the.sparkle.and.fade on Instagram for more
May 28, 2021
EPISODE 49: ft. Kurt Zikaras (American Thrills)
We welcome on this week Kurt Zikaras, lead singer/guitarist of Connecticut-based punk band, American Thrills. In this episode, Kurt shares with us what he has learned in his many years of being a part of various musical acts. American Thrills has an impressive but thus far short history after starting in 2020–there is much to come on their horizon considering their stacked line up. The band recently released their second EP “Old Things”, now streaming on all platforms. Their song “Discount Casket” (recently featured in Brooklyn Vegan) can be heard at the end of the episode. Song of the week: “Let Me Go” by Go For Gold. Outro: “Discount Casket” by American Thrills. Follow @AmericanThrillsband and @nonsensepod on Instagram for more.
May 14, 2021
EPISODE 48: ft. Crooked Teeth
Tyson Evans a.k.a. Crooked Teeth joins us this week to talk about his new single “Light Me Up”(ft. talker). Crooked Teeth is an ever evolving project — an amalgamation of music genres blended in the best way possible. We talk about combining genres, Featured X, A&W Root Beer, and Green Day Pillows. Featured song of the week: “No Memes” by A New Hope @anewhopeuk. Outro: “Beg” by Crooked Teeth @crookedteethrock. Follow @nonsensepod for more.
April 30, 2021
EPISODE 47: ft. Action/Adventure
Brompton Jackson and Blake Evaristo of Action/Adventure join the podcast this week fresh off of signing to Pure Noise Records! Action/Adventure just released their first single/music video on Pure Noise, “Poser”, which can be heard at the episode. The guys share their hidden (and not so hidden) talents, favorite music venues, and memories from the road. Song of the week: “Nothing Serious” by Oakrest @oakrestband. Outro: “Poser” by Action/Adventure. Follow: @actadvband @nonsensepod for more.
April 16, 2021
EPISODE 46: ft. Cody Ritchie (Goalkeeper)
Cody Ritchie of Goalkeeper joins us this week to discuss their new single “Black and Blue (Reimagined)” — out everywhere 4/9. “Black and Blue (Reimagined)” is a new take on their hit single “Black and Blue”, released late last year. Also joining the podcast this week is Bobo, the cross-eyed cat that has inspired some of Goalkeeper’s greatest hits. Song of the week: “Divine Connection” by Real Talk. Outro: “Black and Blue” by Goalkeeper.
April 9, 2021
EPISODE 45: ft. Matt Vernon (Alive & Well)
Matt Vernon joins us this week all the way from the sunny beaches of San Diego, California. Originally from New Jersey, Matt shares his amazing story of two different musical identities converging into the musician he is today. We talk reviving VFW hall concerts, Warped Tour, our favorite compression ratios, and why winter on the East coast fucking sucks. Featured song of the week: “Not The Enemy” by The Sparkle and Fade. Intro: “Groundhog Day” by What Makes Sense. Outro: “259 Park Dr.” by Alive & Well. Follow: @the.sparkle.and.fade, @aliveandwellca, @nonsensepod
April 2, 2021
EPISODE 44: ft. Gabe Pietrafesa (Young Culture)
Gabe Pietrafesa of Young Culture joins us this week with a cast around his arm after a skateboarding accident. This week we talk Young Culture’s signing to Equal Vision Records, their new self-titled album, the Wade Boggs challenge, sitting on your nuts, and a whole lot more. Intro: “Groundhog Day” by What Makes Sense. Outro: “Holiday In Vegas” by Young Culture. Follow @youngcultureny @nonsensepod @wmsny
March 19, 2021
EPISODE 43: ft. Jacques LaMore (Pop Punk & Pizza Podcast)
The legendary Jacques LaMore of the Pop Punk & Pizza Podcast joins us this week in a special podcast crossover episode. Jacques talks about his podcast and the amazing line up of artists he has coming up (Fat Mike from NOFX, ever heard of him?). We also discuss his Green Day tribute band called “St. Jimmy”, and his career as a radio DJ. Intro: “Groundhog Day” by What Makes Sense. Outro: “St. Jimmy” by Green Day. Follow @poppunkpizzapod and @nonsensepod
March 5, 2021
EPISODE 42: ft. Incase We Crash
We are excited to bring to you two very special guests who have been making waves in the pop punk scene recently; Simon and Alex of Incase We Crash. We discussed everything from buying vintage guitars to where you can find the best poutine in Canada. Sidenote: Tim Hortons? Slaps. Intro: “Groundhog Day” by What Makes Sense. Outro: “Soul Paint” by Incase We Crash. Follow for more: @incasewecrash @nonsensepod
February 19, 2021
EPISODE 41: ft. Say What You Will
Our good friends Say What You Will join the podcast this week! Not a big deal but the last time we saw them was when they opened for Four Year Strong. In this episode we discuss their new single “Chameleon”, their song writing process, and discovering/exploring the wonders of studio recording. Intro: “Groundhog Day” by What Makes Sense. Outro: “Southbound” by Say What You Will. Follow: @saywhatyouwillband @wmsny @nonsensepod
February 5, 2021
EPISODE 40: ft. Jeff Todd (I Call Fives)
Fans of I Call Fives: we have the answers to your burning questions. Jeff Todd joins us this week to discuss what the band has been up to recently *new material incoming*. Additionally, we talk about I Call Fives’ rich touring history and the unique stories of their wayward journey. Intro: “Groundhog Day” - What Makes Sense. Outro: “Elevator Music” - I Call Fives. Follow @jeffcallsfives @icallfives @nonsensepod
January 22, 2021
EPISODE 39: ft. When The Sun Sets
Our first episode of 2021 — what better way to ring in the new year with some fresh talent? We welcome on the boys from When The Sun Sets, and they have been BUSY. We talk documentaries, boujee barn recording, beers (theoretically), and what we’re most looking forward to this year. Outro: “February” by When The Sun Sets. Follow: @whenthesunsetsil @nonsensepod @wmsny
January 8, 2021
EPISODE 38: ft. Chris Tamburro (Project Revise)
Our LAST EPISODE OF 2020. What a year. Thank you all for listening through these strange times. As a “thank you”, we brought on a very special guest, Chris Tamburro, vocalist/guitar of UK-based pop punk band Project Revise. They just released “Downside Up”, their newest single, today. Make sure to check it out! Intro: “Christmas at My House” by The Dirty Nil. Outro: “Borderline” by Project Revise. Follow: @projectrevisepunk @nonsensepod @wmsny
December 18, 2020
EPISODE 37: ft. Gage Vota (Stage Moms)
Almost Heaven...West Virginia... This week we have on Gage Vota (@stagemomswv)  who is the voice behind the pop punk pirate ship that is Stage Moms. Some fun facts about Gage: 1.) Was in a touring folk punk band, 2). Used to own a music venue 3.) Can sing like a m***er f**ker.  We had an awesome time learning about the trials and tribulations of life on the road, and even got a sneak peek into what's next for Stage Moms. Keep your eyes peeled for the new Stage Moms EP in 2021! Outro: Stage Moms - Sophomore Slump. Follow: @stagemomswv, @wmsny, @nonsensepod for more. Don't forget to check out the music video for "Sophomore Slump", out now!
December 4, 2020
EPISODE 36: ft. Jason Mooney (We Were Sharks)
Hot off their new single/music video “Shameless”, We Were Sharks gave fans last week a taste of what their new album “New Low” will sound like — and it’s really fucking good. Jason walks us through not only the new single and album, but he also touches on growing up in Newfoundland, car crashes, and everything you need to know about Cuba. Intro: “July” by We Were Sharks, Outro: “Shameless” by We Were Sharks. Follow @jasonistheworst @weweresharks @wmsny
November 20, 2020
EPISODE 35: The Didgeridoo Minisode
*LOUD NOISES* It’s Didge’ time, and you know what that means: we bring to you the definitive Didgeridoo list as provided by This list encompasses some of the hardest hitting Didgeridoos in the market, and we hand-picked corresponding audio clips to illustrate their “sound profiles. Enjoy.
November 6, 2020
EPISODE 34: ft. Christian Fisher (Settle Your Scores)
Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James, my guy. Cincinnati’s finest, Christian Fisher joins the podcast to talk about Skyline Chili, Dungeons & Dragons, getting your ass kicked by a deer, and how to turn playing bass into a lucrative career without bass. Outro: “Poster Boys for Bad Luck” by Settle Your Scores. Follow: @sys_christian @settleyourscores @durandaldice @wmsny @nonsensepod for more!
October 23, 2020
EPISODE 33: Top 10 Breakdowns
No Guest?! Yep, you read that right, this is a guest-less episode -- but for a good reason.  If you really enjoy heavy music and are the type of person to practice your spin kicks in the kitchen, this is your Super Bowl: Our Top 10 Favorite Breakdowns. Mind you,  NONE of this is objective -- its purely opinion so please don't send any more death threats to the house, we are running out of room to put all the letters. If you enjoy Knocked Loose, Lamb of God, Every Time I Die, etc. I'm sure you'll be happy with how this list is arranged. Feel free to hit us up on Instagram @nonsensepod with your thoughts! See you next week.
October 9, 2020
EPISODE 32: ft. Arrold Walton (R.O.T.)
I (Aaron) have found my new favorite band, and *spoiler alert*, it is R.O.T. Arrold Walton, the lead singer, lyrical mastermind, and overall Swiss army knife of a person joins the podcast this week to share R.O.T. with the world, or at least with the reach of this podcast. Arrold talks us through R.O.T.'s new full-length album, "...As One" which is just heavy hitter after heavy hitter. I actually needed to take a water break halfway through the listening. This album will definitely resonate well with fans of Harm's Way, Code Orange (the old Code when they were good), Inclination, Knocked Loose, etc so I would encourage you to go listen NOW.  We also talk about the formation of R.O.T. and how Arrold moved from California to join, we talk about lyrical composition, social issues in music, and his first hardcore show. Outro: "Technicolor Yawn" by R.O.T. Intro: Midwest Voice Translator by Charlie Berens (Youtube)
September 25, 2020
EPISODE 31: ft. Mcgtherapper
Mcgtherapper out of NJ, coming at ya live from Central Jersey! Our friend Marcus, better known as Mcgtherapper joined the podcast this week as the first rapper we have had in our 31 episodes. Mcg has all the flow and style we knew the listeners would love so we were excited when he expressed interest in joining the podcast. He just dropped his first full length album “Therapy” this year and that is available on all major streaming platforms! Take a listen to a sample at the end of the episode. Intro: Mac Miller Tiny Desk Performance. Outro: “Death of Me” - Mcgtherapper
September 18, 2020
EPISODE 30: ft. Corbin Giroux (Rarity)
After losing the first episode recording in the cloud (whatever that is), Aaron learned from his lesson and comes clean with Corbin who was kind enough to join us for a second time. On another note, the guys in Rarity are at the top of their game now having just released two new singles “Worn Down” and “Leave It Alone”. Corbin not only provides a force behind Rarity that has allowed them to create the powerful music they have released recently, but he has also been working quietly on a full-blown solo project that should be released in 2021. Along with that, we also get to discuss Rarity’s upcoming show in Canada with Silverstein, and shirts...there’s a lot of shirt talk. Outro: “Leave It Alone” by Rarity
September 10, 2020
EPISODE 29: ft. Real Talk (Part 2)
REAL TALK PART 2: The Maine Episode for people who like The Maine and The State of Maine. We catch up with Stephen Cormier and Patrick Nadeau, guitarist and bassist of Real Talk this week to talk about Pat deleting Snapchat, rig rundowns, Vans vs dress shoes and more. Outro: “Arrivals” by Real Talk.
September 4, 2020
EPISODE 28: ft. The Maguas
Scranton, PA: Paper, Trolleys, Coal, and...Emo Music? Yep. Who knew the city of 77,000 people had as big of a scene as it does. The self-proclaimed "emo anthem" band, The Maguas deliver just that; Hit after hit, anthem after anthem. They apparently also interview extremely well. We know we say this about many of our guests because of how thorough our guest screening process is (it is not), but these guys were one of our favorite interviews so far.  In this interview we discuss: - Their new song "Seaglass and Springsteen", out everywhere 8/28 - The Maguas' famous curated Spotify playlists - How they got their name - Harsh noise music and car batteries to the nips - The drunkest they've ever been - Their song writing process Outro: "Seaglass and Springsteen" by the Maguas
August 28, 2020
EPISODE 27 ft. Down Again
Lenny Costa (vocals) and Lucas Garcia (drums) of Down Again join the podcast this week as the lovable California post-hardcore dudes who make sick music. This is karate-in-the-garage ala Step Brothers music. This is that throw-on-some-fat-60mm wheels-and-tear-up-the-fucking-skate-park music. Theres a taste of it at the end of the episode so make sure to listen! In this episode we discuss: - The San Francisco/Berkeley Music scene - Post-hardcore and what the fuck it's all about - Down Again's inspiration(s) - How preposterous playing music live and touring is - Weirdest Shows Outro: "Actions & Their Consequences" by Down Again
August 25, 2020
EPISODE 26 ft. Joy In Blue
British Invasion 🇬🇧! Joy In Blue out of Portsmouth, UK join the episode this week, hot off of releasing two singles this summer, “Old Roads” and “Places”. We get to talking about how #KemperNation, recording in college dorms, My Chemical Romance, and what lies ahead for Joy In Blue. Outro: “Old Roads” by Joy In Blue. Follow @joyinblueuk
August 21, 2020
EPISODE 25: ft. Mascots
Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, you know them already and the incredible body of work they have— that’s right, it’s time for Mascots. Chris, Chase, and Alex joined us to talk about their newest single “Figure It Out”, the Cincy music scene, the craziest stories from the road, Warped Tour, dream jobs, and straws? Outro: “Figure It Out” by Mascots follow @mascotsoh
August 14, 2020
EPISODE 24: ft. Joey Fleming (In Her Own Words)
Joey Fleming of IHOW joins the podcast this week to talk about IHOW’s work for their upcoming album, which will be their 3rd full length. Also discussed in this episode: Joey’s turbulent entrance into IHOW, his stint in driving for Lyft, weird tour habits, and Big Red, the van of death. Outro: “Steady Glow” by In Her Own Words. Follow: @ihowband @joeyflemingmusic
August 7, 2020
EPISODE 23: ft. Mike Held (Ghost Chant/Was and When)
GHOST CHANT PART 2! In this week's episode Mike Held of Ghost Chant/Was and When joins the podcast to to talk about Ghost Chant's newest single and music video, "Like Hell".  Along with his more recent work with Ghost Chant, we go over his days in Firestarter (pre-Ghost Chant), how he balances being in about 1,000 or so bands simultaneously, $125k guitars, and we get philosophical at the end. Outro: "Like Hell" by Ghost Chant Follow: @ghostchantny @wasandwhenfanclub @nonsensepod
July 31, 2020
EPISODE 22: ft. Sam Day (Sharp Eyes)
We’re going international and no one can stop us. Fresh off of their first single release, Sharp Eyes bring a unique flavor to pop punk. Sam, who is the front man of Sharp Eyes, enlightens me on the London music scene, and we get veryyyy deep about music composition and creation in this episode. Music nerds: This one is for you. Outro: “Chokehold” by Sharp Eyes. Follow: @sharpeyesuk and @wmsny on Instagram for more.
July 29, 2020
EPISODE 21: ft. Ryan Beebe (Goalkeeper)
Goalkeeper PART 2! This week we catch up with the man behind the microphone, Ryan Beebe, who is as multitalented as they come. In this episode, Ryan walks us through what it’s like to be a part of a quickly progressing band, how powerwashing videos can be a useful marketing tactic, and where to find your next favorite beer (Hint: It’s New Jersey). Hot off of a busy schedule of touring and recording pre-COVID, the members of Goalkeeper are excited to release their newest single, “Happy”, today, July 24th. The newest album, for which “Happy” provides a sneak peek, is set to be released in late September. Outro: “Happy” by Goalkeeper and “Beer, Beer, Beer” by The Clancy Brothers Keep an eye out for the “Happy” music video! Follow: @Goalkeeperband @ryanbeeebe @wmsny
July 24, 2020
EPISODE 20: ft. Aaron Laviguer (All The Time Everywhere)
Originally recorded as our first international guest back in May, Aaron was arguably one of the best story tellers we’ve had on the podcast. He recounts his early years growing up in the Ontario punk scene, how he met a character named “Lunchbox”, and we got the opportunity to educate him on harsh noise music, “the genre of the future.” Keep your eyes peeled for new music coming your way from All The Time Everywhere very soon. Outro: “Partion (Party’s Over)” by All The Time Everywhere. Follow @allthetimeeverywhere @wmsny
July 17, 2020
EPISODE 19: ft. The Safest Ledge
The Safest Ledge, but the most dangerous band this side of the Mississippi.  Ken, Joey, and Mason joined the podcast this week to discuss the Youngstown music scene, Wayne's World, Governor Cuomo's nipple rings, banning deep-dish pizza, and we answer the question: "For whom does the Baja blast?" Outro: "Mountain Eyes" by The Safest Ledge Follow: @safestledgeoh
July 10, 2020
EPISODE 18: ft. Danny Nugent and Cora Small (The Everafter)
Rise and grind, it's time for The Everafter.  Love these guys (and gal). They've probably played in your city. They're on your favorite playlists. They bring a ton of energy to the stage, and leave concerts with more fans than they had walking in. Danny and Cora came on to talk about some of their most interesting stories from the road, how Tim McGraw somehow fits into that narrative, and how they are staying busy during Quarantine 2020. Outro: "Call It a Night" by The Everafter @theeverafterny Follow @nonsensepod for more
July 3, 2020
EPISODE 17: ft. Jake Marquis (Sleep On It)
You know them. You love them. We got them. Seldom has there been a band with the music writing ability of Sleep On It. These guys broke onto the scene just a few years ago and have had an incredible trajectory since thier conception. Jake Marquis, who plays guitar for Sleep On It, brought an incredible amount of enthusiasm to this episode and was able to share some of his favorite stories about his band on tour and in the studio, and we determine that, yes, Chicago is definitely part of the Midwest. Outro: "Babe Ruth" by Sleep On It.
June 26, 2020
EPISODE 16: ft. Rishi Bahl (Eternal Boy)
Rishi Bahl of Eternal Boy joins the podcast this week with arguably one of the most impressive résumés we’ve seen from a guest so far. He walks us through the creation of Four Chord Fest and Four Chord Music, along with the success he has come to yield with Eternal Boy. Outro: “Demons” by Eternal Boy.
June 24, 2020
EPISODE 15: ft. Josh Ravin and Mike Mulé (Doc Hammer)
Doc Hammer parties harder than you, they're better looking than you, and they play heavier music than your favorite band. Hailing out of sunny San Diego, California, these dudes are nothing like Sugar Ray. There was certainly no shortage of stories in their back pockets; Tattoo parties, smokebombs, and bone-breaking mosh pits. Fuck it, Haze is the Craze.  Outro: "Vamparty Diaries" by Doc Hammer.
June 19, 2020
EPISODE 14: ft. Kyle Fisher (The Dirty Nil)
We did it. This is our White Whale episode. We might just end the podcast right now; We got a chance to interview one of the three rock n' roll lions that make up the proverbial Voltron that is The Dirty Nil... and his name is Kyle "Starchild" Fisher.  Fresh off of their sophomore album, Master Volume, The Dirty Nil are not slowing down whatsoever and are releasing a kick-ass single,  "Done with Drugs" -- out everywhere 6/17. Kyle walks us through how the Nil are staying active despite the current COVID circumstances and Aaron gets a chance to share some of his fondest memories of seeing the guys live. Stream "Done with Drugs" on all major platforms June 17, 2020 and keep and eye out for the music video soon to follow. Outro: "That's What Heaven Feels Like" by The Dirty Nil
June 17, 2020
EPISODE 13: ft. Chris Piquette (No Boundaries Studios) and Jack Petit (U.G.L.Y.)
Have you ever wondered what the hell is going on in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)?  Chris Piquette of No Boundaries Studios and Jack Petit from U.G.L.Y. join the podcast this week to discuss the incredible body of work that is U.G.L.Y.'s debut album "Goons Live Young", which debuted in May 2020. Bonus: The boys also take a deep-dive into their favorite, least favorite, and just downright disturbing movies. Outro: "Minnesota" by U.G.L.Y.
June 12, 2020
EPISODE 12: John James Ryan (Keep Flying)
John James Ryan (JJR) from Keep Flying and We are The Union joins the podcast to talk about his vast collection of household treasures, playing saxophone in Keep Flying, tour management, and keeping busy while on lockdown. Outro: "Live Together, Die Alone" by Keep Flying.
June 9, 2020
EPISODE 11: ft. Karl Killer
Accomplished drummer and friend of the band, Karl Killer, joins the podcast this week to discuss his Warped Tour experiences, Adam accidentally insulting his band, and what it's like to know how to play a catalog of ~300 songs at a moment's notice. Fun fact: Karl is the first drummer to ever appear on a drum track for What Makes Sense. Outro: Casting Call - "Burn It to the Ground". For more information, visit
June 5, 2020
EPISODE 10: ft. Dustin Wallace and Shane Maziekien (With The Punches)
Dustin Wallace and Shane Maziekien from legendary New York pop punk band, With The Punches,  join the podcast to share their favorite experiences from their expansive career -- getting kicked out of venues, defining moments on tour, traveling overseas, and much more. Outro: "Thrill Your Idols" by With The Punches
May 29, 2020
EPISODE 9: ft. Dan Sheehan (Ghost Chant/Firestarter)
Dan Sheehan of Ghost Chant joins the podcast to talk about his band’s new EP coming up in June, his transition from pop punk to hardcore, and what he misses most about normal life. Outro: Make a Home of Me by Ghost Chant.
May 22, 2020
EPISODE 8: ft. Marc Juliano (Goalkeeper)
Marc Juliano from Philly-based pop punk band, Goalkeeper, joins the podcast this week to discuss the new EP, what the hell a Kemper is, lead singers, and the joys of music theory. Outro: “Chances” by Goalkeeper
May 15, 2020
EPISODE 7: ft. Jon Argondizza (Long Island Emo/ Innerlove.)
Jon Argondizza of the band Innerlove. joins the podcast to talk about some the craziest shows he’s booked with his company, Long Island Emo. Conversations also touch on the current state of pop punk and the “community”. Outro: “Enough” by Innerlove.
May 8, 2020
EPISODE 6: ft. Tyler Christiansen (Common Things/ Variables)
The boys explore the heavier side of music with guest Tyler Christiansen of Common Things. Discussions touch upon Tyler’s habit of recording shirtless, his new upcoming project Variables, how Guitar Hero made us all better musicians, and at-home music production.
May 1, 2020
EPISODE 5: ft. Julian LaFace (League MVP)
Julian LaFace from League MVP joins the boys to talk about League MVP’s new single and music video for “Sorry Not Sorry”, DM’ing Ollie Baxxter, creating a brand for your band, and picking the perfect song to cover. Outro: “Sorry Not Sorry” by League MVP
April 24, 2020
EPISODE 4: ft. Real Talk
Tom, Ruston, and Pat from Real Talk join the podcast to discuss recording their new EP, pizza shop concerts, Wawa Nation, who is the shyest member of the band, and the La Croix of the Week. Outro: “Temporary” by Real Talk.
April 17, 2020
EPISODE 3: ft. Eddie Petershagen and Nick Crispi
Eddie Petershagen and Nick Crispi join the podcast to discuss the Poughkeepsie scene, meeting Paramore, playing a show at Six Flags, and a jazz set at a strip club. Outro: “New Comedown” by Plague Vendor
April 10, 2020
EPISODE 1: Ft. Adam “Radam” Rebillard
By far the worst episode. The boys talk Tiger King, Aaron’s audio gets censored by the FBI, cold hands, recording in Rhode Island, and the weekly beer shout out. Outro song: “Temporary” by Real Talk @realtalkrock
April 3, 2020
EPISODE 2: Ft. Avery Avello
Avery joins the boys to talk Dream Theater, tattoos, mysterious “backstages”, how to survive quarantine, and beer of the week. Outro: “My Last Semester” by The Wonder Years.
April 2, 2020