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Welcome to North Side 9, where Cubs fandom and passion collide. We strive to provide you the best fan coverage of the Chicago Cubs!
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Episode 8 – Better Baseball

North Side 9

Episode 8 – Better Baseball

North Side 9

Cubs On Tap – Cole Roederer
On this episode of Cubs On Tap, Ron Luce and Schwartzy are joined by Cubs' no. 6 prospect Cole Roederer for the second time. Unlike the first time, we caught up with Cole and discussed his offseason, things he's looking forward to during Spring Training, and his goals for the 2020 season. Before our interview with Cole, Ron is joined by the Juice Man himself to discuss some Cubs' Spring Training headlines and topics to warm up the listeners.
February 19, 2020
Episode 19 – Dom Frederic
On this episode, Dom Frederic joins Brian Mischler, Ron Luce and Danny Schwartz to discuss some of the key topics of the Cubs' offseason. The discussion included: - The Kris Bryant grievance - The lack of major moves - KB/Arenado rumors - Castellanos - Who is your CF? - And more! Tune in and enjoy this great podcast, presented by the On Tap Sports Network Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod
January 31, 2020
Episode 18 – Cole Roederer
NorthSide 9 is back! On this 18th episode, Ron Luce gets the chance to interview #6 overall prospect for the Cubs, Cole Roederer. Ron and Cole talk about Cole's life growing up, how his transition to professional baseball has gone, and what he hopes to do in the future! Take a listen and get to know Cubs' prospect Cole Roederer! Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod
November 20, 2019
Episode 17 – Dom Frederic
Ron Luce and Brian Mischler are joined by another special guest! The Director of Morale himself, Dom Frederic, stops by to chat Cubs baseball with the guys. Some topics such as the Báez injury, Jason Heyward, Nicholas Castellanos and so much more! Tune in to listen to the interview! Be sure to follow Dom on Twitter! @DOM_Frederic TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 0:40 – What’s On Tap? 3:21 – Second City Picks 9:23 – Welcome to our guest! Dom Frederic - Director of Morale 51:17 – Wrap Up Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod
September 8, 2019
Episode 16 – Bryan Smith (The Prospect Guy)
Ron Luce and Brian Mischler are joined by a special guest! Bryan Smith from Bleacher Nation joins the guys to talk his specialty, prospects! The three gentlemen discuss many of the Cubs prospects, as well as some 2020 40-man roster talk. TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 0:50 – What’s On Tap? and Welcome Brian! 5:17 – Second City Picks 8:28 – Welcome to our guest! Bryan Smith (The Prospect Guy) 1:05:46 – Wrap Up FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @NorthSide9Pod
August 12, 2019
Episode 15 – "FIRE JOE MADDON"
Episode Air Date: 7/12/19 Ron, James, and Justin return with a special guest to discuss some controversial topics. Brian Mischler from On Tap Sports Net joins the NS9 gang for discussion about his controversial articles about firing Joe Maddon and backing the front office. We get into a deep conversation, so sit back, relax and enjoy! TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:34 – What’s On Tap? and Meet Brian! 2:54 – Cubs News/Updates 15:11 – Fire Joe Maddon/The Front Office w/ Brian Mischler 1:11:44 – AD READ 1:12:56 – Upcoming Series 1:14:22 – Closing Thoughts: 2nd Half Predictions 1:19:51 – Wrap Up
July 12, 2019
Episode 14 – Who Are the New Guys?
Ron, James, and Justin return to discuss the outcome of the Crosstown Classic Part 1, as well as the Mets series. There was a lot of news to discuss so the guys discussed the Alzolay and Kimbrel news as well as the team in general over this slight cold streak. TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:29 – What’s On Tap? 3:15 – Cubs News: Alzolay, Barnette, Kimbrel 18:37 – The State of the Cubs 32:22 – Recent Series 52:01 – AD READ 53:13 – Upcoming Series 1:05:00 – Closing Thoughts: Anniversaries and All Stars 1:22:56 – Wrap Up
June 27, 2019
Episode 13 – Crosstown Classic
Ron, James, and Justin are back and this time, we talk Crosstown Classic! Our friends over at Chi-Sox Weekly were kind enough to host an all encompassing Cubs/Sox episode for the On Tap Sports group! We discuss the rivalry, what we all expect from the two games, and how some storylines are impacting this series.  TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 0:59 – What's On Tap? 7:40 – AD READ 8:52 – Crosstown Classic! 1:21:08 – Updates 1:24:33 – Wrap Up
June 18, 2019
Episode 12 - Dirty Craig
Ron, James and Justin are back after a busy two weeks in Cubs' world. The big signing of Craig Kimbrel is discussed, as well as the addition of Carlos Gonzalez and the MLB Draft! The guys end discussion with a recap of the action over the last week and a half or so! TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:54 – CRAIG KIMBREL! & Possible Future Additions 14:03 – "CarGo" 23:40 – MLB Draft 35:26 – AD READ 36:39 – Recap the Series' (Astros, Cardinals x2, Rockies and Angels) and Closing Thoughts 48:32 – Roster Moves and Upcoming Series 56:18 – Wrap Up
June 11, 2019
Episode 11 – Barstool Carl
Ron and Justin are back after the long Memorial Day weekend with our first guest! Barstool Sports' very own Barstool Carl (@barstoolcarl) joins the guys to discuss the Cubs pitching, a few rabbit holes and some fun questions to round out the discussion. You won't want to miss this episode! TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 0:40 – Welcome to Episode 11 3:45 – AD READ 4:57 – Introducing our guest... 5:17 – Barstool Carl! 1:16:01 – Reaction and roundup with Barstool Carl 1:17:28 – Roster Moves and Upcoming Series 1:21:07 – Closing Thoughts 1:23:04 – Wrap Up
May 30, 2019
Episode 10 – Patience is a Virtue
Episode Air Date: 5/18/19 James, Ron and Justin are back to discuss how hot the Cubs have been! The guys talk about the series from the last week plus, as well as the red-hot Kris Bryant, followed by discussions on Addison Russell's play and the Ben Zobrist saga. TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:59 – On Tap Sports Network Articles/Promo Codes 4:02 – Recent Series’: Cardinals, Marlins, Brewers, Reds and Nationals 16:04 – Kris Bryant is... HOT 26:35 – ANCHOR AD 27:47 – Roster Updates: Addison Russell's play and the Ben Zobrst Saga 36:44 – Pitching has been Good but.... Yu Need to be Better! 47:51 – The Long Ball 55:45 – Upcoming Series' 57:16 – Closing Thoughts (Bryzzo) 1:04:27 – Wrap Up
May 18, 2019
Episode 9 - Forget Baseballs, the Cubs are Juiced!
Justin Hunter and Ron Luce discuss the hot streak the Cubs have been on as they close out the month of April. The guys recap that crazy month from start to finish, while touching on the improvements throughout the first month. There is some more Addison Russell discussion before the guys preview the upcoming 10-game homestead and close out with some closing thoughts! TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:37 – On Tap Sports Network Articles 4:02 – The CUBS ARE HOT! 22:24 – April Recap 29:11 – Bullpen: Who goes where when injured guys return? 38:27 – AD READ 39:39 – Offense… specifically Willson Contreras 51:08 – Addison Russell… updates and Justin’s take… 1:05:47 – Upcoming Series - 10-game home stand! 1:11:50 – Closing Thoughts 1:15:36 – Wrap Up
May 3, 2019
Episode 8 – Better Baseball
James Jacobson and Ron Luce fly through the past few series and how the Cubs faired in those outings. The guys also discuss the Dillon Maples promotion, Addison Russell's impending return, Ron's appearance on Shawn and Maya in the Morning, and the upcoming series' before closing with closing thoughts. TIMELINE 0:19 – Intro 1:59 – On Tap Sports Network Articles 4:02 – Recent Series' and Dillon Maples' Promotion 31:19 – ANCHOR AD 32:31 – Addison Russell and Shoutout to Shawn and Maya in the Morning 44:20 – Upcoming Series and Thoughts on the Pitching/Hitting Coaches 53:29 – Wrap Up
April 28, 2019
Episode 7 – Catching Fire
Ron Luce, James Jacobson and Justin Hunter jumped on the mics to discuss all that has happened in a week of Cubs baseball. The official news about On Tap Sports opens the show, with discussions about Bryzzo, the starting pitching, some injury updates and much more! Come join us on Episode 7! Episode 7: 0:19 - Intro 1:08 - On Tap Sports 2:52 - Recent series 4:09 - Bryzzo... When will be heat up? 8:09 - Search for a veteran catcher 13:51 - The offense, beyond Bryzzo... 21:14 - The starting pitching has been great! 35:27 - A little bullpen chatter 41:10 - Injuries and Life in the Minors 53:14 - ANCHOR AD 54:26 - Welcome back 54:55 - Addison Russell 1:00:04 - Big Z, Carlos Zambrano, to the Chicago Dogs 1:05:14 - Upcoming games 1:10:48 - Some "Way-too-early" questions and Closing Thoughts 01:22:33 - Wrap Up
April 20, 2019
Episode 6 - Season in Full Swing
Now that baseball is in full swing, the guys discuss some of the common topics revolving around this team. The ups and downs of the pitching are discussed as well as some good, bad and ugly on the offensive side. Be sure to tune in for some hot takes at the end of the episode as the Cubs are prepared to travel to Miami to begin this week of baseball. The lineup is as follows: 0:19 - Intro 0:56 - Series Recaps/Starting Pitching 16:03 - Roster Moves 17:32 - ANCHOR AD 18:44 - Shocker! The Bullpen...  26:29 - Offense! Who's Bad, Who's Meh and Who's Good? 47:30 - Caratini's Injury... an in-depth look 54:02 - Looking Ahead, Hot Takes and Closing Thoughts 01:09:08 - Wrap Up Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod  Don't forget to follow the guys too on Twitter @rnldluce, @JustinHunter54 and @JamesJ7764
April 14, 2019
Episode 5 - Any Bullpens for Sale?
The guys go on quite the rant about the struggles of the bullpen to begin the season. Some bright spots are discussed, such as the offense and parts of the starting rotation. David Bote's extension is discussed and the near future of games are previewed as you head into your weekend. The lineup is as follows: 0:19 - Intro 0:53 - Let there be rants... Bullpen and Starting Pitching 36:55 - ANCHOR AD 38:07 - A Bright Spot! The Offense... and maybe more pitching talk...  01:06:26 - David Bote Extension 01:08:33 - Upcoming Schedule... 01:13:48 - Closing Thoughts 01:18:19 - Wrap Up Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod  Don't forget to follow the guys too on Twitter @rnldluce, @JustinHunter54 and @JamesJ7764
April 5, 2019
Episode 4 - Brace Yourselves, Opening Day is Coming!
The North Side 9 clan discusses the season opening roster, some thoughts on the safety of Joe Maddon and some share some season predictions before the Cubs kick-off the 2019 season on Thursday, March 28th in Texas. The rundown is as follows: 0:19 - Intro 2:14 - Ian Happ demoted... 7:56 - Cubs seeking CF help? 12:26 - What to make of Jon Lester? 19:06 - ANCHOR AD 20:33 - Joe Maddon 31:05 - Season Predictions (Wins, Stand Out Players and Bold Predictions) 51:23 - Opening Day is almost here! 56:01 - Closing Thoughts 58:55 - Wrap Up Follow us on Twitter! @NorthSide9Pod  Don't forget to follow the guys too on Twitter @rnldluce, @JustinHunter54 and @JamesJ7764
March 26, 2019
Episode 3 - Is it Baseball Season Yet?
On Episode 3, Ron and Justin discuss some general topics surrounding the teams as Opening Day is about two weeks away. James makes his debut in the producer role as the guys discuss Jon Lester, Tyler Chatwood, Money, Bryant and much more! 0:19 - Intro 2:23 - Jon Lester 8:17 - Tyler Chatwood, What's His Role? 13:18 - Throwing Money 21:49 - Kris Bryant Beating the Shift and More Money Talk 32:07 - ANCHOR AD 33:23 - Trade Deadline Changes 47:42 - Cubs Re-Launch the YouTube Channel 54:31 - Closing Thoughts 01:03:29 - Wrap Up
March 15, 2019
Episode 2 - Spring Training is in Full Effect!
In episode 2, Ron Luce, Justin Hunter and James Jacobson discuss Spring Training, injuries and other points to get ready for the season! TIMELINE 0:19 - Intro 1:36 - Spring Training (Xavier Cedeno, Darvish, KB, Chatwood) 25:50 - The Injury Bug 30:13 - Bullpen Thoughts 39:16 - ANCHOR AD 40:44 - Spring Training Attendance Record/Pre-Arbitration Contracts/Opening Day Starter 42:36- Who's Your 2-5 Pitchers? 48:59 - Closing Thoughts 01:04:37 - Wrap Up
March 13, 2019
Episode 1 - Welcome to North Side 9
In our pilot episode, Ron Luce, Justin Hunter and James Jacobson discuss our Cub Fandom, the Joe Ricketts situation, the offseason (or lack thereof), the NL Central and some closing thoughts as spring training quickly approaches for the Cubbies! TIMELINE 0:19 - Intro 1:44 - Who are the North Side 9 guys? 5:45 - The Joe Ricketts Situation 16:24 - Front Office Lack of Moves/TV Deal 29:15 - ANCHOR AD 30:31 - NL Central 56:46 - Closing Thoughts 1:19:12 - Wrap Up
February 20, 2019