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By Northern Bear
Eco-logical is a live audience podcast brought to you by a community of like-minded people, interrogating what it means to be sustainable.

Eco-logical is here to help frame the conversation around sustainability, provide advice and guidance to individuals and business looking to become more sustainable, and support the efforts of those trying to do good for the planet.

Each event invites industry experts to answer questions on their thoughts and experiences on some of the most important topics on sustainability.

Hosted by: Michael Delaney
Edited by: Mahsa Chadry
Music: 'Milan' by Grapes
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M-m-m-my corona: is this chance for a sustainable future?
So, despite Michael and Chris' desire to talk about anything else, it seemed daft that we would ignore the subject that's been at the forefront of our collective consciousness. The shockwave that the pandemic created, whilst forcing many of us inside indefinitely, has also allowed for a moment of reflection: a chance to examine the lives we've had to abandon and muse about what we could be doing differently. In this episode, the duo discuss (from their respective homes) their take on the personal and wider impacts of lockdown, and its impact on the collective mission for a more sustainable way of living. Silver linings and all, but is this the chance we've been waiting for to redefine the rules and usher in a better, new normal?
May 28, 2020
Everyday Activism: Sisters Against Plastic & Extinction Rebellion (XR)
In our third episode, Eco-logical focuses on those already actively involved in sustainable causes. With snippets from our latest event, where we interviewed Sisters Against Plastics and Extinction Rebellion, Eco-logical examines what it means to be an activist and how people are already making a difference. You can watch the whole event here on our Youtube channel. A bit about our guests... Sisters Against Plastic While most people repeat the same New Years Resolution – go to the gym, read more, get eight hours sleep a night – two sisters from Birmingham had other priorities. Their New Year’s Resolution was to cut down on the amount of plastic in their households, and prove what can be done as a consumer by making an active choice. Come and find out how they got on! Extinction Rebellion (XR) Our second guests are Extinction Rebellion and for better or for worse, Extinction Rebellion (XR) have been making headlines this past year. With their latest protest in the calendar for May later this year, we’ll get a glimpse inside the organisation that is apparently ‘bringing London to a halt’. Does XR’s efforts raise the profile of our need to act on climate change, or undermine the cause through their tactics?
April 08, 2020
Getting started (pt. 2): Chris Rushbrooke, Northern Bear
Our first second guest is Chris Rushbrooke from Northern Bear: a branding and design agency that is on path to become a B-corp and reach the goal of being the most sustainable agency in the UK. Chris is also the co-founder of Eco-logical. This episode provides an insight into his own reasons for attempting to become more sustainable; as an individual, a father, and a business owner.  Click here to read the Plastic Manifesto report.
February 27, 2020
Getting started (pt. 1): Matt Verney, First Mile
Our first guest is Matt Verney from First Mile: a "waste collection" company focusing on sustainability. Matt joined the Eco-Logical podcast to express his first hand knowledge of sustainability and the challenges First Mile come up against when trying to deliver the most sustainable service possible.
February 05, 2020