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Northern Stage Theatre Podcast

Northern Stage Theatre Podcast

By Northern Stage
The Northern Stage Theatre Podcast is the official podcast of Northern Stage, an inspirational and creative theatre based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Check back for an assortment of interviews, stories, theatre-related chat and more with theatre-makers, artists, and creatives.
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EP.26 - Actor to director with Maria Crocker
This week on the Northern Stage’s podcast. we talk to theatre director and actor Maria Crocker. Maria tells us about the transition from actor to director, working at the National Theatre, getting boxer as a career option, and making theatre like Gogglebox. It's a thoroughly whizzy hour. Recorded on Monday 12th October 2020. Download the transcript here. Notes Maria Crocker on Twitter: Rachel Chavkin: The Team: JMK Trust: Hadestown: Greyscale Theatre Company: Pinocchio: John Tiffany: Mood Music: Headlong: The Letter Room:
October 16, 2020
EP. 25 - Solo theatre making with Luca Rutherford
This week we talk to writer, performer, and water drinking human Luca Rutherford. We chat about being a solo maker and how many people that requires, reading and not reading books and apple and cinnamon pancakes. It’s a properly great hour with a properly great person. Give it a listen. Download the transcript here. Notes Audre Lorde - Linda Bloomfield blog - Tanuja Amarasuriya - Melanie Wilson - Bethany Wells - Jenni Jackson - Maria Crocker - Lizzie J Klotz - Camisado Club:  Luca's details: twitter: LucaRutherford | Instagram: luca_rutherford | website:
October 02, 2020
EP.24 - BRASH Theatre with Bethan Kitchen
This week on the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast, we talk to Bethan Kitchen from BRASH Theatre. BRASH make bold educational theatre for teenagers and make sex education relevant, political, and unafraid. Bethan & Mark discuss creating noise around issues that regularly get ignored, empowering young people to make decisions for themselves, the juggling act of running a company, and Married at First Sight Australia. It’s eclectic and that is a wonderful thing. Give it a listen. Recorded on Monday 21st September 2020.  Download the transcript here. Notes BRASH Theatre website: Raising Shame: Streetwise: Roma Yagnik: Byker Audio Stories: Married at First Sight Australia:
September 25, 2020
EP.23 - Scenography with Anna Robinson
The Northern Stage Theatre Podcast is back, back, back! This week, we talk to Anna Robinson a freelance Stage Designer/Sceneographer.  We talk about the myriad of skills needed to take an idea from a director's head and fully realise it with time constraints, multiple relationships to manage and all of the time making sure that you produce something remarkable for audiences to enjoy.  Anna also talks about working on Scene Change - a community of theatre designers taking action for theatre - and setting up the North East Theatre Creative Network. It’s a totally fascinating hour. Give it a listen. Download the transcript here. Notes Anna Robinson:  Young Company: Hackney Empire:  Peter Brooks 11 & 12:  The Secret Theatre: A Streetcar Named Desire: Rhys Jarman: Gecko Theatre: The Wedding:  Peter Brook: Scene Change: Scene Change at Northern Stage: You're Dead To Me Podcast: National Geographic Tutankhamoon: Disney Plus Imagineering Story: Malcolm Gladwell's Talking To Strangers:
September 18, 2020
EP.22 - Tyne & Wear Cultural Freelancers with Leila D'Aronville
This week's episode of the Northern Stage Podcast is a must-listen for any cultural freelancers, or anyone looking to get into freelancing, or anyone who just likes a really good podcast chat. The amazing Leila D'Aronville talks about setting up the community group Tyne & Wear Cultural Freelancers, how she got into freelancing herself, her work at Sage Gateshead, and with many other great cultural initiatives, as well as appearing in front of the House of Lords, and a top tip for a great Vegan Cheesecake. It's a simply marvelous hour of podcast goodness. Have a listen. Download the transcript here. Notes Tyne & Wear Cultural Freelancers: Leila D'Aronville on Twitter: Bretton Hall: Sage Gateshead: Mongrel UK: Bridge North East: Northern Roots: Asunder: Freedom City: Jumpin Hot Club: Journal Culture Awards: Wor Culture: Arts Council: Department of Culture Media & Sport (DCMS): What's Next? Young Vic: The Cumberland Arms: Simply Cheesecake: Mean Eyed Cat: The Cluny: Dynasty: Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
September 04, 2020
EP.21 - The Six Twenty with Melanie Rashbrooke & Steven Blackshaw
This week on the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast, we have a conversation with two members of the Artistic & Creative Team behind theatre company The Six Twenty - Artistic Director Melanie Rashbrooke and Project Coordinator Steven Blackshaw.  Melanie & Steven talk about setting fire to what theatre can be by turning it into an experience that begins well before the curtain rises and long after it drops and making head-banging new theatre for a good night out. Just like The Six Twenty's programme, this isn’t a sit down shut up podcast. It should be enjoyed at maximum volume. Transcript available here. Notes The Six Twenty: The Six Twenty Current Shows: Redcoat, Busy, Mixtape, The Breakfast Club & Club Six Twenty: The Six Twenty Past Shows: Fans, Breakfast Heart/Choirplay & Hamlet: The Newbridge Project: Live Theatre: gobscure: Coracle: Alphabetti: The Paper Birds Theatre Company: Summer Streets Festival: GIFT Festival: The Sims: The Awkward Yeti: Story of my F******* Life: GrownUpLand: Off The Menu: Louis Theroux Podcast:
August 28, 2020
EP.20 - Unfolding Theatre with Annie Rigby
This week on the Northern Stage Podcast we talk to Annie Rigby of Unfolding Theatre. Annie talks about figuring out how to make the theatre you want to make, trying to remember the words for Talking Heads songs, and her love of darts. It’s a proper good conversation, packed full of great thinking, laughter and one that will pick you up if you need a little pick me up. Have a listen and a much needed laugh. Download the transcript here. Notes: Unfolding Theatre:  Hold On Let Go: Best In The World:  Putting The Band Back Together: Multiverse Arcade: Clore Leadership Programme: Phelim McDermott: Improbable Theatre: Open Clasp Theatre Company: Dodgy Clutch Theatre Company: Theatre Sans Frontier: North East Theatre Guide: Amy Golding: Curious Monkey: Kate Craddock: Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads: Paul Smith: Battersea Arts Centre: Richard Duffy: Ross Millard: Alan Lyddiard: Erica Whyman: Selina Thompson: Mariam Rezaei: Becky Owen: Brendan Murphy: Imogen Cloet: Luca Rutherford: Woodhorn Museum: The Quest of Missing Questions: Bethan Maddox: Ruth Johnson: Alphabetti Theatre: Seven Stories: Dance City: North East Culture Social: Mortal Fools: Fuel Theatre: Alison Carr: Flights: Drive Your Plow Over Bones: Primeval and Other Times: Girl Woman Other: I May Destroy You: Gardeners World: GoggleBox:
August 21, 2020
EP.19 - Alphabetti Theatre with Ali Pritchard
This week, Mark catches up with Alphabetti Theatre's creator and Artistic & Executive Director, Ali Pritchard. Ali tells us about wanting to be the UK's Jack Black and nearly singing for the UK at Eurovision, his skills as a plumber and accountant, and we find out more about the incredible and game changing grassroots theatre that is Alphabetti. A truly joyous listen from start to finish, with extra special guest appearances from Rex the dog and Paula Penman. It's eclectic. Transcript available to download here. Notes Alphabetti Theatre: BETTi Recommends: Alphabetti Online Performances: Inua Ellams: Holy Moly and the Crackers: 'Theatre that made us' article in The Guardian: The Tin Ring: Academy of Contemporary Music: Northumbria University Theatre & Performance BA: Madlug: Bonnie & the Bonnettes: The Dog & Parrot: Live Theatre: ARC Stockton: Woven Nest: Sunday for Sammy: The Ballinger Charitable Trust:
August 14, 2020
EP.18 - Active Mulling with Laura Lindow
This week, we caught up with playwright, director, Open Clasp Associate Director and clown doctor Laura Lindow. We talk to Laura about how she went from making virtuoso hot chocolates to writing such Northern Stage smash hits as The War of the Worlds and The Snow Queen and Cap-a-Pie's Woven Bones, the need for wine budgets, and the stages of the writing process including the Formless Hunch and Active Mulling. Enjoy. Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Laura Lindow on Twitter: Open Clasp Theatre Company: Theatre Workshop Stocksbridge: Northumbria University Theatre & Performance BA: Live Theatre: The Empty Space: Heartbreak Soup: Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Leighton Live: Cap-a-Pie: Woven Bones: Credit: The Adam Buxton Podcast: Spoonface Steinberg: Key Change: Writers Group - Royal Court: The Adventures of Wound Man and Shirley: NORTH The War of the Worlds: The Snow Queen: A Play, A Pint and A Pie: Traverse Theatre: Playwrights' Studio Scotland: Sea Window Craster: Caroline Bird:
August 07, 2020
EP.17 - The Royal Shakespeare Company's Erica Whyman
This week we talk to the phenomenal Erica Whyman once of Northern Stage and now the Deputy Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Erica talks to us about her experience of last 18 weeks: from closing shows while having symptoms to how she sees the future for our industry all delivered with a healthy dose of idealism. Hope you enjoy Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Royal Shakespeare Company: The WInter's Tale: The Comedy of Errors: Matilda: The Other Place: Shakespeare's Stratford: Southwark Playhouse: Swan Theatre: Maria Aberg: Project Europa: Gate Theatre: The Whip: Juliet Gilkes Romero: The Mill Art Centre: Scene Change: The Crucible Sheffield: Tarek Iskander: Battersea Arts Centre:
July 31, 2020
EP.16 - Kitchen Zoo: Hannah Goudie-Hunter and Bob Nicholson
This week on the Northern Stage podcast we have a conversation with the Hannah Goudie-Hunter and Bob Nicholson the magical folks behind Kitchen Zoo. Bob, Hannah & Mark chat about making processes, the demands of doing every job to get something in front of an audience and the value of family work and how it’s viewed. This is a great chance to look behind the curtain and delve into Kitchen Zoo's rehearsal room to find out just how they make their incredible shows. Special thanks to Katie Doherty and Jeremy Bradfield for the original compositions heard within this recording. Download the transcript here. Resources Kitchen Zoo: The Owl and the Pussycat: The Tin Foil Astronaut: The Three Bears: WOLF!: NORTH: ARC Stockton: Camisado Club: Brad McComick part of: Alison Ashton: Jeremy Bradfield: Katie Doherty: Matthew Tuckey: Ruth Mary Johnson: Wally Funk's Race for Space: Bridge Theatre A Midsummer Night's Dream: National Theatre Small Island: The WInd in the Willows: I May Destroy You: Killing Eve: Normal People:
July 24, 2020
EP.15 - Harambee Pasadia: Hannabiell Sanders & Yilis Suriel
This week's episode is a full-on happiness injection. Mark and Louie speak to the Ambassadors of positivity and fun Hannabiell Sanders & Yilis Suriel. We talk about the Harambee Pasadia festival a 4-day family camping extravaganza in celebration of diverse cultures, foods, music, artists, and fusions of the African diaspora, in a conversation packed full of great thinking, positivity and laughter, something we all need right now.  Have a listen it will lift your soul Download the transcript here. Resources Harambee Pasadia: Ladies of Midnight Blue: Volunteer Scotland: Angelou Centre: Leading Link: Jack Drum Arts: Northern Alchemy: The Cumberland Arms: Rutgers Centre for Latino Arts & Culture: Naomi Klein 'The Shock Doctrine - The Rise of Disaster Capitalism': Performance, Ethos, & Everyday Activism | Ladies of Midnight Blue | TEDxNewcastle:
July 17, 2020
EP.14 - Sound design with Matt Tuckey
This week on the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast, Mark and Humira talk to sound designer and artist, Matthew Tuckey. In this conversation, we talk to Matt about sound, its complexities, its abilities, and its infinite possibilities to shape stories.  There are some really exciting opportunities that sound offers for the future of the theatre industry by offering other platforms to showcase the work made within the region. So please do check out Matt's webinars from the 13th to the 20th and the 27th of July - find out more here. Download the transcript here. Resource links: An Introduction to Audio Drama: Nick John Williams: A Christmas Carol: Alice in Wonderland: Mortal Fools: Alphabetti Theatre: Novo Productions:
July 10, 2020
EP.13 - Curious Arts with Phil Douglas
This week on the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast, we get curious with Phil Douglas, Artistic Director of Curious Arts - a producer, curator, leader and change maker. In this conversation Mark talks with Phil about enabling change, following an idea that is driven by heart and moving a festival on line. Hope you enjoy. Download the transcript here. Resource links: Curious Arts: Dance City: Queer Arts North: Audio Queer and Stay Home Stay Queer: Homotopia Festival: Contact Manchester: dandysocpic: Mandla Rae: Ro Hardaker: Roma Havers: Bordello Theatre: Ricky Beedle-Blair: Jen Carss: Queerious Podcast: Zoe Murtagh: Richard Bliss: Spectacular Drag Storytime: Lawnmowers Theatre Company: Jeffery Epstein: Filthy Rich: Athlete A:
July 03, 2020
EP.12 - Theatre of the Oppressed - A conversation with Rosa Stourac McCreery
This week we have our first international guest as Louie speaks to  activist, director, writer, actor, aerialist, change maker and enabler Rosa Stourac McCreery who is all the way in Canada. Our conversation takes us through theatrical forms of Theatre of the Oppressed, community theatre, legislative theatre. Rosa also speaks about her work making theatre for social change with Cardboard Citizens and as a founding member of social enterprise skate park Dynamix. A fascinating insight into the application of theatre in different cultural and creative settings. Download the transcript here. Resource Links: Theatre of The Oppressed: Cardboard Citizens: Dynamix: Red Ladder Theatre Company: Rock Against Racism: Martha Gellhorn: Charles Mungoshi: Augusto Boal: Tin Arts: The Encounter - Complicite: A Doll's House: The Grizzlies: Killing Eve: Schitt's Creek: Jared Diamond: Guns, Germs and Steel:,_Germs,_and_Steel Yanis Varoufakis: Talking To My Daughter About The Economy: Miriam Toews:
June 26, 2020
EP.11 - 'What are you prepared to give?' a conversation with Martin Hylton
This week, we move to a series of conversations that explore where we find ourselves as a country, and as an interconnected world. We’re examining the role the arts, and artists, have in reflecting that world, and in making and shaping it. This conversation is between Louie and Martin Hylton, Artistic Director of Gateway Studios – joined by writer, theatre maker in the making, and Executive Assistant Humira Imtiaiz and of course, our Podcast Producer, Johnny Rothwell. This episode is an emotionally honest expression and exploration of the stark realities and difficult experiences that racism in all its forms, causes, and how we are more than ever overdue the change that we are seeking. Download the transcript here. Resource Links: Gateway Studio Project: Northern School of Contemporary Dance: Phoenix Dance Theatre: Tees Valley Dance: Dance City: Clore Leadership Programme: Where Do We Belong Trailer:
June 12, 2020
Ep. 10 - A boss night out with Vici Wreford-Sinnott
This week, Mark and Louie had an extraordinary, funny and life-affirming conversation with director, writer, teacher, activist and rebel punk rocker Vici Wreford Sinnott. Vici is the Artistic Director of Little Cog, an exciting arts organisation specialising in Disability Art, theatre, and training and in this episode we discover more about the being on the edges of the status quo, trying to bring about change with engaging and exciting work, and having a boss night out. Warning: this episode may make you cry (in a good way). Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Little Cog: Disonsortia: Disability Arts Online: ARCADEA: Another England: Siege: Homemakers:  North East Culture Social: Gateway Studios: ARC Stockon Arts Centre:
June 05, 2020
EP.9 - Amsterdam: Matthew Xia
This week, Mark & Louie talk to Matthew Xia the Artistic Director of Actors Touring Company. Matthew is a director, composer, broadcaster, journalist and DJ and one fo the first DJ’s on Radio 1 Extra and in this conversation we talk with Matthew about process, rehearsal rooms, opportunity and of course music. This is a great hour, which we hope will make you feel really energised and eager to get into a rehearsal room and make something afterwards. Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Actors Touring Company (ATC): Orange Tree Theatre: Amsterdam (play): International Performing Rights: Chiarsocuro: Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester:
May 29, 2020
EP.8 - Shandyland - part 2: Gareth Farr
This week, we've got the sequel to last week's Shandyland episode as Mark and Matt chat to Gareth Farr, the writer of Shandyland, Gareth also wrote The Bridge, The Quiet House and Britannia Waves the Rules. It's a corker with Gareth giving a great insight into his writing process, teaching, the nerves of press night and winning the Bruntwood Prize. Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Gareth Farr – Curtis Brown page: Hannah Banister - Curtis Brown page: The Quiet House: Brittania Waves the Rules: The Bridge: The Old Vic 12:  The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC): The Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting: Arts Ed: Royal Exchange Theatre: In The Dark - podcast: You're Dead To Me - podcast: The Secret Lives of Colour by Kassia St Clair - available from all good and evil bookshops Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield - available from all good and evil bookshops
May 21, 2020
EP.7 - Shandyland: Hannah Banister
Mark and Matt chat to director an theatre maker Hannah Banister about taking time, how to navigate the ups and downs, ins and outs of the theatre industry and Shandyland, our new co-production which Hannah was directing and would have been on at Northern Stage this month. Hannah is at all times funny, honest and full of clarity. It’s such a great listen… we hope you enjoy. Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Hannah Banister - Curtis Brown page:  Gareth Farr – Curtis Brown page: Newcastle College: Royal Central School of Speech & Drama Hampstead Theatre: Ed Hall - Enlightenment: Max Webster - Life of Pi: Nina Raine - Tiger Country Jeremy Herrin - The Tempest: Old Vic - New Voices: The Old Vic 12:  I Killed Rasputin – Richard Herring play: National Theatre: New Work Department: The JMK Award: Headlong: Angels In America: Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme (RTYDS): A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara: Sean Carroll’s Mindscape Podcast: Pod Save The World: The Morning Show - available on Apple TV RuPaul’s Drag Race - available on Netflix The Last Dance - available on Netflix Homeland - available on Channel 4 Killing Eve - available on BBC iPlayer Unorthodox -available on Netflix Outliers: The Story of Success Paperback: The Missing Cryptowqueen podcast: Community - available on Netflix
May 15, 2020
EP.6 - These Hill Are Ours: Daniel Bye
Mark & Louie have a conversation with Dan Bye – a theatre maker, writer, director and ultra runner. They chat to Dan about activism, process and of course running really long distances. They also chat about his latest show These Hills Are Ours, which would have been at Northern Stage this month. Transcript available to download here. Resource links: Daniel Bye website: Breach "It's True, It's True, It's True": Barbican website: Royal Court Theatre website: "Enron" by Lucy Prebble: "The Effect" by Lucy Prebble, Miriam Gillinson: Ella Hickson: BBC interview with Alice Birch: Lucy Kirkwood: We're Gonna Die (contains strong language):
May 07, 2020
EP.5 - Where Do We Go Now? A conversation with Young Company
Mark chats to Louie Ingham, Wambui Hardcastle, Elizabeth Doyle, Mark Melville and Lee Mattinson some of the creative voices from Northern Stage’s Young Company.  The conversation spans a number of different topics centred around the trilogy of work Young Company have been creating from the 2018 sell out show Where Do We Stand to the hugely successful Where Do We Belong in 2019 and this year’s production of Where Do We Go Now which was due to be welcoming an audience this week at Northern Stage. An inspiring chat about creativity, making theatre, deliberately missing deadline, the North and the brilliance of Beyonce's 'Homecoming'. Transcript available to download here. Notes Where Do We Stand & Where Do We Belong creative team: Louie Ingham & The Company – Director Lee Mattinson - Writer Mark Melville – Sound Designer & Composer Laurence Wilson - Writer Caroline Ryan – BSL Interpreter Lee McMenemy – Live Musician Jill Adamson - Director of Participation, Northern Stage Kris Deedigan – Filmmaker (My Life Productions) Resource Links Kris Deedigan - My Life Productions - Gateway Studio Project - Jen McGinley - NARC Magazine - Wambui Hardcastle - NARC - Spectrum - Florence & The Machine - Erasure - A Little Respect - Erasure - A Little Respect (Official Music Video) - YouTube Garten Stanley -
May 01, 2020
EP.4 - Tales from the Smog: Scott Turnbull
In the latest episode of the Northern Stage Theatre Podcast, Mark and Louie have a chat with the super talented Scott Turnbull the maker behind, 'Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?' and 'Tales From The Smog' which was due to be performed this week at Northern Stage. It’s a hugely enjoyable hour, so have a listen to the Scott talk all things from Stockton to the making process and 80s TV to the current government. We hope you enjoy it The interview was recorded across various houses in Newcastle and London on 20 April 2020. Transcript available to download here. Notes: Video promoting 'The Unseen Exhibition' at Northern Stage - watch here Pilot Episode of 'The Smog' Podcast - listen here
April 24, 2020
EP.3 - Bonbons Cabaret: The House of Love
Northern Stage's Associate Director's Mark Calvert chats to the House of Love, the creative force behind the BonBons Cabaret. The House of Love is Cameron Sharp, Rebecca Glendenning, Hattie Eason, Max Easter, Rhianne Bowes and Brennan Flanders, who wasn’t available at the time of recording. The House of Love were due to perform at Northern Stage this Saturday, on Saturday 18th April. So, in place of that, here they are talking about everything from wigs to process, other work they’re undertaking to things they’re watching and listening to. We hope you enjoy it.  The interview was recorded on 14 April 2020 in various houses across Newcastle and Gateshead. Transcript available to download here. Notes: The Vicar of Dibley & Brooklyn 99- Available on Netflix Feel Good - Available on Channel 4 Hannah Montana - Available on Disney+ Wild Rose (Film and Soundtrack) - Available on Amazon Prime Video Nina Hagen cover of 'My Way' - Your Aunt Fanny - The Six Twenty - Caroline Liversidge - Anna Robinson - Jenni Winter - /  Alphabetti Theatre - Live Theatre - Cast: House of Love: @houseoflove_ne Bonnie and the Bonnettes: / @BonnieBonnettes MXYM: @TheMXYM / MXYM's music at Rhianne Bowes: @RainBowes1997 Hattie Eason: @hattieperformer Cameron John: @Cameron_John_ Becky Glendenning-Laycock: @glendenninining Brennan Flanders/ Vol-Au-Vent Love (Facebook - Instagram - Alex Fisher (Producer) TJMov (Facebook: Hattie's Live Sessions can be found at Twitter: @hattieperformer Insta: @hattieeasonperformer Facebook: @hattieeasonperformer
April 17, 2020
EP.2 - Melody Sproates cabaret maker and binary breaker
This week Mark and Louie caught up with cabaret maker and binary breaker Melody Sproates about their work not just on-stage but also off stage and how they have been working out how to live and work in our current situation. Featuring chats about their show *gender not included, lip-syncing, Tiger King and more, it's totally entertaining, totally honest and full of brilliance. The interview was recorded on 7 April 2020 in various houses across Newcastle upon Tyne and South Shields via online chat. Download the transcript here. Resource Links: LGBTQIA+ helplines / resources: Them (Great website with tips and strategies for all genders) LGBTQ+ Support from Mind LGBT Switchboard LGBT Foundation Mermaids Transbareall Gendered Intelligence Mindline trans helpline *gender not included creative team: Rosa Postlethwaite Lee Mattinson Anthony lo-guidice Hester Chillingworth
April 10, 2020
EP.1 - Amy Golding chats about Curious Monkey's 'Here'
Northern Stage's Associate Director's Mark Calvert and Louie Ingham chat to Curious Monkey's Director Amy Golding about 'HERE', a powerful new play about finding sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places. Due to government advice in response to the COVID-19 epidemic in March, the show never went ahead at Northern Stage as all public performances were suspended at Northern Stage. This podcast is being launched on the day where ordinarily, we would be holding a post-show discussion with Amy so instead, we’ve woven it together into this forty-five minute podcast, including beautiful music from the show by composer, Niroshini Thambar. Join us as we get to know who Curious Monkey are, what their new show is about, and the impact of the show not going ahead due to the COVID-19 suspension. The interview was recorded at Northern Stage on 19 March 2020, one hour before the building was closed due to the COVID-19 emergency. Transcript available to download here. Notes: Niroshini Thambar - Composer  Simon Cole - Lights & AV Lindsay Rodden Katie Scott - Designer  Arieta Visoka Joana Geronimo Karen Traynor Murat Erkek Beverley Naidoo - The Other Side of Truth Beats North - Playscript -available to purchase from Amazon Ishy Din  Luke Barnes  Mark Melville, Podcast Editor  Resource links: Curious Monkey website: Newcastle City of Sanctuary website: Action Foundation website: North of England Refugee Service wesbite: West End Refugee Service website: Red Cross website: The Comfrey Project website: Refugee Voices website:
March 26, 2020