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By GLOBR Productions
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a podcast in the world that was dedicated to helping our planet? Well, now there is! Each month, your whole family can listen to Jackson Barlow, a person who cares deeply about the environment, speaks about his environmental experience, and goes more in depth into articles he posts on his blog, GLOBR.
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Say Hello To NORTH!


COVID-19 | Ways To Ease Your Mind
Today on NORTH, we’ll be talking about something a little bit different. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused stress, anxiety, and other emotions that are hard to control. Using nature, Jackson Barlow will talk about ways to help ease your mind in this time of crisis. New to NORTH? Check out!
March 16, 2020
The Earth Saving App
Litterati, the app that might just save the world from land and water pollution is also the topic of today’s episode. New to North? Check out
November 17, 2019
Half A Summer of Solar
Jackson Barlow talks about his experience with spending half the summer of 2019 with a solar powered phone. New here? Check out
September 15, 2019
A Floridian Summer
Jackson Barlow talks about why we need not only more human centered towns, but also why we just need to simply lower our carbon emissions, and stop polluting. Thanks for listening to the inaugural episode of NORTH. New here? Check out
August 4, 2019
Say Hello To NORTH!
NORTH is the answer to the request of a great podcast mixed with environmental topics. Take a listen to the trailer! This podcast is part of GLOBR. Learn how to save Earth by reading articles almost every single day. Go to
July 21, 2019