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No Sound Left Behind

No Sound Left Behind

By Matt Lavelle
Welcome to No Sound Left Behind, hosted by musician, visual artist and writer Matt Lavelle. This podcast takes a deep dive into all things from the creative realm, with a focus on free jazz, jazz and improvisation.
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EP 003 | Walking with Pharoah
A short episode about my walk through times Square Manhattan in the wind, with Pharaoh Sanders.
October 03, 2022
EP 002 | Giuseppi Logan
This week on No Sound Left Behind, my story about my friend and mentor Giuseppi Logan, part 1. Roswell Rudd told me that G was a genius. I knew him as the the most sincere sound I think I’ll ever hear.
September 22, 2022
No Sound Left Behind
Join host Matt Lavelle for the inaugural episode of No Sound Left behind. He will take a deep dive into his musical and artistic journey and share some of influences and mentors that were instrumental in shaping but his musical and artistic voices.
September 15, 2022