Not Another Wellness Podcast

Not Another Wellness Podcast

By Natalie Dellinger
Welcome to Not Another Wellness Podcast, a podcast on a mission to destigmatize wellness one episode at a time.

No, you don't need a dry brush, a jade roller, a collection of crystals, or a fridge full of kale to be healthy. Health and wellness is really about tuning inward, following the things that light you up in this world, and honoring what makes you, you.

Join Natalie Dellinger and guests as they dive into everyday wellness. This podcast covers topics like the self-care, entrepreneurship, authenticity, nutrition, spirituality, healing, movement, and so much more.
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#40 Meaning Less; On Choosing Self-Acceptance and Losing Respect for Others’ Respect // Adam Hise
Episode 40 Adam Hise Adam Hise is a writer from Covington, Virginia. Adam and I met in 2006 and then reconnected in 2018. In those years in between, Adam turned inward. He challenged nearly every aspect of his “identity," dug deep, got vulnerable, and faced his ego head on. On the podcast today, Adam shares his journey of self- discovery. It’s jam packed with insight and what he found on the other side. This passionate soul is going to change the world someday. Stay tuned for more from him.  Topics covered: What is the health and wellness lifestyle? Adam’s daily routine: Stretching, cold showers, meditation The journey to self-acceptance "All of mans trouble stems from his inability to sit in a room by himself" How summers in Bozeman, Montana and how that turned Adam, “inward." Writing and impact, “seeming" vs. “being” What is the ego? Adam's Medium Articles:
June 10, 2019
#39 Body Wisdom, Diet Culture, and Healing From an Eating Disorder // Cara Carin Cifelli
Episode 39: Body Wisdom Cara Carin Cifelli Host of Love Your Bod Pod Author of Body Wisdom @Caraskitchen Cara Carin Cifelli is a certified holistic health coach who helps humans feel confident around food and in their bodies. Cara is a certified holistic health coach who helps humans feel confident around food and in their bodies. Through education, positive psychology, neuroscience, intuitive development and major realness; she offers her clients a personal, integrated experience that allows them to connect deeply to the woven in wisdom of their bodies so healthy eating and healthy living is fun and easy, not full of guilt, stress and shame. Through her private mentorship, online course, podcast, and instagram, Cara is inspiring others to live fully self-expressed, free from societies expectations of their bodies and their lives. She's been featured in Mind Body Green, Recovery Warriors, Elephant Journey, and The Feed Feed and is the author of the book Body Wisdom now available on Amazon. Topics covered: *Cara’s journey of healing from an eating disorder *Cultural programing and the issue with grouping "health and weight loss” in the same category *The impact of the media *The pursuit of thinness  *The pressure on women to be thin and beautiful *Fat-phobia  *The real story behind the food industry *Orthorexia, what is it? *How we demonize food in diet culture *The impact of the wellness culture on diet culture *Body Wisdom  *Food for pleasure *Why eating doesn’t have to be complicated
May 31, 2019
#38 What You Need to Know About Periods and the Pill // Amanda Montalvo
Episode 38: What you need to know about period with Amanda Montalvo Amanda is an integrative dietitian & women’s health expert specializing in women's hormones. She helps people have an awesome period by decreasing their toxic load and balancing their hormones naturally. On this episode, we explore periods, explain the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle, birth control, birth control symtoms, and how our environment impacts the way our body functions. Topics covered: What is a period? How does birth control work? What is the difference between a hormonal and a copper IUD? How can you transition off hormonal birth control? How you can naturally support liver detox to balance hormones. Seed cycling. Reducing toxic load. You can find Amanda and on Instagram @amandamontalvord 
May 12, 2019
#37 Is It Time To Break Up With Coffee? // Rasa Koffee, Lopa van der Mersch
#37 Adaptogenic Herbal Coffee  // Lopa van der Mersch, Rasa Koffee  How does your body respond to coffee?  Think about it for a second... Does it make you feel jittery, anxious or irritable? If so, you are NOT alone and there are healthy alternatives for you and your body! Rasa is an organic adaptogenic herbal coffee alternative with deep roots in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.  The Rasa formula is packed with great-tasting herbs that provide lasting energy and nourish your adrenals rather than tax them.   Topics covered: +How Rasa was started: Where motherhood and business intersect  +Adaptogenic herbs and  how they are useful in the body  +How coffee affects the body  +Coffee & Kapha body types  +Acknowledging and listening to our natural energy states  +Lopa’s favorite way to made a Rasa latte  Want more info? Visit Rasa here: and on Instagram @wearerasa #notanotherwellnesspodcast
May 9, 2019
#36 Sex Every Day // Caitlin & Michael Doemner
Episode 36: Sex Every Day Caitlin and Michael Doemner co-authored the book of Sex Every Day, a guidebook to prioritize sex in your marriage. They believe that everyone would be happier & healthier if they focus on their pleasure. They have been happily married for over ten years and have continued to have sex every day despite having four children and building several successful businesses together. In their new book Sex Every Day Caitlin & Michael share the 3-step process they use to prioritize sex in their marriage. Topics covered on the episode: +The difference between men and women and how they might approach sex +The barriers to intimacy in a marriage, like having kids +Body shame while naked and how to overcome it +Prioritizing daily sex and intimacy +How to talk about sex with your partner +How you can use communication to enhance your relationship/marriage/sex life +The benefits of daily intimacy +How mindfulness can increase pleasure #notanotherwellnesspodcast Want more info? I highly recommend this book! Check out their website here:
May 8, 2019
#35 The Mind Body Soul Connection // Noelle Agape
Noelle shares her life's purpose of helping clients find balance in their lives so they can live the highest version of themselves, coaching them to self mastery; mastering their mind, mastering their ego, mastering their body, mastering their energy and mastering their souls purpose.
April 25, 2019
#34 Share Love Everywhere // The Power of Positivity // Love Everywhere, Ashley Reale
Nat and Ashley talk the power of positivity and how it has the power to change the world! Love Everywhere is a company with a mission to spread love around the world.
April 1, 2019
#33 What is Collagen? // The Power of Community and Life Lessons // Jenny Barber
Nat and Jenny talk collagen. What is collagen and what are the benefits? We also cover health and wellness tips and life lessons that have helped us get to where we are today.
March 24, 2019
#32 What Are You Willing To Do For Health? // True Core Health, Amy Morrison
Nat and Amy talk about wellness, curving the mindset around health mentally, spiritually, and physically
February 20, 2019
#31 What is CBD? // NOHI Wellness
What is CBD? All of your cannabis and CBD questions answered by the experts!
February 17, 2019
#30 I'm Scared As Hell But I'm Doing It Anyway // The Power in a Positive Mindset // Maddie Stoddard
Nat and Maddie talk wellness and the importance of having a positive mindset. Life will throw you curve balls and how you handle them makes all the difference.
January 27, 2019
#29 Mindfulness with Molly // Woodhull Wellness, Molly Woodhull
Nat and Molly talk Mindfulness. What is Mindfulness? Why is it such a buzzword right now? Molly shares the tips and trips for how you can practice mindfulness in your every day life.
January 6, 2019
#28 Adding Value to Your Life & Home // Samantha Claire Design, Samantha Dalton
“Always add value to the spaces and lives around you.” Nat and Sam talk about her interior design business and the ways she uses human connection for the better!
December 18, 2018
#27 Let's Get Personal // My Interview with Andy Kushner
Nat shares her life story and travels with Andy Kusher. Recorded in January 2018 at Podfest 2018!
December 7, 2018
#26 Healing with Herbs // Bridget's Botanicals, Bridget Molloy
Nat and Bridget talk women's health and vitality, natural healing herbs and cocktail bitters!
October 28, 2018
#25 The Movement Episode // The Boulder Movement Collective, Matt Bernstein
Matt shares his passion for movement and how he started an incredible movement community at Boulder Movement Collective
October 16, 2018
#24 Bonus Episode: Accepting Change with an Open Heart // A Guided Meditation for Fall
A guided meditation for accepting change with an open heart.
September 19, 2018
#23 Cultural Exchange and Why They're Important // Ana Troha, Patrycja Kolsut, Vera Danheiser
A Serbian, a Polack and a German walk into a bar.. and talk all about their experiences immigrating into the USA.
August 22, 2018
#22 The Self-Care Episode // Inner Light Wellness, Kelly Ingraham
Nat talks with Innerlight Wellness founder Kelly Ingraham about the benefits of Infrared saunas and other important self-care practices!
August 12, 2018
#21 Trauma Recovery Support and Emotional Healing // Bodywiseyt, Becca Filiault
Nat and Becca talk yoga therapy and what it looks like to create space for healing.
July 11, 2018
#20 Bonus Episode: Mid-2018 check-in // A Guided Meditation for Beginners
A guided meditation or beginners
July 10, 2018
#19 Helping People Live Healthier // Salt Water Wellness, Jenny Hayes
Nat and Jenny talk about how we can all be healthier by finding balance in our lives.
July 7, 2018
#18 Naturopathic Living // Revitalize Wellness Center, Dr. Nina Manipon
Nat sits down with natropathic physician Dr. Nina Manipon to talk wellness!
July 2, 2018
#17 Safer Beauty & Personal Care Products // Beauty Counter, Danica Delia
Danica and Natalie talk safer beauty care products and option you can try!
May 22, 2018
#16 Mindful Education //Mindfullnest, Emily Tully
Mindfullness programs and curriculum for schools
May 15, 2018
#15 Bonus Episode: Nat's Live Meditation Event Recap // 8 Minute Meditation
Nat's meditation background and a guided mediation.
May 8, 2018
#14 The Art in Photography // Dave Dellinger Photography
Nat sits down with her big brother to talk about life and his photography business!
April 24, 2018
#13 CrossFit 101 // Dynamic Athletics, Bill Gallagher
Why is Crossfit for life? Listen to this episode to find out! Bill shares his story from desk job to opening his own gym all before 25!
April 10, 2018
#12 Bonus Episode: How To Set Intentions For April // Breathing Meditation
Intention setting and meditation for a new month!
April 2, 2018
#11 Healthy Food Home Delivery // Maikana Foods, Jaimeson Van Loan
Did you know Maikana means "come and eat " in Fijian? Healthy food made fresh and delivered to your door!
March 27, 2018
#10 When Wellness Is So Much More Than A Trend // Samantha Hayes
When a diagnosis of MS sparks a new wellness journey for Sam.
March 20, 2018
#9 How Nutrition Can Combat Inflammation // Comprehensive Nutrition, Loryn Galardi
Anti-inflammatory diets and why they work!
March 13, 2018
#8 Bonus Episode // 5 Minute Guided Meditation
Nat's Wellness Tidbit and Meditation!
March 6, 2018
#7 Chinese Medicine // Indigo Acupuncture and Wellness, Sarah Swanberg
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
March 1, 2018
#6 How to Fuel Your Fitness with Nutrition // FYF, Georgette Naber
Count Macros, love food
February 20, 2018
#2 Reiki Healing // Dinah Reyes
We all need a little reiki in our lives.
January 23, 2018
#01 Why Yoga Rules // Regina Hodel
#01 Why Yoga Rules // Regina Hodel Welcome to Not Another Wellness Podcast! This is our first episode, an interview with YTT200 yoga teacher Regina Hodel. We dive into Regina's life and journey to becoming a yoga teacher. We talk spirituality, religion, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and why yoga is always a practice. Namaste
January 16, 2018
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