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NOT-SO-CORPORATE (by The Abundance Psyche)

NOT-SO-CORPORATE (by The Abundance Psyche)

By Sudeshna Sen
This is the Not-so-Corporate podcast (a part of The Abundance Psyche) where we talk about taking not so corporate actions to become an entrepreneur both within and outside the corporate setting. We are a community of Corporate Entrepreneurs who talk about business, life stories, neuroscience, and spirituality. You can find us on or @theabundancepsyche on Instagram
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56. Blockchain solves supply chain issues worth $7B in Africa - gets backed by IBM
This week I speak to a former colleague and Africa's Blockchain baron, Shadrack Kubyane. Shadrack is (re)shaping Africa's supply chains leveraging blockchain. Following his last corporate role with Deloitte, he stepped into Management Consulting, for a decade, with a special focus on scaling businesses. One of those assignments that landed on his desk, was from an ex-colleague from Deloitte, who required growth inputs for her human hair extensions business.  Shadrack and team disrupted the sector itself, and address its gaps, and found was a 7 billion USD sector on the continent. We hosted a few dinner meetings with industry leaders. That's when IBM stepped forward to sign two cheques, to back their entry into Blockchain, along with availing global-grade technical expertise.  We have never looked back since, we have been creating a platform that is positioned to be the answer to Africa's supply chain gaps, starting with hair, then food and fashion sectors.
February 28, 2022
55. Acing technology interviews and building a business focused technology team
Join the free 3 job search hacks challenge:   Almost always with technologists, I find them struggling with this one thing during the job interview. And if they can fix this one thing, they just become that much more successful in interviews. And I talk about job interviews, but this actually applies across the board for technology careers.
February 14, 2022
54. Thriving in the age of Data Science and AI
If you are looking for a new job, sign up for my 3 Job Hacks workshop: Today, after a month of talking about Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, I do a roundup on the field for business leaders, data scientists, and every person looking to thrive in the next 10-15 in their careers, as we start working towards a more machine augmented future. I cover 3 things in particular: What business leaders can do to make sure their Data Science teams are successful What data scientists can do to be successful in their roles What will really set you apart in the age of machines Enjoy and share with someone who needs to hear this.
January 31, 2022
53. Data Science for Business and Careers with Vin Vashishta
If you are looking for a job, join my $97 Job Search Hack workshop for free -   In this episode, I discuss how businesses can get the best out of their data science teams with Data Science thought leader, Vin Vashishta. Vin talks extensively about data science strategy, data science teams, and even what you can do if you suddenly realize that the promised land of data science is not lighting your soul up anymore. Whether you are a senior leader looking to utilise data science in your business or a data scientist looking for growth, you will find value in this episode is a promise. Listen and enjoy!
January 23, 2022
52. How to actually use data science for business?
If you’re confused about the next step of your career, download the career change blueprint here: If you are looking for a job, join my $97 Job Search Hack workshop for free - In this episode, I discuss with Dr. Bipin Chadha, Chief Data Scientist, and senior executive, his path to Data Science. In this episode how he has used data science in his 20+ over career and his advice to younger data science professionals. There is some insight on how industry leaders can look at extracting maximum value out of their data science teams and which industries are the most advanced in using the latest Machine Learning and Simulation techniques. Enjoy!
January 17, 2022
51. What is data science, how much they earn and how did I become a data scientist?
If you’re confused about the next step of your career, download the career change blueprint here: If you are looking for a job, join my $97 Job Search Hack workshop for free -  Having spent a decade in data science and leading a data science team, here's what I get asked on repeat: What is data science? How did I become a data scientist? 5 top skills you need to become a data scientist How much money do data scientists make? Is data science a good career? #datascience #datascientist, #datascience #careers, #tech #careers, #technology #careers, #data #analytics, #entrepreneur,#entrepreneurship,  #big4, #mbb, #pwc, #deloitte, #ey, #kpmg, #startup, #london, #ceo, #becomeceo, #career, #careeradvice, #mckinsey, #bain, #bcg #consultant, #managementconsulting, #managementconsultant, #biglaw
January 09, 2022
50. How to thrive- let go of survival patterns with Dr. Aisha
If you’re confused about the next step of your career, download the career change blueprint here:  The biggest mistake that most people do while going through a phase of change is beating themselves up for not being able to be stick to the change, or change faster. Dr. Aisha says, have some grace for yourself instead.  She has lots to say on her journey to becoming a doctor and then some more. If you are unhappy in your career, Dr. Aisha has a lot of goodies for you. We touch upon AI, technology, data, and neuroscience from the perspectives of a practitioner.  Listen in.
December 12, 2021
49. General Resonance Theory of Consciousness with Tam Hunt in response to the Hard Problem of Consciousness
If you’re confused about the next step of your career, download the career change blueprint here:   While I went through my months-long Consulting burnout at PwC and Deloitte, there is one thing that saved my life, and I'm not even exaggerating. It was spirituality. And as I leaned more into being the expert in Artificial Intelligence, the more I realised forget AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), we don't even understand enough about the nature of our own consciousness. Since then I've been studying psychology, endocrinology, neuroscience, and spirituality like a nerd. And what a pleasure it was to find another left-brained consultant lawyer who is committed to not only saving the planet using his degree but also studying the nature of consciousness using his vast interest in divergent fields. Tamlyn Hunt and his collaborator,  Dr. Jonathan Schooler, a professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences at U.C. Santa Barbara, propose the General Resonance Theory of Consciousness as a simple answer to David Chalmer's "Hard Problem of Consciousness".  Tam Hunt is a lawyer, writer and scholar who has developed the General Resonance Theory of consciousness. He has written for Scientific American, Nautilus, Tricycle, and many other publications. He has written two books on philosophy and spirituality, the 2014 Eco, Ego, Eros, and 2017 Mind, World, God. By day, he works to save the planet as a green energy lawyer. By night he is a philosopher and proud parent of three cats. You can find more about Tam and his work here-   Resources mentioned:  Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid  Alfred North Whitehead, Process Philosophy- Buddism  Advaita Vedanta  David Ray Griffin    The Phenomenon of Man (Harper Perennial Modern Thought) Paperback – 1 Nov. 2008 by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin   Wim Hof breathing
November 21, 2021
48. Why "I don't dream of labour" is terrible advice | How to find your dream job
Get the free Career Change Blueprint here: "I don't dream of labour" and "My job just pays the bills" is terrible advice for yourself and the planet at large. I can get into all sorts of definitions of job, work, money, labour, capitalism and whatnot, but in this video, I cover why "paying the bills" or not dreaming about work is bad advice. And then I go into the 4 steps of finding your dream job, which is aligned to your purpose and leverages your skills. #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
November 05, 2021
47. How to be successful - change your identity
If you’re confused about the next step of your career, download the career change blueprint here: The biggest mistake that most people do while going through a phase of change is beat themselves up for not being able to be stick to the change, or change faster. I get it, that’s what we have been taught all our lives. Try harder. And if it doesn’t work, try again! Meh! Why would you try something that doesn’t work over and over again? I mean, that’s the other name for insanity, right? But if you are like most, you have no idea that this is what it takes to make lasting change in your life and career-changing your identity. From being the pick of the hand average, burned-out employee to the Career CEO. And this week on the podcast, I tell you how the most successful are shifting their identities and claiming their big lives and careers!  Listen in. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
October 28, 2021
46. Badri Narayanan - Career Growth Strategy for Strategists and Economists
Confused about what to do next in your career to have immense growth? Get the career change blueprint: Listen to this episode with Badri Narayanan and Sudeshna Sen on how to strategically step into leadership. Badri has held several roles with McKinsey, PwC, KPMG, World Bank, IMF, WHO, FAO and is one of the leading international trade economists of our times. He is a consultant, entrepreneur and in his recent appointment, will be the Lead Advisor to Government of India’s Niti Ayog, a think tank that helps facilitate Indian public policy and planning. Resources mentioned:  Science of Getting Rich - Advaita Vedanta: Mantra: Om, Purnamadah Purnamidang purnaatpurnamudachyate. Purnasya purnamaadaaya purnamevaavashishyate. Hari Om. That is infinite. This is infinite. From that infinite, this infinite has arisen. If you recognise the infinite here, only infinite remains. Peace be upon all.
October 21, 2021
45. How to get clear on goals? | Goal setting for success
In this episode, I touch upon the various ingredients of attracting clarity into your life for better goal setting. If you are confused about the next goal in your career, join us within the FREE DREAM JOB FINDER programme here:   And if you are catching this episode after 8th October 2021- you can still get the workbook here:  Resources mentioned in the episode:   Multi-tasking is a mythh: Time is an illusion:
September 23, 2021
44. Why trying to manage time is useless
If you have been around me for a while, you have heard me say that time is an illusion. And in today's episode I break down as to why I say that and how instead of managing time, you need to manage what you are doing in your career and life, differently. I touch upon the concept of Flow and take it another step further to help you lead a more fulfilled career as a corporate entrepeneur.  If you are trying to identify the next step in your career, apply to join the free live Dream Job Finder series, in exchange of testimonials/feedback. Apply here:
September 16, 2021
43. My consulting burnout | How to find purposeful work in the Big4
I touch upon my consulting burnout and the transition I went through to get to actually doing impactful working in Deloitte and PwC. And if you are feeling like you're on the edge with your consulting career, sign up for the Live coaching sessions later in September 2021 here:
September 09, 2021
42. How to be more confident in interviews? Hint: not your hardskills
So many of you write to me about confidence or the lack of it in your work-life. Impostor syndrome is rife amongst all my clients and students. And one thing they all go back to is hard skills. "I don't have the confidence because I don't have the hard skills", they tell themselves. And in this episode, I'll tell you why this is the biggest mistake you are making while trying to get confidence to revamp. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
September 02, 2021
41. The 2 ingredients of success people don't talk enough about
What makes some people more successful than others? Is it hard work? That doesn't seem to be the case because there are so many successful people with nothing to show for their hard work and time spent! While their peers virtually sprint to success. I also talk about why I disagree with the incredibly talented psychologist, Adam Grant on this. In this video, I talk about the two key ingredients that I have found to be present in all successful leaders- career or otherwise. If you are looking for some of this success, take the next step towards it using my FREE Career Change Blueprint here. #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #big4 #accenture #mbb #pwc #deloitte #ey #kpmg #startup #london #ceo #becomeceo #career #careeradvice #mckinsey #bain #bcg #consultant #managementconsulting #managementconsultant #financialplanning #finances #solopreneur #workingparents #workingmums
August 26, 2021
40. Does working hard really make you successful?
People conventionally talk about working hard but does that really work? There are so many people who work hard with nothing to show for it! This is what’s wrong with unfulfilled over-achievers. They want to do more and more without ever stopping and pondering over if that’s really what matters. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
August 20, 2021
39. The CV hack that will change your resume forever
Get me career change blueprint here: If your CV is boring, according to you, it's 100%, worrying for the hiring manager who's having a look at your CV. And what we want to be when we are applying for jobs, is we onboarding be the candidate that hiring managers want to have a conversation with? So how do you do that? You have to be a story writer, you have to be a master story writer because ultimately, your CV is the story of your career journey to date.
August 15, 2021
38. Consulting exit options
Don’t get me wrong, I loved Consulting. But I was convinced that I needed to spend some time outside consulting to even become a better consultant. So I ultimately spent months researching and reflecting on what I wanted out of my exit. I spoke to Nicola who also had a similar experience. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
August 05, 2021
37. How did a former PwC partner maintain his work-life balance?
“When I was in work, I was pretty intense, sometimes too intense, to be honest. I wanted to get stuff done. I wanted to make stuff happen. But I also just wanted to do other things outside of work, too.” #art #blackart  #artoftheday #artfeature #artdaily #igart #artspotlight #igartist #drawing #coolart #dopeart #blackartwork #artgallery #supportblackart #blackartist  #coolartwork #artlife #artwork #dopeblackartist #dopeblackart #Artistatwork #dopeartistatwork #dopeartists #creativearts #socialmediaart
July 29, 2021
36. Why is management consulting a good career choice?
Management consulting teaches you to solve problems. This is a rare skill in the market and I never really evaluated how much of a skill that is. And in your career or in entrepreneurship this is one of those skills that’s key- the ability to know that even if you do not know or do not have the skills to currently solve the problem that you're facing, you have the ability to think logically, to come up with steps and ways to find a solution. And that is such a powerful skill. entrepreneurs on the Not-so-Corporate podcast. Link in bio.
July 22, 2021
35. What they don't teach in school about careers
"I'm all about helping my mentees be more strategic about their career. I think people don't talk enough about that when you get out of school that you just don't let certain things happen to you. Or that you have these expectations that you're going to be like discovered, everyone is going to see this fabulous job that you do and promotions, and money is going to be raining down on you.  You're definitely going to need to have conversations with people to help you move forward in that and your thought process? What are you going to do with your next job? Like what's the goal that you're trying to get to? Are you just taking jobs to be having jobs? Are you going to be really focused on where you're trying to get to and making the right decisions that are going to help you get there? It's deeper than just showing up to work. And that's what I have my mentees think about- something that's deeper than just a job." #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
July 15, 2021
34. What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?
I spoke to Rachel Carrell of Koru Kids and asked her what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And in this episode of Coffee Bytes, she explains what she believes to be the single greatest trait of a successful entrepreneur. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
July 09, 2021
33. How to become an effective leader and CEO?
I spoke to Andrew Rivers from 345 Technologies and he shares some fascinating insight on what it requires to become a business owner and CEO and how it's different from being an employee. And like every leader I speak to, he is extremely passionate about learning in every shape and form, and people. Watch this episode and we would love to hear your thoughts back on it. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
July 01, 2021
32. How does your life affect your career?
Sometimes we think our life and career is separate and we need a work-life balance. But a full life requires you to be intentional about both your life and career. In this week’s episode, I cover a few pointers to get you thinking about the long career and one that fits into your life. #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
June 24, 2021
31. Alternative careers for lawyers
How to quit your successful corporate law career and become a solopreneur while travelling the world?  In this episode, I speak to Mairin Van Shura who quit her corporate career in search of something more meaningful. After an episode of continuous health issues, she embarked on a solopreneurship journey in the midst of the pandemic in 2020, selling off 99% of her possessions.  In this episode, Mairin talks about what led her into and then out of her corporate career and how a successful corporate career isn't the only measure of success.  #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting  #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers #bossbabelife #bossbabemovement #bossbabequotes #growthmindset #mindsetmentor #mindsetgoals #ceomindset #ceolife #managementconsultant #consultinglife #biglaw #lawyers #careerchange #formerlawyer #careersafterlaw
June 17, 2021
30. How to explain job hopping, career gaps? What is the ideal resume length?
If you are wondering:  How to explain job hopping because you are a frequent "job hopper"  How to explain career gaps because you took a sabbatical or a career break  What is the ideal resume length for getting an interview   I cover these at a very high level in this episode. If you want my resume checklist, you can find it here: #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, #big4, #accenture, #mbb, #pwc, #deloitte, #ey, #kpmg, #startup,#london, #ceo,#becomeceo, #career, #careeradvice, #mckinsey, #bain, #bcg, #consultant, #managementconsulting, #managementconsultant, #careergaps, #careergap, #jobhopping, #jobhoppers, ideal resume length
June 10, 2021
29. How to create a sticky professional brand?
Wondering about the next step in your career? Get the FREE Career Change Blueprint here: Your professional brand is the biggest asset you have in your career and business. And one of the open secrets of personal and professional branding is - what's your niche? Who do you want to be, what do you want to influence and why?   In this short episode, I talk about the importance of growing your professional brand and how you can mindfully craft it. #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, #big4, #accenture, #mbb, #pwc, #deloitte, #ey, #kpmg, #startup,#london, #ceo,#becomeceo, #career, #careeradvice, #mckinsey, #bain, #bcg, #consultant, #managementconsulting, #managementconsultant, #professionalbrand #personalbrand
June 03, 2021
28. Nicola Semple - Consultant to Solopreneur | Working Parents
Wondering about the next step in your career? Get the FREE Career Change Blueprint here:  A lot of us corporate strategists and consultants think of starting up our own businesses and with that comes the worry of "I don't have enough capital". In this episode I speak to a former Accenture, KPMG, and EY consultant who scaled and managed teams of over 200 people and "gave it all up" to be a solopreneur.   Business doesn't always require huge capital or VC investment. Sometimes whatever you have in your bank account, or even a part of it is sufficient to start a solopreneur business. And Nicola has a ton of good advice for women in corporates and leadership and new parents.  Check her out, and get her affirmation cards from:  @iamnicolasemple  #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, #big4, #accenture, #mbb, #pwc, #deloitte, #ey, #kpmg, #startup,#london, #ceo,#becomeceo, #career, #careeradvice, #mckinsey, #bain, #bcg, #consultant, #managementconsulting, #managementconsultant, #financialplanning, #finances, #solopreneur, #workingparents, #workingmums
May 27, 2021
27. Scalable side hustle ideas for 2021
Everyone wants to create a side hustle and let's be honest, there are 1001 side hustle ideas that you can start today after a Google search. But I am all about efficient scaling here because a side gig that requires more of your time, energy, and money over time isn't the smartest business to be setting up in 2021. Of course, if you want a quick cash injection, be my guest, but in this episode, I speak about the only 5 broad types of scalable businesses that you can scale efficiently as a side hustle.  #entrepreneur, #entrepreneurship, #big4, #mbb, #pwc, #deloitte, #ey, #kpmg, #startup,#london, #ceo,#becomeceo, #career, #careeradvice, #mckinsey, #bain, #bcg, #consultant, #managementconsulting, #managementconsultant, #financialplanning, #finances,
May 20, 2021
26. Isabelle Havers- How you can beat corporate burnout
Want my cheatsheet on beating burnout and being confident in 2 minutes? Download here:   “Am I burned out or just lazy and dumb? I don’t see my other colleagues so disarray! Maybe it’s just me… I’ve Googled burnout too many times and now it’s my head. I should stop being lazy and get shit done!”   "For ten years, Isabelle worked in corporate, dealing with budgets, forecasts, target-actual analyses, working on P&Ls and balance sheets. While working in corporate she often asked herself, why she was not feeling happy. She really gave her all and basically was working her a$$ off and still would not receive the recognition that she would have wanted for herself. This had an impact on her never being truly happy in her job and living in the feeling of lack. She would question herself, doubting that she was doing the right thing, and thought that something was wrong with her because she felt that lost in corporate.   Isabelle got herself started on a self-development journey and creating a morning routine would change her life forever. She got herself out of a mentality of lack, self-doubt and went over to trusting herself, her talents, and her intuition to attract joy & ease into her life. Today Isabelle works as an Intuition Coach and helps women in corporate to get out of that lack mentality and get from self-doubt to self-TRUST.   #entrepreneur​,#entrepreneurship,​ #big4​,#mbb,​ #pwc,​ #deloitte,​ #ey,​ #kpmg,​ #startup​,#london,​ #ceo​,#becomeceo,​ #career,​ #careeradvice,​ #mckinsey,​ #bain,​ #bcg,​ #consultant​,#managementconsulting,​ #managementconsultant​, #financialplanning, #finances, #burnout, #meditation, #morningroutine
May 13, 2021
25. Financial planning for retirement
How to plan your financials for retirement in your 30s? If you are wondering how to plan for retirement or an early retirement, here's the counterintuitive truth- investing in yourself is the quickest way forward. In this video I talk about the FIRE movement- fat FIRE, lean FIRE and the 4% rule.  
May 06, 2021
24. Sarah Cottrell - Fulfilling alternative careers for lawyers and over-achievers
I always felt like lawyers, and most of the folks that I tend to work with, who are consultants, both tend to have quite intense careers. But also, if I may use this word, we also tend to be “insecure overachievers”. Sarah, the Former Lawyer, speaks about her journey into and out of an intense career in a Big Law firm. If you are looking for inspiration with Career Change, download the career change blueprint here.
April 29, 2021
23. How to navigate work politics?
Like it or not, work politics is something you have to deal with. In this video, I share how to deal with work politics gracefully, drawing out the nature of politics in society and life.  Download the career change blueprint here:
April 23, 2021
22. Monique Ruff-Bell - How to grow your career strategically?
How do you navigate corporate politics and position yourself for growth? I speak to Monique Ruff-Bell, Event Director of Money 20/20 Vegas, one of the world's largest Fintech shows, and find out how she has grown her career. Go give her a follow on her YouTube Channel- Everyday Career Coach.
April 15, 2021
21. Career development!
Now, tell me honestly, when you think of career development, what do you think?  While managing people and also working with my students, I have seen a systemic pattern- most of us, when we think about career growth, development and change, instinctively think about career progression. And that's great. Except, career progression and career development are completely different things. Both could meet at some point, but actually, when you are looking at career progression, you are saying, “Today, I'm the sales manager of my company, and tomorrow I want to be the senior sales manager and day after I want to be the head of sales.”   Whereas when you think about career development, you think about the end first. You think about the life of no regrets. You think about “Where do I want to see myself when I am 70, or 80? And how do I want to be retiring?”   If your answer is anything different to the head of sales for North America, when you are already a sales manager, then you need to approach this slightly differently.   #careergrowth #careeradvice #careerdevelopment #careergoals #consulting #managementconsulting #consultingcareers #big4 #pwc #deloitte #bain #kpmg #ey #mckinsey #bcg #mbb #corporatecareers
April 08, 2021
20. Science of yoga and woo woo - the story behind The Abundance Psyche
In today's episode, I talk about the convergence of Science and Spirituality that led me to The Abundance Psyche. If you are interested in biohacking your confidence, download this and get started in 2 minutes.  We talk about yoga, meditation, neuroscience, biochemistry and how all of those fit in to get you to peak performance in your career and life.  #yoga #meditation #spirituality #neuroscience #career #careeradvice #peakperformance #consulting #managementconsulting #pwc #ey #kpmg #deloitte #mbb #mckinsey #datascience #biohacking
April 01, 2021
19. Ram Soundarajan - Management Consultant to Start-up CEO
I have with me a very special guest, my former colleague from Strategy& Ram Soundarajan. Ram is the CEO and founder of Quber Tech, after having 17 years of industry and consulting experience across continents. He has teamed with a highly accomplished group of entrepreneurs, manufacturing industry veterans, technologists and consultants to launch a SaaS venture focused on serving the manufacturing sector. He cares really about diversity, gender equality, immigration, urban and rural qualities, all these good topics that we are going to cover.   #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #big4 #mbb #pwc #deloitte #ey #kpmg #startup #london #ceo #becomeceo #career #careeradvice #mckinsey #bain #bcg #consultant #managementconsulting #managementconsultant
March 25, 2021
18. How to manage time?
Doing less requires you to prioritize, to strategize. It’s rarely about “time management”.  But most of us are so busy in our day to day lives, in our careers, in our jobs, that we just don't have the time to look at things strategically because we are trying to “manage time better”.   Stop and ask yourself- What is the direction of travel? Where are we going? Where are we headed to? If you don't know that, you just keep on adding to the pandemic of busy-ness.   And it is indeed a pandemic.   And it's almost worn as this badge of honour.    And I'm going to say enough, that's enough!   Please stop and just see what is happening to you. Because of you being busy 24/7.  Busy-ness, unfortunately, doesn't solve anything. In fact, it does the opposite of solving for things.   Back in the day, when I was in my first job at Deloitte, there were a couple of projects where we were working crazy hours. And this will not come as a surprise to most consultants, you are used to working crazy hours. But I will have to say that because of those crazy hours, we lost not only our creativity but also our sense of logic sometimes, which I only figured out towards the end of the project when I started having more and more space and time. And it wasn't just me, this was for everyone. And this is true every single day of our lives- the more space you have to think the more space you have to be silent, quieten down your mind, the more successful you will be in your career.    Because you have that time now to strategize. Now you suddenly have that time to indeed own your career, like a CEO, like I always talk about.
March 18, 2021
17. Sarah Agbantou - How to be a successful intrapreneur within Big 4 consulting?
How to be a successful corporate entrepreneur within Big 4 consulting?  Today's episode is with Sarah Agbantou. And she is the true corporate entrepreneur if you will.   Sarah is a senior manager in product and tech innovation at PwC. She founded Design Thinking for Good, a volunteer-based community, which helps social enterprises to scale with design thinking techniques. Prior to joining PwC, this time around, she was the head of expansion at City Pantry, a food-tech startup, that was bought by Just Eat, and a consultant for the private equity firm called HG Capital in London. She has recently launched 54 Sud, which focuses on helping aspiring entrepreneurs build sustainable ventures in Francophone Africa with practical masterclasses.   #venturecapital #investor #startup #business #entrepreneur #mckinsey #pwc #ey #deloitte #kpmg #bain #bcg #london #fundraising #consultant #managementconsulting #managementconsultant #africa #entrepreneurship #strategyconsulting #impactinvesting
March 11, 2021
16. How to get a higher paid job? How to get a promotion? How to ask for a raise?
These are very topical questions in March!  Let's break it down into a few steps in this episode. And if you're feeling stuck in your career, sign-up for the 10 day Career Alignment Bootcamp starting 15th March. Link:
March 04, 2021
15. EY Consultant turned Fashion-tech entrepreneur
I have with me, Svenja Tegtmeier. She founded Senguine Suits. She is a fashion and tech entrepreneur. She used to be a management consultant… in fact quite a lot of people, I tend to speak to are former management consultants who are on their entrepreneurship journeys.   Svenja is really passionate about women in leadership. And she wants to bring that to the forefront using her current business.- Senguine Suits.  If you'd prefer the transcript instead, it's on  #mckinsey #pwc #ey #deloitte #kpmg #bain #bcg #korukids #consultant #managementconsulting #managementconsultant  #careercoach #careeradvice #growthmindset #ceomindset #fashion #entrepreneurship #womeninbusiness #womenempowerment #senguinesuits #fashionista
February 25, 2021
14. How do you get to leadership roles? How do you become the CEO of a huge company?
It’s a question I used to regularly ponder over and have spent countless numbers of hours researching. And what I found was it is good to be the CEO of a company but actually, far more important than that, is how do you become the CEO of your career?  This is a topic that I have been talking quite a lot about this of late because I believe in owning our careers, being the directors of our careers, and indeed, the CEO of our careers, is how you claw back the locus of control and responsibility to yourself. You and only you are responsible for your career.  It is one thing to say you own your own destiny but a totally different thing to approach it as a CEO runs their businesses. This requires you to put in place the key elements that make a successful business in your career.   #mckinsey #pwc #ey #deloitte #kpmg #bain #bcg #korukids #consultant #managementconsulting #managementconsultant  #careercoach #careeradvice #growthmindset #ceomindset #personalfinance #finance
February 18, 2021
13. Rachel Carrell - McKinsey Consultant to Start-up CEO (Life after Consulting)
McKinsey consulting to disrupting London's start-up scene - today I have with me, a very special lady who has actually been an inspiration to me without probably even realizing that she was. She is an ex McKinsey consultant turned startup CEO. And she runs one of the coolest, and yet, I think, most valuable of London startups. She runs Koru Kids, which basically, is a technology company that helps parents with childcare. And as a new parent myself, I have realized that this was certainly one of the things that was missing from the startup scene here in London.  If you want the transcript instead, go here.
February 11, 2021
12. Do career gaps matter? And how to explain them in your CV and Interviews
Career gaps!   Are career gaps common?   How do I explain career gaps in my CV and interviews?   Do employers care about career gaps?   These are some questions about career gaps I keep getting asked on repeat! And in fact, these are questions that I used to obsess with before I had a career gap in my career.  So I have a few pieces of advice with hindsight     1. Your first career break is the only time you will worry about a career gap 2. You only need to worry if you have not “grown” during a gap 3. You don’t need to worry about short breaks when you’re in a creative job that’s future proof 4. Try to be in touch with your network of people even through the gap years 5. No, you don’t need to prepare for setbacks!   Get the CV and LinkedIn checklists that will keep you on your networking game through the gap, so that you are on top of mind even when you are taking a break:  #career #careergaps #careergoals #employmentgap #employmentgaps #careergap
February 04, 2021
11. David Lancefield - Why would a mid-tenure senior Big Four (PwC, Strategy&) Consulting Partner Quit?
Today, we are answering why former PwC Partner, David Lancefield left Big Four.  This is a really special episode. I was in awe of David through my Strategy& (PwC) days. I have with me the very special David Lancefield.  He is a former Strategy&, and PwC partner. David helps leaders improve their performance and deliver extraordinary results by using his expertise and experience as a strategy consultant, as an exec coach, and as a business leader. He has worked with 35 CEOs, led more than 500 projects, structured 15 digital ventures, and has had 14 years of experience in Strategy& in PwC as a Partner. His clients include the BBC, Royal Mail, NHS, Vodafone, all of the big names that you can think of. He is also a regular contributor to the HBR, Strategy& Business, Forbes, and FT, on about- the critical paradoxes of corporate life, human and technology, professional and personal, corporate and individual leadership and management, exploration and exploitation.   Connect to David on:  And if you're looking for a Consulting exit guide, you'll find it here:  #managementconsulting #managementconsultant #bigfour #big4 #lifeafterbigfour #pwc #deloitte #ey #kpmg #mbb #mckinsey #strategy& #accenture #bain #bcg #consulting #strategy #leadership #people
January 28, 2021
10. Should I quit my job during a pandemic?
  Should I quit my job right now, at the peak of a pandemic? When is the right time to quit? How do you know when to leave your job? Do you have to hate your job to start thinking of leaving?  One of my readers asked me last week, “Should I quit my job because quite a lot of my managers and seniors who she adores and respects are leaving the company?  She joined the company to get mentorship and sponsorship that she thought would be good for her. Now, because they are leaving, should she leave?   I'm sure this is not a unique question. We always tend to wonder when is the right time to leave that job.   Now I’m going to give you 2 pieces of advice. It will seem strange but bear with me...  Advice ONE - being a top performer at your current job should be a non-negotiable.   And advice TWO which might sound counterintuitive, but actually, in some ways, you should always be looking for a job.   If you still need more support, apply for a free call here.  #jobsearch #dreamjob #careerchange #careercoach #managementconsultant #managementconsulting #careeradvice #jobseeking #resume
January 21, 2021
9. Corporate employee to online Excel trainer, Dan Stockdale
How do you leverage your skills to build a business? It doesn't always need to be the coolest tech start-up. Meet my friend Dan from PwC who built a business on top of his excellent Excel skills. Are you a reader like me? Here's the transcript. And if you love this stuff, get on my insider's list. Dan's details: Website:  LinkedIn:  Facebook:  YouTube:
January 14, 2021
8. How do I get a promotion? How do I ask her out? How do I get a raise?
So many of us ask these questions over and over again to ourselves on repeat, assuming that the powers that be won't answer our prayers. But more often than not, we assume without asking. Is that you? Then you need to listen to this episode and understand why asking is enormously more powerful than assuming. We also touch upon why praying works instead of hoping for the best. Because we are all about science and practical spirituality here!  Want more stuff? Get onto my insider's list and pick a gift:  #howtogetanything #howtoask
January 07, 2021
7. How to stick to new year resolutions?
If you're here on the new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR. If you're here because you're contemplating on breaking new year resolutions, get a piece of pen and paper and do this exercise with me. It will work whether it's a new year or not!  We always tend to look at new year resolutions through shoulds and musts. In reality, what we would rather do is to flip it on its head and be curious about what we are doing and what we need to do. No judgement. Only curiosity.  Approach working through your goals like this and you'll witness your life transform.  Want to work with me? Fill up the form to apply for a free strategy session:
December 31, 2020
This year has been hard on all of us. But Christmas isn't cancelled. In fact, it is even more important to celebrate this year.  Celebrations are not about religion or meaningless rituals. A celebration is about feeling the joy and abundance in your heart. A celebration is about letting the dopamine flow so that you keep doing the things that have gotten you here in life.   In fact, I have a few Christmas gifts for you ON:  Grab your copy and enjoy!  Editing by:
December 24, 2020
5. Management Consultant at Accenture to Meditation Guru | Neomal Silva and Sudeshna Sen
How to beat consulting burnout? Start meditating!  How do you exit consulting and become a meditation guru?   Download the free consulting exit guide from   I bet you've probably never asked yourself that question. Yet here I am with my very special guest, Neomal Silva who used to be a Consultant at Accenture and now initiates people into meditation.   Want to be in our vibe? Download Neo's book.
December 17, 2020
4. How to be more productive? Stop saying this...
"I HATE WASTING TIME!"  I've had this internal script for as long as I can remember. It is in fact one that has helped me be ruthlessly productive. But like every script, it's day has come to retire.  Why?  Because as I started @theabundancepsyche, this script led me to an Instagram overdose and business fatigue. Because I hate wasting time, if the baby takes 2 hours to go to bed, I am beside him and keep obsessing about numbers on Insta and email open rate and what not...   Because that's not wasting time. BUT SOMEHOW lying down beside a baby is!   I couldn't do it any longer. My brain needed rest and my family, job, and clients needed the best version of me. Not the most productive version of me.  It took me ages to figure out the mental switch from this script that has served me so well to the current one on the post-it note. But I'm committed to protecting my time and energy for those who truly matter.  Do you hate wasting time too?   #timemanagement #productivity #timewaste #theabundancepsyche  "
December 11, 2020
3. Life after Consulting | Consulting exit | Chatting with ex-Deloitte Consultant, Amanda Wright
Today, I am with the very special Amanda Wright from the Wright company. With 15 years of experience as a management consultant in Deloitte, Amanda is the founder of her own six-figure solo consulting business. And she can actually show you the straight path to quickly launch your own business. So all of you who have been telling me that launching a business is scary. Amanda is here to help. And Amanda holds an MBA with a specialization in finance. She also is a BSc in molecular biology, and she's earned a project management professional designation as well. Along with all the smarts, she also has two lovely children. And she is a supporter of women who want to earn their own worth.
December 03, 2020
WONDER HOW PEOPLE PIVOT IN THEIR CAREERS FOR BIGGER INCOME AND IMPACT? They seem to have it all sorted out! Raises, promotions, and even career pivots come easy! Who are these people? How did they pivot their careers? And can I do the same? Of course, you can! And it’s surprisingly “easy breezy”... well that’s what the feel it should be anyway. Because dream jobs are not meant to make your work 5X harder! But, how do you get into a different job when you feel like you don't really have the skills for it? Everyone seems to be talking about career pivots and you might be wondering where they are really getting the skills for because the university didn’t teach them that! Did they retrain? Take a bunch of courses? Or were they just lucky? Today, I'm going to share with you the five-step method that will actually get your CV ready for the next job. 1. Identify your dream job 2. Figure out what are the skills that you need to be excellent at this job 3. Figure out your transferable skills What are the skills that you already have, from your current life, from your previous jobs, from your previous life experiences, and put those into the bucket for skills I already possess? 4. Do a gap analysis What are the skills they need? What are the skills that you have missing? Once you've done the gap analysis, go get the skills that you need to have on your resume for getting the job 5. The final step is actually getting your CV. And so important these days, actually getting your LinkedIn ready to be found for those jobs. Do you have a question regarding career change? Drop it below. #careerchange #consulting #managementconsulting
November 26, 2020
Hi friends, this is Sudeshna and in this episode, you learn a bit about my career journey so far.
November 19, 2020