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Not A College Grad

Not A College Grad

By Alyssa Moss
Self made entrepreneur, Alyssa Moss, of Moss Videography discusses life, business, marketing, starting up your own ideas, and being happy (and sad) while you're 20 something.
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Fried Chicken and Hot Girls... Getting Vulnerable with Shaun Rodriguez
This week we are joined by Shaun Rodriguez, Youtuber and Only Fans super star. We sat down to chat in Charleston, NC while he was visiting the Carolinas for a couple of weeks. Shaun tells us all about how he got into being a YouTuber and what that experience looks like. He claims his favorite part about being in the south is the fried chicken, hot girls, and saunas! Instagram: @shaunrodriguez YouTube: Only Fans: SHOP: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Media Co.
January 11, 2022
How Peeing My Pants Changed My Life Forever
This week I thought it would be fun to tell a couple of stories about peeing myself. When you accidentally pee yourself it really opens your eyes to a lot of things... Maybe, why didn't I just stop the conversation to go pee? Luckily these stories are laughable (almost) now! Video format coming soon! CYBER MONDAY SALE ON NOT A COLLEGE GRAD MERCH - 50% OFF UNTIL 11:59pm EST 11/29/21 SHOP: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Media Co.
November 29, 2021
A Different Side Of Me? Keeping It Real...
CYBER MONDAY IS NOVEMBER 29th 12am until 11:59pm - Shop our entire merch line for 50% off This week is a solo dolo episode. Unfortunately I'm in a bit of low slump with the changing of the seasons and such, but I think it's important to show the not-so-fun sides to everything. It's a huge stepping stone for me to discuss the negative feelings I'm having and use them in the episode rather than avoiding the responsibility of uploading all together. I'm very thankful for the family we've built around this podcast since January of this year. Thank you so much for tuning in every week! Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️ SHOP: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Media Co.
November 22, 2021
One Million Views And Counting.. How To Do What You Want... Successfully! (Feat. Joey and Brian of Craft City Films)
Joey Ventrano and Brian Sanders join us this week to discuss their partnership at Craft City Films! The first project they released together (4 years ago as of this episode’s release) is psych thriller that has climbed to over 1,000,000 views on their YouTube channel. You can watch the movie here: Here’s a friendly reminder that you could quit your job and chase down your dreams today. You have one life! @joeyventrano @briangsanders @craftcityfilms SHOP: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss | @thealyssamoss Produced By: Moss Videography
November 15, 2021
What Really Happened In LA... (Feat. Carson Lee Bradshaw)
Carson and I had the most fun on our trip to LA last month, so much fun that we thought it was worth a recap episode. It was a week of her throwing me into situations and scenarios that were going to challenge me (in the best way!) and most of the results ended up being absolutely hysterical. Thank you Norb for the special intro! Follow Carson: @CarsonLeeBradshaw SHOP OUR MERCH: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: @TheAlyssaMoss Produced By: Moss Videography LLC
November 08, 2021
How Do You Become Content with Yourself? My Personal Issues In Relationships (Feat. Carrie Wren - Life + Relationship Coach)
This week is one of my favorite episodes! I am joined by Life and Relationship Coach, Carrie Wren. We discuss my break up from several months ago, how I dealt with it, and also what I learned from the situation. As well as how I plan to adapt my future situations based on everything I've learned. We get a little personal by looking into the way I've dealt with pain, and how I completely avoid my emotions?? Who knew! Carrie also answer questions that our listeners submitted. Send us your feedback on how you'd feel about us doing some public coaching sessions. Carrie Wren - Life + Relationship Coach @Carrie.Wren SHOP OUR MERCH: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Videography
November 01, 2021
I Was A Ghost Hunter (Feat. Shelby)
This week we have a personal update while I'm still on my travels. I'm joined by my dear friend, Shelby Scoggins, to tell about our experiences as ghosts hunters in honor of Halloween coming up!  SHOP: New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Videography
October 25, 2021
I Sold Videos of My Feet
SHOP THE MERCH HERE: We are so excited to announce that our Not A College Grad collection is now available. All designed by our own lovely Sarah Mocanu - we were pumped to have her on the show to share more about the process of designing the clothes! This week I also told the story of how I accidentally ended up selling videos of my feet in high school… It happens sometimes. New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Videography
October 18, 2021
I Was Scared For My Life
In this week’s episode I tell the story of why I stopped uploaded podcast episodes… I was basically scared for my life. You’ll have to listen to fully understand how cans of beans completely ruined me for a split second… Lol I am excited to announce that we are releasing our Not A College Grad merch line on October 15th, 2021 at 12am. You can shop the collection here:  New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Videography
October 11, 2021
5 Things I Learned In 5 Years of Business
We are excited to announce that we have podcast merch on the way! Follow us on our social media pages for more updates on this. In September of 2021 my first (official) business Moss Videography passed 5 years. It got my mind spinning on different things I have learned throughout the course of that time. I decided to share 5 major things that have stuck out to me personally. It’s interesting to see how things you learn through your work can be applied to your personal life. In this episode I also share a little run down on what happened during one of the best nights of my life. New episode every Monday! Thanks for listening! Instagram: @notacollegegrad FaceBook: Host: Alyssa Moss Produced By: Moss Videography
October 04, 2021
I Got Overwhelmed...
I decided to open up about my therapy journey that I started about 4 months ago. I’m proud to welcome this kind of conversation to the podcast, because it’s something that has truly helped me SO much. Sometimes life just forces you to take a pause on a lot of things, and over the last few weeks the podcast needed to pause for me. However the break really brought all of the new things that are going on with The Blaze Her, my personal growth/experiences, music, and other things - it really helped bring it all to a head to give us a quality episode with tons of positive updates. I was afraid to jump back into the podcast too soon while I was going through “negative” experiences. I just didn’t want to put out content that reflected all of that. Thank you guys for sticking with me! I’m so excited for the future of Not A College Grad Be sure to follow the podcast on Instagram for merch updates and more! @notacollegegrad
August 09, 2021
I'm In Love With Men In Their Late 60's
If you read the title and thought about Styx, the band, you're right! This week I took to Instagram to ask for topics and recommendations on some unique subjects to discuss. Someone asked about my specific obsession with Styx, how the internet is affecting the housing market, how I decided not to go to college, a few more fun topics. I'm also just coming back from a weekend vacation with some of my friends so I'm feeling refreshed and EXCITED about Summer 2021. Follow @NotACollegeGrad on Instagram!
July 12, 2021
I Stayed Out All Night and Learned Something...
This week I talk about something I realized while being out all night in my car and having what felt like a very unique conversation for me. And in the midst of this conversation I feel as if I may have reclaimed my youth... That feels weird saying at 25 years old, but I've been old for the last 5 years. I'm joined this week by, Sarah Mocanu, my assistant at Moss Videography - She shares about her freelance work and her goals! I love getting to work with Sarah and help her along her work journey because we have a lot of similarities in our personalities. It really help us work so well together! She's very lovable and is even a published illustrator. You can buy the book she was a part of creating here:
July 05, 2021
Asking My Highschool Teacher Weird Questions! (Feat. Mr. All)
We start off this week with a personal update on how things are going well while they're simultaneously stressing me out. It's a lot of fun! ;-) This week I'm also joined by one of highschool teachers, Mr. All. I learned A LOT from him and have brought many of the lessons he taught into my daily adult life. He'd always bring a perspective that I would've never thought about into the conversation! So I thought this could be interesting for you all! Follow Mr. All IG @thephillipall
June 28, 2021
Ruining Reality TV For You and I'M LONELY?? (Feat. Jillian Angeline)
Who's ready for their weekly update on how Alyssa is doing post breakup? Well she will be filling you in on all the tea, and by tea I mean she'll explain why she feels so lonely. ShE's FiNe 🦋 Other than the personal life update that you're all dying for she is joined by one of her best friends, Jillian Angeline (AKA former reality tv star) They'll discuss how they met, how Jillian's wedding went, their old ghost hunting web series, Jill's experience on X-Factor, and her big celebrity run ins in Los Angeles. She's hilarious and we hope you enjoy the show! Follow Jillian on Instagram: @JillianAngeline @OMGJillDoesHair If you're interested in seeing the birthday party that Alyssa and Jillian met at, DM the podcast @notacollegegrad on Instagram for the private link. I HIGHLY suggest watching the Bach Weekend Movie, view it here: As soon as I find the video of Jillian's band crying I'll add the link! 😂 Follow @notacollegegrad and @thealyssamoss on instagram for more!
June 21, 2021
I am SO excited to announce that I got DUMPED... Lol! No but seriously, a huge part of owning your own business is being able to balance life struggles while keeping the business afloat. It's hard. It sucks. I'm no pro. And sometimes I forget that I'm a human that needs to take times to deal with feelings like this. I truly love burying my emotions and keeping myself preoccupied until I self destruct, it's what I do! But I'm trying to change that... Lol - So I thought it was fitting to share a little about this personal struggle, I'll keep you updated on the healing process, or I won't ever talk about this again. We'll see what happens! Welcome to season two of Not A College Grad. I have just as little of an idea on what to expect out of this season as you do, but let's have fun with it. I know the next few episodes are great and we're back on track with every Monday at 6am. Thank you for all of the support! ❤️
June 14, 2021
How Much Money The Boutique I Opened Has Made!
Welcome back! The majority of this episode was recorded about two months back… A LOT has changed since the recording of this podcast. You’re going to hear about how my life is coming together and things are starting to line up for me, and next week’s episode is going to be a COMPLETELY different story… LOL - But it’s worth the wait! I finally share all of the info and details financially in regards to opening the blaze her and things going on with that brand! And we really just enjoy a little one-on-one time. We are back with the consistent episodes, so look out for more! We have a lot of great episodes lined up! We’ll see ya next week with a new one! Follow the show on FaceBook and Instagram at @NotACollegeGrad Follow Alyssa on Instagram @TheAlyssaMoss
June 07, 2021
How To Become An Insta Blogger.. And How You Should Work With Them To Grow Your Brand!!! (Featuring @AbbeyBruggs)
This week I am joined by influencer, Abbey Bruggeworth. She also owns her own marketing company! We talk about what it's like being an influencer, what a day in that life looks like, and how others can aim to do that as well! Abbey and I also discussed the value of working with influencers. She has an interesting insight because she not only works as an influencers but is on the back end of partnering brands and influencers together. I finally launched this week. If you've been listening for a while you know that I've been in the process of opening a boutique for the last few months and I'm so excited to have finally launched! Next week we will discuss exact numbers the business has made so far... We needed to take a few weeks off to keep up with all of the new business stuff we have going on! Thank you for your patience ❤️
March 29, 2021
MonkeyBoo's First Podcast! (Feat. MonkeyBoo and My Dad, Pete Moss)
I sit down with my dad and MonkeyBoo as he tells us the details of how their YouTube channel blew up. Is this the first time a monkey has been on a podcast??? I let them try my kombucha and share the benefits of drinking it everyday. My dad shares his advice to women in their 20's-30's... You're gonna wanna hear that. Full Video Version Will Be Available By 3-9-21 @ 12am EST:
March 08, 2021
Why I Don't Smoke... Also, I'm GROWING!
Last weekend I decided to go hiking by myself for the first time... This was a huge milestone for me. Not because I'm afraid that someone could hurt me while I'm in the middle of the woods but because I have fears of the woods casually collapsing in on me...?! I shared my extreme paranoia and fears that I walk around dealing with on a daily basis... And that really leads into why I choose not to partake in smoking and things of that nature. (LOL) Does she need therapy?! We aren't sure. This is week I consumed a few different podcasts and books that really got my mind stirring and I used a lot of this episode as responses to that! I spoke about a conversation on Mood W Lauren Elizabeth... (love her) as well as responding verbally to some of the writing prompts in a book that I'm currently ready. "Buy Yourself The F*cking Lillies" By Tara Schuster.
March 01, 2021
Stop Trying to Get Motivated... Become Disciplined!!! (Feat. Payton Beaver)
One thing that I have learned from working for myself is the motivation isn't going to be there everyday... And if you're only counting on being motivated to get you out of bed every morning to accomplish your goals, you're a lot more likely to fail. No one is motivated EVERY SINGLE DAY! I am joined this week my wellness coach and nurse, Payton Beaver. She balances a happy life, from a sustainable source of happiness... Herself! She has really great insights on motivation and showing up. This woman wakes at 3:30am on most days... BY CHOICE. You're going to want to hear what she has to say! This episode is by far the most inspiring episode to me. I really want more episodes to becoming this type of conversation. Enjoy xoxo
February 22, 2021
Minimalism... How Do You Get Rid of Clothes?! WE MOVED IN!!!!!
This week is a little short than normal... There's a lot of fun stuff coming though so bear with me. You'll thank me later. The Blaze Her Co. has OFFICIALLY moved into the office. Let's get excited :D Alyssa discusses her journey on minimalism and how it allowed her to detach herself from material items... except her clothes. Can you help?!
February 15, 2021
We Put A TV Commercial Together In 3 Days, Faking It Until You Make It (Feat. Cameron Voris)
In this episode Cameron Voris joins Alyssa to tell some funny stories they've had since beginning working together over two years ago. They share how intense it was to put a television commercial in one weekend, but how it proved that they could accomplish anything they set their mind too... Also, you should listen to Miami by Will Smith for the good vibes this week!
February 08, 2021
How Much Money This Podcast Makes, Time Management Hack, and I'm A Control Freak! - Episode 4
This week on Not A College Grad... Alyssa embarks on the podcast journey all by her lonesome, but due to her control freak issues... maybe it's for the best! She shares her hack of managing her time and how she gets it all done! Alyssa also shares that the podcast now has a video version available on her YouTube channel. She shares more news about the online boutique that will be opening up in the Spring of 2021 and a web series that is to come!
February 01, 2021
The Craziest Thing I've Done That Jump Started My Career - Episode 3 (Featuring Carson Lee Bradshaw)
On this weeks episode, Alyssa is joined by her best friend of 13 years, Carson Bradshaw. They tell the story of the craziest thing they could've done to jump start their careers. Carson is pursuing her dreams of making movies and music, while Alyssa manages her own companies. Listen as they give you the run down on how intense it was to experience these unique opportunities at such a young age.
January 25, 2021
Starting A YouTube Channel, an E-Commerce Business, and YouTube Before It Was Cool! (Feat. Ty Moss) - Episode 2
This week's Alyssa updates everyone as to how things have improved since last weeks episode! We also got an intro for the podcast... So we're really real now. She also discusses the feeling of being lonely, while loving being alone. Is she normal? Is she a 45 year old woman? We aren't sure! Her old brother, Ty Moss, then joins her to discuss his career on YouTube since 2008, before it was cool. He shares advice on starting your own stream of content, what it was like blowing up as one of the first YouTubers to turn it into a business, and also tips for starting an e-commerce business.  Alyssa closes out with what she's doing to self-improve over the year of 2021!
January 18, 2021
Turning a Bad Day Into a Podcast, My Business Story - Episode 1
In this first episode, Alyssa tells her story of her career and the process of starting Moss Videography. She talks about a new business venture that has began. Alyssa also discusses bad decisions in 2020 and the changes she has made personally and professionally to better herself in the New Year of 2021. The day may have started off with incredibly bad news, but as she sought to express herself through her digital content outlet the first episode of Not A College Grad was born. This week's Book Club/media spotlight is  "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. - Learning how to fight through the resistance that holds you back from accomplishing your goals. 
January 11, 2021