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18: Wes Pinkston: "Your Transformation Begins Now"

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We will discuss current events, Q & A's and have special guests on as well.
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47: Money Ain't Shit Ft. Felipe Valdez
On this Episode, Tony was joined by High School friend Felipe Valdez. They talked about his upbringing, his highs and lows and finding the right career path. Remember Money doesn't bring happiness and money ain't shit! Follow Felipe on IG @ felipevaldez91 #nothingtolosepodcast
March 12, 2019
46: "I Want to Forgive You & I Want to Forget You."
On this episode, Tony and Joey play "catch up." They discuss Bernie Sanders, the Khloe/Tristan/Jordyn hook up drama, and whether it is a possible truly forgive someone. #nothingtolosepodcast
March 5, 2019
45: Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty
In Episode 45 of Nothing to Lose Podcast, we sat down with Mai and Jimmy from The Meal Prep Company. We talked about their similar yet different backgrounds growing up. We also discussed how the Meal Prep Company started and what makes them different than the rest of the meal prep companies out there. Follow them on IG: @themealprepco @mair3n3 @bestkptscrt_mpc and if you are interested in trying out there meal prep visit there website:
February 27, 2019
44: 4422
On this episode, Joey and Tony were joined by Roy again. They found out more about Roy's music taste, learned about his weight lost journey and what motivated him to make a change. Joey asked Tony, Roy and the listeners when was the last time you where actually in love with life?  #nothingtolosepodcast
February 19, 2019
43: Couples Therapy 143
On this special episode, in lieu of Valentine’s Day, Tony and Joey are joined by girlfriends Jen and Rianna. In a round-robin, Tony, Jen, Joey and Ri answer and discuss relationship questions, scenarios and memories about each other. #nothingtolosepodcast
February 14, 2019
42: 3.9 TO 36.2
In episode 42 of Nothing To Lose Podcast we sit down with Victoria Sanchez. Victoria is a local San Diegan with a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Linguistics. She is currently a professor of English Acquisition, a certified yoga instructor and running enthusiast.  Follow Victoria on Instagram @  runwithvictoria Also if you want to improve your skills with instant photos 📷. Subscribe to Erics youtube channel: #nothingtolosepodcast
February 11, 2019
41: $100 Tip
On this episode, Joey and Tony talked about 21 Savage, planners, future podcast guest and a $100 tip.  As always thank you for the support and the love. #nothingtolosepodcast
February 5, 2019
40: Girl Power
On this episode, Tony and Joey were joined by Chelia and guest host Roy. Chelia, broke it down to us on how she got started on being a stylist and provide advice for those wanting to chase their passion.  Follow Chelia and Roy on IG @ cheliabestylin @roylott #nothingtolosepodcast
January 29, 2019
39: #Believe ft. Mayra Alcaraz
On this episode, Tony and Joey were joined by Mayra Alcaraz, a full-time graphic designer. Mayra is currently on the journey to financial freedom and taking care of her loved ones. She also talks about how her mindset has changed over the past few years, shared her journey of coming out and her future goals of becoming a motivational coach.  follow her on IG @mayra_alcaraz #nothingtolosepodcast
January 24, 2019
38: Phenomenal Fellas Part 2
Joey and Tony are once again joined by Erik Myers and Joey Wilder. On part 2 the fellas talked about mental health and WOOing. Make sure to subscribe to the Myers Mindset on your podcast listening app. Follow Erik and Joey on IG @erikmyers4 & thejoeywild3r #nothingtolosepodcast
January 21, 2019
37: Phenomenal Fellas Part 1
Joey and Tony are once again joined by Erik Myers and Joey Wilder. On part 1 the fellas caught up on what everyone has been up too; suplexing girls and dog pee. Make sure to subscribe to the Myers Mindset on your podcast listening app.  Follow Erik and Joey on IG @erikmyers4 & thejoeywild3r #nothingtolosepodcast
January 18, 2019
36: Big Mouth Cec
On this episode, Big Mouth Cec felt left out from our previous episode with his co-host from Grown Folks Bizness. So he Came through and shot the shit with us. We talked about sex, podcast life, sports and everything in between. Listen and subscribe to Grown Folks Bizness and also follow them on Instagram @
January 8, 2019
35: For the One
Nothing to Lose Podcast finally got to collab with two-thirds of Grown Folks Bizness. On this episode, we wrap up 2018 discussing New Years' resolutions, future goals, album of the year and more. Take a listen! Subscribe to Grown Folks Bizness podcast and follow the cast on IG: @ justcrystar & @ normal_ass_karl
January 1, 2019
34: Get to know Joey & Tony
On this episode, Joey and Tony answer a couple questions that they received via an IG poll. Take a listen, get to know us more and let us know if you agree or disagree with the responses to our questions. #Nothingtolosepodcast #ntlp
December 24, 2018
33: Yesmi Jauregui
On this episode, Joey and Tony were joined by Yesmi, an upcoming You-tuber. Yesmi was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma cancer. Through her videos, she hopes to encourage those who are dealing with cancer or know someone with cancer, to never give up. She also shares her upcoming goals and her new outlook on life. Please go subscribe to her YouTube channel: Also, follow her on IG: _ynjauregui #nothingtolosepodcast
December 18, 2018
32: Ali Vongsathian
On this episode, we are joined by Ali Vongsathian, local San Diegan and the Founder of Lift Squad Apparel. Ali discusses how others portray his image online versus his image in reality. He also shares the background story on how he started Lift Squad Apparel, his success and what his future plans are. Follow Ali on IG @avongsathian and follow his Lift Squad @liftsquadapparel #nothingtolosepodcast
December 11, 2018
31: Stay To The Right
On this episode, Joey and Tony are Joined by Jen & Cam. We talked about the San Diego Zoo, what animal we would like to be, our thoughts while driving, social media - the good, the bad, the purposes, the misuses, and last but what and/or who motivates us. #nothingtolosepodcast
December 4, 2018
30: Podcast Collaboration with Myers Mindset
On this episode, we did our very first podcast collab with Erik Myers, the co-host of the Myers Mindset Podcast. Erik, Joey, and Tony get to know one another as hosts from one podcast to another, define what they believe is the meaning of "happiness," and how much money is enough money. Make sure to follow Erik & the Myers Mindset Podcast on IG: @erikmyers4 @myersmindset #nothingtolosepodcast
November 28, 2018
29: Is there a such thing as an original thought?
On this episode, Cam joins Joey and Tony. First, they talk about 5 items they would take if they were stranded on an island. Then the conversation gets serious when Cam brought up two questions: (1) Was is there such a thing as an original thought? (2) Is a relationship ever over? If you haven't listened to the previous episodes with Cam listen to episodes 10-12. Follow Cam on IG @funkstoncam #nothingtolosepodcast
November 26, 2018
28: Is There Any Social In Social Media?
On this episode, Joey Wilder and Brendon Walton join us again. We talk about people being so caught up in doing the media in social media but disregarding the social aspect of it. follow Joey: @thejoeywild3r Brendon @brendon_walton #nothingtolosepodcast
November 19, 2018
27: #WCW
On this special episode of Nothing to Lose Podcast, Tony’s, Joey’s and Alex’s girlfriends take over the mic. Jen, Rianna, and Sofia discuss last week’s Elections, Ariana Grande’s popular song “Thank U, Next,” last week’s “Let’s Talk About It” topic and a lot more! Follow them on Instagram: @jentranx3__ @sofia_ramirez @kingcobra.papi
November 14, 2018
26: #MCM
On this episode, Joey & Tony discuss what to do if your friends do not approve of your significant other. #nothingtolosepodcast
November 12, 2018
On this episode, we break out the new microphones and introduce a new segment called let's talk about it!
November 5, 2018
24: Who is Yazmen #MINDSETisEVERYTHING
On this episode, we were joined by Yazmen. She discusses her struggles; what she had to overcome in order to get to where she is now and what she is working towards. Follow her on IG @ yazmennuno #nothingtolosepodcast
October 29, 2018
23: Public Shits
On this episode, we talk about shits in public. Then we make our guesses on the 2019 NBA finals. We talk about what to do when your GF has a dream about you cheating. Then all three of us talk about our 10-year plans and get in our feels. #nothingtolosepodcast
October 22, 2018
22: The Clemente Insight
In this episode, we are joined by Alex’s longtime friend and now our friend too, Oscar Clemente 😌. We talk about Oscar's marriage, retouch on the Kavanaugh situation, social issues and the G.O.A.T argument continues. Follow Oscar on IG @ oclem88
October 16, 2018
21: Corn Dog surprise inside
On this episode, we talk about random numbers texting, taking shits in public places and being vulnerable with your friends. #nothingtolosepodcast
October 8, 2018
20: You get what you give 69 meals
On this episode, we talk about Brett Kavanaugh, The Carter V Album and the facebook hack that took place. If you have suggestions for future guests, hit us up in the DM. We truly are thankful for all of you who continue to listen on a weekly bases. #nothingtolosepodcast
October 2, 2018
19: Whose man is this?
On this episode, we finally get joined by our third co-host Alex. We find out why Alex has been MIA for so long. We also talked about the laxatives prank that took place recently, discussed what we think about Elon Mush and his empire. We also talked about the rap battle between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly and give our opinion on who we think won. Thank you all for your constant support! #69 follow us on IG: @ nothingtolosepodcast @ alexascencio619 @ joeybellucco @ tonyruiz___
September 24, 2018
18: Wes Pinkston: "Your Transformation Begins Now"
Wes Pinkston is an Award-Winning Life Coach in San Diego, CA. At the age of 29, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. He is now devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation, which has marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. As a guide, Wes assists others in entering into an enhanced awareness of self and environment. This altered perception serves as a gateway, which if entered, facilitates a crucial transformation. The outcome of this is directed by the uniqueness of the individual and their willingness to pursue whatever unfolds. Wes assists with the expansion of his client's personal potential, leading to the achievement of greater fulfillment in their life. Website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:
September 14, 2018
17: Abraham Muheize #COMMUNITYFIRST
On this episode, Abraham Muheize joins us and talks about how he went from being a football star making $200 a week to now being a co-owner of the San Diego Kings. Follow Abe on IG: Facebook: San Diego Kings IG: `San Diego Kings tickets: Alumni United IG: Alumni United Website:
September 6, 2018
16: Brendon Walton... One beautiful day at a time
Episode 16 Brendon Walton joins us and tells us about his story so far. He went from being removed from his dad and living in Rosarito to now making a name for himself in his line of work and taking care of himself. Below are a tip and a couple of books Brendon wanted to share with everyone. Follow him on IG: Basics of Human Relations * Smile at people (not the thin lipped forced smile) * Greet people with excitement! * Use their name * Talk about things THEY are interested in * Be interested in them… genuinely Books That Changed Brendon Life: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Audiobook - How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Audiobook - Compound Effect (The) by Darren Hardy The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra Text -
August 30, 2018
15: Women Crush Wednesday
On this episode, we had Jennifer on and she and Tony answered relationship questions given by Joey. We all shared advice on what we think makes a great relationship. Follow her on IG: Follow us on IG:
August 22, 2018
14: Body Positivity
On this episode, we talk some fitness and touch base on some current events. Next weeks guest is Jennifer Tran if you have any questions for her DM us and will ask her next week. Please like and subscribe and share with a friend. follow us on IG: Tony: Joey:
August 15, 2018
13: Quick Recap of This last Month
On this Episode, Joey and Tony do a quick recap of the last four podcast episodes. We went more into depth about what we took from our guest and our future plans for the podcast. Please like and subscribe and share with a friend. follow us on IG: Tony: Joey:
August 10, 2018
12: Inspire Perspective with Dominique & Cam Part 2
Part 2 with Dom & Cam we continue to go more in-depth into the reality of what men really struggle with but are afraid to admit. Once again Thank you to Dom & Cam for joying us. Follow Dom on IG: Website: Email:
August 8, 2018
11: Inspire Perspective with Dominique Waltower &William D Campbell Part 1
In this hard-hitting episode, we went in depth into the reality of what men really struggle with but are afraid to admit. Thank you to Dom & Cam for their great insight. Follow Dom on IG: Website: Email:
August 3, 2018
10: Joey Wilder & William D Campbell AKA Funkstoncam
On this episode, Joey Wilder and William D Campbell join us. We talked about a handful of topics this two guys dropped some serious knowledge! The episode was straight fire follow this two on IG:
July 27, 2018
9: Joey Wilder Part 1
Joey Wilder is a founder, Philanthropist, speaker and just an all-around genuine guy. In this episode, Joey told us his story of how he got to where he is today and told us and what his goals are moving forward. We have so much more we want to talk to him about that we will be having him on next week for part 2. Please give the podcast a rating! follow him on IG: Joey Wilder @ San Diego Protein Company @
July 20, 2018
8: Three Mexicans
On this episode, Ricky joins us again. We talk about the world cup, nudes, healthcare, and basketball. Follow my boy Ricky on IG @ Follow the podcast on IG @ Thanks for listening please subscribe and tell a friend.
July 11, 2018
7: Ricky Bobby
On this podcast, our close friend Ricky Joins us and goes deep into his feels and we talk about current culture and the direction it's heading in. Share the podcast with a friend and follow us on IG thanks for the support fam!
June 29, 2018
6: Space Force
On this podcast, we were joined by Nancy Gomez recent SDSU and soon to be a teacher. let us know what you think of this episode and don't forget to follow us on IG: @nothingtolosepodcast
June 22, 2018
5: Who is the GOAT?
On this episode, we bounce back and discuss who is the GOAT of basketball and touch base on some current events taking place. Make sure to follow us on IG:
June 15, 2018
4: Tattoo Artist Paul Fitzpatrick
Today we were joined by Paul Fitzpatrick from Gold Stripe Tattoo. We talked about his journey as a tattoo artist and ups and downs that came along the way. Make sure to follow him on IG:
June 1, 2018
3: Who is Joey Bellucco?
On this episode, we have special guest Joey Bellucco longtime friend. We talk about Joey's upbringing amongst his other life experiences. Go give him a follow on IG: Please subscribe till next time!
May 22, 2018
2: Why Nothing to Lose?
In this episode, we properly introduce ourselves and talk about why we named this podcast nothing to lose and the process of adulting. Sorry for the audio still learning and had to restart a couple of times. :)
May 18, 2018
1: Intro Welcome to Nothing To Lose
The very first episode of Nothing to Lose!
May 9, 2018
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