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Not Neurotypical w/ Laura Zdan

Not Neurotypical w/ Laura Zdan

By Laura Zdan
Join the genuine and brutally honest account (in real-time) of Laura Zdan's late diagnosis journey as she navigates the complexities that she may be on the spectrum.
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33. Why Mindset Matters | Season 4 Opener
I’ve been working on my mindset lately and I’ve learned that ONLY focusing on the bad that could happen tends to also close me off to accepting the good that may come my way, which is the good that I deserve. It’s the good things I’ve been working toward. What’s the point of working so hard for our growth if we’re closed off to the good things? Tune in to hear more about mindset, connection to self, and how being aware of our mindset also helps us connect better to who we are on episode 33. TO LEARN MORE OR TO JOIN THE CONNECT⚡ WAITLIST CLICK HERE:
January 19, 2021
Are you ready to grow and heal? IT'S TIME TO CONNECT⚡ Listen to this exciting new opportunity to heal and grow in 2021!
CONNECT⚡is the first neurodiversity based healing membership for neurodivergent adults.  ➡️LEARN MORE HERE: If you are sick of being stuck in the same patterns and you’re ready to prioritize YOURSELF in 2021, THEN CONNECT⚡ IS FOR YOU!   If you are ready to dig deeper, ready to ask for help and find support, and ready to find the healing, growth, and a deeper connection with YOUR community then CONNECT⚡IS FOR YOU!   ⚡️COACHING TOPICS WE WILL COVER:   Understanding the impact of different neurotypes.  Self-Acceptance  Self-Care & Personal Care  Emotion Regulation  Journaling  Being Intentional  Executive Functioning  Time Management/Time Blindness  Coping Skills  Getting Organized  Planning & Prioritizing YOU  Impulse Control  Finding Your Voice/ Gaining Confidence  Building Support Systems  Fostering Healthy Relationships  Self-Advocacy  Healthy Boundaries  Ableism/Internalized Ableism  Unlearning  Healing  Improving Community/Community Outreach  School/Work/Life Balance   And so much more…   YOU WILL LEARN:  Self Acceptance: You’ll learn how to accept your differences and how to define your identity. Most of all, you’ll define what success means TO YOU and on your own terms.  Living Your Passion: You’ll learn how to define your goals implement structure to enhance your future, determine your priorities, and how to start working toward what you’re truly passionate about.  Self & Environment Management: You’ll learn how to structure your environment and plan your time in a way that makes sense for how your brain works. You’ll also learn how to follow through with your goals and gain support and accountability from your small-group and the CONNECT community!   https://WWW.LAURAZDAN.COM/CONNECT
December 30, 2020
32. I Hit Massive Burnout: Here Is What I Did
Autistic burnout is 'the intense physical, mental or emotional exhaustion, often accompanied by a loss of skills, that some adults with autism experience.' I hit a massive burnout session and found myself in distress. I share more about what I did to help myself and my mental health out of this distressing situation. CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
November 24, 2020
31. Interview with Kristen Carder, ADHD Coach and Host of the I Have ADHD Podcast
In true ADHD fashion, (October was ADHD awareness month) the first podcast of November 2020 I'm bringing you my dear friend and ADHD Coach, Kristen Carder! We talk about her successes and what supports and help it took to get her there, handling shame related to success and self-investment, the 50/50 theory, as well as other awesome tips!  Check out Kristen's Website and learn more about the Focused Membership Here: Follow Kristen on Instagram: ++UPDATES++ TAKE THE SURVEY EXPLORING SUPPORTS NEEDED FOR ND ADULTS HERE: (Please share if you can!) CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
November 3, 2020
30. BREAKING: Interview w/ Dan from @TheAspieWorld (and get info about his new program here, first!)
Daniel M. Jones aka @TheAspieWorld is a Youtuber and one of the biggest autism advocates out there and he just happens to be my good friend! What I love about him the most is his ability to bring together autistic adults and parents of autistic kids which is something that is not always easy to do. Hear about Dan's current and past support needs and how they've changed and also learn about his new membership for the autism community THAT YOU HEAR ALL ABOUT HERE FIRST! Only 200 spots for the first round and as of when we recorded over 20 were already gone! Join his new monthly membership HERE: The Aspie World on Instagram: The Aspie World on Youtube: ++UPDATES++ TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: (Please share if you can!) CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 29, 2020
29. Connection
On episode 29 we discuss connection and what that means. Why is this not studied more as it relates to the support of autistic adults? Why is support of adults an afterthought in many current studies? The connectivity theory of autism is discussed as well as the idea of doing a survey of our own. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: (Please share if you can!) Studies mentioned: & CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 27, 2020
28. Time "Management" 🙄
On episode 28 we discuss time management and time blindness related to executive dysfunction, but instead, I tell it to you like you're 5 because sometimes we just need to break it down and start over. If you're autistic or ADHD (or both like me) this episode will likely include some tips you haven't heard before!  Here is the article about the (brief) history of "time": CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 20, 2020
27. Getting Organized
Episode 27 is all about getting organized and clutter-free with neurodivergent adults and neurodiverse families in mind! It's a lot of info in a short amount of time so I created a free resource for visual learners to follow along and also a FREE 30-day de-clutter guide! For the free resource to help follow along go here: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 13, 2020
26. "Refrigerator Mothers"
The 'Refrigerator Mother Theory' was a concept in the 1950s that proposed autism was caused by a lack of maternal warmth. This concept was debunked by the 1960s and 1970s but how far have we really come from this idea? Read Leo Kanner's "Autistic Disturbances of Autistic Contact" (the original observations of autism in children) here: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 6, 2020
25. Social Media (or lack of) and Social Rules
On episode 25 I continue from last week and we dive into "unwritten social rules" that seem to escape so many neurodivergent folks and also I share about why I am now off of social media.  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 29, 2020
24. Learning the "Language" of Others and why IT'S EVERYTHING!
When you're neurodivergent, it can often feel like everyone is communicating on a completely different wavelength than you. On Episode 24, I talk about how important it is to learn and accept the different communication styles of the neurodivergent people we love and what can often be missed. This is a great episode for parents of neurodivergent kids as I share a lot of my own experiences as a kid and as a parent. Website is back up and running: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 22, 2020
23. (Emphatic sigh followed by a loud:) "I AM NOT NEUROTYPICAL"!
What can I say that I haven't already? I'M STRUGGLING... and I am neurodivergent/Autsitic/ADHD/What have you. I am all over the place! I am... ME! And that's okay. Let's talk about all of that and more.
September 20, 2020
TRAILER: Not Neurotypical w/Laura Zdan
Adults everywhere are realizing they are neurodivergent or on the spectrum at alarming rates! This podcast follows the journey of me, Laura Zdan, on my own realization from the very beginning and in real-time! Subscribe today to get the latest episodes and updates! CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
July 21, 2020
22. Concept: Unlearning Neurotypical (and why it's changing my life)
I am beginning to see that the more I've learned, the more I need to UNLEARN. Society has shaped this whole world into a compliance machine and yet SO MANY of us don't fit into that box, and as I've said so many times, THERE ARE NO RULES!   --Learn more about the Tiimo app here: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
July 21, 2020
21. Coming out, AGAIN? (About My Gender Identity) + Autism + LORD KNOWS
SEASON 3 of Not Neurotypical is about more learning but This past year has been a wild ride! While unmasking, I realized there was a name for things I had been feeling since some of my earliest memories: NONBINARY. Hear more about my gender identity journey and how it's impacting my autism journey.   --Learn more about the Tiimo app here:    ++ This is a video podcast! View here: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
June 14, 2020
20. I'm Disillusioned
Can we just scrap 2020 and start all over again?? I am just disillusioned with everything and everyone... so let's talk about THAT.  Learn more about the Tiimo app here: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
May 20, 2020
19. Let's Chat about Trauma Response (GASP)
The past few weeks I've been researching into PTSD and other things that seem to affect Neurodivergent adults on a grand scale and in turn, I've been learning A WHOLE LOT about myself. A few things I've thought were just "my personality"? Well, they were actually (GASP) TRAUMA RESPONSES. Neurodivergent adults are no stranger to trauma response because most of us have been met with A LOT of trauma for, well, our whole lives. The first step is knowing. Let's talk about it.
April 12, 2020
18. Meltdowns, Burnout, and Mental Traps
WE ARE IN A DEFINING MOMENT IN HISTORY right now. Everything has changed in a matter of weeks and it is A LOT to process! On episode 18 I discuss coronavirus (briefly, don't worry, that is not the main discussion here) and how we're all dealing with this situation differently, I talk about meltdowns and burnout, easy traps we often fall into within (self) advocacy and processing a new diagnosis, and more of my info-dumping rants!  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
March 29, 2020
17. Is The Goal of Unmasking All The Time Realistic?
On episode 17, I go a bit deeper into the reality and complexities of unmasking. I question if it really is harmful, or bad for us, or is it an unrealistic expectation that puts unnecessary pressure on us?. I also weigh the risks and benefits while discussing why some parts of the late diagnosis journey (and maybe even goals of neurodiversity) may be unrealistic for most of us.  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
March 4, 2020
16. Masking, Emotional Regulation, Relationships, & Acceptance vs Excuses
On episode 16 (I mistakenly thought it was episode 17, woops!) I share about the past rollercoaster week that started with a disaster from hell and has now ended with more clarity than I feel like I've ever had. I question if masking is all bad, discuss emotional regulation, and how dysregulation sabotages way too much of my life, relationships, and the fine line between autistic acceptance and making excuses for myself. ****WATCH THE TED TALK mentioned in this podcast of Dr. Joanne Disalvo HERE: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
February 25, 2020
15. Responding To Feedback, Infighting, Cancel Culture, and MorE
On episode 15, I share feedback I got from a psychologist regarding a past episode, I discuss cancel culture and why it hurts the adult autistic community/neurodiversity, discuss infighting within the community, and more! This episode is quite literally a thought stream of consciousness... so, enjoy my ramblings!  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
February 20, 2020
14. Neurotypical and Neurodivergent Relationships (Extended) w/ Special Guest Dylan (My Husband)
NT/ND relationships are not always easy, but they don’t have to be so hard! I invited my husband, Dylan, to join me and help me share our journey from both perspectives on The Not Neurotypical Podcast. We share the challenges we faced during my late diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, how we both needed different supports and we even answer questions from The Squad!  Watch on Youtube: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
February 9, 2020
13. Not Neurotypical Tips for Navigating The Workplace
I invited Delaney Cline on the podcast to discuss common employment challenges facing ND/disabled adults. Delaney is an employment consultant for disabled adults entering the workplace and in this episode, we share our own challenges, she shares her own neurodivergent story, we share tips and tricks for self-advocacy in the workplace, interview tips, and I even got to ask specific questions from my followers and members of The Squad!   Watch this video podcast HERE: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
February 3, 2020
12. When An Adult Autism Evaluation Goes Wrong w/ Special Guest Carrie L. Johnson
You probably already know about my autism evaluation, but what about all of the people who feel it IN THEIR BONES that they are autistic and their first evaluation goes wrong? I invited Carrie L. Johnson (host of the "Yeah, I Went There." Podcast) to discuss her adult autism evaluation and share more about her story.    WATCH THE VIDEO PODCAST OF THIS EPISODE: ::::::::::Connect with Carrie::::::::::: Youtube:   Instagram: Yeah, I went there (podcast): Website: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
January 1, 2020
11. What a Journey This Has All Been - Where is it going now?
You've made it to season 2 with me! Season 1 was all about the realization and process of my late diagnosis. Now, starting my next season (season 2), I am learning how to find my voice and growing within this new world I've thrown myself into. Lots of fun to come on Season 2! I'm so happy you're joining me :) CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
December 19, 2019
10. EVERYTHING you need to know about #ActuallyUnmasking (from experience).
Adding on to Episode 9 we're discussing #ActuallyUnmasking and everything you need to know before taking the mask off. CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
December 14, 2019
9. The Art of Unmasking (and does it hurt Neurodiversity if we mask?)
Neurodivergent adults need more support and one of the areas especially is unmasking, which I see as a major form of self-care. Watch and listen to learn more about what masking is, how to unmask, and most of all, how masking hurts the neurodiversity movement. #actuallyunmasking #actuallyautistic CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
November 18, 2019
8. All About How I Came Out of the Autism Closet
On Episode 8 I share about how I came out of the Autistic Closet to my friends and family. I am finally proud to be publicly autistic... Most of all I am finally sharing a POSITIVE podcast with no negative struggles (well, maybe some). Join me as I share about how I am finally myself while enjoying throwing the mask away. #actuallyautistic #autisticvoices #neurodiversity #adhd #adhdawarenessmonth #latediagnosis  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
November 7, 2019
7. Ableism Goes Both Ways
EVERYONE needs to hear this episode and NO ONE IS SAFE! On this episode we talk about ableism, neurodiversity and what it really means, autism, autistic adults and how we embrace each other, functioning labels, support levels and I even sprinkle in a little bit about autism moms (don't forget, I am one!)... This episode gets a little SPICY, but as always, it's just me being real... #actuallyautistic #autisticvoices #neurodiversity #adhd #adhdawarenessmonth #latediagnosis CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 26, 2019
6. How My Awareness of Self Has Changed Since My Diagnosis
I have been noticing some odd things lately... it's funny how much perception affects SO MUCH about our daily lives. We discuss that and more in Episode VI AS WELL AS A SUPER FUN ANNOUNCEMENT! #actuallyautistic #autisticvoices #neurodiversity #adhd #adhdawarenessmonth #latediagnosis CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 21, 2019
5. Take Yourself Out of the Box & ADHD Awareness Month
Do you ever feel crushed by the pressure to be or act a certain way in certain situations? If so, this episode is for you! Since I have ADHD + ASD I've always felt like I crumble under pressure and I talk all about how I'm working on setting healthy boundaries and accepting myself for who I really am/what I really need... no pressure added! I also discuss more about ADHD Awareness Month 2019! CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
October 5, 2019
4. The Growing Pains of a Late Diagnosis
Episode 4 is all about processing the diagnosis and dealing with some struggles that I've personally faced with a late diagnosis of ASD on top of my childhood ADHD diagnosis. I share the barriers I've been facing, including responsibilities and interpersonal struggles with sharing my new diagnosis with people around me. #actuallyautistic #autisticvoices #neurodiversity  CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 15, 2019
3. Myths and Stigma about Autism
In Episode 3 I share the traits that resonated with me when I questioned if I could be autistic. These are the lesser-known (atypical) traits of autism that you don't hear about very often and they helped me accept myself and seek a diagnosis. **Autism is a S P E C T R U M and everyone presents differently typically present differently.** CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 9, 2019
2. My Adult Autism Evaluation
Episode 2 is a continuation of Episode 1 all about the events that lead up to and sharing more about my adult autism evaluation. CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 8, 2019
1. Could I Be Autistic?
On EPISODE 1 I share my raw and confusing journey including the REAL-TIME and natural reaction to finding out that even though I'm an entrepreneur and mom of 3, I may be autistic. CONNECT WITH ME Instagram: @laurazdan Facebook: Twitter: @laurazdan Youtube:
September 6, 2019