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Not Nosy

Not Nosy

By Rebecca Carter
Rebecca (@recgator) is Not Nosy…just curious! Each episode she indulges her curiosity through casual conversations with artists she knows and admires in a long-form interview that can go in just about any direction.
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Sarah Webster - sarabellab

Not Nosy

Joel - quite_convincing
Joel (quite_convincing) is a writer, voiceover actor, and general dabbler in the creative realms based in Wisconsin. Joel and Rebecca met while focusing on sketch comedy on the collaborative site, HitRecord. Joel and Rebecca discuss growing up in the UK, Joel's passion for comedy and film from a young age, and the path that led him where he is today. Find us at and as @notnosypodcast on social media.
October 29, 2019
Daniel Goh - tinderlocks
Daniel Goh (tinderlocks) is a musician, sound designer and sound mixer based in Melbourne, Australia. Around here, Dan's claim to fame is that he created the Not Nosy theme song and can be heard singing at the top of every Not Nosy episode. Daniel and Rebecca discuss his passion of sound design, his early days as a musician, and his love of film. Dan is the co-host of Movie Oubliette, a podcast reviewing forgotten fantastical films. He was also recently featured in "Band Together with Logic" a collaboration between HitRecord and Logic for YouTube Originals. Find us at and as @notnosypodcast on social media.
September 10, 2019
Amie Batalibasi - AmieBatalibasi
Amie Batalibasi is a director and producer based out of Melbourne, Australia. Her award-winning short films have been shown at film festivals all over the world. Amie and Rebecca discuss Amie's path to filmmaking, how connecting with her family in the Solomon Islands helped her find the story that she absolutely must tell, and the challenges of directing and distributing micro-budget films. They also talk about their experiences in comedy improv classes, the Mumblecore film genre from the 90s, and Amie's work in teaching culturally diverse groups on how to tell their own stories. She has made an impact on communities through her work, and is incredibly inspiring. Amie is currently working on developing Blackbird as a feature film. You can find Amie Batalibasi as @amiebatalibasi on Instagram and Twitter and visit her website at Find us at and as @notnosypodcast on social media.
July 16, 2019
Seth! Leary - SethBang
Seth! Leary is a Visual Artist and "Aspiring Everything" based in Seattle, Washington. Professionally, he is an exhibit developer and project manager, specializing in traveling exhibitions. Seth! and Rebecca discuss that exclamation point on the end of his name, the wide variety of jobs he has had, from a print shop to founding a school to creating hands on traveling exhibits, and the interesting path that led him to each. The two discuss an idea that Seth! pitched several years ago on HitRecord - the concept of having a physical traveling HitRecord exhibit. They want to make it happen...and really show people IRL what collaborative art can be. You can find Seth! on Instagram, Twitter, and HitRecord as @SethBang. Find us at and as @notnosypodcast on social media.
May 28, 2019
Maddy Stewart - GraphicBirdie
Maddy Stewart is a Sculptor, Illustrator, and Woodworker based in Colorado. Maddy is recently graduated with a BFA in sculpture. Maddy and Rebecca discuss their love of travel, with Maddy's trips including horseback riding in Mongolia and an upcoming art fellowship in Nepal. They also talk about improv comedy, dealing with anxiety at school, and making a living at art after college. Rebecca is obsessed with Maddy's latest project of wooden spoon carving. Maddy is sweet and inspiring, and will be exciting to watch as her career continues to develop. You won't want to miss this episode with artist, Maddy Stewart!
May 07, 2019
Jake Olson - MelonOso
Jake Olson (MelonOso) is an Artist, Illustrator, and Designer based in Western New York. Over the past year, Jake has been publicly open about his focus on his own mental health; he and Rebecca discuss his journey and the topic of mental health in general. They also discuss activism and the causes that Jake is passionate about, such as indigenous rights and oppressed voices in general -- and the challenge to balance our desire for being a part of social change without losing sight of taking care of ourselves. Rebecca and Jake also discuss art and the business of art. Jake works as a freelance designer, and discusses his experience with online platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, while also introducing us to Skillshare and Twitch as a path for building community and income streams, as well. You can find Jake Olson as @MelonOso on Instagram, Twitch, and HitRecord, and as @TheMelonOso on Twitter. If you feel like you need help and aren't sure where to start...The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. You can even chat with them online. Find it at Full show notes and more resources available on
April 23, 2019
Marelou Janzen - mejanzen
Marelou Janzen (mejanzen) is a Graphic Designer and Animator based out of Alberta, Canada. Rebecca highlights some of her favorite animated shorts made by Marelou, and the two discuss art, design and animation -- and the often difficult path of following your dreams. Marelou and Rebecca also talk about the adventures of living abroad, her Filipino heritage, and her loves of food and karaoke. One of the recurring themes of the conversation is motherhood. Marelou and Rebecca discuss the challenges of keeping up with your career as a stay-at-home-mom, the importance of "mom friends", and how creating art can both keep your skills sharp while also being therapeutic. You can find her series of comics, "Life in Doodles by Mejanzen," on and follow on her Instagram and Twitter @mejanzen Not Nosy Podcast is supported by the Knowing: Short Film Kickstarter campaign. Check out their project video and help them get funded by May 17, 2019. Visit
April 09, 2019
Nathan Lang - njlang
Nathan Lang (njlang) is a musician, singer/songwriter, web developer, and more based out of Kansas City. Nathan and Rebecca talk about music, photography, and really dig into some cool stuff that he's doing with HitRecord. Nathan talks about his process of creating music, and we listen to a couple of samples of his work with other artists. Nathan is really a collaborator extraordinaire, with such a variety of skills that you may see him create lyrics for an instrumental (or an instrumental for lyrics), edit a video in a way that would have never occurred to anyone else, or analyze data and publish the results with his own analysis. A jack-of-all-trades that loves to collaborate with others -- you won't want to miss this episode with Nathan Lang!
March 12, 2019
Inês Reis - Ines_Reis
Inês Reis (Ines_Reis) is a writer of scripts and screenplays based in Portugal. In this episode, Inês and Rebecca talk about being a first generation college graduate, changing careers, speaking and writing in a foreign language, and how (and if) the changing comedy landscape in the USA has affected Portugal. Inês was very supportive of Rebecca when she was starting out at HitRecord. She is very kind, self-described as shy, a fantastic writer, and has a surprisingly dark sense of humor. It's interesting to get a glimpse into another part of the world, and always interesting to have a conversation with such a talented artist such as Inês Reis.
February 26, 2019
Sarah Webster - sarabellab
Sarah Webster (@sarabellab) is an actor and writer based in the Tri-State area. In this episode, Sarah tells us about how she got started into acting in North Carolina, her move to New York City, and the trials and tribulations of getting started in the business. Sarah and Rebecca also talk about being stay-at-home moms while also trying to remain actively creative. As always, there are plenty of fun anecdotes throughout the conversation - from trains to Tony Danza, albino ferrets to All My Children. Sarah is currently working on a (secret!) book concept. You can find her on HitRecord as @sarabellab
February 12, 2019
Jonathan Cooke - jondoodles
Jonathan Cooke is a voice actor based in Los Angeles, California. He is the first guest of Not Nosy that Rebecca has actually met in real life, but they originally met on as @jondoodles and @recgator. Jonathan has an amazing natural speaking voice, in addition to a variety of character voices and accents. The two talk about everything from the details of voice acting from home and making decisions on accents, to Glamour Shots and u-pick auto parts. Jonathan is the voice of many video game characters, and also enjoys working on audiobook dramas, in addition to his commercial work. He's recently been featured in My Time at Portia and 39 Days to Mars, both PC games soon to be released for consoles. He also recently illustrated the children's book, Reggie Rabbit Learns to Hop by Naomi Voorhees. Visit Jonathan Cooke's website:
January 29, 2019
Tia Levings - TSLevings
Tia Levings (@TSLevings) is a writer based in Jacksonville, Florida, currently with several exciting projects in the pipeline. In this episode, Tia and Rebecca discuss everything from motherhood to fictionalizing memoirs. This was a great conversation with surprising twists and turns...we hope you enjoy the unexpected journey! The conversation starts off with birth stories, which provide an important look into Tia's backstory, before turning to talk more about her second love, writing, including topics such as pulp writing, deep work and writing coaches. Tia is an old soul and extremely thoughtful in her approach to everything. They finish up the conversation with some talk about HitRecord, where they have worked on some comedy projects together, and a story about a kitchen sink. Rebecca and Tia realize they have more in common than they even knew.
January 15, 2019
Gareth Wilson - @NottingIdiot
Gareth Wilson (@NottingIdiot) is a Resident Curator on HitRecord, specializing mostly in comedy. He talks with Rebecca about his past as a rocker, his journey to becoming a stand-up comedian and his passion for screenwriting. They reminisce about their early days working together on HitRecord, inspired by the world of Glenn Konkler, a short mockumentary created by Wunderboy about the man who invented the percussion loops for the Casio keyboards. But it's not all about HitRecord. Gareth is filled with random stories from bad breath to smoking (no, they're not related) and gives us a tutorial in Rock and Roll. And as always, he keeps Rebecca laughing throughout.
January 01, 2019
Introducing: Not Nosy
Hi there! I’m Rebecca Carter (you may know me as recgator online) and I’m so excited to kick off my new podcast, Not Nosy. Over the past couple of years I have come to know so many amazing artists, from actors and writers, to illustrators, photographers and musicians. I mean just so many amazing people from all around the world. And I see their work and I get to know them a little bit and it just leaves me with more questions. I assure you, I’m Not Nosy…just curious! But I do want to know how do they know how to do what they do? What’s their backstory? Where do they want to go? And I just love to hear people’s personal stories about their life experiences. You may or may not already be familiar with the guests on this podcast. These are artists of all kinds who are in different stages of their career – some are professionals in their craft, some are hobbyists, some are working day jobs while they wish they could be doing their art full time. Regardless, I believe everyone has a lot to offer. I’m so excited to share these conversations with you. Each episode is completely unique and each guest is sharing great stories from their life. Can't wait to get started! Please subscribe, and find us on social media @notnosypodcast.
October 04, 2018