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By Tonya Phillips
Honest conversations about family, friendship, marriage, and motherhood, while not taking life so seriously because PERFECT IS LAME!
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It's Official: I've got a serious Girl Crush!


Yes it’s me & I’m back b*tches!
I’m coming to you with a quick update on my time away from the mic with a mini NSD podcast episode so don’t count me out just yet. Why you ask? Because I will be releasing a couple of new episodes: - 40 things we’ve learned at 40 - What about your friends? And hopefully a few more because who better to discuss the above titles with than my NSD girls? The Girly Girls, SAS, The Tommy Girls, The Clueless Crew, The Click, and My #1, are just a few titles we're known as. Stay tuned for more, & for those friends that are reading this join my 'perfect is lame' crew & be a guest! You have my # 😉 💕, your girl Tonya
March 30, 2022
Meet Jessie VO, the "Crazy" Confidence Builder
This week's NSD guest is on a mission to help women create the confidence they need to live their dream lives and accept who they are (sounds pretty darn good, huh?). But even more so, her goal is to make us all loud and proud about it! Throughout her professional career she's styled for brands, magazines, you name it, and also created makeovers which led to her career as a model agent and model coach. She taught models how to walk, how to dress, and how to act confidently in castings and on photoshoots. But on the inside she hid a dirty little secret: she felt UGLY pretty much her whole life and didn't love or value herself as she knew she should. Sounds crazy but it's true. Weirdly enough, that didn't stop her from chasing her dreams. However, one day she put a stop to it all and started anew. Listen in on our conversation as she tells me how she re-blossomed and now helps female solopreneurs ditch the jitters and confidently dominate any stage they're ready to walk. You can also follow her on social media at and
February 15, 2022
Building a community of believers: Meet Rachel Kerr
After hosting a women’s empowerment event in Louisville last year, I quickly became a huge fan of my next guest's mission to create a space where women with shared values can come together, motivate one another, and truly believe in themselves. Leaving that event, attended by so many like-minded women just like me, I was overjoyed, inspired and hungry for more. So much so that I became a brand ambassador for the organization itself, The Beauty Boost! Rachel Kerr is the Founder of and who for many years searched for a community of inspiring and motivating women but couldn’t seem to find just what she needed. Enter The Beauty Boost, an exciting series of weekend retreats she established where women freely and openly participate and come back feeling like they can conquer the world! These healthy fitness and empowerment events are beyond exhilarating and I promise once you listen to our conversation, you'll feel energized, recharged, and just like me after that first event, totally ready to rule! For more about The Beauty Boost Louisville follow on Instagram at
February 08, 2022
Beam us up Kaitlin!
I'm totally psyched to share this week's NSD broadcast with my guest Kaitlin Anthony, a life coach who pulls no punches when it comes to helping women take total charge of their lives. With 10+ years of coaching experience, she gives her all when it comes to helping women trade in their "stress for swagger" as she so accurately states. Our conversation covers an array of topics and include how to navigate being a divorced mom, the myriad ways to uplift other women, our takes on style and fashion (c'mon, I gotta be me!), and being a no-hold-barred female podcaster in 2022. And not for nothing, Kaitlin also educated me on what pronouns to use when addressing someone - whether it's her, him, they, or them, after my initial not so darlin faux pas moment with her - when she showed me a heckuva lot of grace and understanding. This take-charge lady has built a community who show up for her "beam hive", which addresses women of all ages and stages of life. I promise you're going to enjoy our chat and be sure to check Kaitlin out on The Beam Life podcast (link and her other social/outreach channels at
February 01, 2022
I'm ready with Jetty, are you? Join us!
Jetty Nieuwenhuis is a professional speaker, wellness advocate and model. As CEO of her company Trujetty,, she uses her personal stories of invisible illnesses - bulimia, Lyme Disease, and depression — to help women wake up from a life on autopilot to unapologetically go after their most burning desires. Jetty is an IAWP Health/Wellness coach, holds certifications in makeup artistry and image consulting, and has successfully completed two Ironman (I personally think that moniker should be changed to IronPERSON, BTW) competitions. Rebelling against the perfectly curated influencer image of so so many other women online circa 2022 - complete with ridiculously unattainable standards- she focuses on the real-life contradictions many of us face. From fab fashion over 40; beauty ideals without the heavy edit (bye bye face filters); and having enough while still wanting more, Jetty brings it. Listen to our conversation & you'll be an instant convert to her way of thinking, I promise!
January 25, 2022
Social Study: Meet Real-Life Ray of Hope Jess Hoeper
Have you ever wondered what goes on in a social worker's mind? Have you ever, intentionally or unintentionally, passed judgment on a parent whose children are under the care of the state? I have - for better or worse - and I believe that most of us to some degree have been conditioned to think that way for some reason...until I met Jess Hoeper. That said, and as a mother and a parent, I was more than ready to learn more and talk with her in depth about her mission for all of us to 'un-condition' our minds. Personally Jess is a mother of five who resides with her husband and family in central Minnesota. Professionally she is a licensed independent social worker with 15+ years of human service experience, specializing in child welfare. Jess’s passion is, as she says, "curating curiosity and spending time in wonder". She owns and operates her own human services consulting/training company, Ray of Hope LLC, offering Reflective Coaching to human service professionals nationally. Through her years of experience Jess became keenly aware that the only tangible tool available to actually fine tune those in the social work sector is the professional herself or himself, with professional development focusing on developing that person. Her methodologies to reach that goal include guiding these professional to self-awareness in their work, and rooting them with a deeper understanding of the honor it is to work with those receiving social services. I urge you to listen in on our eye-opening conversation that digs deep into the world of social work and its impact on children and parents alike, what Reflective Coaching is all about, and how Jess came to realize that the key to helping others is all about H.O.P.E. (the word and the acronym). And for more information about Jess and Ray of Hope LLC, visit, and follow her on Instagram at and Facebook at
January 18, 2022
WTF is up with dating these days?!
That's exactly what this week's NSD podcast guest Lori Hardacker has been trying to figure out and not just lately, but for the past 20 years. This first-time author has seen the ups and downs of dating for the past two decades and she shares all the laughter, joy, pain and tears in her ebook "Dating: What The F***!", available at I promise you, it's a must-read/listen to account that'll have you cracking up and crying at the same time. . Much more than a first-time author, Lori is also an ingenious entrepreneur, dance teacher and RV adventurer...yes, RV adventurer! Originally from Massachusetts, this Southwest Florida resident went to Roger Williams University and received a BA in Dance and a minor in Theater. For four years, Lori owned and operated a successful dance studio and then created a traveling dance and fitness program that she brought to preschools, daycares, recreation centers and YMCAs in the New England area. Today she teaches tap, ballet, jazz, tumbling and creative movement to children 18 months to 6 years old and is known as the “Baby Whisperer”. Before Lori made Florida her home, she was living in her RV full-time, traveling and working around the country. She began this journey in May 2016 and worked in Maine, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico, Michigan and Wyoming before taking an exit off the road in 2019. This entrepreneur extraordinaire also has a small event company for which she hosts singles events that cover dating, relationships, sex trivia and “Hound and Human Happy Hours”. And as far as marriage and children go, Lori is perfectly happy being single and taking care of her “kids”: one canine and one feline and she plans on keeping it that way. Take a listen and prepare for a fun-filled - and as Lori would say "honest AF" - conversation!
January 11, 2022
Welcome to the NO JUDGEMENT Zone
As the old saying goes, "never judge a book by its cover", and let me tell you that is SO true, especially when it comes to one's looks. Have you ever been judged by your looks? I sure have as has this week's guest, Bridget Sickso. She and I share similar missions to ensure that empowered voices are heard, while breaking the mold on what society tells us we should or shouldn’t look like based on our interests. Bridget helps us find our inner beauty and worthiness with reflection, connection, and community. She is the founder of Exalted Publishing House, a yoga teacher, podcast host, & leadership coach...this lady is the bomb! Bridget holds various certifications as a holistic health coach, reiki practitioner and has studied ayurveda, vinyasa, yin, restorative, and kundalini yoga. She helps successful entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd, positioning them as leaders in their various industries by sharing powerful stories. This dynamo also hosts women's circles, networking events, and community gatherings where women of all ages, ethnicities and interests can use their voices, connect with like-minded women, and elevate themselves and their businesses. On her “The Gathering MVMT” podcast Bridget has interviewed over 60 entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, authors, thought leaders, and visionaries whose goals are to uplift humanity. After her healing experience with Lyme disease at age 15, Bridget's mission was to make sure empowering voices were heard loud and clear. She set out on a path to study holistic healing and yoga, then fell down a rabbit hole of personal development. Empowered (there's that word!), she quit her NYC sales job in 2016 and set forth on an entrepreneurial adventure committed to gathering people together, elevating them, and sharing their powerful voices. Bridget's books, "Legacy Speaks" and "Success Codes" are available on Amazon and further detail her commitment to sharing women's stories while gathering us all together. Please check out her website at and follow here on social media at
January 04, 2022
Mind over matter to the MAX with Mentor/Resilience Expert Joanna Chanis
re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/noun the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness. That's Merriam-Webster's definition above but my guest this week, Joanna Chanis, knows there's much more to that one word. A professional mentor and resilience expert, she helps young adults and entrepreneurs who have experienced a serious loss catapult into a more productive and holistic life. Joanna is the author of "The Waiting Room: Your Friend to Help You and Your Loved Ones through the Diagnosis", and a breast cancer survivor who is carrying the lessons learned from her journey into every aspect of life. From young adults to corporate teams, multitudes have found Joanna’s story incredibly powerful and utilize her realistic problem-solving tools and values to obtain healthy resilience, overcome challenges, and increase productivity. Joanna is also the host of the podcast “About Life with Jo” ( where she connects and helps young adults, creating a space which feels like a night out, with conversations that are real and filter-free. This multi-talented woman has an entrepreneurial background in owning and operating a high-volume restaurant and founding a technology start-up and is also on the board of the Ellie Fund, which provides essential support services for breast cancer patients to ease the stresses of everyday life, and the Philoptochos Society, the philanthropic arm of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America that has offered 90 years of philanthropy through a multitude of programs across the world. A proud Greek American, Joanna celebrates her heritage by traveling to Greece each year and cooking Greek food. Along with her love for fine dining, style and travel, Joanna’s main goal in life is to connect people and form deep relationships no matter where she goes. Joanna and I had a great chat about how as women we both have lied to ourselves and pretend that by putting everyone and everything else before ourselves can be seriously damaging. The two of us have recovered from life-changing health diagnoses and discuss how there IS life after one's diagnosis. Joanna says cancer was her truth teller, actually saved her life, and made her realize she needed to dive deep down and make huge changes within herself. She gives me and all of my listeners the tools and tips needed to overcome our daily struggles, increase our awareness, and live our most fulfilled lives! Be sure to follow her on Instagram at, LinkedIn at, and YouTube at ​ And last but certainly not least, Merry Christmas to you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a NSD follower! Xo, Tonya
December 21, 2021
Coming up roses: Meet Serial Entrepreneur, Deon Stokes
You know that feeling when you first meet someone who completely blows you away by her energy, enthusiasm & POWER?! I do & she's this week's NSD podcast @s_ds. After 13 years as a political manager and strategist, Deon retired to focus her time and attention on growing her brands & passions. She now offers up 15+ years of experience as the Founder/CEO of Joint Effort LLC, a female-founded/female-led marketing agency; is the founder & visionary of the podcast & web series "The Failure Report"; co-host with Marta Miranda Straub of the podcast "Leading In Color"'; the tech developer of Pivot a Professional Wellness Marketplace which is powered by Google; and the Curator of Planner at "The Ambition Planner" @theambitionplanner a daily planner for women of faith. None of us are perfect by any means and I too have failed at many things in life. But one of the topics on which I refuse to fail & want to bring to the forefront is honest, REAL talk about ethnicity & race. So, listen in at #linkinbio as Deon & I have a no-holds-barred, upfront, & completely unfiltered conversation about female minority leadership/business ownership, plus the joys of being not so darlin, no matter who you are. Xoxo, Tonya
December 14, 2021
Meet multi-talented, multi-tasking, all-around badass boss lady Caitlin Bosshart!
My latest NSD podcast guest is a woman I immediately connected with because she TELLS IT LIKE IT IS. For all of us: the multi-passionate creatives, the quiet rebels and dreamers, and everyone unwilling to settle for less than what they want. Caitlin is your go-to gal for that and when the 'normal' society fuddy-duddys tell us we need to pick a certain niche, Caitlin empowers us to settle for nothing less than the life we want! The amazing Ms. Bosshart is a life coach for the multitudes of multi-passionate women & men out there who want to express themselves their way and is also a wedding coach for couples who want to tie the knot in an inimitable way. So, it's not surprise that in true multi-passionate fashion, she's also the co-host of the Full Heart Free Voice Podcast & a yoga teacher, artist, beekeeper, gardener, scoliosis warrior & much more. Whew! There have been many twists and turns in her life, both literally and figuratively, that have brought her to where she is today. Both by choice and happenstance, her life never quite fit any one path. She realized long ago that the only life that would bring her fulfillment was the one she created for herself, one that was fluid, eclectic, creative, meaningful and passion driven. So, while she spent a lot of her previous life believing she was relatively alone in this desire, she’s come to realize now that not even the slightest bit of that BS is true. There are so many others like her old self, who also feel suffocated by monotonous lives & careers; people with a multitude of ever-evolving interests; a strong desire to be lifelong learners and who thrive when able to think in many ways. At the end of the day, people who want the freedom to create their own ideal life yet struggle with the expectations and pressures to be a certain type of adult, to build a certain type of life and choose only ONE thing. Again, total BS. Take a listen & behold! BTW you can find Caitlin on Instagram at @caitlin_bosshart and her Full Heart Free Voice podcast at
December 07, 2021
Meet this week's guest, Menopause Maestro: Angela Counsel
Yep, the "M" word - and most certainly NOT a bad word. I discovered from so many of my listeners that this was one of the top topics they want to learn more about. And for me at midlife, it’s something I’m starting to experience. Angela & I had a great conversation. I loved her advice on more natural ways we can treat menopause. Angela believes it is a time when women can step into their wisdom, to become the woman they were destined to be before the world told them who they should be. Her mission: To share with as many women as possible the information as to what they require to really understand what is happening to them as they transition from their reproductive years into menopause. As she says, "This is why I do the work that I do". Where to find out more about Angela Free Understanding Menopause E-book – Website - Facebook and Instagram - @angelacounsel Wise Women Conversations Podcast on ITunes, Spotify and Google Play
November 30, 2021
Get ready for a big, healthy, helpful portion of my Thanksgiving Week podcast, family style!
I'm thrilled to introduce you all to Christy Weber, the founder of Louisville, Kentucky-based Bloom Counseling + Wellness Studio at its online motherhood-exclusive division Christy specializes in pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders including postpartum depression, anxiety, and OCD, as well as helping new moms and dads adjust to parenthood. She also works with clients struggling with relationship conflicts, domestic violence, adoption/fostering issues, and infertility. Christy uses an eclectic approach when working with clients, combining components from client-centered, solution-focused, and cognitive behavioral therapies. She considers the client/therapist relationship as one of the most important elements in therapy and when the client is engaged in therapy with a trusting, compassionate therapist, the opportunity for change and growth is tremendous. A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Christy earned her master's degree in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago. She is doing amazing work and we had a candid and ultra-informative conversation as I opened up about my own personal struggles with breast-feeding, infertility, adoption, and hormonal issues. And to boot, it was so hard for me as a Catholic seeing friends and other family members have multiple children, and felt my precious son was going to be a doomed as an only child (which is SO NOT TRUE). I was devastated at the time - he's now 14 - felt like a failure and to be perfectly honest, I haven’t really spoken much about that, but I wonder sometimes if one of the reasons I have struggled with depression and mental illness is because of pregnancy. So, Christy and I really took our discussion on a next-level basis, and I know whether you're single, partnered, are considering having children or have already, you'll be fascinated by her approach. Look for her and her various specialties on social media at,, and Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
November 23, 2021
Put the pedal to the medal on your midlife marriage.
Does your marriage need a little reviving up? My next guest Deanna Bryant does just that! Wanna rejuvenate your midlife marriage & tackle those hard convos with your spouse? Look no further, Deanna's soothing voice eases any woes and creates a safe space for discussion. She even shares motherhood advice for empty nesters. I’ve learned so much from listening to her own podcast, "Revive Your Midlife Marriage", that I just had to have her here on NSD to share with my audience. Deanna is a midlife marriage strategist and relationship coach for midlife couples who find their marriages at a crossroads when the kids are older or grown up. She and her husband ​have been married for over two decades and have two adult children and a teenager who live at their home in East Tennessee. Her business is 'Revive Your Midlife Marriage' at and she spent 25 years as an educator before making a major life change when she went back to school to become a coach. In trying to figure out her niche of coaching, she recognized her passion was midlife couples like she and her husband. In midlife, they had gone through a particularly tough time as many couples do. And while the love and commitment were there, there were issues they simply didn't have the skills to address alone. That said, they sought outside help to repair their relationship and this eye-opening experience birthed - so to speak - her passion for helping midlife couples. When not couples coaching Deanna enjoys spending time with her family which includes a feisty cowboy corgi, two cats, and a horse that thinks he is her shadow! She and her husband love hiking in the mountains and kayaking on the rivers of East Tennessee, as well as indulge in excellent food and travel to extraordinary places, staying in quaint bed and breakfasts. I just know you're going to be engaged and fascinated by our conversation which covers a lot of marital territory. Enjoy!
November 16, 2021
"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" that isn't: Real talk about SAD (Seasonal affective disorder)
Meet this week's NSD podcast special guest Amanda Villaveces, who breaks down the holiday - and other seasonal - angst that so many of us feel throughout the year, particularly now with Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner.. Amanda is the founding Director of Mental Health Lou (link and a Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist in private practice. She regularly hosts workshops and helps with the development of Mental Health Lou projects, and loves nothing more than to speaking about mental health in the community. She helps promote and create mental wellness programs throughout Louisville and works with clients on personal growth and healing in her private practice each week. How did it all begin? Flashback to 2018 at a small coffee shop in Louisville. Amanda met with a local mental health non-profit to discuss celebrating mental health in Louisville, a meeting that resulted in a collaboration which quickly grew to include multiple providers, other non-profits, businesses and more. That year 'Mental Health Month in the Ville' was born and over 25 events took place throughout the city to bring mental wellness tools and resources to our community. Almost 4 years later it's thriving and there's no sign of stopping Amanda & MHL! Please listen in our recent conversation about how to combat seasonal mental health issues - whether celebrating a holiday by yourself - it's OK! - or how to cope with a family reunion that you really would feel a lot better about taking a pass. And be sure to visit Mental Health Louisville on social media at @mentalhealthlou on Instagram and
November 09, 2021
Did you know Denim is the New Black & 40 is the New 20? Well, listen up!
To say I'm totally obsessed with my next NSD podcast guests is an understatement! Rachel and Tammy are the creators and fashion/beauty curators of 'Denim Is the New Black’, a super stylish website dedicated to the celebration of everyday looks that are effortlessly put together, purposeful, and very chic. They want women who visit their website at and follow them on social media to consider them girlfriends who love to shop and will help you simplify the shopping process, all the while keeping you looking and feeling stylish every day and night of the week. I immediately connected with this smart, savvy duo, both 40+ moms of teens, like me, who have the same passion for fashion as I do. Devotees of “street style”, they believe in investing in the best basics they - and all women - can afford and feel strongly that this is the foundation of a great wardrobe. They're all about building a wardrobe of solid basics, along with a heavy dose of denim, and just the right amount of edge. They're also not afraid to add the occasional trend or two to keep things fresh and fun. Their motto? True style is confidence and confidence is sexy! Mainly their goal is to be a voice for women saying that STYLE HAS NO AGE and getting older does not mean we must fade into the background. The older we get, the better we know ourselves, and the easier our style choices become. More about them: Rachel resides in downtown Denver with her husband of 19+ years and three teenagers. She's a true a lover of laid-back everyday style (sneaks, she's looking at you!). In her spare time, she enjoys tending to her 50+-and-growing plant collection, attempting her best to exhaust the family's 100-lb shepherd, and sipping a glass of good red wine. Meanwhile Tammy lives in San Diego with her husband and two teens and has a big-time love affair with her two toy poodles (and Rex cat too!). She's a creator with an eye for style, and a serious photographer at heart. Tammy is always on the quest for finding the perfect pair of jeans and loves adding a touch of glam to the everyday. I really enjoyed our conversation and how we women over 40 can get our style mojo back, feel good about what we’re wearing, and have the confidence to rock a trend we may have worn years ago and can still work it (I'm currently obsessed with everything '90s)! We also touched base on the trends we may need to say farewell to as we age. I know you're going to have as much fun listening in on us as we did because we pretty much left no style-related stone unturned! Be sure to check out their website, Instagram feed at denimisthenewblack, and on Facebook at
November 02, 2021
Finding Light at the end of the Tunnel for Females with ADHD featuring therapist Keri Knight.
I love helping others and when I recently asked my NSD pocast listeners what topics they wanted to learn more about I was happy to discover that lending a helping hand to those who struggle was at the top of the list. So this week's podcast focuses on a chronic condition that affects adults as well as children: ADHD Eleven million adults have ADHD with most of that number being women, female teens, and young girls. And that majority is the one most under diagnosed. Once I knew these alarming statistics, I did some digging and found Keri Knight, a licensed therapist who specializes in ADHD. Keri and I sat down to discuss a lot of info surrounding ADHD, her unique approach to therapy and much more, which I know will be of interest and very helpful for all you all. Keri is a very compassionate and intuitive therapist who has a special interest in working with women and girls with ADHD, as well as the creative, sensitive, and gifted. She has specialized training and experience with issues such as trauma, stress management, and mood dysregulation. Keri takes a holistic approach to her work with clients and blends therapy modalities with a mind-body wellness approach, while being a strong advocate for incorporating mindfulness practices into daily life. She is a qualified EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) therapist and mindfulness teacher and will complete her yoga teacher certification this year. To learn more about this fascinating woman who's a huge champion for other women, teens, and young girls, and how you can work with Keri, visit her website at, on Instagram at @keriknightcounseling, and Facebook at
October 26, 2021
Soul) Sister Act: Meet Kim White, late bloomer & life/performance coach phenomenon!
"Where's all my soul sistas? Lemme hear ya'll flow, sistas! Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista!" Why am I kicking off the new season of my podcast with lyrics from the classic "Lady Marmalade"? Because Season 3's first guest is a true soul sister: Life/performance coach Kim White, who not only has kept me focused while remaining fearless and fabulous over 40, but is also a dear friend. Call her an Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach or The Energy Lady (what her hubby calls her!) but regardless of her many titles Kim has taught me to keep going no matter my age, because as we both firmly believe you're never too old to start! Failures don’t define us and take it from her, who after 40 became a coach, fitness instructor and a mom, that is the truth! She is an expert at late blooming and as a fellow late bloomer, our connection was heaven sent! Kim has spent more than 17 years working with topics of human performance, energy management, and leadership. She has been able to leverage her degree in Health Education (Otterbein University) and a master’s degree in Education Administration & Curriculum with a specialty in Professional Development (Ashland University). In addition to her teaching licensure in Special Education (The Ohio State University), Kim holds her Professional Teaching License from the State of Ohio’s Department of Education in Health. Kim holds her Business Coach Certification from the World Coach Institute (WCI) and Fitness Instructor Certification from the American Exercise Council (ACE). Additionally, Kim is a Learning and Performance Consultant within Nationwide Retirement Institute (NRI), a department in Nationwide Financial, which delivers differentiated value to associates, financial advisors, leaders, and partners through programs that help them effectively grow both personally and professionally. For more information about Kim visit her online at, on Instagram at cultivate.your.purpose, and stay tuned here for upcoming episodes which will take our Not So Darlin "motley crew" of GenXers, Millennials and Boomers on a series of awesome, eye-opening journeys through summer '22!
October 19, 2021
The Inspirational Life Lessons from Lorie Harris, Through the Lens of Her Poetry
For this week's podcast I sat down and spoke very freely and honestly with my dear friend and acclaimed Louisville-based poet Lorie Harris. Her inspirational writings, as expressed in her works which include Colors of Character and Just Beyond the Sunrise, are not only an outlet to express and share her own difficult life experiences but are essentially journals to motivate others to maintain their strength and creativity while finding their own outlets during life's messier moments. Lorie started writing at the age of 11 as an outlet and source of freedom for all she was going through at the time. Drawn to poetry, she would lose herself in the rhythm of rhyme. Now an avowed advocate for domestic violence, as she herself is a survivor of mental, physical and sexual abuse, Lorie’s goal for people reading her poetry is for them to find healing in their souls and peace of mind. By putting pen to paper and sharing her work, she wants to encourage others and have them look at her poems - as she does - as a form of artwork; little short stories painted in words of rhyme. Lorie's recollections of mental, physical, and sexual abuse are heart-wrenching. However, listening to her describe how her faith pulled her through the darkest of times gives me hope that her recollections/writings will help those in need find strength and seek help if they are experiencing the same. Her poetry books are simultaneously beautiful and inspiring, and my hope is that listening to this week's podcast and reading her books will be healing to your own soul.
August 18, 2021
It's Official: I've got a serious Girl Crush!
"I've got a girl crush, Hate to admit it but I got a hard rush, It's slowin' down, I got it real bad, Want everything she has, That smile and that midnight laugh, She's givin' you now." This week's podcast makes me sing these unforgettable lyrics from @LittleBig Town's hit "I’ve Got a Girl Crush" over and over and you know why? It's true when it comes to this week's NSD podcast guest! Even though I recently acknowledged I'm not a huge country music fan (sorry, not sorry), I am a HUGE fan of this woman who is a rock star (er, country rock star?!) in every sense of the word in my book. Meet Natasha Lacy, a true English rose & rockin' UK mum (enter my British accent) who I recently met and befriended on Instagram (link This gorgeous, formidable, powerhouse of a woman just turned 50 and has style, confidence and riotous sense of humor you'll swoon for. She radiates confidence, beauty & a sense of youth inside and out, empowering us all over 40 to feel our most confidant with great finesse plus those Not So Sarlin topics like menopause (don't roll your eyes, it's coming sooner or later). From a fashion and style standpoint I adore her flair for making vintage fashion look fabulous no matter what era it's from and I urge - no, implore! - you to check out her life and style tips at and her website at
August 11, 2021
Steve Adams: Meet the Man Who Wears a LOT of Hats
Meet Steve Adams, A Man Who Metaphorically Wears a LOT of Hats As a father, real estate agent, investor, speaker, and the author of “Now What: A Divorced Dads Guide To Parenting Excellence" Steve Adams is a busy man but at the end of the day his most important role by far is being a dad to his two children. After his own divorce he decided he wanted a more meaningful role in the their lives. Over and over he pondered how fathers can remain active and relevant with their kids once the ink dries on the divorce decree. Steve turned around his priorities and focused on parenting, establishing a set of principles which worked well for him and which he wanted to share with other men (and women). This led him on his path to pen "Now What", which he firmly believes will work for any divorced father. "Being a committed father isn't rocket science," he says. "It's much harder!" Are you all - men and women alike - out there ready to take this on? I think you are, as it's super important for those who've been divorced or are going through it now. Listen in as Steve and I I chat about how divorce affects all family members for a variety of reasons, most notably the fact that in the majority of cases mothers receive full custody while fathers, more often than not, become 'weekend dads' or end up totally nonexistent. I know from personal experience how divorce can cripple one's self-esteem, especially as it relates to the children, as I too am a daughter of divorce with practically a nonexistent father who when I was around only complained about money he had to pay my mom; who never taught me how to drive; missed out on my high school graduation; and didn’t even walk me down the aisle at my wedding. That's some tough stuff that and Steve and I tackle it, along with a lot more you won't want to miss. And be sure to check out Steve's book at
July 28, 2021
The Pure Passions of Laura Watkins
How many of you have dreamed of walking away from your daily job and starting your own business? Meet Laura Watkins, a woman who did just that. Upon earning her bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master of Business Administration at the University of Louisville, she entered the corporate workforce. However, her true goal had always been to open her own business. When a co-worker asked her, "If you could do absolutely anything, what would it be?" the answer seemed to fall out of Laura's mouth: "I would quit my job, go to hair school and open an Aveda salon." And within a year, that's exactly what she did. At age 30 Laura resigned her corporate job and began the journey to get her cosmetology license. Fast forward to 2021 and Laura's salon, Pure Salon Spa, an Aveda salon and spa on Bardstown Road in Fern Creek, which will celebrate its 13th year in business and has been ranked among the top 200 salons in North America by Salon Today Magazine for the past 10 years. Married for 18 years with two daughters, her other passions include empowering women, garnering more respect for careers in the beauty industry, and very importantly for Laura from a personal standpoint, ending the stigma associated with mental illness. Her passion around ending the mental illness stigma comes from her own struggles with severe depression, with which she was first diagnosed in 2015 and continues to seek treatment to stay mentally well to this day. Laura had many misconceptions about mental illness until it happened to her, and she firmly believes there is still a long way to go with ending those preconceived notions, which means talking more and more about it to raise awareness. One in four people struggle with mental illness in her/his lifetime and that means there are a LOT of people out there struggling alone. Laura wants to change that! I recently had the opportunity to discuss all of her passions on this week’s Not So Darlin podcast. Please listen in on our conversation and visit the Pure Salon Spa website at (link, on Instagram at @puresalonlou (link and Facebook at (link
July 21, 2021
Meet Emily Elizabeth of "The Wondering Mind" Podcast
Emily Elizabeth created the "Wondering Mind" podcast in February 2020 after going through a series of hardships and mental health challenges. Her goal with the podcast is to have candid conversations about mental health and the challenges people face daily, which helps to break stigmas and normalize conversing about mental health. I first met Emily at a photoshoot & we started chatting & discovered that both of us local Louisvillians had something in common: podcast hosts, often with similar subject matter. After she shared with me what her mission was all about, I knew she had to be one of my guests! Let’s face it mental health has a bit of a not so darlin stigma & we both want to break that. Listen in as Emily & I chat about her own personal mental health issues from which she suffers including anxiety, ADHD, & depression, & why she decided to start her podcast. Also, Emily invited me to be a guest on her podcast to share my mental health & eating disorder story, which was a great honor; please take a listen to that episode here (link
July 14, 2021
The Lush Life: Meet Jana Brewer & Ashley Ernspiker of Louisville Lush Aesthetics
These two dynamic ladies are the co-owners of Louisville Lush Aesthetics, a mobile, private event and in-clinic injectable aesthetic services business. They’re both independent nurse practitioners trained in aesthetics and love to laugh and learn together. Jana and Ashley have the same enthusiasm for providing quality, ethical care to make you feel like the best version of yourself by enhancing your natural beauty. Jana is a full-time, local Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist. Originally from New Orleans, she transplanted to Louisville when she was three. She graduated Valedictorian of DuPont Manual High School (along with 11 others) in 2000 and went on to pursue a career in nursing at the University of Louisville before attending the University of Cincinnati for her Master’s of Science in Nursing with a focus in Anesthesia. Jana and her husband Josh have five kids between them plus two Great Danes, Woodford and Emmy. Ashley is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, originally from Oldham County, and graduated from the University of Louisville Nursing School. She started her nursing career in the Neonatal ICU where she worked while she pursued her Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner. She continued with her love of children working as a Nurse Practitioner in the emergency setting. Ashley and her husband Kevin have one daughter, as well as a golden retriever puppy, Penny. I sat down with them both to discuss all things aesthetic (and more!) on this week’s Not So Darlin podcast. Please listen in on our conversation and check out their website at (link and on Instagram at @louisvillelushaesthetics (link and Facebook at
July 07, 2021
Big city dreams can come true! Meet Olivia Brown.
Picture this: Small town girl with a college degree in Hospitality moves to Louisville to pursue her career, but a global pandemic has other ideas for her future. Pre-March 2020 Olivia was working as a successful event planner until COVID-19 put the brakes on that: no events = no job. But this creative lady had a lot of fun ideas and loads of imagination. After all, as a youngster she dreamed of owning a 1950s-style candy shop and driving a pink Cadillac! Those childhood dreams and her fearless determination prompted her to 'go for it' and start her own business, Electric Indigo Boutique. A little boho, a little rock 'n roll with a lot of super cool merchandise, her Crescent Hill store at 2235 Frankfort Avenue, and full-service online boutique at, serve up some seriously stylish fashion, accessories and more, all hand selected by Olivia herself. A long-time lover of everything style-related, she stays on trend and keeps her clientele in the loop by sharing what’s up and coming on her Instagram (link to and Facebook (link to channels. She's also a firm believer that no woman should be defined by her age as it relates to fashion and style (AMEN). Listen in on our recent conversation here and get ready to be inspired...and shop!
June 30, 2021
Love truly CAN conquer all: Meet Katilynn & Matt Wetherbee.
I first met Katilynn Wetherbee at my favorite safe space/keep-your-butt-in-shape workout spot, barre3 Frankfort Avenue in Louisville, KY & we became fast friends. I was blown away by her energy and spirit, but if wasn’t until I ultimately learned about the complexities of her life and her love story with her now-husband Matt that I was able to imagine and live a life of love such as theirs, which so many might miss out on. Together for nine years, five of which were back then seemingly normal for Kaitlynn and Matt, they lived their lives in Boston in bliss; then in an instant everything changed. Five years ago, three days before his 29th birthday, Matt suffered a life-changing spinal cord injury while playing basketball, his go-to favorite sport. Then came two months at Massachusetts General Hospital, followed by three months of recovery at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital before he could return home. Matt ultimately launched the MW Fund when he realized how important it was for those living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) to have access to daily exercise and therapy. Once leaving a rehab hospital and being discharged from outpatient therapy, insurance often does not cover the cost of exercise facilities specializing in SCI, typically costing a minimum of $100 per hour. This is difficult for most to afford given the extra costs associated with SCI, which is why the sole mission of the MW Fund is to award scholarships to deserving individuals in order to offset these financial burdens. Although he remains paralyzed below his shoulders, Matt has made huge progress since his injury and guess what? This beautiful couple recently got married! I knew I had to share their story with everyone I possibly could via my Not So Darlin podcast and luckily for everyone, they both agreed to come on board. Please listen in on our conversation, check out Matt’s amazing website at and please follow Kaitlynn and Matt on Instagram at @kkiely14 and @mwetherbee.
June 16, 2021
Meet Fitness & Coaching Connoisseur, Hadley Sorensen
I first came across Hadley after she posted a super funny Instagram reel of what it’s like to be a boy mom, to which I could totally relate LOL! After contacting and getting to know her we discovered we had so much in common, including our love of fitness, I knew then I had to invite this interesting and totally cool lady to be a guest on my podcast. Hadley is a wife and as she says, "a mom of three beautiful and crazy boys", and a devout Christian. An avid reader and dedicated runner, her love of fitness turned that passion into her career. She left her job in the mortgage business be a stay-at-home mom for her boys 7 years ago, and have loved every minute of it (well, most minutes as she'll tell you!) As my sons started getting older, she found myself stressing about what to do when they were all in school full time. And while she loved being a full-time mama, something was missing. Hadley needed something that was exclusively for HER, so she began her fitness and coaching gig in earnest. "This job is a dream come true!" she exclaims. "I LOVE helping other women learn to appreciate and enjoy exercise and healthy lifestyles. I have always been very into exercise but have long struggled with my relationship with food. Starting this coaching business has helped me learn to make lifestyle changes right along with my clients and they hold me accountable as much as I do them." And what exactly does she do as a coach? It is so much bigger than workouts and eating right. It’s about a healthy lifestyle, being on a growth journey, having the ability to inspire and help others, and surrounding yourself with the most positive, supportive community you’ll ever find. Please listen in on our conversation about the importance for women to be comfortable in their own skins through self-love, improved health and fitness, and a powerful support network. I promise if you aren't already committed , she'll make a convert of you! And to learn more about Hadley and her fitness/lifestyle philosophy and programs, visit her website at
June 09, 2021
Smells Like Teen Spirit with Teen Life Coach Renee Sinning. Empowering parents & teens.
From hair sprouting on every surface of a teenage boy's body, to navigating the waters - literally - of a daughter's period, being a teenager is hard. But being the parent of a teenager is even harder. Which is why I have Teen Life Coach expert Renee Sinning, my guest on this week's 'Not So Darlin' podcast, to share her expertise on how to survive raising teenagers & keep one's sanity! I’ve been listening to her podcast "The Empowered Parent Podcast" for some time now & it's been a terrific help for me to educate & inform myself on how to be a better parent to my 14 yo son. I have discovered all she shares to be super helpful & insightful, & I know you will too, whether you're a parent, grandparent, or friend of a friend to a teen. And believe me, anything I can do to help my son Brax in any way as he navigates the next few years, I'm gonna do whatever it takes. And I know you will too. Check out for free tips, tricks, advice & challenges!
June 03, 2021
The Write Stuff - Meet Lynette M. Smith of
The Write Stuff - Meet Lynette M. Smith of “With a bit of reflection and planning, you can inspire others with your writing,” says Lynette M. Smith, the owner and operator of a copyediting and publishing service she founded in Yorba Linda, California in 2004. Good Ways to Write, the publishing arm of All My Best, helps by providing everyday people with tools and other resources to write their own heartfelt personal letters and business communications to special people on special occasions. In today’s hurry-up world of smart phones, tablets and more, thoughtful writing is fast becoming a lost art. As Lynette states, “That’s a shame—thoughtfully written communications mean so much to those who receive them! Besides, written communications last longer than spoken words alone.” She believes – and I think she’s absolutely right – that with a bit of reflection and planning, we can all inspire others with our writing. Lynette helped me to finally go for it and compose a heartfelt letter I had been holding back on. When my son Braxton turned 13 last spring, I asked everyone with whom we are close to write him a heartfelt letter for him to open on his 18th birthday in 2025. A challenge for some but especially for me, as I am certainly no writer and, well, I suck at grammar! But thanks to her comprehensive reference book and websites, I was able to create a meaningful, heartfelt letter from mother to son that I hope Braxton will treasure forever four years from now and throughout his entire life. I asked this lovely, very knowledgeable lady to join me on my Not So Darlin podcast so I could learn more from her and share it with all of you. Please listen in on our conversation here, be sure to visit and, and follow her on Facebook (link is
May 26, 2021
Meet Stephen & Erin Mitchell, Founders of
I discovered Stephen and Erin through a shared post on their Instagram account and was immediately hooked. They offer up some awesome marriage and parenting advice for everyone of all ages, genders and sexual identities. Stephen and Erin specifically focus on couples because they are passionate about others having access to experience the sense of healing, belonging, and love that comes with an intimate couple relationship. And like all couples, they have struggled, continue to struggle, and no doubt will struggle again, yet they are committed to a healthy, loving relationship which they share on their website and social media channels. I asked them to join me on my Not So Darlin podcast so I could pick their brains and learn more, as I have found their posts to be super informative and speak to me in so many ways as a wife and boy mom. Please check out our conversation, be sure to visit their website, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook at
May 13, 2021
Audrey May from Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery is back...with a HUGE GIVEAWAY for one of you!!!
As you all probably know by now I've been throwing a super fun 1-year flashback to celebrate my Not So Darlin podcast launch in spring 2020! It's been a blast bringing back my most listened-to guests for a "what's happening now" catch up session, and today's finale features Audrey May of Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery. Among other things Audrey is back for a quick update on how the COVID pandemic changed the world of plastic surgery and also gives us the 411 on the newest treatments & correction of the so-called 'tech neck'; how more men are opting for a little bro-tox; and checking out their latest device that utilizes a robot for hair transplants. Audrey graduated from nursing school at the University of Louisville in 2008 and began her nursing career at Jewish Hospital where she gained 8 years of experience in bedside nursing, management and administration. She pursued her passion to become an aesthetic nurse in 2016 during which she truly found her niche. For Audrey her job is the best of both worlds combining her love of science and artistry, and her vast knowledge of both facial anatomy and the eyes for facial contours keeps her extremely busy and very successful. One of the most important things in Audrey's practice is getting to know each of her patients as unique individuals, not just clients. She prides herself in having honest, transparent conversations with each person who sits in her chair and education is one of her primary goals for all patients to help them understand why the aging process is so much more than skin deep. She was voted best injector by her patients back-to-back in the 2019 and 2020 Voice Tribune’s "Bestie Awards". Audrey thoroughly enjoys teaching (and pampering!) her patients and loves to watch them achieve their aesthetic goals by enhancing their natural features and beauty. And now, drum roll please: As I celebrate my one-year anniversary I want to celebrate one of you, my listeners/followers who have supported me and helped me grow. lucky randomly drawn winner will receive a full face of Xeomin from award-winning Audrey - 50 units valued at $600 - along with a personalized skin consult with her valued at $250! All you have to do to enter is go to my Instagram @notsodarlintonya & follow instructions. The winner will be announced on @notsodarlin on Tues, May 4. Good luck & thanks! #plasticsurgery #zeomin #byebyewrinkles
April 27, 2021
#fridayswithfriends My girl Melanie is back to chat. Listen in on the fun we had while recording!
I've been taking a walk down memory lane this week to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my Not So Darlin podcast & inviting a few of the original guests back for a "what's new with you" episode. My girl Melanie, who was the second guest on Season 1 last year, is back today where we talk all things warm & fuzzy, including our friendship! And #2 is obviously Melanie's lucky number because to date she is the second highest listened-to episode since my April 2020 launch ✌🏼 On this anniversary special we have a lot of fun chatting & laughing, as she catches us up on what’s new in the warm & fuzzy (& super fab) world of!
April 23, 2021
Jenny's back! Our "Where Are They Now" best of 2020 podcast flashbacks continue...
#WooWooWednesday 🙌 The mesmerizing, healing message Jenny delivered on my Not So Darlin Season One, Episode 10, from last year, was an all-ears standout so I HAD TO invite her back today to tell us about her life right now in 2021! Take a listen, respond & react my friends! SPIRITUAL MEDIUM & MENTOR JENNY SHANKS SPIRITUAL MEDIUM, MENTOR, CERTIFIED CRYSTAL HEALER WHO CONNECTS WITH PASSED LOVE ONES TO HELP PROVIDE COMFORT DURING YOUR TIME OF HEALING.
April 21, 2021
"What are They Doing Now" update. #1 rated/most listened-to guest from S1 Jessica is back.
As I celebrate my Not So Darlin podcast anniversary this month, I've invited back some of our fan favorite episode guests from Season 1 for a "What are They Doing Now" update. My 2020 Mother’s Day podcast last May was the #1 rated/most listened-to episode of the past 12 months and featured my very special guest Jessica, a widowed mother of three who is most definitely not your average soccer mom. This full-time special education teacher was living her fairy tale college romance story when one day mental illness changed her life forever. Jessica bravely and openly shared the story of her husband’s suicide to help others cope with their own pain, as well as acting as a vocal advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. I invited Jessica to come back for this week's episode to celebrate her courage, let her know the profound impact her story had on others, and also find out what's been happening in her world over the past year. I know you'll find it as inspirational, meaningful and touching as I have.
April 20, 2021
With all due humility this week, I'm saying Happy Anniversary to me!
The modern-day gift for a one-year anniversary is a clock, which commemorates the passage of time over the first year of a major event. And I can’t think of a better analogy to celebrate the first anniversary of my Not So Darlin podcast today. While many would say time practically stood still during 2020, for me the past 12 months seem as if they flew by. It proved to be one of the most enlightening years of my life, a journey of self-discovery that opened up new horizons and experiences I never imagined. It was also one of the biggest learning experiences of my 43 years around the sun, with lots of bumps, curves, and woulda/shoulda/couldas. But at the end of the day – make that 365 days – the rewards have been absolutely enormous. As we all shut down for quarantine last spring, I decided it was the perfect time for me to embark on a personal and professional reboot. I’ve always been fascinated by the stories of others who truly want to make an impact on our world, whether in baby steps or a big-time way. And what better way than to share these stories than to host an online forum that shines the brightest spotlight as possible on these very special people? So please listen in as I take a brief trip back in time and give the appropriate shout outs to everyone who's been on this journey with me - especially all of you, my listeners - without whom there would be no Not So Darlin podcast.
April 15, 2021
Meet Casey Jean of Jean's Apothecare.
Casey Jean first discovered holistic wellness when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at the age of 21. As she says, "she was sick and tired of being sick and tired," and was ready to explore and find a variety of ways to take care of herself. Soon thereafter she discovered the power of slowing down and taking daily action to care for her mind and body. Now a 500-hour registered Therapeutic Yoga Instructor, she uses mindfulness, meditation, herbalism, and yoga to guide others on their paths to wellness. In 2016 she created Jean’s Apothecare, a holistic body care and lifestyle brand based in Western Alabama. Jean only sources from trusted farmers and all of her products are made by hand, created in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. Additionally, all of her botanicals are organic, fair-trade, and sustainably, sourced with absolutely no synthetic ingredients in the products. From her wellness services to products, her mission remains the same: to help us live in a way that nurtures our bodies and minds. Listen in as Casey Jean and I discuss what autoimmune disease means and what herbs have been effective in healing this disease (it most definitely it isn’t a one size fits all approach). And be sure to check out her website at Bonus: Enjoy $5 off your first order with code DARLIN at checkout!
April 06, 2021
Sustainable Swimwear #Goals – Meet Iloshe Swim Founder & Designer Falak Burch
Iloshe Swim was founded by designer Falak Burch, a Maldivian native and travel enthusiast whose inspiration is drawn from her hometown, as well as cultures from the many other countries she visits. Having lived in several developing countries, she has seen first-hand the negative impact fast fashion has had on the Earth and its inhabitants. Her vision has been to build a brand that promotes awareness of marine environment, plastic pollution and slow fashion through ethical and sustainable business practices. Falak believes that fashion and sustainability should always play well together, which is why she and her company take the time to source the most high-end, recyclable fabrics on the market. Her mission is to provide a swimwear line that loves the Earth as much as it loves us. We met through our mutual friend Melanie and after a brief conversation we immediately connected over our shared love for the TV show Project Runway! Falak shared with me her technique of spiritual manifestation to whisper into the universe while listening to a podcast and how one day she hoped to be featured on one. Go figure, perfect for my Not So Darlin podcast! That very same day I asked her to be one of my guests. We discussed not only who and what her brand is all about, but how we both have struggled with self-esteem issues, discovering self-love, and dealing with imposter syndrome. And as a special treat for my followers, enjoy 12% off your Iloshe Swim purchase with promo code NOTSODARLIN12 at, now through 6/1/21. Enjoy!
March 24, 2021
Meet Erin Craft of 3 Willows Boutique
When Erin Craft and her husband Kevin were first married, they enjoyed shopping together. As they started a family, however, the chances for a day out to ‘hit the mall’ became slimmer and slimmer. Sweatpants and scrunchies became the norm for this physical therapist who was simultaneously raising three daughters plus showing up daily for a demanding job; eventually low self-esteem ensued. “I loved raising a family and really wanted to be able to spend more time with the children and Kevin. But I hated the idea that so many other women were stuck in the same rut,” she says. Then it hit her: she decided a simple, fashionable and affordable online boutique was exactly what was needed for women like herself and decided to go into business for herself to supplement the family’s income and have quality time with Kevin and the kids. Founded on Christian principles, opened online in November 2017, accompanied by a Facebook page, to provide women everywhere with the style confidence they deserve. Erin believes in helping women of all sizes feel beautiful from the inside out, and that’s why 3 Willows carries sizes from small to 3X. After much planning and hard work, she opened a 3 Willows bricks and mortar store in Louisville in February 2020, but after less than a month open the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly shut down the boutique. However, not one to be deterred, Erin made the boutique’s online efforts even more engaging and user-friendly with a host of Facebook Live events, along with the debut of the free 3 Willows shopping app available for download on the Apple App Store on Android Play Store. (Note, every Thursday a sale is held either on Facebook Live or on the app; how cool is that?!). The boutique, located at 12003 Shelbyville Road in Middletown, is now reopen with social distancing and masking in place, Tuesday-Thursday 11am-6pm, Fridays 11am-7pm, and Saturdays 10-4pm (closed Sundays and Mondays). Listen in on our fun, female-centric conversation about the challenges and rewards so many women raising families today encounter.
March 10, 2021
Are you ready for the Solo Date Challenge with Life Transformation Coach, Holly Hartman?
Are you ready for the Solo Date Challenge? You'll be ready to give it a go once you listen to this week's podcast with Life Transformation Coach, Holly Hartman Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Motivatinal Speaker, Facilitator to Healers. Creator and coordinator of events, retreats and workshops. Quite a resume for just one woman but Holly Hartman isn't just any woman. As a life transformation coach Holly has undertaken the unique role of empowering women to date themselves - yes, date themselves - or as she often refers to it, intentional solo dating. After all, if we're not happy with ourselves how will we ever be happy with someone else? Holly's challenge helps women to live well, learn and grow, and love themselves, for themselves. Her methods take women on a self-discovery journey back to themselves with educational courses and group mentoring in private women’s communities. Holly is a dedicated mom and her faith inspired her own intensive personal development journey over the past decade of healing from a toxic, co-dependent relationship which was supplemented by addiction issues. My conversation with Holly was enlightening and inspiring. Imagine learning how to 'date' yourself and fill your cup with joyful experiences! I'll admit while I love my husband and son more than anything, it’s been a struggle for me as a codependent wife and mother, one who gives a lot and ends up feeling guilty when wanting more for me and my own life. I have often felt like I fell into a trap of the idea of who I am supposed to be, but maybe in all reality my gifts are much more than what I used to believe they were. I'm hard on myself and dislike letting others down or feeling they're disappointed in me which has held me back to strive for greater things. But not anymore! As I branch out, heal, and learn more about myself with the help of Holly, I'm starting to feel my true worth in this world. For more about this ingenious, innovative and inventive woman listen here!
February 24, 2021
Mocktail Mamas Unite! Meet Samantha Perkins, fellow mom, blogger & now Author of the book Alive AF.
I’m always reaching out to new people on my Instagram account and when Samantha Perkins, a fellow mom and blogger, and I connected it was as if the planets had aligned. This self-described “anxious mom” is living a sober lifestyle while also juggling the demands of motherhood and everyday life like so many of us. And like me, Samantha is a mom and a blogger who struggles with anxiety issues. And after getting to know her I didn’t feel like the only non-drinker at the party (so to speak). Because here’s the deal: In a world full of mom tees and tanks that proclaim “I wine because my kids whine” & “Mamacita needs a margarita” makes women think drinking can possibly make motherhood a bit easier on them. And for some, maybe it does. But for many others – like Samantha and me - it’s likely contributing to their anxiety, which is one of the reasons why she decided to write her book Alive AF: One Mom’s Journey to Becoming Alcohol Free. As this week’s special guest on my Not So Darlin podcast, Samantha explains the many ways alcohol actually increases your anxiety, and how you can be a productive, loving parent without imbibing. Listen in on our awesome conversation from my latest podcast episode here, with no judgments whatsoever, and I promise you will be inspired.
February 17, 2021
Med Spa Master: Meet Desiree Carden of Blue Halo Med Spa.
This week’s Not So Darlin podcast guest is Desiree Carden the Director of Operations for Blue Halo Med Spa on Barsdstown Road. This Louisville native has devoted her entire career to the art of esthetics, receiving both her Cosmetology Degree and Cosmetology Educators Degree shortly after graduating from high school. Desiree began by teaching Cosmetology for the Hair Design School, and at only 24 years old she was instrumental in the development of creating separate licensure for the field of esthetics in the state of Kentucky, becoming one of the first board licensed Esthetic Educators in the Commonwealth in 2004. I absolutely love Blue Halo Med Spa & there’s much more to learn about this lovely and interesting lady, as you’ll discover when you listen!
February 10, 2021
One of a kind designs for one of a kind women: Meet wreath + robe Creator & Founder Janel Broderick
I love love LOVE workout wear and more often than not you’ll find me in a tank or tee and a pair of leggings. After all, in these crazy times who isn’t dressing like that? That’s why I was especially excited to have lifestyle clothing and accessories brand wreath + robe’s Creator and Founder Janel Broderick as this week’s guest on my podcast She’s a long-time fitness enthusiast, having played team sports throughout school; run an array of marathons; and has a deep and abiding love for yoga, barre, lifting weights, and Peloton workouts. Janel strongly believes in the power of individual potential and action, and that we all have a specific, unique, and important role to play in shaping the world around us. It’s a theme that carries over into her design process where she deliberately incorporates one-of-a-kind elements into each and every ethically-sourced, eco-friendly, small-batch item. And here’s a bonus: she’s giving all of my listeners 20% off any purchase at with promo code NOTSODARLIN at checkout! Listen for more about this fascinating woman now and be prepared to be entertained and inspired.
February 03, 2021
My favorite workout, 'barre' none...Listen in as I chat with Barre3 Louisville/Frankfort Avenue owner Nikki Naseef. Learn how barre3 helps you create balance in body and feel empowered from within!
It’s hard for me to put into words – and a little emotional – about how much the barre3 workout means to me. Signing up for classes and becoming a member was one of the most instrumental things I did to feel happy with myself during my eating disorder recovery.   Walking through their studio doors on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville for the first time was truly an “ah-hah” moment. And after my very first session it was like Heaven’s gates had opened and I felt a sense of bliss I previously never had. Not only had I strengthened my body, but also my mind. "Barre3 is a full-body, balanced workout that combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness that will leave you feeling balanced in body and empowered from within," says Frankfort Avenue barre3 studio owner Nikki Naseef (that awesome woman with the gorgeous smile in the photo). And she knows what she’s talking about as a dedicated barre3 enthusiast and studio proprietor (the Frankfort Avenue location celebrated its 5th anniversary this past November). I recently sat down with Nikki to talk all things barre3 on my Not So Darlin podcast. Please listen here to learn more about this incredible mind/body experience she has long embraced, and how it can easily become part of your life as well.   And to give you a taste of how amazing barre3 is in real-time, here’s a Darlin Deal you cannot miss: Join me on Saturday, February 6 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time for a 45-minute Zoom livestream class taught by Nikki herself for only $10! To sign up and pay for this class simply CLICK HERE.
January 26, 2021
Discovering new ways to wellness with Blogger Helene Kusman.
Helene is a mom, yoga teacher, wellness blogger and healthy(ish!) foodie. Her goal is to help you figure out what feels good to YOU! She believes that each of us have unique needs both mentally and physically, and there’s no such thing as one size fits all. If you’re looking for realistic ways to find balance, you’ve come to the right place. From online yoga classes to private wellness sessions, reiki, healthy recipes and holistic health content, Helene is here to support you on your wellness journey every step of the way!
December 30, 2020
My 2020 NOT SO DARLIN Holiday Gift Guide.
Christmas is just over a week away and while most family and friends get-togethers may be canceled this year, who said sharing gifts has to be? That said, I have put together a short list of gifting ideas that are thoughtful and won't threaten to break the bank. For further information take a listen!!!
December 16, 2020
Psychologist Lynn Supple and I give you ways to combat disordered eating this holiday season.
Psychologist Lynn Supple is back! We discuss ways to navigate through the holiday season while recovering from a eating disorder. Our hope is to help someone out there struggling through this 2020 covid holiday or any day for that matter! 💓. Lynn Supple, PSYD, license psychologist, owns Aspire Wellness, a private practice dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety and related issues in Louisville. Lynn is passionate about challenging the idea of perfectionism when it comes to eating and general expectations for self. When Lynn isn’t working, she is running around with her crazy kids, exploring Louisville and loves being active. 502-771-1183 @aspirewellnessky Facebook
December 09, 2020
Megan B. Bartley is back and we discuss how to navigate through this 2020 Holiday Season.
How can we all navigate through this covid holiday season? Good question, so  I brought back Megan to touch base on how to deal with difficult choices that maybe you and your family don't see eye to eye on. We also talk about those who have lost loved ones and how to cope with missing them during this holiday season.
December 02, 2020
My guide to your Silver Lining Holiday season!
Different ways to look at our current situation. Making the best of this nontraditional holiday. Fun tips and ideas for you and your family to check out.
November 30, 2020
Join my convo with retail manager Amanda on how Covid has changed the retail & fashion industry.
Stylist,fitness fanatic, and Buckle retail manager of one of the leading denim destinations in the U.S, whose love for people and fashion fuel her passion for growth and success. Firm Believer in building up those around me and inspiring others to believe and express themselves through fashion and fitness. Strong Advocate for women and the belief that “behind every strong woman, there is a tribe of other successful women that have her back “ 💗  Instagram@ amscott22
November 25, 2020
How Photographer Kelsey Williams is helping women find body positivity&self love through her lens.
Kelsey Williams of Autumn Pine Photography specializes in boudoir photography. She loves making women feel sexy in their own skin. She also promotes body love/positivity and helps women see their inner light shine through her lens!
November 18, 2020
Recap of Season 2 and what to look & watch for next.
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November 04, 2020
I brought back my personal psychologist Lynn Supple to discuss insurance woes, recovery and set backs. Lynn Supple, PSYD, license psychologist, owns Aspire Wellness, a private practice dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety and related issues in Louisville. Lynn is passionate about challenging the idea of perfectionism when it comes to eating and general expectations for self. When Lynn isn’t working, she is running around with her crazy kids, exploring Louisville and loves being active. 502-771-1183 @aspirewellnessky Facebook
October 28, 2020
The story of Ed with Psychologist Lynn Supple
Lynn Supple, PSYD, license psychologist, owns Aspire Wellness, a private practice dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety and related issues in Louisville. Lynn is passionate about challenging the idea of perfectionism when it comes to eating and general expectations for self. When Lynn isn’t working, she is running around with her crazy kids, exploring Louisville and loves being active. 502-771-1183 @aspirewellnessky Facebook
October 21, 2020
Who the hell is ED? He is my go to guy! He's the one that has comforted me through the last 13 years of my life. Ed is that one major MF skeleton in my closet that I am ashamed of the most!  Instagram @notsodarlinpodcast or @darlintonyajophillips
October 14, 2020
Tayler Silfverduk and I talk about Celiac Disease and Diet Culture.
Tayler Silfverduk and I talk about celiac disease and diet culture. How and why Celiac is more than just eating gluten-free.
October 07, 2020
Self Love: Therapist Megan B. Bartley and I discuss how we can find ways to love ourselves.
Megan B Bartley P. 502.509.9307 W. E. SOCIAL MEDIA @MindfulMeganB @MindfulMeganB @MindfulMeganB Megan B. Bartley, MAMFT @MindfulMeganB ABOUT MEGAN Born in Santa Cruz, California, and raised in Seattle, Washington, with extended stints of time in Arizona, Texas, and now Kentucky, Megan Bayles Bartley is at once the girl next door that can handle a basketball like nobody’s business (even though she doesn’t really enjoy competitive sports) and a “sage yoda” (to use the words of a client) that walks with those she helps out of the dark and into the light. She earned her Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy (MAMFT) from the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, and is the Founding Director of the Louisville Mindfulness Center – a local organization dedicated to teaching people of all ages practical ways to use mindfulness and meditation to improve their lives. Named one of the Best Marriage Counselors in Louisville, Megan offers an out-of-the-box therapeutic approach that is both radically transformational and insanely practical. Hands-on, judgment-free and eclectic, Megan is widely informed by her ongoing passion for learning which most recently involves training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Reiki, and a healthy dose of international travel (she’s made it to 5 continents so far!). Oftentimes this self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist” and die-hard “optimist realist” serves in more of a coaching role, helping clients in high pressured, high profile positions identify and move past obstacles in pursuit of optimal performance. As a painter, entrepreneur, activist, and published author, Megan continually draws on her keen intuition in all that she does, Megan explains: “...when I listen to my gut, which I’m really good at doing, it never fails me.” Future plans include more writing and podcasts, paired with the introduction of an online curriculum to share her easy-to-use skills and tools with a broader audience.
September 30, 2020
Breaking news!! What is next for me?
Breaking news!! What is next for me??   In this episode, I give you the 411 on what is next for me. Along with shameless plugs that you need to check out! Moving out of the city during a pandemic, trying to support my favorite local charity, and fund the new house build with @shirleys_way Queen of hearts drawing #halfthepot Learning how to work out from home with my favorite @barre3frankfortavenue live-streams & @barre3 online 💗 Signing with @heymantalentagency, becoming a brand ambassador for @sarahbellestyle, getting my groove back with the help from Audrey @goldenscapel & @autumnpinephotography. All while staying warm & cozy with my favorite beanies from 
September 23, 2020
Diaries from The Cleaning Queen.
This cleaning queen has a bad case of OCD= Obsessively Cleaning Daily! You asked for tips and tricks on cleaning and organizing...however I am not sure if I answered your questions!! #cleaningqueen #cleaningtips #organizing
September 16, 2020
SAHM or SAHMOT?? However you pronounce it! Yep, that's me the lonely stay at home mom of a teen. Send help!!
Typically SAHM go back to work after their children go to school. I am killing it, as a SAHMOT!  Lonely AF though! So, I've been doing my research on this actual topic and this is what I found. And for all you other SAHM or SAHMOT DM me on Instagram @notsodarlinpodcast let's talk about it.
September 09, 2020
31 flavors of Tonya's Him Book..
Lookie Lookie in Tonya's Him Bookie, and you will find 31 flavors plus some! Seriously though does true love exist? Instagram @notsodarlinpodcast #truelove #heartbreak
September 02, 2020
Let’s hear it for the boys and the Singletons-Only child!
Only child syndrome, is that a real thing? Boy Moms: There's this boy who stole my heart and he calls me Mom. Instagram @notsodarlinpodcast #boymom #onlychild
August 26, 2020
Just me being NOT SO DARLIN Tonya!!
Winning my own personal golden globe, cussing at people under cover while wearing a mask with no make up, bra or underwear on! it in or out? F**k you Covid! Say NO to drugs...and coffee.  Instagram @notsodarlinpodcast or @darlintonyajophilips
August 19, 2020
Season 1 Ending:
Shout out to all my past guests!! You guys are truly rockstars, much love to you all.  And many thanks to my listeners. I appreciate you more than you know.
August 05, 2020
Ep:17 Rene' Serbon tells us why skin is her JAM!
René Serbon, Beauty Therapist, Electrologist, Pastiche Recognized Educator, Industry Educator, Public Speaker, and Unquenchable Skin Enthusiast. While today skin is my jam, I used to have a reputation as “The Meanest Wax in Town” and... ...the day I opened my appointment book and saw 10 hours of backs, sacks, and cracks, was the day I threw up my impeccably manicured hands and shouted, “That’s it, I quit!” What’s next? I discovered my mentor Florence Barrett-Hill and Advanced Skin Analysis. And I haven’t looked back. Email: Phone: 1-855-433-7624
July 29, 2020
Ep:16 I talk to Intuitive Business Mentor Kim E. Woods
Ep:16 Kim E. Woods helps women remember their unique potential and unlimited possibilities. Kim will ask you to let her reveal all that you truly are and guides you to become rich and powerful for 100x the impact! Instagram @kimewodsibm
July 22, 2020
Ep: 15 Breanne from Something Blue and I talk about boutique ownership and affordable fashion.
In 2009 we opened the doors to my ultimate dream, Something Blue. We started out as a Bridal Accessories and Gift boutique, specializing in modern and chic accessories for the bride, her bridesmaids and everyone in between. We became a destination for unique wedding and shower gifts, beautiful hair pieces, garters and all the little details that make a wedding day so special and meaningful. Our name is a nod to the old saying that is thought to bring a bride good luck on her wedding day by having "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue!” Over the years we've grown and expanded our shop to include women's clothing, jewelry and accessories. We love fashion and shopping small boutiques and wanted to bring that same shopping experience to women at affordable prices! By traveling to markets all over the country several times a year we are able to keep our inventory fresh, trendy and constantly changing! There isn't anything we love more than helping women put together outfits that make them feel confident and beautiful! Though our assortment has grown and expanded over the years, we haven't forgotten where we came from and still love to find those modern and chic gifts for the bride and her wedding! Something Blue started out as my dream, but quickly became my mom's passion too. We work side by side every day and there's not a chance I could do any of this without her. Our shop really is our heart and soul and a true family business. You’ll often find my daughter playing with toys on the floor or helping us dress our mannequins and it's not unusual to see my dad or my husband behind the desk ringing up a sale! Stop by the shop or browse through our online boutique and let us a share a little bit of our heart and soul with you! Instagram @somethingblueky
July 15, 2020
Ep: 14 I talk with Mike founder of Shirley’s Way about why CANCER SUCKS and what he is doing to help!
Shirley's Way was founded after the passing of Shirley Mulrooney from liver cancer. Before she died family and friends stopped by to visit and told horrible stories about people they knew who had cancer and couldn't afford everyday items needed to live. Things like medicine, rent, mortgage, utilities and food. Her son made her a promise when she died that he would do something about it.
July 08, 2020
Ep:13 Marilyn Cannon from Physicians Center Of Beauty tells us how we can archive optimal aging.
Marilyn has been an innovator in the health, wellness and medical spa business for over 25 years. Her passion for approaching slowing the aging process from the inside out, led her to establishing the first comprehensive Medical Spa in Louisville. Marilyn believes that beautiful skin starts from within, with good nutrition, exercise and plenty of pure water. However, with the wonderful medical grade products and services that Physician’s Center for Beauty offers, we can correct past damage and direct a program that will help you achieve the beautiful skin that you imagine. Marilyn will act as your “personal trainer” for your skin. Unique to PCB, Marilyn will not only make recommendations for your skin needs, but will follow you throughout the process to make sure you achieve your best results. Mention hearing this episode for 20% off any service they offer!
July 01, 2020
Ep:12 I talk to Amanda Browning about her at home boutique fitness business & healthy(ish) recipes.
Bio: Amanda Browning lives in Indianapolis and is a wife, mom of four, and turned her love of fitness and helping others into a business, offering women the small group vibe of a boutique fitness community, but with the convenience of doing it at home. She has a passion for dance and curbing her giant sweet tooth with healthy(ish) recipes. Instagram@amandabrowningfitness
June 24, 2020
Father’s Day Series: Benjamin Byrn a male owner of a women's fashion boutique talks misconceptions, marriage and fatherhood.
Benjamin Byrn is the founder and owner of Da•da Boutique, a women’s fashion apparel boutique with locations in New Albany and Corydon, Indiana. He has 15 years of experience in the fashion apparel industry. Benjamin was selected as a 2019 Southern Indiana Business twenty under forty recipient and has been featured in magazines such as Southern Indiana Business Magazine and podcasts such as Prosperity without Permission and That Mom Life. Instagram @dada_boutique_llc and also
June 21, 2020
Father’s Day Series: Talking to my hubby a avid hunter on how opposites attract.
Brian Phillips Was born and raised in Louisville Ky. He grew up in a blue collar home. His upbringing has enabled him to be as he states “A jack of all trades and master of none”. He’s a second generation Union Teamster with 25 years of service. An active real estate agent for the past 13 years . His latest endeavor is starting an epoxy business. Hobbies over the years has included motocross and mountain bike racing. But his true passion is hunting. He is married to a pretty hot chick and has been blessed with an awesome son , Braxton. Instagram @tales_of_2_turkeys YouTube
June 21, 2020
Ep: 11 Peace & Calming with Melanie Do Sales Rep of Young Living Oils
In Melanie’s own words: I am passionate about helping others awaken to their potential, see their value, and live empowered. I was born and raised in Arizona and currently live in the south-end of Louisville, KY with my husband, Kha, and my son, Ellis. I have been using Young Living oils since 2013 when my at-the-time boyfriend (now husband) started rubbing lavender and peppermint on my face to soothe my mind. In 2015 I became fully committed to everything Young Living and started my oils business! I have my Masters Degree in Counseling and am currently teaching classes at my local Barre3 studio, where I love to help people become balanced in body and empowered from within. I love using my essential oils to calm my mind and strengthen my body, using oils for anything from immune support to getting my baby to calm down and go to sleep! You will always find me with a Valor essential oil and a grapefruit lip balm in my purse.” Instagram @melaniedo or @melaniedo.go
June 17, 2020
Ep:10 Spiritual Medium Jenny Shanks gives me a healing message from my Father.
Jenny Shanks is a crystal loving spiritual medium. When she started to understand her gifts as a medium, she was destined to help others. Through Spirit, she shares bright and uplifting messages with you as she connects with your passed loved ones. Jenny believes each person she encounters is an opportunity to spread the light, raising our vibes and encourages others to find their own light. She is passionate about serving Spirit and opening the door for others to experience this connection. Her love of crystals, Spirit and all things woo-woo make her vibrant and kindred soul one you'll never forget. To learn more about Jenny's spiritual journey, visit
June 10, 2020
Ep:9 Megan B. Bartley named Best Marriage counselor in Louisville talks anxiety & marriage with me.
P. 502.509.9307 W. E. SOCIAL MEDIA @MindfulMeganB @MindfulMeganB @MindfulMeganB Megan B. Bartley, MAMFT @MindfulMeganB ABOUT MEGAN Born in Santa Cruz, California, and raised in Seattle, Washington, with extended stints of time in Arizona, Texas, and now Kentucky, Megan Bayles Bartley is at once the girl next door that can handle a basketball like nobody’s business (even though she doesn’t really enjoy competitive sports) and a “sage yoda” (to use the words of a client) that walks with those she helps out of the dark and into the light. She earned her Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy (MAMFT) from the Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, and is the Founding Director of the Louisville Mindfulness Center – a local organization dedicated to teaching people of all ages practical ways to use mindfulness and meditation to improve their lives. Named one of the Best Marriage Counselors in Louisville, Megan offers an out-of-the-box therapeutic approach that is both radically transformational and insanely practical. Hands-on, judgment-free and eclectic, Megan is widely informed by her ongoing passion for learning which most recently involves training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Reiki, and a healthy dose of international travel (she’s made it to 5 continents so far!). Oftentimes this self-proclaimed “recovering perfectionist” and die-hard “optimist realist” serves in more of a coaching role, helping clients in high pressured, high profile positions identify and move past obstacles in pursuit of optimal performance. As a painter, entrepreneur, activist, and published author, Megan continually draws on her keen intuition in all that she does, Megan explains: “...when I listen to my gut, which I’m really good at doing, it never fails me.” Future plans include more writing and podcasts, paired with the introduction of an online curriculum to share her easy-to-use skills and tools with a broader audience.
June 03, 2020
Ep: 8 Chatting it up with Mel Simon about a few of my favorite things...Barre3,Lululemon & BBN!
Mel Simon is a Louisville based movement junkie that has creativity and connection at her core. Mel moved to the 502 about 4 years ago, and it has been her mission to find her people and support them fiercely. She works for barre3 Frankfort Avenue as an instructor and marketing manger, as well as carrying a full-time career with lululemon Louisville. Through these two jobs, Mel is known around the city for her dedication to the wellness community and emphasis on keeping a positive mindset. In her spare time, Mel loves support local restaurants, studying art, and finding the best music for her playlists. Basically if you look up enneagram 7, there is a photo of Mel. Instagram @namaste_mel
May 27, 2020
Ep:7 Scot Barber/Bodybuilder talks with me about his recovery from alcohol
Scot age 46 has been working in his Louisville, Ky family owned barbershop as a Barber for 27 years. He is a grateful recovering alcoholic. With a sobriety date is Jan. 28 2018. He stays busy living a healthy lifestyle that includes competitive Bodybuilding. Instagram @scotcutemups
May 25, 2020
Ep: 6 Audrey May from Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery gives us the 411 on fillers, neurotoxins and plastic surgery!
Use Promo Code DarlinAesthetics for a 10% off discount! Audrey graduated from nursing school at the University of Louisville in 2008 and began her nursing career at Jewish Hospital where she gained 8 years of experience in bedside nursing, management and administration. She pursued a passion to become an aesthetic nurse in 2016 where she truly found her niche. Audrey assists Dr. Mizuguchi with his surgical patients and also sees many of her own injectable patients. When seeing her patients she starts with a thorough consultation to learn more about their unique goals to ensure she selects the best products or treatments for them. Some recommendations may include neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin and fillers like Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse. She may also suggest devices that work to tighten, lift, sculpt, or reduce fat on various areas of the face and body. She was voted best injector by her patients in the 2019 Voice Tribune’s Bestie Awards. Audrey thoroughly enjoys teaching and pampering her patients and loves to watch them succeed at their aesthetic goals! Instagram @audreymay047 @goldscalpel
May 20, 2020
Ep: 5 Talking to jewelry maker Sarah Balmer about the bracelet that changed my life!
Use coupon code Darlin for 20% off! Sarah Balmer is a lightworker and spiritual teacher who is passionate about helping others lead a more awakened life. Through handmade jewelry, crystals, yoga classes, and workshops, Sarah loves to explore the relationship between creativity, energy medicine and spirituality to unmask the layers, liberate the spirit, and impart greater authenticity. Classically trained in design, Sarah has been making jewelry for over 20 years and loves to incorporate the therapeutic benefits of crystals into her designs, as well as consult with clients on how to use crystal energy for support and becoming a more powerful co-creator. Sarah holds certifications for teaching yoga, holistic health coaching, crystal healing, personal training, reiki, past life regression, akashic records, EFT and design. Find her work online at and follow her on Instagram @sarahbellestyle to see new creations, receive daily bits of inspiration and learn about upcoming events.  #sarahbellestyle #anxiety #notsodarlinpodcast #spiritualhealing #jewelry #crystals
May 13, 2020
Mother’s Day Series: A courageous moms story: Remembering Roo
Lura McStoots a mother of 3 recalls the day she received devastating news about her son Andrew. She walks us through her 6 year olds battle with cancer.
May 10, 2020
Mother’s Day Series: Autism, anxiety, & perseverance with the illest mom I know Renee.
A single mom of 4, Reneé shares with us her journey into marriage and parenthood from a young age. As a close friend, I’ve watched her growth over the years as she’s overcome so many obstacles with hope & perseverance. She’s a great mom and advocate for her children. She’s also a leader in her dance community & has a passion for helping others find connection & vulnerability through dance. Instagram @illestmomof4
May 10, 2020
Mother’s Day Series: Widowed mom of three talks fairytale love that ended in tragedy.
I am just your “average” soccer mom to 3 tweens and teens, also working full time as a special education teacher. I was living the fairy tale college romance story, until one day mental illness changed all of our lives forever. I want to share the story of my husband’s suicide to help others get through their own pain, as well as advocate for mental health awareness and suicide prevention.
May 10, 2020
Ep:4 If you want FAME AND FORTUNE! Allie is the girl to call.
Allie owns Fame and Fortune brand management specializes in digital marketing and public relations. Allie has a broadcast journalism degree from Western Kentucky University and a MBA from Midway University. Allie lives in Louisville with her husband Brandon and their Labradoodle Miss Henna Sue. In her free time she loves hosting the podcast Selfish. Instagram @selfishthepodcast @thealliemartin
May 06, 2020
Ep: 3 Tonya with the good hair! Thanks to Ms Ginger Snips.
Melissa or just call her MeL... Louisville hairstylist of 20 years....born and raised. Never married, no kids.. Just living the single life. Mel is currently a stylist working in a south end salon called Split Endz in Louisville, KY with a pretty great group of talented ladies! Hair has always been a passion of hers. If Mel didn't do hair, she would definitely pursue photography. I guess you could say she has an eye for being creative. #hairstylist Instagram @msgingersnips
April 29, 2020
Ep: 2 Talking all things warm and fuzzy including our friendship with Melanie Wendler from Melanie Jean Boutique
A local crochet artisan designing modern scarves and beanies to keep you both stylish and cozy. Residing in a city where the local food scene is phenomenal while living with Crohn’s disease.  Dreaming of hitting the open road to explore the country with my hubby and three fur babies in a 5th wheel. Believer in spreading love, kindness, encouragement and empowering women. #communityovercompetition Instgram @melaniejeanboutique #louisville #kentucky #crochet #handmade #friendship 
April 22, 2020
The Intro Darlin!
You don't have to call me darlin... Just listen in to hear more about me and why I started this journey.  Its not perfect but being PERFECT is lame people!  #louisville #Kentucky #notsodarlinpodcast #FFT  Follow me on Instagram  @darlintonyajophillips or @notsodarlinpodcast  
April 21, 2020
Ep 1: Chatting with local retail manager & stylist Amanda Scott
Local stylist, fitness fanatic, and retail manager of one of the leading denim destinations in the U.S, whose love for people and fashion fuel her passion for growth and success. Firm Believer in building up those around me and inspiring others to believe and express themselves through fashion and fitness. Strong Advocate for women and the belief that “behind every strong woman, there is a tribe of other successful women that have her back “ 💗  Instagram@ amscott22 #louisville #Kentucky #buckle #stylist #fitness
April 21, 2020