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NOTTS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT (formerly NG Meets...) is a podcast series featuring sit down chats with guests who have a Nottingham connection. From writers to musicians, actors to sports stars and many more.
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Notts What I'm Talking About with Sigourney Beaver
*WARNING - This episode contains explicit language* We're back and we have a special episode, for the first time we have a guest who is not from, or connected to, Nottingham, but is just visiting. It's episode 49 and we're chatting with Sigourney Beaver, star of Shudder TV's hugely popular drag competition Boulet Brothers Dragula. Describing herself as a "female impersonator impersonator" Sigourney was a finalist in season 4 of the hit show that takes drag competition to a whole new level with focus on the underground and alternative drag scene and with those at the bottom facing "extermination challenges" that test them both mentally and physically on the show. Sigourney joined us to chat about how she got started in drag, her time on the show, the UK tour - which comes to Nottingham this month - and more, as well as answering a few fan questions, so tune in for a fun chat but be warned there is some pretty strong language used. Boulet Brothers Dragula Season 4 UK Tour is coming to the Rescue Rooms on Saturday 26 March - for more information and tickets click here For more on Sigourney Beaver you can check out her website or follow her on Twitter Follow this weeks host Geri on Twitter
March 15, 2022
Notts What I‘m Talking About with Rob.Green
In episode 48 of Notts What I'm Talking About we chat with singer Rob.Green in what was a very open and intimate chat. We go all the way back to Rob's Parlour Tricks EP launch show at Nottingham Contemporary in 2012 - where host Darren and Rob first met, through to his upcoming Bodega headline show in February. Along the way Rob talks about how a conversation in the early hours of the morning in a converted church roof led to the release of one of his best loves tracks Blue, and how the recent lockdown led to Rob taking a deep look at his emotions and his work-life balance. This is a fascinating conversation with Rob being extremely open and honest about his life and decisions. You can find out more about Rob by visiting his official website here, tickets for his show at The Bodega on 18 February 2022 can be purchased here
November 11, 2021
Notts What I‘m Talking About with Helen Stead
Next Friday will see the start of the Nottingham Comedy Festival with over 100 acts performing at venues across the city over ten days and bringing some much needed laughter to us all after a pretty rough time.  To find out more about the festival we had a chat with director and co-founder Helen Stead, so tune in as we talk about the origins and history of the festival, the impact last year had and what's in store for 2021. Plus, find out how you can give stand up a go if. If you want to know the full line up for the Nottingham Comedy Festival 2021 you can find it on the official website This episode of Notts What I'm Talking About is sponsored by NOTTINGHAM LIVE
November 04, 2021
Notts What I‘m Talking About with Professor Paul Crawford
NOTTS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT is back with a brand new episode and what a fascinating one it is. We're joined by Paul Crawford, professor of health humanities at the University of Nottingham to discuss mental health, especially in young people. Join us as Paul talks about his collaboration with Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman Animation - the Whatsupwitheveryone project - that offers a fantastic resource for young people looking for help when it comes to the issues they may be facing. We also discuss the pandemic and lockdown and the impacts on mental health resulting from this life-changing situation - and Paul tells us about how writing a book with his son helped him get through lockdown. Plus Paul talks about the importance of compassion - not only to others but to ones self. Check out this fascinating and insightful conversation as we welcome Professor Paul Crawford as our guest for Episode 46 of NOTTS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Check out Paul's article for Left Lion offering advice to new students here This episode of Notts What I'm Talking About is sponsored by NOTTINGHAM LIVE
October 28, 2021
Notts What I'm Talking About with David Phillips
We're back and it's episode 45, which marks a big change as NG Meets... becomes NOTTS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. That's right we mark our first episode of 2021 with a change of name - plus episodes will now drop on a Thursday. In this new episode were talking to David Phillips headteacher at Chilwell School, in Nottinghamshire. David joined us to talk about the past year and the impact it has had on schooling, how the school has had to adapt, some of the unexpected new skills he and the rest of the staff have had to learn and what differences might come from this pandemic. The school community has done wonders this past year in a bit to try and ensure children's lives were disrupted as little as possible, with online learning, Google classrooms and the like becoming buzzwords of the year - and teachers, staff an all those involved deserve huge praise and credit. Check out this fantastic chat with somebody in the eyes of the school lockdown storm and please be sure to thank the teachers and staff who have worked so hard through this time and often been unfairly maligned in the press. Chilwell School website
April 15, 2021
NG Meets...The Nottingham Project
This week, on NG Meets..., we are talking about The Nottingham Project, a new board made of the great and good of the Nottingham creative and culture scene, with the aim of a once-in-a-lifetime task of rejuvenating Nottingham to make it THE place to be. We chat to director Lee Walker about how the project got started, the aims and plans behind it and what's happened so far, as well as the impact Covid has had on the project and the city and, of course, we discuss the Broadmarsh and the importance of getting the use of that space right. Lee tells us why Austin, Texas is such a huge inspiration to him and the team and why Nottingham needs to make this moment count if it is going to be a successful city in the future. We talk about the huge names that feature on the board of The Nottingham Project which include chair Greg Nugent, who headed up the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Organising Committee, vice chair Vicky McClure, best know for her BAFTA award winning role as Lol in This is England, and more recently as a main star in the huge hit show Line of Duty. Also on the board are Shane Meadows, who directed Vicky in This is England, and has also directed hits such as 24/7 and Dead Man's Shoes, Nathanial Wilson, the man behind the hugely successful Nottingham Street Food group, Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature director, and former NG Meets... guest Sandeep Mahal and Nottingham Castle Trust Chief Exec Sara Manning-Blair - plus many, many others. This is a fascinating dive into a huge and extremely positive thinking project that aims to take Nottingham into the next decade and make it THE place to be, so tune in to hear a lot more about it, as well as how you can let them know what you think Nottingham needs. You can keep up to date on The Nottingham Project on Facebook, or by visiting their website.
September 08, 2020
NG Meets...Debbiedoodah
In this episode of NG Meets... we meet Debbie Clarke aka Debbiedoodah an award winning business consultant and strategist. We chat to Debbie about why she started her own business, and why working for others just wasn't for her, and the joy she has in helping businesses and entrepreneurs be successful.  We also chat about social media, it's role in business, the importance of using it correctly and why it's not always the best way to jump in feet first on every new favourite social media fad. We talk about equality within the business world and Debbie's work with female entrepreneurs as well as her own podcast series Women Who Create. Plus, we discuss the Coronavirus and the impact that has had on small businesses, including on Debbiedoodah, and what the ramifications might be moving forward in terms of working from home and more telecommuting and conferencing.  So tune in for a fascinating and fun chat  - and if you're looking for help with your business be sure to check out what Debbiedoodah can offer you on her official website You can also follow Debbie on Twitter here
September 01, 2020
NG Meets... Michael Merrifield
5...4...3...2...1....we're blasting off (metaphorically) into space on this weeks episode of NG Meets... as we speak to Michael Merrifield, who is Professor of Astronomy at the University of Nottingham. We chat to Michael about his career in the field of astronomy and some of the fascinating work he does, including his involvement in the ELT (Extremely Large Telescope) project - and we also address the whole issue of acronyms in science. Michael tells us about Sixty Symbols, the University's Physic teams Youtube video series that offers up a collection of videos on all things physics, and his first home telescope and #LockdownAstronomy project. We also chat about social media, the spread of false news and conspiracies and how Michael just cannot help engaging with a climate denying former UKIP MEP. As a professor at the university Michael has a first hand experience of the impact the coronavirus lockdown has had on further education and he tells us about how the University had to adapt to the new way of teaching, the difficulties around it, the plans for the new school year and what it might mean for further education moving forward. Finally, Michael tells us the one thing in astronomy that excites him more than anything else. This is a thrilling episode for lovers of science and astronomy and may well give you a new found appreciation of the night sky and the urge to look up a little more often. You can follow Mike on Twitter here Check out the Sixty Symbols Youtube page here
August 18, 2020
NG Meets...Next Gen Movement
In episode of 41 of NG Meets... we chat to Tyla Henriques-White. After arranging the anti-racism protest, that attracted around 5,000 people to Forest Rec earlier this year, Tyla, along with friends Shan Vincent and Janelle Brown, launched the Next Gen Movement, a millennial led project aimed at empowering the local community and tacking racism. We had a chat with Tyla to find out what the aims of the Next Gen Movement are, and how they have come so far so fast, how racism isn't always about outspoken groups marching down the street but fosters itself in subtle, and often overlooked ways and why the latest protests and outrage - in the light of the George Flloyd murder - feel different to in the past. Next Gen Movement are working with numerous organisations across the city to get their message out help bring about change, while also working at putting on workshops to help Nottingham youngsters, these workshops need funding and so the team have set up a funding campaign which you can find here. Check out a fascinating, and hugely important discussion and lend your support to this fantastic organisation, if change is going to happen it needs everybody to get involved. You can find out more about Next Gen Movement by checking them out on Facebook. NB: There is a Black Lives Matter protest taking place this Saturday, 15 August, in Nottingham Market Square from 12pm - this event is being supported by numerous groups, including Next Gen Movement - for more information click here. #BlackLivesMatter
August 11, 2020
NG Meets...Jasbinder Bilan
It's episode 40 and we're extremely proud to welcome this weeks guest, the award winning author Jasbinder Bilan. We chat to Jasbinder about her debut novel Asha and the Spirit Bird which was a huge success, landing her the 2019 Costa Children's Book Award, and also her upcoming novel Tamarind and the Star of Ishta which is available from September.   We also chat about her love of writing growing up and the impact lockdown has had on her work and her experiences of virtual events and festivals, plus she tells us some of the places she misses most about Nottingham - Jasbinder now lives in Bath.   We also have an EXCLUSIVE reading from the new novel at the end of the episode so be sure to stick around until the end.   Be sure to check out this episode and the head over to Jasbinder's official website for all the latest information, including how you'll be able to get hold of Tamarind and the Star of Ishta when it hits shelves in September.
July 28, 2020
NG Meets...Notts Pride
This week, on NG Meets... we are chatting to Leigh Ellis of Notts Pride about how the event has, like pretty much every other major event worldwide, fallen to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown and the alternative plans they have put in place.   While there may be no Pride march and city centre event this year the Pride team have put together a two hour special show, recorded in the Ballroom at the Council House, featuring performances from the likes of Maryam Din, Rob Green, Kitty Tray and Ravelle Sade, along with videos and more.    We also chat about the importance of acknowledging the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community and the different experiences faced by different people, the impact the lockdown has had on the community and the importance of looking at mental health and support at a time when so much focus is on the physical health issues.   We also talk about how Leigh got involved in Notts Pride, the difficult balancing games that go into companies supporting and being involved in Pride and plans for 2021.   Notts Pride 2020 takes place on Saturday 25 July, 7-9pm and can be watched on the Notts Pride Facebook page.
July 21, 2020
NG Meets... Josh Osoro Pickering
In the latest episode of NG Meets... we speak to Josh Osoro Pickering, Community Engagement and Participation Officer at the Nottingham Castles Trust. Having only started the role in January this year Josh has had something of a baptism of fire when it comes to the new role with the Coronavirus pandemic throwing up unprecedented and unexpected challenges, and he tells us about what he and the team have been doing to engage people during this time, such as online activities, physical activity packs and even a gardening project. The castle itself, of course, was already shut before the pandemic hit as it goes through a huge restoration and renovation project, somewhat sheltering from the worst impacts of the shutdown, but the effects will still be felt. Josh tells us a bit about the plans for the reopening of the castle, what considerations may have to be given to potential guidelines at that time and some of the exciting things that will be happening following the work. We also chat about the importance of engaging all communities within Nottingham in the story of the castle and making it's story as much about the Nottingham of today as it is about the city's past. There's also a little bit of football chat in there as well. For more on what is happening with the Nottingham Castle project and the activities available to enjoy check out the blog over at the Nottingham Castle Trust website
July 14, 2020
NG Meets...Nottingham Trans Hub
As Pride month comes to a close you can check out the latest episode of NG Meets... in which we speak to Nat Thorne from the Nottingham Trans Hub. We discuss the foundation of the Hub and the support and events it offers, and how they have adapted their services during the coronavirus pandemic, including virtual socials - and the benefits these kind of gatherings could bring the hub moving forward. We also chat about the ongoing fight for trans rights and the vitriolic push back that has been seen on social media, and the government decision to ignore the results of the survey on trans rights in relation to the Gender Equality Act - and we dive into the role that social media, education and science can, and will play, in improving understanding and support for trans rights. This is a fascinating chat and, hopefully, paints a more positive hope for the future of trans rights - and indeed all rights - amidst what feels like a hugely hostile period of time. For more on the Nottingham Trans Hub and the services it offers be sure to check out their official website, and you can also find them on Facebook
June 30, 2020
NG Meets...Nottingham Refugee Week
This week is Refugee Week and as part of it we had a chat with two of the members of the Nottingham Refugee Week team - Allan Njanji and Dr Anna Ball. Allan and Anna joined us to talk about what Nottingham Refugee Week is all about and how they both came to be involved in the event, they also tell us about how they have had to change the event in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic and the big plans they have had to push back to 2021. We also chat about the importance of challenge the narrative put out by much of the media when it comes to refugees and how events like Refugee week do this - and the importance of not forgetting about refugees especially at a time like this when many minds are elsewhere, and we talk about how the refugee community has been impacted by the virus pandemic and the extra issues facing these communities such as language barriers, issues around accessing healthcare and support services being effected.  This is a really fascinating chat that reminds us of the importance of fighting to make sure the positive stories of what refugees bring to the country is shared and about the potential battles ahead as a turbulent economic period will almost certainly turn a spotlight on refugees and the organisations that support them. Nottingham Refugee Week runs from 15-21 June 2020, for more details on the virtual events taking place check out the official website or head over to the Facebook page.
June 16, 2020
NG Meets...Cassie Bradley
In this weeks episode we are chatting to actor Cassie Bradley, who is, probably, best known for her roles in Coronation Street and Casualty. We chat to Cassie about how a trip to the Nottingham Playhouse panto was the catalyst to following the acting dream and working on stage and screen, we also talk about the impact the coronavirus lockdown has had on her and the acting world and what the possible steps might be for the return of filming.  Cassie talks about her involvement with the excellent Nottingham Young Creative Awards and the online monologue webinars she is doing for them - which you can find out more about here. This is a great chat with a dive behind the scenes into some of the different aspects of the acting world and adapting to new situations.  Follow Cassie on Twitter to keep up to date on what she is working on, and check out the excellent monologue she recorded for the recent Nottstopping Festival.
June 10, 2020
NG Meets...Nottstopping Festival
We're still under lockdown and live festivals and events still remain a no go, but that hasn't stopped a whole host of Nottingham organisations from coming together to create the Nottstopping Festival, a huge two day festival taking place on 23-24 May and featuring a MASSIVE selection of events including music, comedy, poetry, community events and more - and all in support of the fantastic frontline workers who are still out there everyday. To find out more about the festival we had a chat with two key members of the organising team Ben Welch and Tricia Gardner to find out more about the event, what they have planned, the logistics behind it and how you can get involved. Check out the episode and then head over to the events official website to keep a track on the latest announcements. Stay safe. Unfortunately, as is the way with remote recording sometimes, there were some technical issues with the feeds in this episode however we have done our best to put together the best show for you to enjoy.
May 12, 2020
NG Meets... Sharewear Clothing
Well we're still in the midst of an unprecedented lockdown but we are continuing to continue bringing you the NG Meets... podcast - via the wonderful world of remote recording - and this week we speak to Louise Cooke, founder and CEO of Sharewear Clothing, a charity organisation that providing clothing, sheets and other items to people that need them. Louise tells us the fascinating story that started in South America and ended with the launch of the charity, we discuss how huge an issue clothing poverty is and how it often fails to get the attention it needs, plus Louise talks about how the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the organisation, with demand rocketing at the same time as resources - especially in terms of available volunteers - has plummeted, and how they have adapted to this fast changing situation. We also talk about how organisations such as Sharewear my be impacted by the repercussions of the pandemic and the inevitable economic issues that will come from it. You can find out more about Sharewear Clothing and the fantastic work they do - as well as how you can support them - by checking them out on Facebook. 
May 08, 2020
NG Meets...MyHouseYourHouse
We're going remote for this weeks episode, our first recorded during the lockdown and we're taking to much spoken about app Zoom to enable us to keep bringing you the show. In this episode we chat to Alex Traska of internet radio station MyHouseYourHouse, the much loved internet radio station which has returned during the lockdown. Alex talks to us to about why and how he brought he station back having initial closed it down in 2018 - after fifteen years running. We also talk about the lockdown and the impact it has had on the creative community and how people have adapted and innovated to ensure they can still get their art out there, and we wonder what might happen going forward and what changes might, or might not, happen in the aftermath of the pandemic. Alex also talks us through the history of the station, and losing co-founder Erick Anderson, plus what the future might hold for the station when the lockdown finally comes to an end. This is a fascinating chat as we address the current pandemic and lockdown for the first time and I highly recommend checking it out. You can catch MyHouseYourHouse on their website - and the have just announced plans to stay on air until at least 31 May
April 28, 2020
NG Meets...Ludorati Cafe Bar
Welcome to NG Meets... episode 31, this week we speak to Damon Mitchell, director at Ludorati Cafe Bar, a boardgame cafe on Maid Marion Way. Listen to this episode, recorded at the venue, as we chat about the venue, the rising popularity of board games, the work the cafe does with local education, hospitals and other organisations, plus Damon tells us about the first board game he remembers playing, based around Tufty the Road Safety Squirrel and we put him on the spot by asking him to pick out three ideal starter games - one for families, one for couples and one for groups. This episode was recorded before the current Corvid-19 lockdown when the cafe was fully open and functional, as with other venues Ludorati is currently closed until further notice but they are still active on their Facebook page where you can find links to various free gaming resources, information on online events they are running and more.
April 21, 2020
NG Meets...Nottingham Lions FC
Welcome to NG Meets... and we're celebrating the big 3-0, that's right it's episode 30, and yes it's a bit late but then all the days are starting to blend into one now anyways so I think we can be excused that mistake! We hope everyone is staying safe and following all the latest guidelines, and that everybody is doing all they can to look after themselves, physically and mentally, during this trying time, here is to hoping better things are not too far down the line. To help you pass the time we have a cracking episode this week as we are joined by members of Nottingham Lions Football Club, an LGBT+ friendly football club that play their games in Nottingham and were set up to offer a welcoming home to players no matter what their sexuality. In this episode we chat about the club, its history, the current success, some of the great trips and tours they have been on and the plans going forward. We also talk about the changing attitudes in football and how we have moved on, for the most part, from a time when homophobic chants were common place at stadiums across the country, and we talk about the lack of openly gay male footballers in the professional game - and why a player might be wanting to resist being the first and the spotlight it will bring. This was a great chat, and one recorded prior to the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown, which, of course, will have hit the club hard, with football at all levels currently suspended and, for grassroots clubs like Nottingham Lions, unlikely to resume until next season. You can find out more about Nottingham Lions FC via their official website or on Facebook.
April 09, 2020
NG Meets...Purple Mamba Club
NG Meets... is back and how things have changed in just a few weeks since the last episode. With the UK (and indeed much of the world) on lockdown amidst the Corvid-19 pandemic we are back to hopefully bring you some entertainment during this anxious and confusing time. In this latest episode guest host Geri headed to West Bridgford to visit swingers club Purple Mamba to meet owners Chris and Amanda. She talks to them about setting up the venue, why they chose West Bridgford, why the club is about a lot more than just sex and kink and changing the stigma around swingers club. This episode was recorded before the recent exacerbation of Corvid-19 situation and, like many venues, Purple Mamba is now closed so all events mentioned in the podcast are on hold, however they are holding virtual events which you can find out about by visiting the official website.
March 31, 2020
NG Meets...Nottingham Festival of Science & Curiosity
In episode 28 of NG Meets... we meet with Megan and Louisa two of the organisers behind the upcoming Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity, which takes place from 12-19 February at venues across Notts. We chat about the festival and some of the fantastic events that you can check out over the week, the importance of science and engaging young people in STEM, the inequalities within the science world, why tacking them is important and how that is happening plus more. So tune in and find out much more about what you can expect from this years Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity and then head over to the website to check out the full event line up. The Nottingham Festival of Science and Curiosity takes place from 12 - 19 February 2020 at various venues across Nottinghamshire.
February 11, 2020
NG Meets... Rene House
It's episode 27 and this week we are chatting with Tiffany and Theo from Nottingham community interest company Rene House. Rene House provide sheltered accommodation for vulnerable adults in Nottinghamshire and I went down to their head office to find out how and why they got started, the path that has led them to where they are now and the importance of what they are doing. We also spoke about attitudes towards the homeless and changing the stigma attached to it as well how homelessness has the chance to hit many of us for so many reasons. Find out more about this excellent project and the two hugely passionate people behind it by checking out this weeks episode. For more on Rene House, and to donate to help fund their work, head to their official website You can also follow them on Instagram here
February 05, 2020
NG Meets... Panya Banjoko
In episode 26 of NG Meets... we are privileged to chat to the wonderful Panya Banjoko. Panya is a multi-award winning writer, storyteller and performance poet and founder of the Nottingham Black Archive who's appearances include a performance at the 2012 Olympics. Panya joined us to talk about her life and career, she talks about the work she is doing looking at history in the 70's and 80's and how that compares to modern day activism - and why it's just as important as ever to hit the streets. Tune in for a fascinating and insightful chat. You can find out more about Panya's work, including her available works, via the official website here
January 28, 2020
NG Meets... Keiren Thompson
It's a new year and NG Meets... is back and what an episode we have to kick start 2020. This weeks guest is the hugely inspiring Keiren Thompson, founder of the fantastic community group Helping Kids Achieve. Helping Kids Achieve, based in Bulwell, offer young people the chance to take part in all sorts of activities such as basketball, dodgeball, drumming, fashion events and acting helping to grow their esteem and confidence and giving them ambition and focus. Keiren's fantastic work was recognised this year when he was named at the Sports Personality of the Year Unsung Hero at the country's biggest sporting awards event. We sat down with Keiren to talk about what inspired him to go down this path, how important early intervention is and about his passion for Bulwell, the town he grew up, and still lives in and how he wants to change the stigma attached to the area. Plus much more. This was a fascinating chat with an inspiring and passionate chap who is making a real difference and is well worth checking out - and if, after listening, you fancy getting involved you can find out more on the Helping Kids Achieve Facebook page.
January 22, 2020
NG Meets... Attenborough Nature Reserve Lifeline Campaign
In our final episode of 2019 we speak to Erin McDaid from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust about the campaign to raise a £1 million in order for the trust to buy the land on which Attenborough Nature Reserve sites.  We chat about the campaign, the history of the reserve, the great volunteers who have helped make it what it is and how owning the land will be key to the future of the reserve. Also hear a fascinating anecdote about how site supporter and namesake Sir David Attenborough discovered the existence of the village of Attenborough while on his way to a school trip to Nottingham Castle. The Attenborough Lifeline campaign is looking to raise £1 million by the end of January 2020 and, following the award of a grant for a quarter of a million, is sitting at £880,000 - but you can still donate to help take the campaign over the line. Donations can be made here. Thank you to all who have listened to the show over this year, we will be back in 2020 with more great shows, in the meantime have a fantastic Christmas and wonderful New Year.
December 17, 2019
NG Meets... Matt Turner
In the week of the 2019 General Election we bring you a special episode with former Evolve Politics editor, and political commentator, Matt Turner. Matt, who studied at Nottingham University, joins us to chat about the upcoming election, the state of modern politics and the political media, and how he went from writing for a small left-leaning news website to the press lobby at Westminster. We also discuss the referendum and the shadow Brexit casts over the entire political spectrum, and what might happen next, plus Matt, who was one of the few people to predict a hung parliament in 2017 gives us his 2019 prediction (with the caveat that it could well change). So check out Episode 23 of NG Meets... as we delve into the world of modern politics, and make sure you vote on Thursday 12 December. You can follow Matt on Twitter here
December 10, 2019
NG Meets...Nicola Monaghan
Episode 22 of NG Meets... is here and this weeks guest is award winning novelist Nicola Monaghan. Nicola joins us to talk about the success of her debut novel The Killing Jar, are thrilling, dark look at life on a Nottinghamshire estate, plus we also chat about her latest release, crime thriller Dead Flowers. Plus we chat about the books and authors that inspired Nicola, grabbing a look at the screenplay for This is England and the possibilities of a The Killing Jar TV series. Dead Flowers will be launched with an event at Five Leaves Bookshop on Monday 9 December - for more information and to book tickets check out the Five Leaves website. Visit Nicola's official website
December 03, 2019
NG Meets...Mike Brooks
In the latest episode of NG Meets... we sit down with author Mike Brooks. Mike joins us to talk about the path to getting his first book published, writing for Games Workshop after years of playing their games, and how his new series - set to be released by publishing giants Orbit, was born from the angers of the Brexit vote. Plus we talk about how a small group of angry men's fury helped attracted new readers to his debut Games Workshop novel, Rites of Passage.  You can find out more about Mike on his official website 'Rites of Passage', a Warhammer 40,000 novel, is available now from Games Workshop
November 26, 2019
NG Meets... Etienne Stott
NG Meets... is TWENTY, yes we have reached Episode 20 and what an episode we have for you, we have an Olympic GOLD MEDAL WINNER on the show this week. That's right Etienne Stott, who won gold in London 2012, is our guest this week and as well as chatting about that historic moment we also talk about his involvement in Extinction Rebellion. We chat about the recent Uprising in London and the press around that as well as the explosive impact the group have had despite being just over a year old (in fact this episode was recorded on the first anniversary of XR's launch). Etienne also gives us an insight into what a Citizen's Assembly is - one of the things Extinction Rebellion are calling on the government to set up in a bit to tackle the issue of our lifetimes. This was a great chat and an excellent follow up to Episode 16 where we spoke to Extinction Rebellion Nottingham's Sam Harris.
November 17, 2019
NG Meets...Matt Turner: Pedals
In Episode 19 of NG Meets... we meet Matt Turner of Nottingham cycling campaign group Pedals. We chat about how Nottingham's impressive public transport system played a part in Matt and his partners decision to move to Nottingham, the huge differences in cycling infrastructure in different areas of Nottinghamshire and the importance of groups like Pedals to ensure cycling is not overlooked. For more on Pedals check their website out here
November 08, 2019
NG Meets... Notts RockCast
Episode 18 of NG Meets... is here and it's a cracker of a show this week as we sit down with Jethro, the man behind the excellent Notts RockCast podcast - Nottingham's Alternative scene podcast. As the show celebrates it's first birthday we find out how and why it got started and the work that goes into it, dive into the world of podcasts and social media, and why we both think anybody who has an idea for a podcast should give it a go. We also chat about the upcoming 50th episode of the Notts RockCast which will see a very special show recorded in front of a live studio audience at The Sal on Sunday 1 December - event information here. You can check out episodes of the Notts RockCast on iTunes and your usual podcast app, or at the official website here - and keep up to date on when new episodes drop by liking their Facebook page.
October 30, 2019
NG Meets...Jonny Owen
In episode 17 of NG Meets... I headed along to The City Ground to grab a chat with Nottingham Forest director Jonny Owen. In a brief chat we discuss his early years in Welsh sports TV, acting and how a documentary for local channel Notts TV led to an acclaimed movie and a role as a director at Forest. Jonny fills us in on the goings on behind the scenes at the club including the fantastic work from their Football in the Community team and we even discuss the hassles of cycling to Chilwell and Toton. For all the latest news and goings on at Nottingham Forest visit the clubs official website here
October 23, 2019
NG Meets... Sam Harris: Extinction Rebellion
NG Meets.... is BACK. After an extended break we are pleased to return and with an episode that could not be more timely.  You are no doubt fully aware of the huge protests taking place in London, as well as around the UK and, indeed, the world. Led by the activist group Extinction Rebellion, the protesters, who come from all walks of life, are calling on governments around the world to take climate change seriously before it is too late.  In order to find out more about why these protests matter and what Extinction Rebellion stands for we met up with Sam Harris, from Extinction Rebellion Nottingham, for a chat at Cafe Sobar. Join Sam in episode 16 of NG Meets... to find out who Extinction Rebellion are, what they want, how Sam became involved and why climate change is THE most important issue of our times. For more on Extinction Rebellion check out their Facebook page
October 15, 2019
NG Meets...C.J. Tudor
It's episode 15 of NG Meets... and in this episode we are chatting with best-selling author C.J Tudor. Born in Salisbury, C.J. grew up in Nottingham, before a recent move down south, and in 2018 saw her debut novel The Chalk Man become a big hit winning a tonne of praise including a tweet from her writing hero Stephen King. Now, with her second novel The Taking of Annie Thorne, which is set in Nottinghamshire, hitting the shelves we spoke to C.J. about her love or all things King and horror, the hard work and perseverance that eventually led to The Chalk Man, the pressures of the second book and some of her favourite places to write in Nottingham. Check out this great chat and, if you haven't yet, be sure to give The Chalk Man a read, and then check out The Taking of Annie Thorne. You can follow C.J. Tudor on Twitter here
March 15, 2019
NG Meets Special - The Heritage Lottery Players at Cafe Sobar
Welcome to a special edition of NG Meets featuring a special live recording of the Heritage Lottery Players from Cafe Sobar.  Created in association with Double Impact and the Heritage Lottery Fund, Access to Heritage is focused on helping people in recovery from substance abuse and addiction to learn more about local heritage. Over the course of 11 weeks of workshops the participants visited local heritage sites learning about criminality, poverty and justice and the social consequences and social reforms of these and learned more about popular local outlaws of literature and pop culture. Hosted by local author, and host of NG Digital's Hood Free History series, Adam Nightingale, this event, which took place at Cafe Sobar, was the culmination of their work and features a number of performance pieces produced by the participants. For more on Double Impact check out their website here
October 26, 2018
NG Meets...Sandeep Mahal
WE'RE BACK... Season 2 of NG Meets... is finally here and what a guest to kick the series off. In Episode 1 of the new season we're chatting to Sandeep Mahal, director of Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature. Sandeep joins us to tell us all about what being a UNESCO City of Literature means for Nottingham - and the responsibilities that come with such a title. The importance of taking reading opportuinities into areas that are not, currently, receiving them and shares with us her background from growing up in a place with no reading culture to finding libraries and from there are lifetime working in literacy. Plus Sandeep posits the idea of a Book Club Podcast - a fantastic idea if you ask us. You can find out more on Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature here
September 07, 2018
NG Meets...Daniel Hoffman-Gill
Welcome to NG Meets... Episode 11, this week our guest is actor Daniel Hoffman-Gill. Probably best known for his appearance as Bors in Doctor Who, Daniel has also appeared in Sherlock, Alice Through the Looking Glass and has just wrapped up filming for The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle which sees him appear alongside movie superstar Robert Downey Jr.  Daniel joins us to chat about growing up in Nottingham and getting started in acting, moving down to London and how life compares in the capital to his hometown. Plus we chat about social media and how Daniel holds the record for most posts on the old LeftLion forum. IMDB Twitter
May 11, 2018
NG Meets...Alice Short
NG Meets finally hits double figures as we bring you episode 10 of the series, with our special guest Alice Short. Alice is a rapper and poet who spoke to us ahead of the release of her latest single Estranged, which is released on May 7, and we had a chat about the new track, how Alice got started and the importance of encouraging people who enjoy the creative arts. Plus, of course the fact that Harvey Weinstein is a prick. Check out the latest episode and then make sure to check out Alice's brand new single Estranged - available from Monday on iTunes and the like. Find Alice on Facebook Alice on Twitter
May 04, 2018
NG Meets...Matt Turpin
In episode 9 of NG Meets we chat to Matt Turpin. Matt is founder of Beeston magazine The Beestonian and a member of the Nottingham City of Literature Team and joins us to chat about the exciting plans for the future of The Beestonian following the receipt of a community grant and the news that Nottingham (along with Norwich) will host the UNESCO Cities of Literature event in 2019. We also talk about Matt's journey to becoming a full time writer and journalist and why he started up The Beestonian, as well as Nottingham's bursting literary and creative scene. The Beestonian Nottingham City of Literature
April 26, 2018
NG Meets...Georgina Wilding
The Nottingham Poetry Festival starts this Friday - 20 April - and features a huge selection of fantastic poetry events across the city over nine days. To find out more about the festival we are joined on this weeks show by Nottingham's very first Young Poet Laureate Georgina Wilding. Georgina tells us what we can expect from the festival, plus we discuss how she got started in poetry, the opportunities that being the Young Poet Laureate offers her - from performing at fantastic events to being able to present workshops in schools, introducing a whole new generation to the world of poetry. We also discuss attitudes to poetry and more - all in NG Meets... Episode 8. Check out this fascinating chat with Georgina and then head along to the Nottingham Poetry Festival - you can find out a list of events here. Follow Georgina on Twitter
April 18, 2018
NG Meets...Dave Tonge
It's episode 7 and we're speaking to Dave Tonge, founder, and organiser, of the NLC & Organge Amplifiers 'Rockin for the Children' Festival, which takes place, for the final time, at The Maze on 5-6 May.  We chat to Dave about how the festival got started in 2011, the Noize Level Critical Radio Show which Dave presented for six years and from which the festival originated, plus some great memories from the festival, the great causes that have benefited from the £20,000 plus the festival has made and why this REALLY is the final legacy. For more on the NLC & Orange Amplifiers 'Rockin for the Children' Festival check them out on Facebook
April 11, 2018
NG Meets...Scott Bennett
In the latest episode of NG Meets we sit down for a chat with award-winning Beeston based comedian Scott Bennett. Scott discusses his first ever gig, back in 2009, and his comedy route, as well as his recent plans to go full time with the comedy. We also talk about what it's like to work as a writer on a comedy show, Nottingham's role on the national comedy scene and playing support for one of his comedy idols. Plus find out what is coming up next for Scott. You can find out more about Scott and check out his web series at his official website
April 06, 2018
NG Meets...Jared Wilson
In the fifth episode of the series we sit down for a chat with Jared Wilson one of the founders, and still Editor-in-Chief, of Nottingham culture magazine and media enterprise LEFT LION. As Left Lion gets set to celebrate its 100th issue - and 15th birthday - we chatted to Jared about how the magazine started in a small Sherwood flat back in 2003 and find out about some of his favourite interviews. Plus we get an insight into what the team have planned for issue 100. Jared also tells us about how award-winning documentary Lord of Milan came about and the whirlwind experience that has led from a small story beginning in run down Mansfield Road unit led all the way to Milan and the foundations of one of Italian footballs giants. Plus find out what is in the pipeline for Left Lion - and Jared - going forward. Don't forget to grab a copy of Left Lion issue 100 THIS FRIDAY (30 March) and keep up with all things Left Lion and Nottingham on their official website
March 27, 2018
Ep.3 - Lucy Kay
In the third episode of our NG Meets series we chat to soprano Lucy Kay. Lucy, who grew up in Nottinghamshire before moving to Glasgow (and now London) came to prominance in 2014 when she finished runner up in Britain's Got Talent after a stunning rendition of Nessun Dorma. Having spoken to Lucy back then for Nottingham LIVE we caught up with Lucy to find out what she has been up to in the three years since that chat. Join us for a fascinating chat covering Lucy's time touring with Joseph, the perils of performing with children in panto, anti-bullying campaigning, life on stage and how awesome The Rock is.
November 23, 2017
Ep.2 - Les Bradd
In the second episode of NG Meets we speak to Notts County legend Les Bradd. Bradd is County's all time record goalscorer netting 125 times during 11 years at the club ensuring his place as a legend at the World's Oldest Football League Club. Bradd also held numerous roles behind the scenes at the club and still acts as an ambassador for the Pies. Now, to mark 50 years at the club, and just ahead of his 70th birthday, Les released his autobiography Far Post which is a must read for any Notts fan. Ahead of the launch we spoke to Les to discuss his favourite memories, thoughts for the club going forward and how much football has changed since his playing days.
November 21, 2017
Ep.1 - Henry Normal
In the launch episode of this brand new series NG Meets we sit down with Henry Normal. Born in Nottingham, Henry started life as a poet before moving into the world of comedy, and launched Baby Cow Productions with comedy legend Steve Coogen. Over the years Baby Cow have been behind some of the biggest comedies on television and Henry was co-writer on one of the biggest comedy shows of the 1990's The Royle Family. Having stepped down from his role as MD in Baby Cow Henry now focuses his time on poetry and has released several anthologies, he was also co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. Here Henry talks to us about his poetry and the literary scene in Nottingham. He also talks about raising an autistic son and how attitudes and support has changed over the years.
November 21, 2017