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New Philadelphia Nazarene

New Philadelphia Nazarene

By Mark Maddux
The NPNaz podcast features our weekly teaching from one of our teaching pastors as well as other special episodes seasonally.
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The Grace That Goes Before | Foundations
This week, Pastor Mark Maddux will look at our 7th Article of Faith in our Foundations series, Prevenient Grace.
June 6, 2021
Relationship Restored: Atonement | Foundations | NPNaz
We are stepping back into our "Foundations" series as we look at our sixth Article of Faith on Atonement.
May 31, 2021
Grad Sunday | NPNaz
Today is Grad Sunday here at NPNaz and we are excited to celebrate our graduates! Congratulations Class of 2021!
May 23, 2021
Freedom From Sin: Original & Personal | Foundations | NPNaz
Our "Foundations" series continues with our fifth topic, sin. This  week's message is based upon our 5th Article of Faith "Sin: Original and  Personal."
May 17, 2021
Meaning of Life: Holy Scriptures | Foundations | NPNaz
In our fourth message from our Foundations teaching series, Pastor Mark  will be looking at the foundational piece of our Holy Scriptures.
May 9, 2021
Holy Spirit | Foundations | NPNaz
In this week's message from our "Foundations" teaching series, Pastor  Mark will look at the foundational piece of our faith that is the Holy Spirit.
May 4, 2021
Jesus | Foundations | NPNaz
In this week's Foundation series teaching, Pastor Mark addresses the foundational piece that is Jesus the Christ.
April 26, 2021
God Is | Foundations | NPNaz
April 18, 2021 In our first Foundations series message, Pastor Mark looks at the full picture of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
April 19, 2021
Faith Promise Sunday
April 11, 2021 Today we welcome missionaries to Papua New Guinea Jeff & Dr. Susan  Meyers for our annual Faith Promise Sunday. On this special day we set a  giving goal for our continued support of the Global Mission of the  Church of the Nazarene.
April 12, 2021
Easter Sunday 2021 | Sacred Invitation | NPNaz
April 4, 2021 He Is Risen! Join us as we celebrate the Risen Christ today! Our text for today is from John 20:19-22.
April 6, 2021
Good Friday Communion Service | Sacred Invitation | NPNaz
April 2, 2021 Join us for this sacred service. We will be celebrating Communion at the conclusion of our time together.
April 6, 2021
Palm Sunday | Sacred Invitation |NPNaz
Join us for our Palm Sunday celebration. Today's text is Matthew 21:12-17.
March 28, 2021
5th Sunday of Lent | Sacred Invitation
Today is our 5th Sunday in our Lenten series, Sacred Invitation. Our text for today is Mark 8:31-9:1.
March 21, 2021
4th Sunday of Lent | Sacred Invitation
4th Sunday of Lent, 2021
March 15, 2021
3rd Sunday of Lent | Sacred Invitation
3rd Sunday of Lent, 2021
March 15, 2021
2nd Sunday of Lent | Sacred Invitation
2nd Sunday of Lent, 2021
March 15, 2021
First Sunday of Lent | Sacred Invitation
First Sunday of Lent, 2021
March 15, 2021
February 14, 2021 | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
This is the final message in our Manifesto teaching series. 
March 15, 2021
Three Warnings | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
As Jesus' Sermon on the Mount comes to a close, He gives some final warnings to His listeners. Our text this week is Matthew 7:13-23.
February 8, 2021
Relationship - Part 2 | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
In this week's message, we continue looking at what Jesus says about relationships in Matthew 7.
February 8, 2021
Jeff & Susan Meyers - Missionaries to Papua New Guinea | New Philadelphia Nazarene
This morning we hear from our very own missionaries to Papua New Guinea, Jeff & Dr. Susan Meyers. They will report on the continuing work at Nazarene Hospital in PNG.
February 8, 2021
Relationship - Part 1 | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
In today's message, Pastor Mark will look at the topic of judging others. Our text is Matthew 7:1-6.
February 8, 2021
Prayer & Fasting Part 2 | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
In part two of our Prayer and Fasting teaching from Matthew 6, Pastor Mark looks at the picture of God that Jesus gives us through the Lord's Prayer.
January 15, 2021
Prayer & Fasting Part 1 | Manifesto | New Philadelphia Nazarene
We return to our Manifesto teaching series this week and look at Jesus' teaching on prayer and fasting from Matthew 6. Today marks the beginning of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for the New Year.
January 15, 2021
Christmas Eve 2020
Join us as we conclude our season of Advent and move into our celebration of Christmas! Jesus has come, and Jesus is coming again! Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2020
The Breakthrough Love of God
In our fourth week of Advent we talk about the love of God that broke through thousands of years ago and continues to break through today in us and through us. Our text is Luke 1:26-38.
December 22, 2020
We are in our third week of Advent and talking about how we can be joy "fuller" in our daily lives. We get the opportunity to partner with God in his work of rebuilding and restoration!
December 14, 2020
Finding Peace in the In-Between
In our second Advent message, Pastor Mark takes a look at 2 Peter 3:8-15 and talks about how we, as people of Advent, can live in the "in-between" and remain at peace.
December 9, 2020
HOPE - Let Earth Receive Her King
This is our first week of Advent and Pastor Blaire shares with us a powerful message on hope.
December 2, 2020
July 19, 2020
This is the second part of Pastor's two-part message "Bound Together" based on Ephesians 4. 
July 21, 2020
July 12, 2016
This is part one of Pastor's two-part message entitled "Bound Together" based on Ephesians 4. 
July 21, 2020
June 28, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Mark begins a new teaching series from  the book of Ephesians. "Gospel Truths, Gospel Living" will address the basic Gospel truths taught by Paul in Ephesians that create the foundation for Gospel living in our lives today. 
July 9, 2020
July 5, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Mark teaches from Ephesians 3:14-21 with a message entitled "Rooted."
July 9, 2020
June 21, 2020
In our last teaching from the series "James: Faith that Works," Pastor Mark teaches from James 5:7-11 with a message entitled "Patience & Endurance."
June 22, 2020
June 14, 2020
In this week's teaching, Pastor Mark preaches from James 4:13-16 with a message entitled "Best Laid Plans."
June 22, 2020
June 7, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor continues our study in the book of James with a message entitled, "Draw Close to God," based on James 4:1-10. 
June 8, 2020
| AFTER HOURS | "Wisdom & Foolishness" - James 3:13-18
In this episode, we are discussing the difference between Godly wisdom and the foolishness of this world, especially in light of our current situations we are facing in our world. 
June 4, 2020
May 31, 2020
This week we welcome guest speaker, Pastor Dave Lutz. Pastor Lutz is the East Ohio District Superintendent. He will be preaching from James 3:13-18 on wisdom and foolishness.
June 1, 2020
| AFTER HOURS | "When You Play With Fire..." - James 3:1-12
In this week's episode, we talk about the dangers of the tongue and the damage it causes in our relationships and in our world. PLUS - we talk about the remedy! Join us!
May 28, 2020
May 24, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Mark talks about the incredible dangers of our words, our actions, and our attitudes.
May 26, 2020
May 17, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Mark reports the state of our local church with a message entitled, "We Must Be Stronger." James 2:14-26 is the foundation of this week's teaching.
May 18, 2020
| The Road Ahead | Special Podcast Episode
In this episode, Pastor Mark has a conversation with Pastor Dave Lutz, the East Ohio District Superintendent, on the role of compassionate ministry in the church as we respond to the COVID-19 crisis. 
May 14, 2020
| AFTER HOURS | "Leading with Love" - James 2:1-13
In this week's discussion, we talk about some of the other implications to God's command to love our neighbors as ourselves, along with what it practically looks like in our lives today. Join us!
May 14, 2020
May 10, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Mark preaches from James 2 on the topic of "Leading in Love." James' message in the opening verses of this chapter can often be seen through the incorrect lens. What James is emphasizing for us is the necessity of living our lives through and in the love that God has shown us. It is this royal law of God that is the filter through which every aspect of our lives must pass. 
May 11, 2020
| AFTER HOURS | "Be A Doer," James 1:19-27
Pastor Mark and Pastor Kevin sit down after hours to discuss this week's teaching and selected passage.
May 7, 2020
|The Road Back|Special Podcast Episode
Join Pastor Mark and Pastor Dave Lutz, East Ohio District Superintendent, as they discuss the road back for our churches as we seek to reopen our campuses to corporate worship gatherings in the coming days and weeks.  Here are some of the resources listed in today's discussion:
May 5, 2020
May 3, 2020
In this week's message, Pastor Kevin teaches from the last section of James chapter 1 with a message titled: "Be a Doer."
May 4, 2020
| AFTER HOURS | "Crown of Life," James 1:12-18
Pastor Mark and Pastor Kevin sit down after hours to discuss this week's teaching and selected passage. 
April 29, 2020
April 26, 2020
This is part 2 of our James teaching series. This week's message, "Crown of Life," is based on James 1:12-18. The trials and temptations that are an inevitable part of life provide you an opportunity for life or for death. The choice is yours to make. Put your faith to work!
April 27, 2020
Mental & Spiritual Wellness
Join our Lead Pastor, Pastor Mark, and our Rekindle Ministries Director, MacKrea Larue, who is a licensed and practicing social work from our area, as they discuss mental and spiritual wellness in a time such as this. 
April 23, 2020
April 19, 2020
This week begins our teaching series, "James:Faith That Works." This first message is from James 1:2-8 and Pastor Mark talks about how we respond under pressure to the realities of our life.  The trials and tribulations you face in this life are not God's way of seeing if you're up for the challenge. It is how He accomplishes His work -  being made perfect and complete, lacking nothing - in us. 
April 20, 2020
April 5, 2020
In this week's episode we hear from Pastor Mark with a message entitled, "Between Hosanna! and the Cross." Our scripture is from Luke 19:28-44.
April 16, 2020
April 12, 2020
This is our final message in the Lenten Journey series with Pastor Mark. Today, we look at the evening of Easter as Pastor brings us the message, "Fear into Fire."
April 16, 2020