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Not Suitable For Anyone

Not Suitable For Anyone

By Patrick Anderson
A podcast about obscure, micro-budget, under-appreciated, or simply inappropriate films. Whether it's horror, sci-fi, dark comedy, or just an all-around genre-bending film, it's fair game. Join me for the latest news and updates in the underground film community, along with great conversations with filmmakers, writers, and fellow podcasters where anything goes!
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Episode 45: "We're all gonna die; nothing's timeless" and other motivational affirmations from Adam Stovall
New Projects discussed on this episode: Saudade short film by Meghan McCullin:  Saudade crowdfunding page: Death & Life crowdfunding page: A Ghost Waits available on Arrow Player and VOD:; also available on Blu Ray from Arrow: (currently 50% off list)
July 11, 2021
Episode 44: "Work hard, say 'damn' a lot" and more advice from Josh Stifter
Ok, this week I have an update on some previous crowdfunding projects I mentioned, including the successful conclusion to Fat Fleshy Fingers on Kickstarter!! This week's project is a GoFundMe from the filmmakers behind Silent Shadow, Yolit Rios (on Instagram @yolitsvisionary) and Gary Jay (on Instagram @garyjayjr): (Silent Shadow short: They're raising money for a new western short with a black lead. Link below, and I'm trying to get them on the show. Also covered, briefly, is the trailer for Animosity, the first film from Brendan Steere. He actually won awards for this film at Buffalo Dreams way back in 2013, but it's only now getting released thanks to the smash hit that was The VelociPastor. I also go on a rant about Michael Epstein ( sending me down a rabbit hole of obscure 80's rock musicals (titles and links below) New Projects discussed on this episode: Lucky Lucy on GoFundMe: Animosity coming soon from the director of The VelociPastor: The Good Exorcist available on TubiTV, Plex, and rental, coming soon on Blu from Troma: Obscure 80's Rock Musicals mentioned on this episode: Voyage of the Rock Aliens: The Apple: Rock & Rule: Streets of Fire:
July 2, 2021
Episode 43: Lo-fi Trashy Fun with Brian Lonano & Lonano-thon at Chattanooga Film Festival
Back after a much needed vacation, and apologies for not being able to produce any episodes last week, but I'm making up for it with an exciting and (for once) timely interview. Brian Lonano joins me to talk about his short film retrospective, Lonano-thon, playing this week at Chattanooga Film Festival. I've spoken about some of his shorts previously, including Crow Hand and The Devil's Asshole, both of which you can also see on Arrow Player. But the CFF retrospective includes over 100 minutes climbing inside the demented brain of Brian, and I can't recommend it enough. Please check him out on Twitter @BrianLonano. Also covered is an indie comic from Matt Schorr ( called Moby Dick: Back From The Deep. Find him on Twitter @themattschorr or Instagram @theschorr. Finally, I also check out the trailer for the recently released Babysitter Must Die. Projects discussed on this episode: Lonano-thon: Brian Lonano's short film retrospective playing right now at Chattanooga Film Festival: Mental Health and Horror on Kickstarter: Babysitter Must Die is available now on digital & VoD: Moby Dick: Back From The Deep issues 1-3 are available at:
June 25, 2021
Episode 42: Surrealist Noir with Mark Beal
My guest this week is Mark Beal, creator of the "Bloodsucker's" universe with his very unique films Bloodsucker's Handbook (which sometimes shows up under the title Enchiridion) and its futuristic prequel, Bloodsucker's Planet. (I promise it makes sense).  I also predictably plug Arrow Player again. Are you starting to get the hint? Maybe one day, they'll throw a discount code my way *AHEM*. I also go deep on a Kickstarter from Stephen Stull that is involving a number of my favorite people, including Sophia Cacciola (Episode 7) and Michael Epstein. Check out their work at Projects discussed on this episode: Bloodhound short from Sophia Cacciola on the Arrow Player: Fat Fleshy Fingers: A Sick And Wrong Movie on Kickstarter: Bloodsucker's Handbook is available digitally:  Bloodsucker's Planet is also available digitally:
June 10, 2021
Episode 41: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Rotting Flesh (featuring Éric Falardeau)
I'm back, albeit a bit late because I took some time off over the Memorial Day weekend. But tune in to hear me ramble on about The Mitchell's vs The Machines, which surprisingly turned out to be the perfect movie for me about how weirdos making strange homemade movies will save the world. GO WATCH IT!! My guest this week is Éric Falardeau. Please visit him at or on Instagram @Thanatofilms. His debut film, Thanatomorphose, chronicles a young woman who's body begins to decompose while she's still alive. It's extreme, disturbing, gross, and upsetting. And it's also the subject of a fantastic region free Blu Ray release from Tetrovideo: I also plug Arrow Player for the second week in a row. It's really great, so check it out at, sign up for a free 30 day trial, and use promo code THRESHOLD for 50% the first month after that! Projects discussed on this episode: The Devil's Asshole short on the Arrow Player: Bitch Ass on Indiegogo: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Bigfoot available now from Cranked Up Films: Thanatomorphose is available now from Unearthed Films (DVD), or the aforementioned region free Blu Ray:
June 4, 2021
Episode 40: You Want A Man With A Crow Hand (feat. Sound of Violence director Alex Noyer)
This podcast is officially over the hill with Episode 40 (and with the one-year mark firmly in sight). There are dozens of us! DOZENS! And we're not going anywhere. This episode was a ton of fun to put together, including a short film from Arrow's new streaming service , a fun 'kitchen sink'-esque crowdfunding project, and a trailer from the director of one of the more disturbing films I've seen in recent years. And, of course, my guest, Alex Noyer!  If you haven't seen Sound of Violence yet, you can check out an awesome spoiler-free review and interview over at before listening. Check out Arrow Player at, sign up for a free 30 day trial, and use promo code THRESHOLD for 50% the first month after that! Follow my guest Alex Noyer @AlexNoyer on Twitter & Instagram, and follow the film @HerMusicKills also on Twitter & Instagram. Projects discussed on this episode: Crow Hand ... short on the Arrow Player: The Witches of the Sands on Indiegogo: Road Head available soon from Terror Films: Sound of Violence available now from Gravitas Ventures:
May 26, 2021
Episode 39: To Catch A Predator Bigfoot with Aimee & Carly from The Final Girls Horrorcast
From fantastical drain monsters, to haunted houses, stupid vampire slayers, and sasquatch, my good friends from fantastic show, Final Girls Horrorcast join me on another journey through the deep cuts of low budget horror. Huge thanks to Aimee & Carly for slumming it with me here on Not Suitable For Anyone. Please check out their show and their merch at Also follow them on Twitter @FinalGirlsHC and Instagram @finalgirlshorrorcast. Projects discussed on this episode: Shhhhh ... short on the Alter YouTube Channel: They Watch on Indiegogo: The Slayers available now from Wild Eye Releasing: Primal Rage available now from Blue Fox Entertainment:
May 20, 2021
Episode 38: Incestuous Pig Men with Trev Allen
Not content with the incestuous vibes of Killers, Trev Allen returns to the pod for a feature with explicit brother-on-mustached sister fucking with the epic feature Bullets Of Justice. But before we can get into that, we discuss a pandemic-inspired short film about the importance of remembering your face mask, a crowdfunding campaign best described as Frank Capra meets Gaspar Noe, a monster in the walls (and pipes?), and the ALL NEW BAGMAN TRAILER!!  Visit Trev's amazing podcast, The Struggling Artist, wherever podcasts are sold, and find him on Twitter or Instagram @TrevAllen81 and @PodcastTSA. Projects discussed on this episode: Face Mask short on the Midnight Video YouTube Channel: This Is Where It Starts on Seed & Spark: Pipeline available now from Wild Eye Releasing: Bagman Rising coming October 2022 from The Wilson Brothers: Bullets of Justice available now from The Horror Collective:
May 11, 2021
Episode 37: Dude, Where's My Podcast? Late (A 420 Episode featuring director of 4/20 Massacre Dylan Reynolds!)
So, uhhhh ... sorry guys. I had plans to record and release this week's podcast a day early, so it would drop on 4/20, but the good folks at Pfizer had other plans as my second Covid shot laid me up for a couple days. But anyway, here's an episode on the stoner slasher 4/20 Massacre. In a world filled with stoner comedies and stoner horror comedies, Dylan's movie stands alone as a more straightforward 80's style slasher, but with modern subject matter and sensibility. Enjoy! Check the movie out here: Check out the dope-ass merch over on And keep up with Dylan and 4/20 Massacre on Facebook: Twitter:
April 23, 2021
Episode 36: Remember when RoboCop shot Donald Trump in the Snake Dick? (feat. David Mahmoudieh)
Everything you ever wanted to know about snake penises and more on a brand new episode with Snake Dick director David Mahmoudieh. I plugged it last week, but in case you forgot, check out the movie at, or on Instagram @SnakeDickMovie. Connect with David on Instagram @Darvood.  Other projects mentioned on today's episode are: Silent Shadow by Yolit Rios (@yolitsvisionary) and Gary Jay (@garyjayjr): Beast Mode by Chris W. Freeman and Spain Willingham: Ghosts by Jed Shepherd:
April 14, 2021
Episode 35: Do Snakes Have Dicks? (with special guest, Inhumanwich! writer/director David Cornelius)
Something dumb takes the spotlight in this week's episode as I'm joined in the final segment by filmmaker David Cornelius who gifted us the delightfully corny Inhumanwich! It's a 50's throwback sci-fi horror set in the near future where an unfortunate accident turns a man into a giant sloppy joe monster. It's goofy and fun and never takes itself too seriously ...  But first, we FINALLY talk Snake Dick, the amazing short film from David Mahmoudieh and Alpha Wolves (, as well as some disgusting body horror. Tune in! Projects mentioned in this episode: Snake Dick by David Mahmoudieh: Death Rink by Daniel Zubiate: Thanatomorphose by Éric Falardeau & TetroVideo: & Inhumanwich! by David Cornelius: Be sure also to follow my guest, David Cornelius, on twitter at @david_cornelius
April 8, 2021
Episode 34: Pavlov's Penis with Kelly from Spinsters of Horror
Hey, what happens to your dick when I ring this bell?  Our main topic tonight is the very disturbing Who's Watching Oliver, and I was delighted to have one half of the fantastic podcast I Spit On Your Podcast to help break it down. But first, I go into detail on some of the topics I mentioned last week, and some new trailers that caught my eye this week. Projects mentioned in this episode: Conductor by Alex Noyer: Livin' After Midnight by Brant Lewis: Sensation by Martin Grof: Badass Monster Killer by Darin Wood: Who's Watching Oliver by Richie Moore:  Be sure to check out Kelly over at and I Spit On Your Podcast ( or on Twitter (@HorrorSpinsters and @KGredner) Watch ahead for next week: Snake Dick by David Mahmoudieh:  Inhumanwich! by David Cornelius:
March 31, 2021
Episode 33: Carol Kane On A Motorcycle -- Talking Ava's Possessions with Jordan Galland and Chris Vander Kaay
Announcements. Announcements! ANNOUNCEMENTS! Ok, so I'm going to be playing with the show format over the coming weeks while I expand the show to include trailers, news topics, and even short films! So your homework for this week, in addition to a great rundown of Ava's Possessions with filmmaker Jordan Galland, is to check out some of the projects I mention (links below) and be ready for me to go into detail in the coming episodes. In the meantime,  Projects mentioned in this episode: Conductor by Alex Noyer: Snake Dick by David Mahmoudieh: Livin' After Midnight by Brant Lewis: Meathook by Jermey Ashley Pair: Mutant Vampires From The Planet Neptune by Andrea Juneau & Calvin McCarthy: Ava's Possessions: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Undead: Alter Egos:
March 25, 2021
Episode 33: Hosts (available on Shudder!) with co-directors Adam Leader and Richard Oakes
Hosts (with an 'S') just dropped on Shudder and is a wholly original, wholly independent, mean spirited, disgusting, gory, psychological Christmas horror. It immediately fell into the 'must watch' category for me. In fact, barely a half hour or so into this, I was on the phone texting my friends and insisting that they fire it up. And, of course, this has the potential to be confused with the singular 'Host' which took the quarantined world by storm in mid-2020. A bit of unfortunate timing Hosts creators, but for better or worse they stuck w/ the title that carried throughout their project (and actually carries multiple layers of meaning). And far from being a knock-off, Hosts goes in a completely different direction as a claustrophobic home-invasion thriller. It also leaves the broader world and 'bad guy' motivations as enough of a mystery, with clues along the way, that let you piece together the story on your own. It's a fantastic ride, and a great pickup by Shudder. Please check it out and then give Adam and Richard a listen. What they managed to pull off on only a $20k budget is, frankly, fucking impressive and we should all be looking forward to their next project!
March 17, 2021
Episode 32: Laid to Rest & Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 with Luke Rodriguez
It's pre 2010, and WHAT the FUCK even IS the INTERNET? Let's be honest, the "story" in the Laid To Rest franchise (does two movies constitute a franchise?) is secondary to the writer/director's primary vocation: special effects. These films basically act as a sizzle reel for Robert Hall's brilliant practical effects work. An industry professional, Hall's credits include horror and sci-fi TV shows like Buffy, Angel, The X-Files, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (where he seems to have recruited much of the Chromeskull series cast like Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green), and films like Quarantine, The Crazies, and the Paranormal Activity movies. Joining me on this journey is legendary podcaster, and one half of the brilliant Modern Horrors podcast, Luke "the Juke" Rodriguez (yes, even when the show was briefly me, Luke, and Jake Parker, Luke was still a full half of the show). I'm honored that Luke decided to emerge from his seclusion for his first podcast in months, and he didn't disappoint. He's full of great information and fun reactions to a ridiculous, but highly entertaining series of films. Be forewarned that there's no deeper meaning at work here .. it's just carnage for carnage's sake. And that's, frankly, just fine because it's so superbly executed. Check out Luke's website, Completely fan supported and ad-free with their Patreon, so please check it out. He's also on Instagram or Twitter @ModernHorrors. You can spend way too much on a foreign mediabook, or you can watch both films for free on TubiTV. Part 2 is also available via an Amazon Prime subscription. Laid to Rest: ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2:
March 10, 2021
Episode 31: Weresquito: Nazi Hunter with Special Guest Christopher Mihm
HELLO LITTLE PIGGIES!!! Welcome to my podcast! We have such wonderful surprises in store for you today. I can't wait to show you! Christopher R. Mihm, founder of the "Mihmiverse", is a professional monster movie maker and self-described creator of "new old good bad movies!" He has made a movie each year like clock work--going back to 2006--in the tradition of classic "B" horror monster movies of the 50's and 60's. This modern-day Roger Corman has gifted us amazing titles like The Monster of Phantom Lake, Cave Women on Mars, and today's topic, Weresquito: Nazi Hunter. Christopher is a skilled filmmaker with a successful "crowdfunding" model consisting of pre-selling copies of his films to contributors, who receive credit and a copy of the finished product. In addition, he does his own physical distribution and produces spectacular looking blu rays and DVDs with attractive cover art, nicely authored menus, and special features. Through his e-commerce site, he'll even autograph your copy for free! Visit ( to buy any of his 16 existing movies, or contribute to the two he has in development right now! Also, as a special contest I am running for listeners of the podcast, send me a screenshot showing that you signed up for his FREE monthly newsletter and I'll put you in a drawing to win a free blu ray or DVD from my collection! Send screenshots to @NSFAPod on Twitter or to And follow Christopher on social media: Faceboook: Instagram:
March 3, 2021
Episode 30: This Pontypool Podcast Will Change Everything (w/ Special Guest Chris Vander Kaay)
Pontypool! Pontypool! Pontypool! (Avertissement: NSFAPodcast n'est pas responsable des infections que l'auditeur peut recevoir en écoutant cet épisode.) I am beyond excited to talk about this movie with its #1 fan, author and filmmaker Chris Vander Kaay. In fact, we were SO excited that we basically just jumped right in and didn't quite properly introduce it. But we did at least mention the name of the film before diving into analysis. And, as always, we start out spoiler free and actually make it much deeper into the show before giving a proper warning and proceeding to give away the hook! So please check it out, and check out Pontypool, which is only available to rent or purchase digitally on AppleTV for some reason. And please check out Chris's work ... find him @ckvanderkaay on Twitter, and check out his books! Spoiler Alert: Life After Death: Indie Science Fiction Cinema Today: Horror Films by Subgenre: Anatomy of Fear: Narco Saints:
February 24, 2021
Episode 29: Silent but Deadly featuring Drunk Me (again)!
So what if my podcast is just the random shit that "real" podcasters throw up as "patreon exclusive content"? I had fun getting drunk and laughing hysterically at stupid jokes (how many ways are there to point out that mime's don't talk and have it be funny?). Yeah, Silent, but Deadly is about killer mimes ... and let's face it. Mime's are creepy, yo. And this 2016 film from Paul Dale (Fast Food & Cigarettes) is a dopey horror comedy about creep killer mimes and the tropiest horror characters to ever trope the screen. Available from Amazon Prime ( and not to be confused with the 2011 Jason Mewes film of the same name, it's worth a watch if you like cheaply, but lovingly, made horror with obvious jokes and bad puns.  As always, listening is optional, but check out the movie ... it's good to break out of your comfort zone and just witness the pure joy of filmmaking.
February 17, 2021
Episode 28: Dee Snider's Strangeland with Modern Horror's Justin Sheeler!!
Stay away from Captain Howdy!! That's right ... Twisted Sister made a horror movie and released it in 1998. Get ready for flashbacks of the early days of internet chatrooms, cliche 'tough cop' dialogue, and multiple different movies all crammed into one, inspired by a Twister Sister song and adapted by someone who most likely had never written a screenplay before. So check out Strangeland on VOD (, and also check out my guest, Justin Sheeler, on Twitter (@manic_expressv) or Instagram (@manic.expressive) to be on the lookout for his upcoming podcast, Super Bummer.
February 10, 2021
Episode 27: Hide and Creep with Writer/Directors Chance Shirley & Chuck Hartsell
It's time for round 2 with Chance Shirley (Episode 8 - Interplanetary), and this time we're also joined by his partner-in-crime Chuck Hartsell to talk about their first feature length film, the 2004 redneck zom-com Hide and Creep! I realize that a lot of folks are "over" zombie movies, but if you think you've seen everything, think again. This film is chock full of Chance's dry humor and Chuck's deadpan comedy, and perfectly encapsulates what it's like to grow up in a small southern town. We had an absolute blast recording this episode, and went on plenty of side tangents about their experiences both in making the film, and trying to market and sell this and subsequent films. I really hope you enjoy the conversation and give the movie a watch. All of Chuck and Chance's films can be seen for free with an Amazon Prime account. Links can be tracked down through the website (which also includes links to purchase physical copies as well). The short Chuck mentions towards the end of the episode is available here: He also recently directed a music video for a song written by best selling author Robert McCammon, which is available here:
February 3, 2021
Episode 26: The Mike Mendez classic, Killers (or Real Killers) featuring Trev Allen from The Struggling Artist
In 1996, Mike Mendez (Lavalantula, The Gravedancers) released a strange, twisted movie that would go on to be lost to time. To this day, the only way to get a physical copy of the 1996 masterpiece, Killers, is on VHS. However, it was restored back in 2019 in preparation for a blu ray that, unfortunately, has yet to materialize. Trev Allen, from The Struggling Artist podcast (, joins me as we try to make sense of this sheer madness. Watch along with us on Amazon prime, or give it a quick digital rental to reminisce about a simpler time when serial killers wore facepaint and were worshipped as gods ...
January 27, 2021
Episode 25: Filmmaker Guru J. Horton
In a major change of pace this week, I sit down with filmmaker J Horton. He's made an entire career out of microbudget films. From horror films like Edges of Darkness to Monsters In The Woods, to documentaries on everything from dogs to bigfoot, Horton lives and dies by successfully, and profitably, selling his movies primarily via streaming services. In an hour together, we get into a variety of topics useful for anyone trying to make a living by selling films in today's marketplace. Personally, I think it's a fascinating conversation, and I hope you all enjoy it. However, there's way more to learn than what we could cover in an hour, so please go check out J. Horton's Youtube Channel at to learn more.
January 20, 2021
Episode 24: Get My Gun featuring Jennifer Carchietta and Brian Darwas
Please join me as I talk to the writers, directors, and producers of my favorite revenge film is recent years, Get My Gun. Jennifer and Brian talk through both the storytelling and practical aspects of putting this story to film, and they were an absolute delight to speak with. This movie definitely takes some unexpected turns, which is part of what makes it so unique, so please please please give it a watch! You can catch it on Shudder, and the UNRATED DVD will soon be making a comeback. Please visit the film website, for more information and links to their social media accounts.
January 13, 2021
Episode 23: Here's 20 Movies You Probably Missed in 2020, featuring returning guest Drunk Me
Hey everybody! Thanks for coming back for another year of Not Suitable For Anyone. I'm really excited to bring you my top 20 list of movies that most people missed last year. So I got drunk and basically just said a few words about each film. Hopefully it's not too boring. Not in any particular order (other than the order I talk about them), the movies discussed (many of which will hopefully become episodes) are: Butt Boy The Pale Door Anything For Jackson Porno Feedback Sadistic Intentions A Good Woman Is Hard To Find Rent-A-Pal The Swerve Bit Alive Archons Dreamland Vampire Virus M.O.M. Mothers of Monsters Barney Burman's Wild Boar The Dare Peripheral Kindred Spirits Dead Dicks Lake Michigan Monster I'm too lazy to link them, so just go to and see where you can find them! And hopefully I'll get a guest lined up for next week.
January 6, 2021
Episode 22: Nefarious with Richard Rowntree
Richard Rowntree joins me for a second time to do a deep dive on his home invasion crime thriller/horror Nefarious. Packed with visual flair, gritty characters, and gore that far outpaces its shoestring budget, Rowntree and Ash Mountain Films push the limits of indie filmmaking and good taste. Hey, does anybody read these things anyway? First person to email me at with the subject line I'M PAYING ATTENTION gets a gently used blu ray of Nefarious in the mail. Nefarious is easy to find on a variety of VOD and streaming outlets, including Amazon Prime and Tubi: Richard and I also talk about his crowdfunding efforts for his next project, Mask of the Devil. Please check out their Kickstarter below for more information, and kick them a few bucks. We get into spoilers for Nefarioius at the 32 minute mark, so if you haven't seen the movie yet, feel free to skip to the 51 minute mark to hear us talk about Mask of the Devil.
December 30, 2020
Episode 21: All Through The House featuring Todd Nunes
A podcast is stirring! Merry Christmas and please enjoy a bonus episode of an instant classic Christmas slasher, All Through The House! Writer/Director Todd Nunes joins me to talk about all the low budget, mean-spirited, gory goodness in store! It's the most Christmas of any Christmas horror we've covered this year, so I wanted to leave this episode as a special gift for y'all. So please enjoy! All Through The House is literally streaming everywhere, including Prime, TubiTV, Roku, Vudu, and is an easy VOD rental as well: Please give it a watch and a rating/review! And for one final time,  HUGE THANKS to Brendan Steere (Flashback to Episode 15) and the band Free Parking for the use of their track, Christmas Alone, as the theme music this month! Be sure to check out the full song on their bandcamp page and please show them some love:
December 25, 2020
Episode 20: Follow featuring Owen Egerton
Years ago, I spoke to Owen Egerton about, among other things, his debut feature film, Follow. Egerton spins a seasonal, heartwarming yuletide yarn involving murder, paranoia, suicide, depression, betrayal, necrophilia, and gun-ellatio. I was more than happy to dust off this discussion and record some updated thoughts I have about the film, which stars Noah Segan, Haley Lu Richardson, and Don Most. Sadly, my attempts to reach out to Noah Segan were for naught. Regardless, you can easily check out the film on Prime, Vudu, Tubi, or the typical VOD outlets:  You can find Owen on Twitter @Owen_Egerton. And once again,  HUGE THANKS to Brendan Steere (Flashback to Episode 15) and the band Free Parking for the use of their track, Christmas Alone, as the theme music this month! Be sure to check out the full song on their bandcamp page and please show them some love:
December 23, 2020
Episode 19: Santa Jaws featuring Misty Talley!
Ho Ho Ho! It's the best Christmas Shark-attack movie ever made, Santa Jaws!!! Director and shark-movie connoisseur Misty Talley joins me as we talk all about the inspiration and perspiration that went into making this instant Christmas classic. Shot in New Orleans over the summer, and aired as part of SyFy network's Sharknado week, Talley gifts us with the supernatural tale of a teen's comic book come to life at the most wonderful time of the year. Talley's other directorial efforts include Ozark Sharks, Mississippi River Sharks, and Shark Island. The film is easy to find through Amazon Prime and a few digital outlets, and it really gives you a lot of joy while asking very little in return. Please check it out and head over to Letterboxd and leave a rating and review, talk about it on Twitter, or just tell your friends and help people discover the pure, silly Christmas joy that is Santa Jaws: UPDATE: Also now you can order your own Santa Jaws merch!! Check out for merch related to Santa Jaws, Zombie Shark, and Ozark Sharks! And once again,  HUGE THANKS to Brendan Steere (Flashback to Episode 15) and the band Free Parking for the use of their track, Christmas Alone, as the theme music this month! Be sure to check out the full song on their bandcamp page and please show them some love:
December 16, 2020
Episode 18: The Night Sitter featuring John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn
I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS AND I CAN'T BELIEVE I FUCKING PULLED THIS OFF!!!! But thankfully, I have Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco on the line to discuss their epic Christmas babysitter witch movie. The Night Sitter is the love child of Suspiria and Evil Dead 2 with a dash of John Hughes. Probably the lesser known of the three babysitter horror movies of 2019, but by no means the least, The Night Sitter features fun performances, mean-spirited kills, and a bright, colorful palate of Christmas delight. And also three witches who will stop at nothing to consume small children and anyone who dares stand in their way. The Night Sitter is a super cheap rental at most of the usual places, as well as completely free on TubiTV: But if you really want that 80's vibe that it puts out, you should check out the VHS from Black VVideo: Technophiles can also find it on Blu Ray from Amazon: Last, but not least, HUGE THANKS to Brendan Steere (Flashback to Episode 15) and the band Free Parking for the use of their track, Christmas Alone, as the theme music this month! Be sure to check out the full song on their bandcamp page and please show them some love:
December 9, 2020
Episode 17: Tonight She Comes featuring Matt Stuertz
No, it's not the song by The Cars. Matt Stuertz wrote and directed an epic horror comedy mashup called Tonight She Comes that is equal parts The Evil Dead and Friday the 13th ... but throw in 20% American Pie and 1000% more period blood and you start to get an idea of what makes Matt come. It's extremely bloody, extremely funny, and extremely inappropriate for all audiences. If you thought the My Bloody Valentine remake featured a whole lotta labia, strap yourself in and crank the volume for Tonight She Comes because things just got weird. Catch up w/ Matt .. he's @MattStuertz at both Twitter and Instagram. The movie is available super cheap, or in some cases for free, at the usual sites: No US blu ray yet, but there are some European discs floating around. Keep an ear to the ground b/c I'll definitely be talking about this one again once that happens. And be sure to tune in next week for the start of a very special series that is one week late in the making because I am a complete fucking idiot!  NOW I HAVE A PODCAST HO-HO-HO
December 2, 2020
Episode 16: Rondo featuring returning guest Drew Barnhardt!
Drew Barnhardt was one of my very first guests back in what are now the 'early days' of Not Suitable For Anyone.  He took a chance on me back when very few people I was contacting, Drew included, really knew who I was or what I was about. So it meant a lot to me when he agreed to come back for a second round on the show to talk about Rondo. This film was actually my first introduction to Drew's work, and I enjoyed it so much that I sought out his first film, Murder Loves Killers Too. To this day, MLKT remains one of my all-time favorite slashers, but Rondo will always hold a special place in my heart. It's combination of artful filmmaking with absolutely absurd story-turns and downright filthy dialogue absolutely tickles my depraved sense of humor. Rondo is the kind of movie that revels in depravity while telling a story with some of the most ridiculous caricatures of people I've ever seen. No, it doesn't feel grounded in reality, but who really wants that anyway? Please look for Rondo on DVD (try or for digital rental or purchase pretty much everywhere ( Murder Loves Killers Too is also available on Amazon Prime ( and on DVD ( Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not mention Stephen Romano's fantastic artwork (some of which appears in the show's thumbnail). He's definitely worth a look, as is his fantastic book Shock Festival:
November 25, 2020
Episode 15: The VelociPastor featuring Brendan Steere
Brendan Steere, writer/director of the viral sensation The VelociPastor, joins me as we try to unpack the mysteries of 'cult films.' Is there a secret formula to making a so-bad-it's-good movie? Fuck if we know, but we had a goddamn blast talking about it. Along the way, we unpacked the unlikely chain of events that actually led to the making of the film, each more mysterious and unexpected than the one before! Brendan is genuinely one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with, and his experiences making and releasing The VelociPastor is truly inspirational! I hope that comes through in the episode. You can find The VelociPastor on Amazon Prime, TubiTV, and all the typical digital places. However, I highly recommend the region-free Blu Ray, available from Amazon and other retailers: We also get into the soundtrack a bit. If you like what you hear, the three bands whose songs you hear in the film are: The Holy Mess: Math The Band: Free Parking!: Please check these bands out and purchase some of their music. It would mean the world to me. Finally, the cover art this week is by Michael Gambriel. Please go check out his website: and follow him on Twitter: @MikeGambrielArt and IG: @Mike.Gambriel
November 18, 2020
Episode 14: One Cut Of The Dead featuring CinemaSins' Jeremy Scott!!
It's not often you get to talk about one of your favorite movies with one of your closest friends, but I managed to do just that AND get it all on tape for you lovely people. One Cut Of The Dead is one of the most unique and original movies to come along in years, and if there is one person on the entire planet that loves this movie more than me, it might just be Jeremy. It's the kind of movie that just gives us that nice warm feeling down in the cockles of our hearts, and we had an absolute BLAST sharing our favorite moments, asking each other questions, and just laughing hysterically at stuff in the movie, as well as our own insane lives. It's my first podcast with a fellow movie fan, and, while I always love speaking with writers, directors, and actors, I think I may work a few more episodes like this in because it was just so damn fun to geek out about stuff and get wasted for an hour. Oh yeah, did I mention we're drunk? Because we're fucking lit in this episode, so there's a lot of rambling and other non-sense too. I hope you enjoy it. Jeremy Scott is the author of The Ables series, which features The Ables, Strings, and Currents, all available on Amazon: Unfortunately, Shudder's Steelbook of One Cut Of The Dead appears to be out of stock, but a few copies of the Third Window Films Blu Ray are still available from Arrow video: It's also widely available for rental or purchase ( and via subscription to Shudder (no, I don't have a discount code yet but Craig Engler, let's talk 'mmkay?).
November 11, 2020
Episode 13: Patrick's #BYOBoxedSet Adventure
Disillusioned with a barrage of social media posts about Shout Factory's Friday the 13th Boxed Set, I tried to think of ways to share my feelings on the subject without just complaining or shitting on F13 fans ... In fact, I have no real problem with Friday the 13th, I just had no interest in giving more money to Sean Cunningham's company  for continuing to wring nostalgia from the teat of a franchise while trying to cheat the original screenwriter out of fair compensation. Suddenly, it dawned on me. Use the money that might have gone toward the boxed set and, instead, spend it on low budget, indie genre films! Brilliant! So that's what I did, and I decided to dub it #BYOBoxedSet (as in "Build Your Own Boxed Set"). It was a lot of fun, and I might do the same thing the next time a big viral boxed set gets popular!  Please join me as I talk in more detail about this journey and my reaction to these films (some of which I have yet to see, and some I saw for just the first time). And please show these films and filmmakers some love! Briefly, the movies covered include: Pool Party Massacre by Drew Marvick (purchased from: Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket by Stephen Lange (purchased from Day of the Stranger by Tom Lee Rutter (available at Camp Killer by Shawn Jones (available at Maniac Farmer by Matthew Williams (available at The Night Sitter by John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn (available at The Barn by Justin Seaman (available at Exorcism at 60,000 Feet Chad Ferrin (available at Gravy by James Roday (available at The Hills Run Red by Dave Parker (available at
November 4, 2020
Episode 12: #1 Serial Killer featuring Koji Steven Sakai (Writer) and Stanley Yung (Director)
This is my  most personal episode to date because no film has spoken directly to me in recent years as much as #1 Serial Killer by Asian-American filmmakers Stanley Yung and Koji Steven Sakai. There is strikingly little Asian-American representation in horror (and film in general). In fact, this low budget affair, #1 Serial Killer, was the first-ever film to feature an Asian-American serial killer. When Asians leave their native countries and emigrate to America, we have a tendency to blend into the landscape resulting in a certain invisibility. While understandably different--and seldom, if ever, as tragic--than the forms of racism perpetrated against other marginalized communities, stigmatizing and stereotyping are nevertheless dehumanizing behaviors. I'm thankful for the discussion and really hope you all get something out of it as well. And please check out the movie #1 Serial Killer, available on DVD ( and VOD. Some sites may list it under it's original title (for example, see, but in actual VOD outlets, it shows up under the current title (for example, on Amazon) You can find out more about Koji's projects, including Santa vs Zombies, at his website, He's currently filming The Commandos, an action film starring Mickey Rourke and Michael Jai White. Stanley is currently developing a number of projects as well. These are both ones to watch in the future!
October 28, 2020
Episode 11: The Kingdom Of Var featuring Drunk Me
I realize I'm probably supposed to wait until *much* later in my podcasting life to do something this fucking stupid and out of left field. But not being able to book a guest in awhile, I decided to just get fucking shit-faced and watch a completely INSANE movie and talk about it in real time. I edited it down into something resembling an episode, cut together with a little bit of choice audio from the film itself. The Kingdom Of Var follows this misadventures of college student Sonja after she unwittingly summons the demonic sorcerer Var by watching 500-year-old VHS containing his spirit. Yes, that's not a typo ... the sorcerer, according to legend, filmed a movie in the year 1594 to preserve his spirit for all time. The plot is insane, the acting is insane, the choices are insane, the CGI and camera effects are hilarious, and this is just an all-around fun watch. Get together with your friends, get drunk or high, and then watch The Kingdom Of Var (available on Amazon Prime) ... and then fire up the episode to relive some of the highlights, as well as my drunken, mystified ramblings as I try to make sense of this insanity. Please watch it.
October 21, 2020
Episode 10: Dogged featuring Richard Rowntree
Can you believe it's been 10 whole episodes and I haven't shut up yet? Dogged is the debut feature-length film from filmmaker Richard Rowntree. This ambitious effort culminates in a two hour long submersion into the insane world of folk horror. Channeling classic works like The Wicker Man, but adopting a modern setting, Dogged follows Sam's somewhat involuntary investigation into the death of a young girl on the mysterious tidal island where he grew up. Along the way, he discovers the seedy underbelly of this small community. It's fantastic modern example of classic folk horror with amazing, memorable characters all made on a budget of around $20,000.  Combining rural, British charm with vast landscapes, dangerous cliffs, animal head masks, and torch-lit mobs, it's sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. It's widely available on Amazon Prime, Tubi TV,  digital rental, and DVD.
October 14, 2020
Episode 9: Eat Me featuring Jacqueline Wright
**CW/TW: Suicide, self-harm, sexual assault, depression. If you are contemplating suicide or self-harm, please call the suicide hotline in the United States at 1-800-273-8255, or visit to find help in your country. ** HOLY COW am I excited for this episode or what! Eat Me is an amazingly powerful film from experienced playwright and stage actress Jacqueline Wright. We are all truly blessed by her decision to bring both her writing and acting talents to the screen, as she stars in this very small cast. The premise is relatively straightforward. A suicidal woman and a violent home intruder test the limits of human endurance and the boundaries of forgiveness over the course of one torturous night. The result is a single-location home invasion nightmare with shocking, visceral violence and jaw-dropping performances.  I first came across Eat Me when I reviewed it for Modern Horrors back in 2018, and got acquainted with Jacqueline not long after that when I interviewed her around the time of the movie's release. Links to the review and that original interview are below. I'm so glad I had a chance to catch up with her again, so we could look back on how much the world has changed in just a few short years, and how the film may be received differently now. But it's message is just as poignant as ever.  You can find Eat Me to rent or purchase on most digital platforms, and on DVD from Amazon. Links are below. You can also find Jacqueline online at @jacquelinewrite.
October 7, 2020
Episode 8: Interplanetary featuring Chance Shirley
The NSFA Podcast takes a trip to East Hollywood (a/k/a Birmingham, AL) to visit with the one and only Chance Shirley. He and his production company, Crewless Productions, have released a trio of genre films, including Hide and Creep, For A Few Zombies More, and today's film: Interplanetary.  Promising monsters and mayhem 40 million miles from earth, Interplanetary follows the misadventures of the men and women employed by Interplanetary Corporation as they live and work on Mars in the year 2182. It's a delightful sci-fi office horror comedy, that feels a bit like Office Space meets Plan 9 From Outer Space. Be sure to check it out (easily available on Amazon) and stay tuned for an upcoming blu ray release!
September 30, 2020
Episode 7: Clickbait with writer/director Sophia Cacciola
I had an absolute BLAST talking to Sophia Cacciola. She is an absolute triple-threat writer, producer, director and released a ridiculously funny satire called Clickbait last year!  Skewering the influencer/clout chaser subculture, Cacciola's script is packed with layered humor, often combining smart social commentary with poop jokes. With influences ranging from de Palma to Argento to Cohen, Clickbait impressed me with a combination of skillful cinematography and satirical humor. It definitely picks a lane and knows exactly what it wants to be. Previously, Cacciola made Blood of the Tribades, a modern, feminist spin on lesbian vampire flicks of the 70's, along with Magnetic, and Ten with her filmmaking partner Michael Epstein. Currently, they are in post production on The Once And Future Smash, starring Michael St. Michaels (The Greasy Strangler) and Bill Weeden (Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD). Their films are widely available, and you can find more information including links on where to watch them on their website:
September 23, 2020
Episode 6: Anti Matter featuring Keir Burrows
This week I caught up with writer/director Keir Burrows, to talk about his first feature film, Anti Matter. It's a mind-bending sci-fi horror thriller billed as a modern day take on Alice in Wonderland. It's the type of movie that definitely raises interesting philosophical questions without answering them, which can make for great conversation with friends once you've seen it. It's an ambitious film, particularly for a first-time filmmaker on a limited budget, making it all the more impressive of an achievement. Watch it anywhere you can rent or buy movies digitally, including free for Amazon Prime members or currently free with ads on Vudu. Blu rays and DVDs are also available.
September 16, 2020
And Now For Some Coming Attractions ... That Are Not Suitable For Anyone
Huge thanks to Sophia Cacciola (Clickbait), Chance Shirley (Interplanetary), & Keir Burrows (Anti Matter) for joining me on the next few episodes of the podcast! Check them out on Twitter: @SophiaCacciola, @Crewless, @keirburrows, respectively, and please check out their movies (links below). And remember to subscribe now so you don't miss these interviews! Clickbait: Interplanetary: Anti Matter:
September 14, 2020
Episode 5: Murder Loves Killers Too featuring Drew Barnhardt
Murder Loves Killers Too is one of my favorite titles of a movie ever. Drew Barnhardt's first feature is a low budget, high effort love letter to that intersection of films where slashers meet Barry Lyndon. It's filled with ambitious set pieces, practical effects, one-shots, and musical montages, not to mention a heavy does of wry, absurdist humor.  Unlike last week's film, this one is much lighter. It's a fun watch for slasher fans, with some dumb humor and smart camera work. There's really not much to spoil here, so you can probably get into the episode and still have a good time watching it, but either way please check this film out and support it. You already have access to it if you're an Amazon Prime user in the US. Drew's second film, Rondo, is also well worth a watch, and will be the subject of a future episode. Check out Murder Loves Killers Too on VOD or DVD.
September 9, 2020
Episode 4: Our Evil
After back-to-back interviews, it's back to just me alone at the mic. Patrick's on an island with my favorite Brazilian horror film, Our Evil. Our Evil is a small, Brazilian horror film that I discovered from Luke Rodriguez over at Modern Horrors. It's from first-time filmmaker Samuel Galli, and everytime I watch it I come away even more impressed. It pushes some boundaries with torture scenes and a character study of a real sick bastard. A lot of the movies covered on the show up until now have been more lighthearted, but this one is H E A V Y.  It's also quirky in that it does include several dramatic tonal shifts. Another example of something that couldn't possibly have come from the studio system because it breaks too many "rules." But in this case, I think it works to tell a really dark, depressing tale in a more palatable way. This movie unfortunately got zero press coverage when it was released in the states, and still doesn't have a US physical release, which is a damn shame. But check it out on Amazon prime or VOD outlets. I think you'll find it worth your time. Lastly, drop me a line .. @NFSAPod or @FinHorror on Twitter, or Let me know how you heard about the show, or if there's a movie you want me to cover!
September 2, 2020
Episode 3: Camera Obscura featuring Aaron B. Koontz (writer/director)
Aaron B. Koontz's latest feature, the horror-western mashup The Pale Door is available in theaters and digital platforms NOW. He also produced and co-directed an anthology feature called Scare Package which you can stream right now on Shudder. But his first film, Camera Obscura, is absolutely phenomenal in its vision, ambition, and blending of dark, morbid, and comedic tones. It also features an amazing cast, including Christopher Denham, Nadja Bobyleva, Catherine Curtin, Noah Segan, and Chase Williamson.  Check it out on Amazon or Blu Ray:
August 26, 2020
Episode 2: Molly -- featuring Writer/Director Thijs Meuwese
Molly is probably, dollar for dollar, the best superhero movie no one's ever heard of. But it's time for that to change. It's Turbo Kid meets Hobo With A Shotgun on the Fury Road. The action is rough and messy, the dialogue is zany and delivered with bizarre pizazz (legit, one of the characters didn't speak English and learned her lines phonetically), and the set design is fantastic and flawless ... And that's before we get to the final 30 minute long set piece one-shot! This is a unique, ambitious film that more people definitely need to see.
August 19, 2020
Episode 1: Discopath
Renaud Gauthier's giallo homage/satire, Discopath, is as criminally underseen as it is gory, subversive, and funny. The ludicrous plot, bizarre time jumps, and convenient story developments,  are enough in themselves to sell me. After all, who doesn't want to murder a bunch of hootie tootie disco cuties? But then we add French Canadian actors trying to mimic a 1970's New York accent, and it just goes over the top. Check it out on all the regular digital places, or buy the Blu Ray.
August 12, 2020
Not Suitable For Anyone Episode 0: An Introduction
Do yourself a favor and just skip this podcast. Seriously! It's just me, rambling to myself for 20 minutes or so about why I wanted to create a podcast and what it would be about. If you want to hear someone break down your favorite horror films, or classic horror films, or the latest releases, then go somewhere else. This is a podcast of discovery and celebration of the unknown. I've scoured the depths of the indie horror scene to find the most obscure, underrated, and under-appreciated modern horror releases and now I'm going to share them with anyone who cares to listen. To continue the conversation, subscribe to the podcast, and follow me on Twitter @NSFAPod and @FinHorror. To watch ahead for next week, check out Renaud Gauthier's Discopath, available on Blu Ray & all the usual digital places.
August 5, 2020