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Nehemiah Trumpet Call

Nehemiah Trumpet Call

By Wiliam Levi
The goal of Nehemiah Trumpet Call Podcast is share the Good News Based on Judeo-Christian Biblical Worldview and the vision of Operation Nehemiah Missions in footsteps of Nehemiah, the rebuilder of the wall of Yerushalayim is to rebuild broken lives of people for the glory of God taking one person, one family, one church and one community at at a time both physically and spiritually.
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Episode 3. As America reflects on the impact of 9/11/2001
Today as  reflect on 9/11/2001  Islamic terrorist attack on American soil which brought down the  Twin Towers in NYC, killing over 3000 of our citizens, transforming America and the world forever as we knew it, what have we learned? 
September 11, 2020
ONMI - Trumpet Call 97.3 FM Episode 2: The Parable of the ten Virgin, Matthew 25: 1-12
Are ready for the Mansion bride? Have you trimmed your lamp and ready for the bridegroom? 
September 9, 2020
ONMI Nehemiah Trumpet Call - Episode 1: Calling people to repentance & encouraging the faithful to stay the Course of the Great Commission
American Exceptionalism, defined by its Judeo- Christian principle and  Biblical world view is under serious cross-examination by the enemies from within and without in 2020. Every day we have been bombarded by the news of unprecedented upheaval unheard of in the recent years across  America of killings, rioting, looting, and blatant disdain for law and order in big cities across America. We are in an election year and the party which is out of power wants to stage a comeback to take the  Executive branch of the US government through intimidation, violence, and ballots fraud.  For decades and after decades championed by the DNC whose political party platform has rejected and removed God from their guiding principle have now resorted to supporting the thugs in the likes of Antifa, BLM, the anarchies, socialist & Islamic driven politicians like the 4 squads, upended by the leftist driven media, the deep state, and the deep church> They are hoping to use these groups to retake America and plunge the country back into darkness. They are emboldened. Make no mistake.  What can you and I do? What role should we play? People have to get out of complacency. Let us stop thinking that the world is coming to an end and nothing can be done about it, so let the mob rules. This is an absurd assertion. The  Bible says it not by power might,  and strength but by  Spirit. "   Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  We do have evil force right now in America But God is greater! We should be praying for this country and our leaders for unity to work together for a common goal.  Remember President Trump, VP  Pence, the cabinets, the Senate, the House, and the Supreme  Court in your prayers including the state Houses all across the 50 states. Pray that the Lord will expose all the hidden agenda of the Left and DNC for the rest of us to see them for what they are. Then comes November 3rd, invite, educate your family members, and friends then go out and vote your conscience.  Vote for Truth and Righteousness.  Let us reclaim America for Christ. The Return. By Messianic Rabbi and Bible Teacher, Jonathan  Cahn is gathering momentum.  Please join us in this fight, stand with those who are standing in the gap to preserve the Truth and Righteousness of God for the next generation. Come out to Washington Mall on September 26, 2020, to pray for Revival for America. Pray for Israel and for the Peace of Jerusalem. In the recent development in the  Holy land and the  Middle East, President Trump did the unthinkable after  24 years since  US-brokered a Peace and diplomatic agreement between Israel and its Arab and Islamic kingdom of Jordan in 1994.  This past week,  President Trump brought a diplomatic and regional relationship between Israel and another Arab  Islamic state of the United Arab Emirates ( UAE). This good news has sent  PA, Iran, and  Obama- Biden Democrats who are on the wrong side of the issues involving Israel and PA on frenzy mode. "Israel’s President Invites UAE Crown Prince to Visit Israel." For more, please visit www. Online donations can be made at 
September 2, 2020