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By Unkle Bonehead
New music from new artists that you've never heard of.
Seaon One starts 2/1/19!
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Mike Corcoran from Music Submit Pt4
March 03, 2019
Mike Corcoran from Music Submit Pt 3
March 03, 2019
Mike Corcoran from Music Submit Pt2
March 03, 2019
Mike Corcoran from Music Submit Part 1
March 03, 2019
Featured Artist-Preston Keith
Band Name: Preston Keith Album Name: Moonshine and Mascara Music Style: Country Label Affiliation: Independent Label  Hometown: Rock Hill, SC Country:USA Facebook- CDBaby- itunes- Youtube- Spotify-
February 04, 2019
NTROradio 2019 Seasons Announcement
I’m going to do NTROradio a little different in 2019. I’m going to  make the switch to a seasonal podcast. This should allow me to  personally be the host instead of relying on an artificial intelligence.  As much fun as it was to produce that it just isn’t any fun to listen  to. So heres the way it is going to go down. There will be 4 seasons with 10 episodes each. Each episode will be  only one artist/band for the full episode. Half way between each season  there will be a compilation episode of the previous seasons’ featured  artists. All artists featured will be through MusicSubmit only!  This is to ensure the legality of your music on the podcast. If you are  with them already you may need to ask them to submit directly to  Bonehead Media. If you are not with them click the banner located below. Season 1 02/01/19 - 04/05/19 - 1st compilation 04/19/19 Season 2 05/03/19 - 06/28/19 - 2nd compilation 06/12/19 Season 3 08/02/19 - 10/04/19 - 3rd compilation 09/11/19 Season 4 10/25/19 - 12/27/19 -End of the year “best of” episode 12/31/19
January 05, 2019
NTROradio 015
Introducing K.C. the new host that replaces Zira. Music is entirely from CCMixter. Shameless Site Promotion by Platinum Butterfly © copyright 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Alex, Ms. Vybe Speaking Power to Truth by Hans Atom © copyright 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Lonnie Ray Atkinson (Let’s) Get UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! by CSoul © copyright 2012 Licensed under a Creative Commons Noncommercial Sampling Plus license. Ft: FORENSIC , AlexBeroza , GneralStrike Basement #8 by RUIN © copyright 2009 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Supernatural by Snowflake © copyright 2015 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: vibs & cdk 5 Minutes 2 Midnight by Aussens@iter © copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) license. Ft: Scomber
January 05, 2019
NTROradio 014
Band Name: Andy Michaels Album Name: Where are you Now  Year Released: 2017 Website: Music Style: Adult Contemporary Influences: Cold Play  Sound Like: Maroon 5 Performing Rights Society: APRA (AUSTRALIA) Label Affiliation: Unsigned Geographic Hometown: Perth, Australia Band Description: A singer/songwriter from Australia who has been compared with Live, James Blunt, The Script, Cat Stevens, and Neil Young , whilst his arrangements and music are also reminiscent of Cold Play, Maroon 5, Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel.Andy has established a popular following over the years with his works constantly compared with modern contemporary artists “The Script”, “James Blunt” and “Maroon 5”, as well as international Legends Cat Stevens and Neil Young. His voice is unique and gives passion and vitality to his songs. His lyrics are intelligent and profound, yet innocent and appealing. His music empowers his words.  His voice is unique and gives passion and vitality to all his songs and for added soul inspiring impact, on several songs he also enlisted the amazing vocal talent of UK born Kerrie Ironside. For more information about Andy’s music visit Andy has played guitar since a car accident left him temporarily incapacitated before he was 20 years of age. His poems have been published by the International Library of Poetry, USA. Andy has not lost his passion for performing, with regular performances around Australia as well as in Asia, including China. His songs have received radio play in many countries including Australia, USA, England, Canada, South Africa, Switzerland and Netherlands, where his songs have been syndicated to multiple radio stations. For more information visit
January 05, 2019
NTROradio 013
Band Description: Henry Metal is one of the most exciting new artists in rock and his new album, "War In Heaven," was out everywhere January 1, 2018. Henry Metal debuted in late March of 2017 with the release of 2 singles, “Butthead Maven” and “Boss of Me,” both of which would appear on his first album “So It Hath Begun.”  The nine song LP was the genesis of a uniquely honest, straightforward and blatant style which subsequently unfolded organically into 4 more full-length albums released rapid-fire during Henry's debut year.  Sometimes humorous and sometimes righteously indignant, “So It Hath Begun” covered the landscape of raw rebellion, lust, sarcasm and humor with a middle finger displayed proudly to all conventions pertaining to the business of making commercial music.  The momentum created with “So It Hath Begun” pushed seamlessly into “Wizard Vs Demon,” Henry's second album.  Songs such as “Succubus,” “Heavy Metal Is Dead” and the title track “Wizard Vs Demon” developed the somewhat more serious musical aspirations of Henry, while tracks such as “Hackers, Leakers, Truth Seekers,” “Fukushima Ceviche” and “Possible Side Effects” took shots at society at large.  Humor also plays a continuous part throughout the album, especially in “Samurai” and “Rock Out.”  Musically, Henry's classic baroque guitar shreds continued to weave in and out of classic American blues-rock pentatonic riffs, all the while sitting snugly in a deep, intricate pocket of solid and perpetually moving metal.   Meanwhile, the outright rejection of every entertainment business formula and traditional gatekeeper had become an overarching theme in the style and marketing of Henry Metal.  The music videos for “Wrist is Pissed,” “Wizard Vs Demon,” “Terrible Driver,” “Thought Police” and “You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet” are campy, unapologetic affairs with the same simplicity and purity of intention, for better or worse, as the music itself.  As the campy imagery mingles with music that rages with intensity it becomes a cautionary message about taking even serious things too seriously.  This approach has not been without its critics and some have dismissed it as either too derivative (largely because of the faceprint and mask) or not serious enough for their tastes.  Of course, Henry is not the first to undergo the critical wrath of musical know-it-alls.  To hear Henry tell it, “if you're pissing people off, you know you're doing something right.” Henry's third record, “The Maestro Abides,” took a decidedly more serious and substantive turn as evident on such tracks as “Thought Police,” “Bankster,” “The Maestro Still Abides” and “On With the Show.”  Though not quite your average 'good time rock,' the album is packed with good times, from a strange rebel and sheriff interlude to a song about speed walking and not putting enough ink into disposable pens and, hence, wasting time and good plastic.  The album, in some spots, is perhaps Henry's most abrasive and opinionated to date, though all better for it. “Metal O'Clock” is Henry's fourth offering which is an extremely engaging, musical and catchy affair from beginning to end.  With big choruses, memorable riffs and a stadium rock vibe it might be considered quite commercial were it not for its subject matter which opens with a punk rock middle finger, continues into a thrash metal fury and pays homage to the Swedish Viking gods Odin and Freyja on the way to making fun of government ineptitude and consumerism.  To cap off his senior release, Henry sarcastically glorifies drug abuse before taking us out with a tune about elective cosmetic surgery.  As usual, there is not a single dull moment on the intense, virtuosic and precisely composed “Metal O'Clock.”  "Henry Metal V" takes a highly stylized and original approach to the True M
January 03, 2019
NTROradio 012
***Editor's note: When I first published this episode I had the intention of no longer podcasting about music. Well, I changed my mind. *** Hi, You know me and you know how much I love indie music. I am going to have to say that this is the hardest podcast episode I’ve ever recorded. As much as I love introducing people to new music and the amazing artists that create it I am going to bring it all to an end. I’ve got some new things I want to do with podcasting and writing a book. Plus my band Slight Case of Death is back at it again and I need time to actually pick up my guitar. So music podcasting is going to end with this epic episode. But before I do I’m going to play some music and tell you about some of the things you may not have known about myself, some artists and some history about why I’ve always tried to do some kind of music podcast ever since I got into it. So no matter where I am in life I will always support the indie musicians. ‘I’ve always said they are better at everything than the big guys you hear on terrestrial radio. And I will always continue to say that. I just need to focus on a few things that are more important in my life and podcasting right now. I may not be here doing the show anymore but stick around bonehead media .com because you never know when I will find somebody that I cant shut up about. Please support those local bands. Go to a show. Buy their music. Let them know that you love them! I’m going to leave with an eclectic mix of genres to end up the show. So listen all the way to the end. And rock on! Music from:  - Bloodshot Gamblers-The Surface of Hell  - Greg Jones & The GMen-Terminal Velocity  - Circle fo Crows-Unbreakable  - Loa-Low God  - Mike Martin-Living the Good Life and 2 of 5  - Ray Gun Girls-Paranoia  - Goldylocks-Sometimes  - Allyptic-Cracked  - Queen V-Revolution Baby  - Midori & Ezra Boy-Burned  - Lochinvar-Enchanted Moon  - Quinn Keon-A Song for Earl  - Amber Brooke Band-Rusty Nail  - Celldweller-Switchback  - The Patti Fiasco-Shake  - Vovkulaka-Whispered Lies  - Xavier Boscher-Quinacridone  - Hence the Noise-My Demise  - Mightier than Me-Get Gone
December 31, 2018
NTROradio 011
Murkocet is an American heavy metal band based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2013, the band’s debut album ‘Digging Mercy’s Grave’ was released on January 14, 2017. The album consists of eleven tracks, two of which have been aired on Phoenix’s 98KUPD “Into The Pit” and another that was chosen by indie horror film director, Bob Clark of Reel Bloody Films to be the title track of his movie, ‘Strip Club Massacre’. Since their debut, the band has ventured out on multiple North American tours rocking stages in New Mexico, Nebraska, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, throughout Southern California and The Viper Room in LA. They have shared the stage with headlining acts such as Attila, Exodus, Crowbar, The Browning and more. With a rapidly growing fanbase, the metal quartet landed themselves a spot in Phoenix New Times’ article for “13 Best Metal Bands In Metro Phoenix” on August 29, 2017. Murkocet comprises of vocalist Richie Jano, guitarist Nate Garrett, drummer Mike Mays and bassist Jared Pettit. Heavily influenced by Lamb of God, Slipknot, Hatebreed and the like, Murkocet combines their own musical talents to deliver a highly aggressive and unrelenting sound with a catchy melodic groove. The band’s main objective has always been to write material that would not only be exciting musically, but have a strong emphasis on crowd involvement. Their captivating live performance and high energy stage presence prescribes every audience a heavy dose.
December 29, 2018
NTROradio 010
Irish born Darragh J Brady is a rock steady musician and writer who is not afraid to go out on the edge if it means bringing something good back from it. Dar.Ra has graced the UK national charts and dance charts with two top 40’s and two number one dance records with acts signed to EMI, BMG, Festival Records (Australia) plus remixed legends like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Urban Harmonix ft Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) and many others along the way.  He has lived his life in recording studios around the world making some amazing sonic masterpieces along the way, from Dance to Rock To World Music and back again, and runs his own record label Kusha Deep Music. His first solo album ‘Soul Hours’ released in 2010 made album of the week of Spain’s Heart FM as well as received support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people in one on air live show. His follow up album ‘Battle Hymns’ has been used on various TV and Film projects from BBC’s Match Of The Day to US ABC TV films starring Hilary Duff. Dar.Ra wrote and produced the music for US documentary ‘City of Hope” which told the story of the street kids of San Paulo, and how two Americans set up one of the most successful Schools, with literally no money. The next EP titled Dirty Lil Secrets has some serious sonic adventures and big sound ambitions which aims to bring the story telling element back into the music. Crossing Rock,Soul,Reggae and Country music is a fine balance to get right but we feel with the help of co Producer Harvey Summers this has been achieved 100%. For more info
December 28, 2018
NTROradio 009
Chile Colorado
December 27, 2018
NTROradio 008
Dizzy Box Nine
December 27, 2018
NTROradio 007
Terminal Degree!  Awesome metal played on Cello and Electric Violins!
December 26, 2018
NTROradio 006
Wally Maggs, Charissa and King George
December 25, 2018
NTROradio 005
Hence the Noise  - Minute with Me  - My Demise Cody Joe Hodges   - Roll That Way
December 25, 2018
NTROradio 004
 Hosted by Rich Xavier Boscher 1. Metronome Celeste 2. Quinachridone Mightier Than Me 1. To Be Determined 2. Get Gone **Rewind Segment**  Hosted by Zira Black Dawn  1. I Could Never Be 2. I Want To Fly
December 25, 2018
NTROradio 003
Unkle Bonehead Couldnt make it this episode so Zira filled in for him. The C. R. Ecker Band – Duty, Honor, Country and Good Ol’ Days Ronnie Clinton – Southern Pride Plus a new segment called NTROradio Rewind. Songs from our vault. Carolina Morn – America Stands
December 25, 2018
NTROradio 002
Christopher Hawley - 9 Tattoos Braintenna - Crown Voice of Addiction – Corporate Pariah **A DOUBLE SHOT!**  Fractured Spine  1. Have Earned My Despair 2.  Still Beating
December 25, 2018
NTROradio 001
**DOUBLE SHOT!!** Mike Thompson Little Dreamer Thunder Island feat. Collin Raye Vovkulaka Defy For some awesome interviews with Indie artists I suggest you check out the podcast Backstage at Nadeau media
December 25, 2018