Why marketers want to know your habits

An episode of Nudge

By Phill Agnew
The consumer psychology podcast - listen to the researchers, authors and pioneers in behavioral science and learn small nudges you can use to improve your work.
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What makes someone more convincing than others?
Some people are just more convincing than others. People laugh more at their jokes, they're better at finding partners, and ultimately they get paid more. Understanding what makes these people more convincing is something my guest has spent years studying. In this episode, I chat to Joseph Marks who explains why taller people get elected more, how attractive people receive higher pay and why expensive cars don't get honked at.  Link to Joseph's book Messengers: Sign up to our mailing list:
September 11, 2019
Time to stop targeting “millennials”
Marketers are constantly told stories about how a brand targeted millennials with great success. But is it a smart tactic? In this episode I chat to best selling author Richard Shotton who explains that consumers aren’t really changing and to influence them we need to think beyond simple segmentations like ‘millennials’.  Link to Richard’s book: Sign up to our mailing list:
August 28, 2019
How to nudge people into voting, buying and recycling
“How do you plan to get to the polling booth?”. This phrase can swing voter turnout by 9% and ultimately change the outcome of an election. To figure out why I chatted to bestselling author Steve Martin about the powerful consistency principle. • Link to Steve’s book Small Big
August 13, 2019
The power of scarcity and why less is more
You’re influenced by scarcity, even if you don’t notice it. In this podcast Richard Shotton explains why marketers love scarcity, why so many Airbnbs contain pianos, and why cookies taste better when they’re the last in the jar. • Link to Richard’s book •
July 29, 2019
How the UK government nudges British people
The UK governments contains a team of 60+ behaviour scientists in charge of nudging the country. They tweak HMRC letters, JobCenter scripts and road signs on the M6 all to nudge British people in the right directions. Listen to hear the success they’ve had and what the private sector could learn.
July 9, 2019
The psychology behind effective pricing
Did you know that removing a $ sign from a menu increases the amount consumers buy? In this episode I chat to Sybil Yang who explains the psychology behind pricing, how to organise the most effective menus and why charm pricing shouldn’t be ignored.
June 22, 2019
The science behind distinctive advertising
There are simple rules that make brands stand out, but most marketers and advertisers dismiss them. In this episode Richard Shotton will explain the science behind distinctive marketing and why so many brands fail to capture our attention. • Link to Richard’s book • Link to Richard’s LDN event •
June 2, 2019
How social proof reduces theft and doubles sales
One line of text has helped the UK government save billions in unpaid tax, helped pubs sell 2x more beer and stopped hikers stealing endangered petrified wood. In this episode Steve Martin explains how social proof can dramatically influence consumers and how brands use it to great success. • Link to Steve’s book The Small Big:
May 15, 2019
Why marketers want to know your habits
Did you know that companies spend millions trying to discover when customers have kids? In this episode I chat to best-selling author Richard Shotton about the power of habit. He explains how life events encourage purchases, why those aged 49 are more likely to run a marathon and how Sainsbury’s used habitual marketing to generate billions in revenue. • Link to Richard’s book • Link to Richard’s LDN event
April 30, 2019
Five highly effective negotiation tactics
Let’s say you're trying to negotiate a pay rise at work. Do you know what to say, how to say it, or even when to say it? Most of us have no idea. In the episode best selling author, Steve Martin, talks through 5 effective tactics for getting the best deal in a negotiation.
April 13, 2019
How music affects what we buy
We know music can make us happy or sad, but did you know it can change the type of wine you buy? In the first episode of Nudge, we chat with Adrian North who has studied how music affects what consumers buy. Listen to learn: How music can change the products we buy. Why ads change narrators to improve product recall, and how a gym used music to keep people working out for longer.
March 25, 2019
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