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Ssup, Influencers?!

Ssup, Influencers?!

By Nuffnang Asia
Have you ever wondered, what is it like living as an influencer? If you have, then you have come to the right place!

Welcome to the Ssup, Influencers?! podcast where we dive deep into the reality behind the picturesque life. Join us on our journey to find new perspectives and discover more about your favorite influencers! Also, for more fun, follow us on Instagram @nuffnangasia
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Nicole Chen on Hustling for Freedom and Deciphering the 5 Love Languages
What does money mean to you? Does it give you power or happiness? To Nicole Chen aka TheNictionary, it gives her the freedom she seeks! In this episode, our special flaming guest gives her take on why it's important to start hustling now to achieve financial freedom, how she makes it work, and where to start.  Additionally, if you're finding ways to learn more about your love partner, Nicole sparked our curiosity by shedding some light on the 5 Love Languages concept and how it transformed her love relationship. Together with our hosts Jason and Jean, join in on the laughs and we hope you all enjoy listening to this episode!
October 13, 2021
Side Talk : Sharifah Rose on the Art of Balancing in Life and on Social Media
Welcome back to another episode of Side Talk, where it is an open space for the hosts to discuss and share about their thoughts on the previous Ssup Influencers?! podcast episodes.  In this session, Asyraf and Afreeda will be sharing their opinions based on the conversation they had from Episode 2: Sharifah Rose on the Art of Balancing in Life and on Social Media. Check out how Asyraf and Afreeda feel about juggling between priorities, dealing with backlash from the people around them, and the possibility of not having social media in their daily lives.  Disclaimer: All thoughts are based on our hosts' personal opinions, please listen with a light heart and acknowledge that all ideas are valid yet different for every individual. Enjoy!
September 14, 2021
Sharifah Rose on the Art of Balancing in Life and on Social Media
Growing up in a traditional household, Sharifah Rose did not have the privilege of joining the social media world. But after completing high school, she created her first Instagram account which marks the beginning of her exciting journey. Sharifah Rose kickstarted her career as a model and slowly wore several hats which include studying, being an influencer and now a rising actress in Malaysia. In this episode, Rose shares her struggles of juggling between her priorities, leading to the art of balance that she practices in her daily life. Being in the limelight, Rose had to deal with backlashes from the public and she talks about how it affected her along with her ways of coping with it.   Join us in this meaningful conversation with Sharifah Rose and stay tuned for our podcast giveaway!
September 8, 2021
Side Talk : Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom
Just like an encore in concerts, how about an encore in podcasts?  Side Talk is an open space where the hosts will discuss and share about their thoughts on the previous Ssup Influencers?! podcast episodes.  In this first Side Talk, Jean and Jason will be discussing about their thoughts towards Episode 1: Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom. Disclaimer: All thoughts are based on their personal opinion, please listen with a light heart and acknowledge that it isn't all and always the same for every individual.  Have a good listen to how Jean and Jason share their thoughts towards the beauty standards of the entertainment industry & how one may identify if they are surrounding themselves within a good support system.
June 15, 2021
Gaston Pong on the Journey to Stardom
Since 2 years old, Gaston Pong has been passionate about singing and performing alongside his sister. His desire to understand the entertainment world pushes him to chase after this dream of being a singer and a songwriter. With his determination and consistency, Gaston started his journey to stardom from being discovered on YouTube by making music and parodies to being signed under an artist management company based in China with opportunities to work closely with various artists.  Dealing with bullying and the beauty standards of the entertainment industry, Gaston shares how he maintains his confidence and why keeping your support system close is important. He emphasises that nothing beats being yourself no matter what and after losing his father, he learned to appreciate the meaningful things in life before it's too late.  If you are striving to start your journey to stardom, this podcast is meant to inspire you to chase after your dreams. Together with Jason and Jean, we had a purposeful conversation with Gaston and we hope that this episode heartens your souls.
June 8, 2021
Introducing: Ssup, Influencers?! Season 2
Couldn't get enough of Season 1? Well, sit tight and prepare yourselves for Season 2 of Ssup, Influencers?!  Join our hosts from Nuffnang Malaysia to get cool insider stories from our local influencers and let's have some fun!
June 1, 2021
Hazeman Huzir on His Career Growth, Spiritual Quest and the Influencers Industry
In this last episode of the season, we had Hazeman opened up his heart and shared with us about his career growth, spiritual quest and also his personal viewpoint on the influencer industry. Together with Afreeda and Asyraf, we had a meaningful and cheerful conversation with Hazeman on things that matter to him. And hopefully this will inspire you in some ways too.  We hope to welcome you all with a better program in our podcast’s new season next year. See you all again soon!
December 3, 2020
Siu Lim on Her Rebirth after Divorce
Leaving an abusive marriage is as if you just migrated to a foreign land alone. You lose familiarity and all your support system even if it wasn’t right. Doing what is right for him/herself takes enormous courage and not many people can do that. What more if you're divorced in a foreign land? Siu Lim, an American single mother with 4 children did it 4 years ago. She left an abusive relationship that no longer serves her well mentally and physically far away from her home in Malaysia. While scary, her rebirth after the divorce is such a testimony for true self care and self-love. Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, when you’ve finally learnt to love and care for yourself, your children will grow more healthily and independently too. It is indeed a testimony and empowerment for all the women and men out there who are currently trapped in an abusive relationship. If you or someone you really care for needs that assurance to leave a bad relationship, this podcast is just what you need to listen to right now. There’s no secret recipe or a set formula for one to feel happy and fulfilled in this lifetime, but listening to how others overcome their road blocks would always give us that extra push and optimism in life. Good luck
October 26, 2020
Alexis SueAnn on the Evolved Beauty Pageant Industry
Beauty with a purpose and wisdom, that's what Alexis stands for when she was crowned Miss World Malaysia last year at the age of 23. As the reigning Miss World Malaysia 2019/20, Alexis is here to share how beauty pageants have evolved locally and internationally. Do you know what does it take to be a Beauty Queen? Hop right in to listen to this podcast now!
September 29, 2020
Clinton Jerome Chua on Finding My 'I Am' as a Singer and a Queer
"Take your time, take all the time you need. You're allowed to be unsure and confused. It's part and parcel of figuring things out." Born and raised in Sarawak, Clinton moved to KL and had a 9-5 job just like most people do. Eventually, he decided to pursue his music dream from the ground up. With his determination and hard work, he managed to sustain his life by making music full time now. Growing up in a Christian household and church community, Clinton also struggled with his own sexuality with the lack of information and resources. Both of his parents found out that he's queer by accident. The journey of self exploration and acceptance definitely wasn't easy. But it has taught Clinton a lot about being empathy and respectful of other people's life journeys - whatever journey it may be. Hop right on and listen to this wholesome podcast now :)
September 14, 2020
Harith Zazman on Content Creator to Singer
From a content creator at Sterk Production to now a singer of a viral song. Has he ever planned for this or is it just pure coincidence? Hairth Zazman will share with us his journey in this episode.
August 31, 2020
Nurin Afiqah on School Bully, Women Empowerment and Body Positivity
She was once a school bully victim but now owns 2 business at the age of 24, and becoming a Muslimah Zumba instructor against all odds. With these experiences, Nurin Afiqah is ready to empower young women who are currently struggling to build healthy relationships with their own mind, body and soul. Tune in to get empowered!
August 10, 2020
Melissa Tan on Environmentalist, Zero Waste and Influencers’ Power on the Issue
Melissa Tan is a model,  a TV host, an animal lover and a social media influencer. But she is also an environmentalist since she was young. Melissa started her zero waste journey 4 years ago and has never looked back since. How can a person who seems to have a glamorous job, in front of camera, practice a zero waste lifestyle? Is that even possible? Melissa sheds us some light on how she tackles these issues. And perhaps along the way, she will change the way you see the term "influencer" in this episode.
July 26, 2020
With Mark O’dea on Influencing in a Foreign Land, Cyberbullying and Defining Success
British. Influencer. 6-year Malaysia dweller. We can only expect Mark O'dea has so much to share. In this episode we discuss the ups and downs of being an influencer in our motherland. Does he see our market differently than our local influencers? What’s his story? Let’s listen in and know ssup with Mark!
July 12, 2020
Dr. Ibrahim Shahruddin on Unusual Influencer, Dentistry, and How to Be Passionate in What You Do
A decade-long career with 21 dental clinics nationwide, Dr Ibrahim's career illustrates 'passion'. The dentist shares this passion in and through his social media, influencing others to care more about their dental health. In this episode, he speaks about his career, shares how young people can overcome feeling lost and how they can start their own business as well. Come listen in to know ssup with Dr. Ibshah!
June 27, 2020
Eric Lau Löfstedt On Coachella, Dropping Out of College, Personal Growth and Mental Health
Eric Lau Löfstedt has experienced a lot more than most 21 year-olds. Braving through dropping out of college, he is one of the top TikTokers in Malaysia today with other impressive portfolios to boot. A result of hustling or luck? Hop right in to know ssup with Eric!
June 12, 2020