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Nurses Outside the Box

Nurses Outside the Box

By Annemarie Tolman
Nurses solving today's Health and Wellness Issues through innovative solutions that work.
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#1: Innovative Solutions for Geriatric Nursing with Nurse Scholar Melissa Batchelor

Nurses Outside the Box

#1: Innovative Solutions for Geriatric Nursing with Nurse Scholar Melissa Batchelor

Nurses Outside the Box

#33 NP and Functional Wellness Coach for Nurses - Ebony Jenkins
Ebony is a Nurse Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and Functional Wellness Nurse Coach.  She values the power of helping people get to the root cause of their health concerns.  Her goal is always to assist the body's innate ability to heal itself naturally, with the support of proper diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and natural supplementation. Ebony uses her knowledge as a nurse practitioner and a functional wellness specialist to help other nurses optimize their personal health naturally, with ease and guidance.  She has been able to improve her personal health, manage her congenital heart disease, and take herself off of prescription medications with proper diet, lifestyle, and natural supplementation alone. Nurses often dedicate so much time and effort into helping other people, that they don't do the best job of taking care of their own health and wellness needs.  This leads many nurses to have problems with weight loss, chronic fatigue, and chronic illnesses that they are unable to effectively manage themselves. Ebony's goal is to transform the health of as many nurses as possible, so they can become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, allowing them to better care for others.
May 05, 2021
Human Trafficking Awareness with Dr Celia McIntosh.
Dr Celia McIntosh is a nurse practioner, speaker, author and Human Trafficking Awareness Educator. Join us for this one of a kind interview with this phenomenal nurse. Dr. Celia McIntosh DNP, RN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC, SCRN, CEN, CCRN, CNRN is the President of the Rochester Regional Coalition Against Human Trafficking (RRCAHT) and a Nurse Practitioner in the Neuroscience Center at Rochester Regional Health in Rochester, NY. Celia received her associate's in nursing from Monroe Community College, a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Brockport State University and her master’s degree in nursing, and her Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from St. John Fisher College. Professionally, Celia has worked as a nurse for a number of organizations, including the Rochester General Hospital and Highland Hospital. She has worked as a family nurse practitioner in the Department of Neuroscience and the Medical Observational Unit Rochester Regional Health System. Celia is an inspiring leader in the Rochester community both in her professional work and her commitment to educating the public about the ubiquity of human trafficking. Celia combines her medical training with her commitment to raising awareness about trafficking victims through the development of educational programs for Health Care Professionals. She presented “Human Trafficking 101: For Emergency Medicine Providers” at Rochester General Hospital’s Best Practices Seminar, the Genesee Valley Chapter Emergency Nurses Association, and URMC Anti-Human Trafficking Conference. Most recently, she presented the “Human Trafficking: Globally, Locally and its Impact on Human Rights” at the United Nations Association of Rochester, “Sexual Health: Sex Trafficking Violence and the Pandemic” for the CEI Sexual Health Center of Excellence, on a panel for the Wyoming County Safe Harbour Summit, and  the 7th Judicial District Statewide Human Trafficking Intervention Court Web Series. Celia is passionate about ending human trafficking and becoming a voice for policy and social change in the fight against human trafficking.
April 14, 2021
#31 David Sanchez RN and Owner of Digitalis - a Digital Growth Agency
David is the Founder and CEO of Digitalis Medical, a digital growth agency that helps businesses focus their marketing, with an emphasis on taking businesses to the next stage of growth. He is still an active registered nurse in the Emergency Department and the founder of a nonprofit addiction center called Life Transformation Recovery. He lives in Prescott, Arizona with his beautiful wife April and their four red-headed boys.
March 29, 2021
#27 Dan Weberg - Flexible jobs for the modern nurse
Dr. Dan Weberg is an expert in nursing, healthcare innovation and human-centered patient design with extensive clinical experience in emergency departments, acute in-patient hospital settings and academia. He currently serves as the Head of Clinical Innovation for Trusted Health, the staffing platform for the healthcare industry, where he helps drive product strategy and works to change the conversation around innovation in the healthcare workforce. Prior to joining Trusted, Dan spent seven years at Kaiser Permanente, where he held executive roles in nursing innovation, research, and technology strategy across eight regions, 38 hospitals, 60,000 nurses. He was also part of the founding faculty for the new Kaiser Permanente School of Medicine. Dan is on the faculty at The Ohio State University College of Nursing and multiple innovation fellowship programs. He previously taught on nursing innovation and leadership at Arizona State University. He is on the editorial board for Nursing Administration Quarterly and has authored two dozen peer-reviewed articles and two textbooks, including Evidence Based Innovation Leadership for Health Professions and Leadership in Nursing Practice. Dan earned his Bachelors in Nursing, and was in the first cohort to graduate from the Masters in Healthcare Innovation program at ASU, as well as the first-ever graduate of the PhD in Healthcare Innovation Leadership program at ASU. His clinical background is in Emergency and Trauma nursing at level 1 trauma centers in California and Arizona.
October 30, 2020
#26 Evans Rochasta - Psych NP
Evans Rochaste is a dedicated and experienced Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry and business owner. He is  currently the owner of Integrative Wellness Psychiatry, PLLC – Mental Health & Wellness. Through his work with Integrative Wellness Psychiatry, he strives to treat psychiatric illnesses within the specializations of chemical addiction, mental health, and wellness concerns for minority athletes and the millennial generation.
October 21, 2020
#30 Cordero Abdullah ICU Nurse, YouTuber and Podcast HOST
BSN critical care nurse, YouTuber (A Couple Nurses), Podcast Host (Code Blue & Bullshit).
August 10, 2020
#29 Stress and Burn Out with Integrative Wellness Consultant Stacie Ford
I am a Integrative Wellness Nurse Consultant. I have 20 yrs experience in healthcare ranging from ED to ICU. I began my own personal journey into holistic and Ayurvedic health for stress management, depression and pain approximately 6 years ago. I trained with high ranking Buddhist, Ayurveda Doctors and healers, and Yoginis, I became fully versed and initiated into ancient healing practices. The changes I experienced to my physical, emotional, and mental health were astronomical . I then began to study mindfulness, emotional intelligence, mental fitness and mindfulness. I taught these practices to my family, because I value and believe in these tools so much. I knew I had to tell as many people as I could about these tools that would help them live more peaceful, and fulfilling lives on and off the iob. I startes working with some old colleagues giving them mindfulness and resilience tools to help with work stress and burn out. I eventually began working with health facilities and schools implementing resilience and stress management tools to improve job satisfaction, engagement, productivity and foucus while decreasing stress, depression and burnout.
August 09, 2020
#28 Manjeet Singh - Health care Heroes!!
Manjeet Singh, a neuro trauma ICU nurse, who is passionate about healthcare workforce. He has worked as Travle Nurse, and wore many other hats as a nurse in different settings. Manjeet believes that every healthcare worker is equally important in the healthcare work force. “ If you are in the healthcare, you are HERO” is a tag line for Manjeet’s channel on YouTube called Global Healthcare HEROES. Manjeet’s ultimate goal is to build a global platform for the healthcare workforce, a platform dedicated to, by and for the healthcare workers.
August 08, 2020
# 25 Dr Alisha Cornell - Selfcare for Nurses
Dr. Alisha Cornell is an experienced nurse leader, nurse educator, clinical consultant, and nurse informaticist, who understands the role of executive nurse leaders as well as the impact of healthcare on the lives of nurses. Her combination of formal education and lived experiences provides a platform of inspiring others through self-awareness and a purpose driven life. Her commitment to impacting the lives of nurses through servant leadership is driven by her history of managing dynamic nursing teams and conquering life one day at a time. She is a strong advocate for improving self-care among nurses, equal access to healthcare in underserved populations, and improving community health education concerning mental health and social determinants of health.
August 03, 2020
#24 Brianna White - Home Health Care Manager and Innovation Nurse
Brianna is a Johnson & Johnson Nurse fellow as well as a Home Health Care Manager. 
August 01, 2020
#23 Ashley the Cannabis Nurse
Ashely is owner of Cannabis Nursing Solutions. She advocates for the importance of Nurses in Cannabis education, leadership and legislative areas.  
August 01, 2020
#22 Culturally Relevant Care wit Dr. Irene Obika
Dr. Obika runs Afrinanny Inc, the only online marketplace where families of Black children can locate childcare providers with culturally relevant experience. Enjoy this phenomenal innovative nurse!
July 29, 2020
#21 Intermittent Fasting Expert Cynthia Thurlow!
Cynthia is a Nurse Entrepreneur, Intermittent fasting & nutrition expert!, plus founder & CEO of the Everyday Wellness Project. She also has some phenomenal TedX talks. Enjoy her story!
July 27, 2020
#20 Nurses in Policy and Politics with ANA/C executive director Marketa Houskova.
Dr. Houskova started with ANA\C about 7 years ago as a volunteer being so passionate about nursing, policy and politics. Marketa was later named ANA\C Government Affairs Director and State Director. In October 2017, Marketa was named the Executive Director. Dr. Houskova was born under the Communistic Regime in then-Czechoslovakia and immigrated to the United States via England and Canada to pursue her American Dream. While the Communist regime did not allow her to attend university, next to her nursing degree, Bachelors in Political Science & Women’s Studies at CSUSM and dual track in Masters in Global Public Health Administration and Regional Development at University of Miami, she recently completed doctoral studies at University of San Francisco and obtained her Doctorate in Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership of Healthcare Systems. Marketa was actively involved in a number of political campaigns in the US and Europe, received Fellowship at the European Parliament, and served as a political advisor. Marketa is a member of several professional associations and serves on boards.
June 27, 2020
#19 Do you want to move your nursing career forward? Come and join this discussion with Elizabeth Corshu
Elizabeth Corshu is founder of Nurse Exec Innovations and a career strategist for nurses. Listen to this episode full of tips for nurses as they navigate their careers. 
June 12, 2020
#18 Nurse Innovation and Nurse Entrepeneurship with Neonatal RN Jenniffere Mancillas
Jennifferre is a nurse in the nationally ranked, level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Valley Children's Hospital. During Jennifferre's nursing career she has developed an exceptional ability to create innovative solutions to improve care for patients at the bedside. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to patient care led Jennifferre to invent a device that optimizes delivery of neonatal nutrition as well as a device to improve administration of CPR (currently being assessed for patentability). Jennifferre is the Co-Founder of Nightvision Care, a nurse-led company created to optimize Healthcare during the nightshade. Her commitment to the nursing profession is expansive; she is a participant in the American Nurses Association's Mentorship Program, an Academic Mentor at Valley Children's Hospital, and participates in departmental shared governance committees. This interview was amazing. Love Jennifer's story of ups and downs - this girl will do something amazing in nursing. 
May 27, 2020
#17 Nurses outside the Box with Heather Hauka, Nurse & Writer!
Heather is a phenomenal nurse and a writer.  Why is she able to write intuitively for both practitioners, and their patients? She has been on both sides of the fence. She has a unique, 1st-hand perspective on medical device sales, advertising compliance, practice management, patient teaching, and recovery. She is also a patient and believe in the products and services she writes about. Enjoy this interview. 
May 27, 2020
#16 with Virtual Reality Expert and Nurse Bradley Chesham.
How can Virtual Reality change Nursing Practice and Nursing education  - even in Remote areas? Join the discussion with Brad as we explore what he has been doing and what VR means for the future of nursing. 
May 26, 2020
#15 Psychiatric NP & Social Media Rockstar Kojo Sarfo
Kojo is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, entrepreneur, and writer. He graduated from The University of West Alabama with his Associate’s Degree in Nursing and then obtained his Bachelor’s in Nursing from Western Governors University. He went on to obtain his Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree from Augusta University with a specialty in Psychiatry. He has three years of teaching experience as an adjunct faculty professor with the College of Nursing at his alma mater, Augusta University. He has a passion for treating and caring for persons with severe mental health conditions. He is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Abrantie & Signora, LLC, which is a clothing company dedicated to spreading positivity and mental health awareness for teenagers and college students. In this episode we talk about Kojo's passion on helping people through Social Media, including his massive following on TikTok. 
May 22, 2020
#14 What nurses can do - with Stanford Nurse Charlene Platon
Charlene’s overarching goal as a healthcare leader and nurse innovator is to discover new and creative patient-centered solutions to improve care delivery and operations. She is passionate about utilizing innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration to address organizational challenges and transform healthcare. Charlene is one of 12 inaugural Johnson & Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellows, and recently was part of a team that won first prize in the NurseHacketon.  Amazing interview of a nurse who knows how to promote nursing as a true journey. 
May 22, 2020
#13 Nigerian Nurse Olayinka , RN MSc
International Nursing at its finest.  Olayinka is an Emergency Nurse Research Nurse and Co. Dir- Synergy International Nursing Network Nurseprenuer,  She is a graduate Nurse (MSc in Community Healh nursing), a research nurse, nursepreneur with a passion for vulnerable people. She also is a mother of two beautiful kids and a wife with passion for Godly living and great zest for innovative andremarkable development in nursing practice. Enjoy this Outside of the Box Interview. 
May 09, 2020
#12 Moyra Gorski, Nurse, Podcaster, Wellness expert and business mentor
Moyra Gorski, RN is a podcaster, wellness expert and business mentor. As a health advocate she  has been helping people reclaim their health through education and top rated wellness  products for 20 years. During that time, she built a wellness business that generates over $1.5 million per year, and  among the products she represents, many are used by Olympic athletes, on Jacque Cousteau  missions, the White House. She continues sharing a message of hope and health today through her podcast “Juggling The  Chaos of Recovery.” Both mother and daughter have fought an eating disorder and as her  daughter continues on her recovery journey, mom is standing on the other side with victory  cheering and encouraging her daughter everyday! Her message is that you can overcome any challenges life throws your way with a smile and a little juggling. When she is not speaking, podcasting, writing or coaching, she loves practicing yoga, volunteering at local animal shelter, baking and cooking and making meals for the Ronald McDonald house. She resides in The Chicagoland area with her husband , 2 logs and 2 of her 4 children.
May 09, 2020
#11 Gut Health with NP Jackie
Jackie is a phenomenal Nurse Practitioner currently serving in Primary and Urgent Care.  She also has a strong passion or Gut Health and educates many on the importance on creating a healthy gut outside of her regular job.  Enjoy this Nurse Outside the Box. 
April 30, 2020
#10 Cannabis Nursing with Nurse Laura
Welcome to Cannabis Nursing.  Nurse Laura provides patient education during which she works to integrate traditional medicine, plant-based medicine and alternative therapies to help the whole person. She also works with dispensary staff and providers to offer education and application of the science of cannabinoid medicine to best help our community. Nurse Laura is an experienced Board Member with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and medical cannabis industry. She is skilled in Facility Operations, Nursing Education, Wellness Coaching, U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Team Building, Technical Leadership and Healthcare Information Technology (HIT). Strong is a business development professional who graduated from University of Phoenix. application of the science of cannabinoid medicine to best help our community. Enjoy this certainly out of the box interview, 
April 30, 2020
#9 NP Mayory - from Columbian Dentist to Urgent Care NP in USA
Mayory was a Dentist in Columbia. She crossed the borders to get the USA with her then 3 year old son.  She started working at Walmart, then became a teacher to learn the Language. This amazing woman applied for Nursing school and went on the become a Nurse Practitioner.  She has extensive hospital experience providing outstanding care for patients on a clinical and patient relations level as a clinical nurse, hospice nurse, and a cardiac step-down nurse. She is also a Native Spanish speaker.  Enjoy this interview with this phenomenal Nurse Outside the Box. 
April 30, 2020
#8 Covid 19 Share Solutions with ICU RN Erik Andersen
Innovative ICU Nurse Erik Anderson shares the reasons why he started the websites : and Let’s share the ideas from the folks that have been in these hot spots. They have been inventing things and procedures for patients day after day - minute after minute. They have been through it and they have failed and succeeded. It is not a good idea to require all future hot spots to go through those same steps and trails”. Go to his website and please share!
April 29, 2020
#7 Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Caitlin Brady
Caitlin is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner working with patients with a variety of diagnoses in the Physical Medicine andRehabilitation(PMR) field. Enjoy this interview where she discusses her story and the work she loves to do with her patients and families. 
April 29, 2020
#6 The Visionary Nurse - Antonette Montalvo
Antonette is Founder/Author, Visionary Nurse™️,  Co-Founder, Montalvo International Community Health Initative, and Founding Member of FIEL, SONSIEL This is a super high energy interview with this phenomenal Nurse Outside the Box.  Antonette's vision is to collaboratively address the health disparities seen in vulnerable communities. She does so by working with others to create effective and sustainable interventions focused on supporting the lives of children and their families, and by impacting the health of the community as a whole by leveraging available resources through strategic collaboration. She is also a Coach & Mentor for Nurses with the mission to be a figure-head for nurse professionals and students on vision and leadership. By mentoring, coaching, and advising nurse professionals and students on being truly visionary, we are able to understand how to develop as a leader, stay motivated, and leave a legacy that will impact health in a sustainable way. she is also a published author, and just released: Visionary Nurse: 90-days of Inspirational Musings on being Influentially Visionary. Her e-book is designed to inspire and motivate nurses to be innovative in their approach to the profession, and it has been inspired by her own journey in becoming a “visionary nurse.” You can download a copy of my book, or learn more, at:
April 29, 2020
#5 ICU Nurse and Johnson & Johnson Innovation Fellow Erik Andersen
Innovative solutions at the bedside!  Erik is a Registered Nurse at WakeMed ICU, a Johnson and Johnson Nurse Innovation Fellow, and a M.S. Candidate UNC/NCSU Biomedical Engineering.  He certainly has a unique way to combine bedside nursing with innovative technology solutions. Enjoy the Podcast 
April 29, 2020
#4 Podcaster & Health/ Wellness Coach Joyce Strong
Joyce is a RN Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and helps people who want to make better decisions about their health and wellness to create a strong immune system and prevent chronic disease. She is also a podcaster, speaker and author,  including the podcasts Totally Well Podcast, Rock Bottom Syndicate and Confident Women Consortium. Enjoy this Nurse Outside the Box
April 29, 2020
#3 RN patient advocates with Karen Mercerau
The important of RN Patients Advocates  Karen began developing the new practice model of independent RN Patient Advocacy in 2002 as a creative, professional response to the increasing fault-riven medical system in the US. Having developed the model and the RN Patient Advocacy Process(c), she began teaching other clinical RNs to become independent RN Patient Advocates (iRNPAs) in 2009. At that time, she was invited to partner with the University of AZ College of Nursing as they recognized the value of the work of RN patient advocates. There are now iRNPAs in 27 states and many of them are joined in the National Network of RN Patient Advocates. Enjoy this interview with Karen as a Nurse Outside the Box. 
April 29, 2020
# 2 Licensed Social Worker and Nursing Student Percival Fisher
Gender and Race still play a part in nursing and also for the future of nursing.  Enjoy listening to Percy as he tells his story and his plans for the future. 
April 29, 2020
#1: Innovative Solutions for Geriatric Nursing with Nurse Scholar Melissa Batchelor
Every day 10,000 people turn 65, and yet we have not built solutions to meet their needs in nursing homes, our communities, and when it comes to long term care solutions. I envision a world where we can be innovative and also practical in how we develop, communicate, and deliver new insights when it comes to aging and dementia care. In this episode we discuss ways to improve the quality of care delivered to older adults. During her 20 - year career in nursing, Melissa has led various inter-professional research, education, and service initiatives related to improving care of older adults while maintaining clinical practice. She has published in high-impact inter-professional journals, international and national presentations, and through social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and my own You Tube Channel). A delightful interview with this Nurse Outside the Box.
April 29, 2020
April 28, 2020
April 28, 2020