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Nutrition Farming Podcast

Nutrition Farming Podcast

By Graeme Sait
This podcast series is designed for food producers seeking to increase the nutrient density, flavour and medicinal value of their produce. You will discover multiple strategies to increase profitability, productivity and sustainability, in a wonderful win/win scenario. Nutrition Farming will help you reclaim your passion for the most important of all professions.
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Water Management - Nurturing the New Gold

Nutrition Farming Podcast

The Power of Plant Growth Promotion - Part 2
Following on from last month's episode, here we continue to explore the potential of Plant Growth Promoters (PGPs). This information may be particularly timely in light of the massive price hike in NPK fertilisers and farm chemicals – perhaps it's now time to consider alternative yield-building strategies. In this episode, we focus upon chitinase and the capacity of this enzyme to boost protection and production. We will also look at liquid vermicast, and the exciting potential of this low-cost, DIY inoculum, as a PGP. The human health component further illuminates pathways to avoid the death of desire. Here, we will consider the health and longevity benefits integral to the reclamation of lost libido.
November 30, 2021
The Power of Plant Growth Promotion - Stimulating Yield, Quality and Resilience
Discover the fascinating world of biostimulants in this month's episode of the Nutrition Farming Podcast. Natural inputs that stimulate plant health, resilience and yield are becoming essential tools to help counter both the extremes of climate change and the challenge of rising fertiliser costs. Biostimulants can include both natural substances and specific microorganisms. In part 1 of what will be a 2-part feature, we take an in-depth look at kelp, and learn about five remarkable Bacillus organisms that are Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB). The human health segment is entitled “The Death of Desire - In Search of Lost Libido”. Here, the focus is upon the critical importance of caring for your libido in terms of sexual health and wellness.
October 28, 2021
Water Management - Nurturing the New Gold
In this month’s episode, the focus is on water management. Nutrition Farming is about the interplay between minerals, microbes and humus, but there is a fourth component that is arguably the most important requirement. Water is fast becoming the ‘new gold’, and yet it is so often mismanaged. In this episode, you will discover a host of strategies to maximise water utilisation. You will also learn about a breakthrough technology from South Africa that addresses multiple water quality issues. The human health component this month focuses upon stress-busting strategies, to help sponsor some relief in a pressure cooker world.
September 17, 2021
Managing Magnesium - Chlorophyll, Carbohydrates & Climate Change
In this episode, we return to the mineral story with a focus on magnesium. This mineral seriously impacts photosynthesis, root growth, plant immunity and nitrogen use efficiency and yet it is so often ignored in the nutrition equation. Here you will discover the cost of that oversight, particularly relevant to climate change resilience. The human health component is entitled "Magnesium – the Master Mineral". This is our largest mineral deficiency and yet it is profoundly linked to heart health, stroke protection, immunity and stress.
August 18, 2021
Where to from Here? A Ten Point Action Plan
After offering an avalanche of information over the past 16 podcasts, I decided it was time to condense this whirlwind into a simple ten point action plan to help you build your farm's profitability, sustainably. If you could tick off just half of this checklist, you would see measurable yield and quality increases. If you adopt all ten strategies, I promise you there will be smiles at season's end. The human health component this month is about butyrate and its impact on gut health. Here you will discover the remarkable healing potential of butyric acid, and learn about resistant starch, lectins and leaky gut.
July 19, 2021
A Composting Passion – Enhancing your Purpose, Profit and Planet
This is a two-hour special that you might choose to enjoy in two or three sittings. In this fascinating, marathon episode, you will discover the benefits, the pitfalls and the profit-building potential of multiple composting methods. You will learn what to embrace and what to avoid in raw materials and we will review the exciting promise of the Johnson/Su Bioreactor. The human health component features the story of free radicals and the antioxidants that quell their fires.
June 14, 2021
The Mycorrhizal Marvel - The Gains From Reclaiming AMF
A fascinating insight into the multi-function marvel that is mycorrhizal fungi. 90% of these remarkable creatures are missing in action in our farming soils. Here, you will realise what is means to have lost this workforce, and you will also discover just how they were destroyed. As usual, Graeme Sait will also provide the practical tips and strategies to reclaim this biological essential. The human health segment will focus upon a remarkable regenerative game changer, called autophagy.
May 10, 2021
Sulphur Resilience - The Secrets Of Nitrogen’s Silent Sister
Sulphur is considered the fourth most important mineral and yet it is deficient in most soils we test. In this episode, you will come to understand the price of this neglect. Plant, animal and human immunity are sulphur dependent. If you are seeking to reduce chemicals and increase sustainability and profit, then you really need to understand the dynamics of this key player. In this fascinating session you will discover when, why and how to use sulphur, and you will be gifted a recipe for an amazing, DIY, multi-purpose garlic spray. The human health segment will focus on liver health relative to all-important sulphur compounds.
April 7, 2021
The Bones on Boron – The Cell Strength Essential
Understand the high cost of boron neglect in both your soil and your body. Crop resilience, productivity (from early establishment to flowering & fruit fill) and quality are all dramatically impacted when this mineral is missing. Similarly, in our bodies, joint health, bone density, libido, memory and cognition all suffer in the absence of boron. Learn tips to address a boron deficiency – both in the soil and in your body.
March 10, 2021
Earthworms & Mineral Management
Discover why reclaiming earthworms in your soil can be a hallmark of high production fertility. This episode also includes in-depth explanations of the interplay between minerals - understanding these key mineral ratios can be a genuine game changer. You will be encouraged to address sulphur deficiencies, to master the “money mineral” (potassium), and to brew your own living workforce. There is also a segment covering personal health strategies that can help you live a longer, happier life.
February 9, 2021
Five Profit Building Tips - Boost Your Productivity and Sustainability
We kick off Season 2 with a jam-packed episode entitled "Five Profit Building Tips". In addition to five exciting soil and plant health strategies, there is also a valuable segment on personal immune health, as well as Graeme's customary dose of humour. This month's episode covers: 1) The importance of putting the microbes behind the minerals; 2) Building cell wall strength for proactive pest management 3) The "fulvic flush", a super-productive soil cleansing strategy; 4) The yield-building potential of humates; and 5) Helpful tips for foliar fertilising.
January 7, 2021
Phosphate for Free - Unlocking the Lode
It has been estimated that we utilise less than 25% of our DAP/MAP investment and the lion’s share becomes locked up in our farming soils. This equates to losses of hundreds of billions of dollars globally. Discover how to reclaim your frozen P reserves with specialist microbes, humates, cover crops and cattle.
December 8, 2020
Understanding the Energiser - Strategies to Stabilise and Reclaim Your Phosphate
The first of a two-part feature on phosphorus. Here, you will discover the key roles of ‘the energy mineral’, while appreciating the difficulties in using this super unstable input. Understanding how to improve phosphate management can seriously improve yield and crop quality, while reducing pest pressure. You will be fascinated by strategies to reclaim your huge frozen phosphate reserves and you will be excited at the cost-saving potential of simple P-stabilising tips.
November 7, 2020
Foliar Success Secrets - The Power of Direct Inject (Part 2)
Graeme Sait continues to share tips and strategies that will optimise the potential of foliar fertilising. This resilience-enhancing, yield-building practice can also increase flavour and shelf life while maximizing crop quality and profitability. In this fascinating continuation, Graeme shares multiple tips, including DYI chelation, in-field monitoring, timing, uptake enhancement and putting the microbes behind the minerals.
October 6, 2020
Foliar Success Secrets - The Power of Direct Inject
Foliar fertilising was once reserved for greenhouse growers and intensive horticulture, but much has changed. In Episode 6 of the Nutrition Farming Podcast, you will discover why this practice has now been widely adopted in all forms of agriculture. Graeme Sait shares all the tips and strategies you can utilise to maximise foliar response in this information-packed episode. He will also detail the mechanics of in-field monitoring, including a new way to interpret tissue tests.
August 11, 2020
Exploring Chemical-Free Plant Protection
No one enjoys donning a chem suit to drench their work zone and fresh produce in questionable farm chemicals, but many believe they simply have no option. In a changing world, where consumers increasingly demand clean food and environmental stewardship from their food producers, it is time to explore the ‘no choice’ premise. In Episode 5 of the Nutrition Farming podcast, Graeme Sait returns to root causes and explores viable alternatives to chemical intervention.
July 7, 2020
The Nitrogen Necessity
In this episode, the focus is on Nitrogen. How can we manage the most abundant mineral in the plant more effectively? Nitrogen is the most mismanaged of all minerals and this poor understanding drives a host of costly problems. Discover how to successfully stabilise, magnify, recycle, store and balance nitrogen, while accessing a greater percentage of this mineral free from the atmosphere.
June 8, 2020
Harnessing Humus
In this episode of the Nutrition Farming Podcast, you will discover key strategies to boost organic matter and associated soil health. Cover cropping and compost are both considered, as part of a ten-part strategy, that also includes microbial stimulation, DIY inoculums, herbiciding alternatives and bringing back the mighty earthworm.
May 8, 2020
Special Edition - Immune Enhancement
In this second episode of The Nutrition Farming Podcast, we focus upon much needed strategies to build immune system resilience and reduce viral impact. You will discover several nutrition strategies including key minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and probiotics to maximise your resistance.
April 24, 2020
Introduction To Nutrition Farming
In this introduction to Nutrition Farming, presenter Graeme Sait explains the core principles behind this revolutionary approach to farming. Graeme Sait is an expert on regenerative agriculture and internationally-acclaimed speaker and educator. His focus is simply on how to grow good food,  both profitably and sustainably. Nutrition Farming strategies aim to achieve maximum health and resilience for the soil, plants, livestock, people and the planet. It is a truly holistic approach that is both science-based and pragmatic; the goal is to address the root cause of problems rather than the ongoing treatment of symptoms.
February 18, 2020
February 17, 2020
February 17, 2020