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2 - Pro and Con Artistry of the Fructose Hypothesis

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Nutrition Deconstructed is a philosophy of science podcast centered on nutrition and health. Keto, vegetarian, lactation-ovarian, paleo…talking about diets is boring. Now…talking about talking about diets on the other hand…

Join Steve and Kyle for discussions of biomedical science, politics, philosophy, politics of science, science of politics, and the philosophy of the politics of biomedical science.
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2 - Pro and Con Artistry of the Fructose Hypothesis
A fructose hypotenuse opposite the right angle of science says. Anti-semantic proxy wars. How the vegan sausage of nutritional guidelines is made. Discussing Adele Hite, roasting Dr. Mercola, and glycating Chris Masterjohn. This calorie is on fire. Crusoe nutrition and hitting the liver (Bas Rutten).
June 22, 2018
1 - An Introduction to our Brand of Skeptical Empiricism
Scientific discovery is a stochastic process that cannot be centrally planned. What looks like science is not always scientific, and what looks unscientific yet produces scientific results is more scientific than you think. The universe keeps track of your trials, [you cannot escape] probability. Science as a branch of philosophy, bending and cracking under the labored burden of over ripened fruits. Pruning is necessary, perhaps beginning with specious epidemiology.
May 28, 2018
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