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This a safe space where we empower the leaders of tomorrow by harnessing and unleashing the collective wisdom, lessons and experiences of thought leaders within the community.
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How the Addiction Crisis has been Redfined | Chapter 23 with Constance Scharff | nxt gen mvmnt


How the Addiction Crisis has been Redfined | Chapter 23 with Constance Scharff | nxt gen mvmnt


Cultivating a Work Wellbeing Mindset - Chapter 32 with Bec Mitchell
How can we maintain our wellbeing amidst stressful times? That's where Bec Mitchell comes in. She's a Corporate Wellness Consultant who teaches evidence-based approaches to companies and their employees on how to stay fit during uncertain, unprecedented and strenuous times. When we say fit, that's a holistic approach i.e. physical; mental; emotional. So here we have RJ and Tofe going under the surface with Bec on how to cultivate a work wellbeing mindset. Follow Bec's journey:
September 28, 2020
The Effects of Listening and How It Impacts Us Daily - Chapter 31 with Oscar Trimboli
Oscar Trimboli is on a quest to create 100 million Deep Listeners in the world. He is an author, Host of the Apple Award winning podcast ‘Deep Listening’ and a sought-after keynote speaker. He is passionate about using the gift of listening to bring positive change in homes, workplaces and the world. Through his work with chairs, boards of directors and executive teams in local, regional and global organisations, Oscar has experienced firsthand the transformational impact leaders and organisations can have when they listen beyond the words. He consults to organisations including Cisco, Google, HSBC, News Corp, PayPal, Qantas, TripAdvisor helping executives and their teams listen to what’s unsaid by the customers and employees. Oscar lives in Sydney with his wife Jennie, where he helps first-time runners and ocean swimmers conquer their fears and contributes to the cure for cancer as part of Can Too, a cancer research charity. Follow Oscar's journey below:
September 13, 2020
The Importance of Managing Anxiety from an Early Age - Chapter 30 with Sharon Draper
This chapter of NXT GEN MVMNT is with Sharon Draper. She is a psychologist who works with children, teens and adults using a number of different types of  evidence-based approaches such as Neuropsychology, Mindfulness, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, play and art therapy. She’s also a children’s book author and an eHarmony psychologist, and it’s people like Sharon that we’re grateful to have on the podcast, helping us understand more of the human mind, what makes us triggered, and essentially be better people especially through times of disarray. Follow Sharon's journey:
August 31, 2020
How to Pivot Into a New Career - Chapter 29 with Ahmad Imam
When someone pivots from one career to another, it sounds very daunting. It seems wild how they're transitioning to something completely different. There's a sense of fear, excitement, a set of skills within a new and untethered territory. This is where we deep-dive with Ahmad Imam, whom we've had on previously (Chapter 4). This time it's how he's transferred from the property game to self-improvement, working with Success Resources who host large speaking events and conferences with the guests of Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Kiyosaki, and many more. We speak with Ahmad on what he's learned from being bullied throughout childhood and parts of adulthood and turning that into unwavering confidence the past couple years as a top voice on LinkedIn. Career transitions can happen when they're least expected especially when people's jobs are taken away from them with COVID. Please take a screenshot of this and share on your socials of your golden takeaway/s and tag @nxtgenmvmnt and Ahmad. Greatly appreciated if you can share with your friends NXT GEN MVMNT so we can continue to spread the word of what we're trying to achieve. *** Follow Ahmad's journey below:
August 16, 2020
Why Storytelling Leaves an Impact | Chapter 28 with Cassandra Bates
Ever wondered how some of the largest corporations are able to convey a compelling message to their audience?  It's because of their ability to tell a story. This is where we go under the surface with Cassandra Bates, and she is a force to be reckoned with. Cassandra has been a marketing expert for global brands such as Mattel, Sony, Coca-Cola, and a large number of established companies on consumer engagement and how to move product faster/smarter. Today, she consults for NASA as a subject matter expert with a focus on Social and Digital Engagement, Youth Marketing, Analytics, and Storytelling, and is the Chief Marketing Officer of Evoke Play to help emerging startups showing them the value of strategy in creating compelling brand experiences. *** Follow Cassandra's journey:
August 02, 2020
Made, Not Born - The Influence of Great Leadership - Chapter 27 with Karlin Sloan
Our next guest Karlin Sloan chats about what it is that makes someone a great leader, and how important great leadership is now more than ever before.  Discussing leadership in business, global issues and the rise of “social” influencers, Karlin helps us unpack the role of resilience and virtue in leadership DNA.  Karlin is the CEO of Sloan Group International; coaching and consulting to fortune 1000 companies worldwide. She is a best selling author, mother, and is passionate about being the change you want to see in the world. *** Follow Karlin's journey below:
July 19, 2020
How to Practice High Performance in Stressful Situations - Chapter 26 with Mark Mathews
When waves are formed to turn into the height of several houses stack on each other, you’d be bound to have Mark Mathews riding through one. Mark has been riding some of the biggest waves out there, winning titles, and defying the odds. Including the comeback from a wipeout back in 2016 that caused a plethora of injury and rehabilitation to get back into it when the doctors said “he may not be able to surf again.” We are very grateful to have Mark on as our next guest so we can deep-dive into more of his story and lessons learnt! *** Follow Mark's journey:
July 02, 2020
Inside the Mind of a World Champion Aerial Skier - Chapter 25 with Jacqui Cooper
Our next guest is quite remarkable with speeding down a ski slope at blistering speeds of up to 70km/hr to take off and fly and manoeuvre through the air and importantly, stick the landing. Jacqui Cooper is someone we’re grateful to have as our next guest. She is a multi-world titleholder in the sport of aerial skiing with representing Australia in the Olympics, she has a passion in advocating clean sport with drug and alcohol prevention as well as being a wonderful role model in educating the youth of today to make healthier choices and life habits. *** Follow Jacqui's journey here:
June 26, 2020
Keeping Our Identity During a Time of Crisis - Chapter 24 with Brandon Clift.
Not one person got it right when they were asked in 2015 "where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?" A global pandemic has changed the course of how we've lived and it has taken a toll on our normality. And this can affect our identities with how we see ourselves. Which brings us to our next guest for Chapter 24, Brandon Clift. He's a facilitator for the men's group 'ManKind Project' where he is a guiding light with helping people lose weight to navigating men through their deep-rooted triggers. He even has a podcast segment called “Mask Off Mondays”, which has men from around the world open up and speak vulnerably on the struggles they have and how it’s helped other men open up. This seemed like perfect timing to bring him on and go under the surface. *** Follow Brandon below: website - Instagram - LinkedIn -
June 03, 2020
COVID Conversations with the NXT GEN MVMNT team
What happens when a pandemic shows up out of nowhere? It affects the industries we work in, our everyday lifestyle, and the freedom we had to leave the house. In this podcast, the 4 of us (RJ, Paris, Zak, and Tofe) deep dive into how we're handling COVID-19 and what practical tips we're doing daily as well as the findings we're having in our daily lives when our world has been shifted a full 180.
May 01, 2020
How the Addiction Crisis has been Redfined | Chapter 23 with Constance Scharff | nxt gen mvmnt
Constance is a woman that has been able to use her own fight with addiction and trauma as a vehicle to help others create radical changes within their lives. She has written Ending Addiction For Good and a poetry book called Meeting God At Midnight, and Chief Operations Officer at Rock to Recovery which specialises in treating addiction and utilises music therapy as a form of healing.    Follow Constance's journey here: Instagram @drscharff  Linkedin @Constance (ahuva) Scharff  Twitter @ConScharffPhd
November 07, 2019
Finding Purpose & Meaning for Life After Sport - Chapter 22 with Robin Hunuki | nxt gen mvmnt
We had the pleasure of interviewing Robin Hunaki. From rugby league professional to Founder of RH Media - social media marketing genius. In this chapter, we go deep on using setbacks to change paths and chasing your passion
October 22, 2019
How to be Mentally Stronger and Resilient - Chapter 21 with Joe De Sena | nxt gen mvmnt
With what started over 15 years ago as curiosity to lose weight while working on Wall Street by participating and hosting endurance races, to building one of the biggest global communities with millions of members who push their limits to embrace discomfort across an obstacle course, Joe Desena certainly has built an empire in obstacle course racing and the world of purposeful suffering known as 'Spartan Race'.  Joe, who's the founder and CEO, an NYT best-selling author, and an absolute madman finishing 50+ endurance events in one year including several ultramarathons and ironman triathlons is the next chapter of nxt gen mvmnt where we'll deep dive and get under the hood on his mindset journey for our following to take away. *** Want a FREE entry to a Spartan Race (U.S. only) - email and put "RJ in the trunk" in the subject header   ***   Follow Joe's Journey:  Instagram - @realjoedesena  Youtube - @spartanrace
October 02, 2019
Inside a child's mind battling sexual abuse - Chapter 20 with Kayleen Johnston | nxt gen mvmnt
How have you been able to find meaning and purpose through trauma and extraordinarily painful events in your life?  In chapter 20 of the nxtgenmvmnt, we speak to Braveheart’s Kayleen Johnston about her harrowing story of sexual abuse and the aftermath. From facing a broken system with a lack of support structures to her family’s creation of Braveheart’s which is Australia’s leading child protection advocate, we hear how this extraordinary young woman has used her story as a means to not only empower herself but to provide a beacon of light for other children that have been affected from this insidious type of abuse.
September 03, 2019
What We Can Learn from Our Dark Pasts - Chapter 19 with Devina Kaur | nxt gen mvmnt
Born and raised in rural India, she fought to reconcile her traditional upbringing with her ambitions. After a lifetime of being told she was too fat, too loud and too ambitious, her world fell apart in her 30s when her arranged marriage ended. Thirty years of desperately trying to be the person everyone else wanted had resulted in loneliness, depression and confusion. While looking for purpose and meaning, Devina embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led her to start the Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution. Devina’s story really epitomises the journey from looking outwardly for fulfilment to seeking her peace, acceptance and ultimately purpose from within.
August 15, 2019
From Heavy Smoker to Winning Ultramarathons - Chapter 18 with Vlad Ixel | nxt gen mvmnt
"the only time I ever ran was to the bottle shop!"  Vlad Ixel, current ultramarathon champion runner with the Northface team divulges his journey from being an overweight chain-smoking alcoholic to a prolific vegan Ultramarathoner. His tale is one of redirected focus that enabled him to use his addictive nature in a totally dynamic and positive way. Here we deep dive with the winning Ultramarathoner about how running transformed his life and ultimately defined his purpose. Follow Vlad's journey here: Instagram - @vladixel Website -
August 06, 2019
Improving Mental Health on Social Media (thanks to Trufan) - Chapter 17 with Swish Goswami
Swish Goswami is someone who's making waves in the social impact space as an entrepreneur. With an impressive profile of having done 3x TEDx, a sneaker deal with KSwisse, an investor, he is considered one of Toronto's youngest and influential people. From being one of LinkedIn Locals original cofounders to being the CEO of Trufan, a platform for celebrities and Influencers to connect with their top fans, Swish certainly understands how to make an engaging community. So, without further ado, we've got Swish with us to deep dive on his insights as our next chapter of NXT GEN MVMNT.  *** Follow Swish's journey below: LinkedIn - Instagram -
July 11, 2019
Debunking Myths of The Creative Genius - Chapter 16 with Allen Gannett | nxt gen mvmnt
If the science behind creativity piques your interest, then you've probably heard of Allen Gannett. Allen who's colloquially known as a corgi father is debunking the myths of the creative genius and how we can start cultivating our creative side today in his hit-selling book 'The Creative Curve'. He's known for co-founding Acceleprise, an international B2B startup accelerator to being the CEO of TrackMaven, an enterprise big-data analytics platform which recently merged with Skyword, one of America's industry-leading content marketing services. Here, Allen is our next chapter of NXT GEN MVMNT, where we'll deep-dive on his insights and get under the hood on his journey. *** Follow Allen's journey: Buy his book - LinkedIn - Instagram -
July 11, 2019
What Everyone Doesn't See When Growing a New Company - Chapter 15 with Quentin Allums
Quentin Allums, also known as #JustQ is a force to be reckoned with in the creative community.  As a top voice with how he's built his brand around story-telling, this became the birth of Urban Misfit Ventures, a branding collective Q founded with his fellowmen that is becoming an emerging pioneer in Milwaukee and nationwide.  Where at one point, he was struggling to make rent and live by to now becoming one of the go-to people showing brands how to effectively tell their story, creating quality content and more importantly, creating a powerful and engaging community, is incredible to watch the movement from afar. Follow Q's journey below: Urban Misfit Ventures - LinkedIn - Instagram - YouTube -
June 16, 2019
Every Company Should Invest in Learning & Development - Chapter 14 with Toby Newman
In the world of today where technology is prevalent at our fingertips, to utilise the accessibility for our constant learning and development. Here we deep-dive with Toby Newman, a TEDx speaker and the L&D lead at HERE Technologies and the importance of why companies should be investing L&D into their staff.
May 25, 2019
Are You Living an Unconscious Life? - Chapter 13 with Geoff Jowett
Geoff is a visionary and pioneer of the Australian weight loss and fitness industries, having helped millions of people with his programs, gyms and educational resources. But his greatest gifts and contributions have come out of his own personal battles, demons and journey. Jowett “had it all”. Money, fame, popularity and success, but he says at that point he was empty and lost. And his passion was gone. He forgot why he started and lost his purpose. He became an alcoholic and lost everything. But he says "he had to lose it all to find himself and it was the best thing that ever happened" and at 42 he is “alive and awake for the first time in 10 years”. He now has a mindset coaching and weight loss community called “The Jowett Method” where he coaches members live 2x a day. He says connection kills addiction and his personal journey has been the catalyst for this movement. Here, Zak and RJ deep-dive with Geoff to understand his insight Through his suffering and struggle he developed genuine compassion and empathy for others, knowing all too well what it feels like to be in the darkness. His mission now is to bring others out of the dark and into the light. The byproduct of that is weight loss, happiness and health.
May 04, 2019
Embracing High Performance in Our Every Day Lives with Dr. Andy Walshe - Chapter 12
Do you remember when Felix Baumgartner successfully jump out of the stratosphere in 2012? It was a moment in time that changed my perspective of what human beings are capable of. And it's an absolute pleasure to have deep-dived with one of the performance directors for Red Bull Stratos who was behind this incredible stunt. Dr Andy Walshe is a top human performance and development consultant to sport, business, military and professional programs. He was the head of high performance for Red Bull for 9 years and is the co-founder of Liminal Collective. Their sole mission, enabling humanity's boldest endeavours. Watch the full chapter here on YouTube - And listen to it on Anchor, iTunes, or Spotify. #NXTGENMVMNT
April 21, 2019
From Rock Bottom to Successful CEO with JT McCormick - Chapter 11
JT McCormick shouldn't have succeeded. He was born the mixed-race son of a drug-dealing pimp father and a orphaned, single mother on welfare.  He was raised in the slums of Dayton, Ohio, suffered incredible abuse and racism, and had multiple stints in the juvenile justice system. He barely graduated high school and has no college degree. But succeed he did. Starting by scrubbing toilets, JT hustled and worked his way into better opportunities, eventually finding incredible success in the banking and mortgage industry. He was on top of the world. And then the mortgage industry fell apart. He lost his job, and literally all of his money. He had to borrow from his friends to make rent. He was nearly back to where he started: with nothing. But this time, he had something that he did not have growing up in the slums of Dayton: the knowledge of what it takes to succeed. JT used this setback combined with what he learned as the springboard for him to reach even bigger heights--eventually becoming President of two multimillion-dollar companies. Currently, JT is the President and CEO of Scribe Media.
April 08, 2019
Powerful Lessons Learned from the Adversity We've Overcome with The NGM Team - Chapter 10
What's the benefit from experiencing adversity? The powerful insight to pass onto others that may be experiencing something similar. Here we have RJ, Paris, Zak and Tofe sharing a few words from what we've experienced in our pasts and how's it's shaped us. The common trend between each of us is the mindset and gratitude from the overbearing stress we battled. Essentially, this is a great testament of how we explain it through the #PracticalResilience framework. Curious to know what you took away from this video? #NXTGENMVMNT #human #adversity #resilience
March 27, 2019
How to Be an Effective Leader with Matthew Barbuto - Chapter 9
If you had an hour with a seasoned investor, entrepreneur, and start-up advisor, what would you ask him? Maybe it's what he looks for when he invests in companies, or how he got to where he is. Well, this is where RJ and Tofe go under the surface with Matthew Barbuto who's no stranger to developing successful business and building future leaders. From growing teams at BHP to growing emerging tech start-ups to advising founding members, Matt has been an integral member in the business world. What does it take to be an effective leader? Find out in this chapter of NXT GEN MVMNT! If you had one question to ask Matt, what would it be? *** Follow Matt's journey here: LinkedIn - KPMG's Founding Leaders program -
March 18, 2019
Lessons Learned from Creating a Top 100 Podcast with Mark Metry - Chapter 8
Imagine if you had the chance to interview Seth Godin, Ed Mylett, Neil Patel, Gretchen Rubin, and many other amazing people? Well, that's what exactly has happened with Mark Metry which originally started as a side project to interview other humans across the world and learn what they know in their respective field on his podcast, Humans 2.0. That I should mention has become a top 100 ranked podcast. We recently deep-dived with Mark's story and the lessons learned for Chapter 8 of NXT GEN MVMT. He also answers community questions from Joanne Anderson (Sydney), Gunjan Yajav (Amjer, India), and Geoff Koboldt (California) And listen to the full thing on iTunes, Spotify, and Anchor too! Curious to know your thoughts if you were able to resonate with Mark - leave a comment below, would love to hear! *** Follow Mark's journey below: Humans 2.0 Podcast- LinkedIn - Instagram -
March 03, 2019
Turning Pain & Trauma Into Strength & Confidence with Kortney Olson - Chapter 7
Imagine if you could turn trauma into strength... 🤔 If this speaks to you, then you may have heard of the quote "I've never met a strong person with an easy past." Which brings us to introduce Kortney Olson, who has an incredible story of how she survived severe sexual assault, an eating disorder, depression and drug and alcohol addiction all before she was 21. This subsequently became the foundation of how she founded Kamp Konfidence and GRRRL Clothing to empower women (and men too) across the world teaching how important it is to turn trauma, pain and despair into power, strength and confidence.  Zak and Tofe recently deep-dived with Kortney's story for Chapter 7 of NXT GEN MVMT where she also answers community questions from Tony Ross (UK) after putting a post about what anyone could ask her. Curious to know your personal thoughts on how you've turned trauma and pain in confidence and strength - leave a comment below, would love to hear! *** Follow Kortney's journey below: GRRRL Clothing - LinkedIn - Instagram -
March 03, 2019
What It Takes to Have Emotional Mastery with Omozua Isiramen - Chapter 6
Do you have emotional mastery when sh!t hits the fan? 🧠💥 Life is a little easier when there's a mental artillery to keep us together when the going gets tough. Which is why RJ, Zak, and Tofe deep-dived with the charismatic Omozua for Chapter 6 on the NXT GEN MVMT. Omo is a leadership executive coach that specialises in emotional mastery and has built her brand simply around teaching leaders how to be the CEO of their brain. In this interview, she also answers community questions from Denis Murphy (Dublin) and Thomas Miller (Great Barrington, MA). Curious to know your personal thoughts on emotional mastery - leave a comment below, would love to hear! *** Follow Omozua's journey below: Omozua's coaching services - LinkedIn - Instagram - Facebook - Pinterest - Twitter -
March 03, 2019
How to Prevent Burnout & Masochism with Thomas Miller - Chapter 5
How to prevent burnout and masochism 😰🤬 If you know what it's like to build a brand or start a new venture, it can feel overwhelming. Things can go from bad to worse with burnout and masochism towards ourselves and others if there's a lack of self-care. Which is why RJ, Zak, and Tofe deep-dived with Thomas Miller for Chapter 5 of NXT GEN MVMT. Thomas is a therapist, addiction and family wellness coach and entrepreneur based out of Great Barrington, Massachusetts. He also answered questions from the NGM community. Shoutout to Robert Kelly (North Carolina), Anna McAfee (Coffs Harbour), and Ahmad Imam (Sydney) for submitting questions as they've been featured in the full video. Curious to know what questions to have about this topic that Thomas could help shed some light on? *** Follow Thomas' journey below: LinkedIn - Thomas' coaching services -
March 03, 2019
What Does Diversity Mean to You? with Ahmad Imam - Chapter 4
Diversity can be a touchy topic as the word is a trigger to some. With how this falls under race, age, gender, mental health, and many others, it's always something worth having the discussion over as we experience different perspectives from fellow humans. Here Ahmad Imam is Chapter 4 of NXT GEN MVMT bringing light to the topic and answering questions from Andy Storch (Orlando, FL), Melissa Arman (Birmingham, AL), Ritu Riyat (San Francisco), Thomas Miller (Great Barrington, MA), and Eric Dutton (Columbia, SC). What was your key takeaway from this video? *** Follow Ahmad's journey below: LinkedIn - Metropole Sydney -
March 03, 2019
Tips on Growing a Recognised Global Community (LinkedIn Local) with Anna McAfee - Chapter 3
Would you like to know how to grow a global recognised community like LinkedIn Local? 🌎📈 LinkedIn Local has had over 1000 events in 360+ cities and 60 countries! That is some insane growth in under two years! With what started as a simple networking idea in Coffs Harbour has created a behemoth global community to bring online connections to deeper offline ones. And who else to explore this other than Anna McAfee who's the co-founder of LinkedIn Local and CEO + Head of Communities of Local X. For Chapter 3 of #NXTGENMVMT, RJ, Zak and Tofe deep-dive with Anna into the incredible growth LinkedIn Local has attained in such a short period. We also asked the LinkedIn community what they'd like to know and have featured questions from Geoff Koboldt (California), Toby Newman (Eindhoven, Holland), Branka Injac Misac (Melbourne), Ewa Błońska (Wrocław, Poland) and Elizabeth Lim (Melbourne). What was your key takeaway from this video?  *** Follow Anna's journey below: LinkedIn - LinkedIn Local - Local X -
March 03, 2019
Helping Dads Maximise Their Full Potential with Luke Wharton - Chapter 2
ARE YOU A DAD THAT NEEDS HELP WITH MAXIMISING THEIR POTENTIAL? 👨‍👦💪   Luke Wharton is your guy if you incessantly want to grow as a dad.   This is someone very driven with a sole mission to help dads maximise their full potential.    When he's not doing amazing callisthenics movements or mentoring health & wellbeing to primary school students, he is inspiring fellow dads to be performing at an optimal level.   For Chapter 2 of #NXTGENMVMT, RJ and Tofe deep-dive into the incredible growth mindset he's developed over the years to be a paramount role model for his son and the students and dads around him.   What was your key takeaway from this video?  *** Follow Luke's journey below:  Instagram -  LinkedIn -
March 03, 2019
The Fundamentals and Benefits of Personal Branding with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski - Chapter 1
Here we deep dive with Dr. Natalia about her journey from a pivotal sabbatical into the knowledgeable personal branding genius she is today.   As well as making a massive transcendental shift in her career, she discusses the practicalities of personal branding for students, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs.   Her genuine insights and attention-grabbing perspective have helped her amassed a social media following of over 150,000 individuals around the world.    Besides giving keynotes and workshops, Dr. Natalia also coaches top Middle East executives in personal branding, public speaking and developing a success mindset.   We also asked the LinkedIn community what they'd like to know from Dr. Natalia and she also answers a few of their questions.   Grab a copy of her FREE personal branding guide here - *** Follow Natalia's journey: LinkedIn - Instagram -
March 03, 2019