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Heads Up OHS

Heads Up OHS

By Peter Bain
Welcome to Heads Up OHS, a Podcast presented by the Head Teacher, Head Boy and Head Girl of Oban High School. Together, along with invited guests we’ll give some updates on what’s going on in our school, and we’ll stimulate some discussions around national and international news, events and ideas. Along the way, we hope you’ll join us and hopefully together we’ll have a stimulating, informative and very enjoyable experience.
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Mr Bain’s Update, 8th October
This is the audio version of Mr Bain’s update published on 8th October. You can read the detailed letter on the website or watch the video mentioned on our YouTube channel. This version is for those who prefer listening to what’s going on whilst driving in the car or walking down the beach.
October 8, 2021
Senior pupils discuss their experiences of the covid assessment model, what to expect in next summer’s exams and sum up what they prefer.
October 6, 2021