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Looking Forward

Looking Forward

By Obbi Solutions
Join us as we interview prominent business leaders about looking forward to the future of business and their inspirational stories.

Gareth Macklin, Obbi Solutions Director - ‘The reason we created this Podcast is to be able to help and inspire people to keep pushing through hard times, to look to the future and get motivated by other peoples success stories who persevered with hard work. Innovation is in our DNA at Obbi and we want to be inspired by the incredible innovators out there who are doing phenomenal work to evolve, adapt and accomplish.
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Business Resilience and the Importance of being Flexible in Business - Feargal McCormack

Looking Forward

Looking Forward with Barry Hughes from Decora Blinds
In this episode of looking forward, we talk with training and development manager Barry Hughes about their ever-changing product range, how technology has impacted their processes, their plans for the future as one of NI leading manufacturing businesses. 
July 8, 2021
The PR and communications world, how to get into it and stay successful, golden tips for success with John Lee from Irish Stew
In this episode of Looking Forward, Catherine Rooney chats to Irish/American entrepreneur John Lee discussing his company, his role in the communications world, how he worked his way up, some golden tips for success and what's next for him and Irish Stew.
June 24, 2021
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir on driving out the negativity, taking the positives from a situation such as a Pandemic and the positives happening here because of Brexit
Gareth Macklin speaks to Máirtín Ó Muilleoir, owner of Andersonstown News and the Irish Eco, about his 'New Normal’ and hosting his American events such as Irish Eco Camp Fire virtually with people from all around the world. Máirtín Discuss the importance of editing out the negativity, taking the positives from a situation such as a Pandemic and the positives happening here because of Brexit.
June 3, 2021
How important is your employees health and mental heath to business success? - MYMY (Mind Your Mate and Yourself)
Gareth is joined by Ray from MYMY (Mind Your Mate and Yourself), our wonderful charity partner, to discuss the growth of the charity and plans for the future, along with tips and advice on what Ray has learned from starting the charity that is transferable to all businesses and their different approach to looking after their employees. Focus on your employee's health = a more resilient workforce = more successful business. MYMY is a voluntary and community sector counselling organisation with extensive experience in suicide prevention and intervention.
April 21, 2021
Business in Belfast with Richard Buckley
Gareth Macklin speaks to Richard Buckley Founder and Editor of Business Eye about his 'New Normal' and how business is currently looking. Richard has operated his business throughout the recession and the financial crash and says this situation is like no other, but optimism is key to moving forward. Richard has enjoyed seeing the fantastic innovation from businesses and entrepreneurs who are changing their way of thinking and have the determination and resilience to keep going. More info on Business Eye available here -
February 24, 2021
The Manufactruing Industry Adapting to the Pandemic
Gareth Macklin and Stephen Kelly of Manufacturing NI on the new normal within the Manufacturing industry Manufacturing NI is a campaigning organisation which works with member companies, workforce representatives, policymakers and regulators to challenge and encourage change in areas which impact on the cost of doing business, specifically rates, energy and labour. Full info at
February 24, 2021
Recruitment in a Pandemic - How to get the most out of it - David McCrisken
David McCrisken speaks about the New Normal in the recruitment industry today and gives advice on how to get the best candidates for your organisation, key questions to ask yourself and how to turn the negatives into positives. To find out more about David and MCS Group Recruitment head over to
February 24, 2021
How has the Sporting Industry changed from the Pandemic - Geoff Wilson
How has the sporting industry changed from the Pandemic began? What about the streams of income, what do they look like now? Touching on digital transformation and embedding agility for long term success, listen to Geoff Wilson from Wilson Consultancy speak to Gareth Macklin about the New Normal in his industry today. More info on Geoff available here -
February 24, 2021
The New Normal within the Sporting Industry with Marc Scott
Marc Scott is highly qualified in Sports and Business Law, Sport Studies and Governance together with Management and Leadership. He joined Ulster Hockey as Executive Manager following a successful career with the Scottish Institute of Sport, Scottish Hockey and Sport Northern Ireland where he gained extensive experience in Performance, Governance and Management roles. Marc talks to Gareth Macklin about the new normal within the sporting industry today and what the future holds. 
February 24, 2021
Coming Together to Make a Change in the Leisure Industry - Thomas Fegan
Listen as Thomas Fegan, Managing Director of Eddie Irvine Sports chats to Gareth Macklin about the new normal in the world today. During the Pandemic Thomas founded the Northern Ireland Entertainment & Leisure Forum as a body to talk to government about pending issues and opportunities within the sector. Over 100 businesses have joined within a few weeks and it has already made a massive impact and contribution to the Entertainment & Leisure Industry.
February 24, 2021
What we need to Survive and Thrive in Media - Jeff Reinke
Listen as Gareth Macklin talks to Jeff Reinke, Editorial Director from Industrial Equipment News - a US based Manufacturing media company, on their New Normal. Jeff highlights key points on increased use of digital property, how his readership has been more engaged, what we need to 'survive & thrive' and the importance of looking local for your supply chain.
February 24, 2021
Business Resilience and the Importance of being Flexible in Business - Feargal McCormack
Listen as Feargal McCormack, Managing Director of PKF-FPM chats to Gareth Macklin about the new normal in the world today. He gives some key insights on business resilience and the importance of being flexible - "You innovate or you evaporate" More info on PKF-FPM here -
February 24, 2021