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By Sofia Sanchez
It's time to grow! Listen to biotech leaders talk about how they're growing the future
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Ana Paula Acevedo - Stevia hecha con hongos
"Si queremos llegar a los objetivos de la agenda 2030 y tener algo sustentable, la biotecnología es la respuesta" Ana Paula es cofundadora de RebX, una startup que busca crear el futuro de los endulzantes de Stevia aprovechando residuos agroindustriales. Ella ha sido parte de comunidades como iGEM, Allbiotech, y ha fundado su propio congreso de biotecnología, llamado Biogénesis. Junto con Andrés Moreno y Rodrigo Ferrer, el equipo está participando en la aceleradora de empresas de iGEM: EPiC! En este episodio: · La historia de Paula como bioemprendedora · Inspirarte de las patentes de otros y usarlo a tu favor · La importancia de hacer comunidad
September 9, 2021
Steven ten Holder - Longevity startup @YC
"We're standing in the shoulders of giants who are making it more likely that within our lifetimes we will be able to live longer"—Steven ten Holder  @steventen is the co-founder of Acorn Biolabs, a company that stores your stem cells so you can have a brighter future. Before that, he studied a bioengineering undergraduate degree at Waterloo, where he also participated in iGEM, the synthetic biology competition. He then joined YC, grew his startup, and now a director @theksociety, a world-class program for future innovators. In this episode: · The iGEM experience · What has made Acorn a successful biotech startup · The YC experience for a biotech startup
August 29, 2021
Race Against the Clock ft. Seth Peachey
"We wanted to move away from startup competitions and instead throw a massive welcome party to the bio-economy for everyone"--Seth @sethpeachey is a former startup founder, bitcoin super-enthusiast, and has a lot of experience in business development, especially in SaaS used for employee engagement. He is currently co-leading Race Against the Clock (RAC), an event organized by Synbiobeta and sponsored by Ginkgo Bioworks that aims to bring together future biotech founders who are (indeed) racing against the climate change clock. In this episode: · What Race Against the Clock is about · The importance of networking in the biotech industry · Cultivating mentorship relationships
August 19, 2021
This is OBio
"It's time to grow" In this episode: · CEOs of unicorn companies, researchers from around the world, biohackers, and founders · Balance between going technical, understanding, and making biotech truly exciting · Academia and industry · Cell ag, synbio, longevity, gene editing, AI, bioinformatics, quantum biology, and more
August 14, 2021
Nanotechnology in a nutshell ft. Carlos Sanchez
Carlitos is a 16-year-old nanotech researcher and climate action enthusiast. In this episode: Craziest applications How to get started on nanotech Carlos' projects Get in touch with Carlos Twitter LinkedIn
August 7, 2021
Startups and the unconventional path ft. Sigil Wen
Sigil is the CEO and co-founder of BitSwap, a platform to buy and sell Bitclout for Etherum, raising funds at a 10 million dollar valuation! In this episode: What taking the unconventional path means Learning how to learn The future of Bitclout Startups vs projects Living the "startup life" Get in touch with Sigil: Website Twitter LinkedIn ------------------------------ Follow us @2045Podcast on Twitter & Instagram too! :)
May 30, 2021
Taking climate action with biotech ft. Adara Hagman
Adara is a creative disruptor on a mission create a more sustainable future through design and circular systems. In this episode: Sustainability in a nutshell The sustainable future of food Why fashion is a big problem (the way it's done today) Microbial fuel cells to create energy and clean water Advice for youth who want to help solve this problem Resources Adara recommends Work on climate Ellen Macarthur foundation Circular design and biomimicry Connect with Adara LinkedIn Website Twitter @astro_adara
May 12, 2021
Exponential biotechnology ft. Guido Putignano
Guido is the CEO of Yealthy: a startup fostering discoveries to enhance human potential through exponential technology. He is also a futurist, entrepreneur, and Chief Exponential Officer. In this episode: creating bioplastics with people from XPRIZE, quantum biology to cure diseases, using VR and blockchain for biotech research + Guido's top tips on leadership and productivity. Connect with Guido on LinkedIn: Follow him on Twitter @GuidoPutignano Follow the 2045 Podcast @2045Podcast on Instagram and Twitter
April 24, 2021
'Til the Heat Death of the Universe
Main takeaways from Ray Kurzweil's book: The Singularity is Near. In this episode - Why the podcast is called 2045 - Predictions for the XXI century - Why most futurists are wrong - The 3 revolutions: genomics, nanotechnology, robotics - How to thrive in the singularity
April 16, 2021
LightIR: detecting cancer with light ft. Aaryan Harshith
Aaryan is the founder of LightIR, a system to detect cancer during surgery. He is only 15 years old and he is an activator at The Knowledge Society. In this episode: How LightIR works Product development Patents for your inventions Being interested vs being committed to something Follow the podcast @2045Podcast on Twitter and Instagram. Follow Aaryan @AaryanHarshith on Twitter too!
April 9, 2021
Biohacking is not a crime #2 ft. Josiah Zayner
Josiah is a leader in biohacking, CEO and founder of The Odin (, a company that is democratizing bio engineering. In this episode: Cellular agriculture Mental models to innovate Why ideas are worthless Reverse engineering DNA with Machine Learning The future of biotech Follow us @2045Podcast on Twitter and Instagram :)
March 19, 2021
Biohacking is not a crime #1 ft. Josiah Zayner
CEO of, mad pirate king of biotech. Josiah Zayner is a leader in the biohacking movement. He has experience in modifying his gut microbiome, genetically modifying himself with CRISPR, creating a coronavirus vaccine, and culturing cells... all DIY and @ home! What you can learn from this episode How and why he started a biotech startup Why and how he started his biotech startup Why medicine continues to be primitive Outcomes of creating a coronavirus vaccine at home Follow Josiah on Twitter @4LOVofScience Follow this podcast on Twitter and Instagram @2045Podcast
March 8, 2021
Blockchain & ML ft. Alishba Imran
From learning about blockchain, to how Machine Learning can be used to exponentially accelerate the testing of batteries, problem solving frameworks, and much more... Learn more about Alishba and reach out to her on her website:
March 1, 2021
Drug discovery 101 ft. Seyone Chithrananda
Seyone is an 18-year old working at the intersection of machine learning and biochemistry, with an impressive background (including working for Fortune 500 companies and interning at a lab at the University of Toronto). 2045 is made for curious people who want to learn about the future, so previous knowledge is not required at all ;) Get in touch with Seyone! Personal website: LinkedIn Twitter: @SeyoneC
February 18, 2021
Microfluidics and bio-nanotech #2 ft. Ivonne Lomelí
Check out the first episode to get more context. Feel free to check out Ivonne's YouTube channel as well:
February 10, 2021
Microfluidics and bio-nanotech #1 ft. Ivonne Lomelí
Microfluidics, synthetic biology, research, and startups. This is only half of the episode. Stay tuned for more! Reach out Ivonne @IvonneLomeliL on Twitter and Ivonne Lomeli on LinkedIn :) Follow @2045 Podcast on Instagram and Twitter for more!
February 5, 2021
Biocomputing #2 ft. Ammielle Wambo & Anna Heck
Check out Pt.1 if you haven't yet!
January 14, 2021
Biocomputing #1 ft. Ammielle Wambo & Anna Heck
Anna Heck and Ammielle Wambo share with us everything they know about a mind-blowing technology between the worlds of tech and biology. Is this the end of computing as we know it? Connect with Anna! Connect with Ammielle! Follow us @2045Podcast on Instagram and Twitter ;)
January 7, 2021
I'm Still Scared
Thoughts about success. First episode of the year!!! Here's the article for this episode: Check out Paul Graham's essays now!
January 2, 2021
Innovation. Growth. The World!
December 27, 2020
About education and existence
An episode about biochemical algorithms, the meaning of life, and education Check out the article! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @2045Podcast :)  You can buy the book here:
December 17, 2020
Isabella Grandic on 2045+
Bonus section of the podcast is out! 6 quick questions about books, mindsets, and "what's next" in less than 10 minutes.  Connect with Izzy, and share share share! @2045Podcast
December 12, 2020
Machine Learning in pharma ft. Mukundh Murthy
Taking a new drug to the market can take more than 10 years! AI is about to completely disrupt the way this is done. Maybe you haven't heard about drug discovery with AI, but you can discover what the latest advancements in this field are by listening to this episode ;) Connect with Mukundh! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to know more about the amazing future that awaits us! @2045Podcast
December 9, 2020
A very dystopian future
A very dystopian future be on its way. “The Future is Now” is a compilation of some of the most relevant ideas found in 21 Lessons for the XXI Century, a best selling book by Yuval Noah Harari
December 4, 2020
Zero to Unicorn ft. Isabella Grandic
A lot of people want to change the world, solve a problem, start a business, invent something... but don't know where to start!  Isabella Grandic is a 17-year-old innovator, who has spoken at +5 conferences around the world, done cultured meat research, and now is working in her organization, EMM (Ending Maternal Mortality) Connect with Izzy! Personal website: Project Website:
November 24, 2020
Nanotech and advanced transportation ft. Venkat Yarlagadda
Do you have to be a genius to be an innovator? What is the education missing? What are the trends to come in advanced transportation? Connect with Venkat! Follow the podcast @2045Podcast on Instagram and Twitter to get value everyday!
November 16, 2020
Robotics & COVID in Brazil ft. Luca Moreira
Luca is an unconventional teenager, founder of 5 startups, and passionate about robotics. In this episode we discuss our perspective around the pandemic in Brazil, online education, and get to know Luca a little more :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us @2045Podcast on IG and Twitter! Connect with Luca on IG @luca_moreira_official
November 8, 2020
Story of success
Want to know what Bill Gates, The Beatles and Hockey players have in common? Why success is sometimes a matter of luck, and exactly how much time it takes to be successful? Read the article here too! Wanna nominate a guest? (it can be you!) Shoot me a DM @2045Podcast in Twitter and IG! 
October 26, 2020
When algorithms rule the world
“The Future is Now” is a compilation of some of the most relevant ideas found in 21 Lessons for the XXI Century, a best selling book by Yuval Noah Harari You can buy the book here Or check Yuval's website Follow @2045Podcast on Twitter to stay tuned with the future ;)
October 15, 2020
Synthetic Biology in a Nutshell ft. Michael Trinh
Michael Trinh is an undergraduate researcher at the University of Toronto. He's worked on projects related to synthetic biology and immunology, including a white paper to treat COVID-19. Learn more about the future of synbio and don't forget to check out Michael's website !
October 6, 2020
4 steps to hack Your brain
Are you looking to improve your performance by creating more effective habits, or getting rid of non-effective ones? In this episode I share many action items that you can start implementing right away to make a difference in your life. Backed by the book Atomic Habits by James Clear, this is a great episode, no matter if you've already read the book. If you're more into reading, you can find similar content in this article.
September 28, 2020
Longevity in a Nutshell ft. Nina Khera
🧬 Why we age, action items to increase our healthspan, resources to get started in the field, including building a longevity startup. Connect with Nina! Resources: Longevity FAQs, Laura Deming, Lifespan book
September 20, 2020
Bioinformatics and COVID in India ft. Sriya Chintalapalli
Part of the “World” and “Innovation” sections of the podcast. Sriya Chintalapalli shares her perspective on this pandemic, her knowledge of bioinformatics as a 16-year-old and some inspiring tips for ambitious people (especially teens). Connect with her ->
September 13, 2020
Consumers vs creators
Spoiler: it’s our fault. Get some takeaways on how to use technology to YOUR advantage. Stop wasting your time and know that being an influencer isn’t really a "bad thing" Check out this article talking about the topic
September 6, 2020
A Masterguide to Think and Succeed
Main takeaways of the book “Think and Grow Rich“, made for those who don’t necessarily want to become millionaires . Will you try this method? Have you already? Follow @2045Podcast on Instagram and Twitter :)
August 30, 2020
Waking up with purpose?
My experience with this cliché phrase 
August 22, 2020
Who is Sofi, what this podcast is about (in detail), its purpose and more...
August 11, 2020