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OB Radio is an online radio that is concerned with the fitness and wellness of everyone in the world. Here we bring to all our listeners news from the fitness and bodybuilding community covered by the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) and all her branches in every country and continent.

We also bring tips on how to stay fit and have that perfect body you always wanted.

Keep listening to Ob Radio, the art of sculpting without tracing.
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OROBO is a weekly grass root talk show program on Fitnesstalkshow TV and in pigeon language. It helps to convey the information, education and where necessary intervention, to help control and prevent the issue of sudden and unexpected death (SUD) as well as weight loss challenges. This program handles the day to day misconceptions of fitness training and breaks it down to simple terms for better understanding of the uneducated.
July 23, 2021
Super Cook is a live nutrition programme on Fitnesstalkshow TV and, which deals with the important role nutrition plays in our lives. Following the understanding that nutrition is divided into two, the macro nutrients and the micro nutrients and how they relate to our body types, especially for physiological activities and sports in general.
July 23, 2021
Fitnesstalkshow is the Fitness World Media Home created to properly inform, educate, disseminate and updates in the Fitness, Supplementation, Nutrition, Bodybuilding and Sports Industry as a credible multifacet media home. We communicate in diverse languages to our audience in the Fitness host interviews with superstar guests in the Fitness and bodybuilding industry, including: Athletes, Celebrities, Judges, Gym Owners, leaders, Promoters and Supplement, Equipment and apparels Companies as well as field questions from Fans in the Fitness World!We deliver breaking news in the world of Fitness and Bodybuilding, both Amateur and Professional. Our main objective is to provide the Fans a informative avenue to learn from the best in training, Nutrition, Supplementation, research and Editorial in the Sport and Fitness Industry.As part of our services, we can take you to meet your targeted audience through our live broadcast on OB RADIO and live streaming on our Fitnesstalkshow TV. We rpovide outlets for sell banner space and other advertorial opportunities.We will read Emails from Fans and Sponsoring Companies, as well as field Call-In Questions from everyday supporters of the Fitness and Bodybuilding world.
July 23, 2021
The Morning Drills is a three day physiological movement, using free/body weight or household improvised material to workout the different anatomies in order to keep a healthy lifestyle and cut down excess calories. Look no further because FTV is here to make you work out every morning, using improvised household materials with the MORNING DRILLS. Now you have no excuses, you can keep fit with FTV‘s Soye Elekima three mornings every week on Silverbird Television (STV) here in Port Harcourt, and/or subscribe on our Youtube channel if your are not in Rivers State. Remember, once there is a will, there is always a way, and FTV‘s Morning Drills is the way! And it is showing on STV.
July 23, 2021