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Survival in a Capitalist City

Survival in a Capitalist City

By Mike McCabe
Survival in a Capitalist City focusses on the means of surviving capitalism. Our government leaders continue to kick the can of responsibility down the road, and we think it is time for us to take control of the situation. is a Progressive network working to inform and empower citizens in the organizing essentials for their community. We support the Mutual Aid movements across the country because our government has forgotten those in need.

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The End of Public Housing in New York City

Survival in a Capitalist City

The End of Public Housing in New York City
A discussion about the NYCHA Blueprint. Is it the end of public housing in NYC?  Our guests believe the road to better Public Housing is with resident management.  Our guest speakers are:  Jennifer Hyman: a recent graduate of Touro Law Center, plans to become a housing attorney. Formerly homeless, Jennifer has a passion for housing activism. She has worked with Picture the Homeless, the Committee for Independent Community Action, and the Green Party. She is currently working in landlord-tenant mediation through a clinic at school.  Tom Hillgardner: A Jamaica HS grad; he received a BA in PoliSci at Stony Brook;  Tom like Jennifer, graduated from Touro Law School JD in 1992; He is a Fannie Glickstein Public Interest Law Fellow;  he interned for Alaska Legal Services Corp. where he worked on native subsistence rights and logging reform in the Tongass National Forest; also has written on oil waste discharges from offshore drilling platforms in Cook Inlet and the Bering Sea; he began practicing Landlord-Tenant law in NYC in 1994; and was the principal drafter of A7928 (a bill Linda Rosenthal, sponsor) which seeks to deschedule psychedelics, establish a psychedelic research institute in NY, and establishes a psychedelics therapeutic research program in NY. He would like everyone to write to their assembly and state senate representatives.   Michael Sussman: a graduate of  Harvard Law School: J.D. – Cum Laude. Michael has been fighting for social and individual justice for more than 35 years. He is well known as one of the top trial lawyers in the region.  As  Assistant General Counsel, NAACP National Office. Sussman litigated a full docket of civil rights cases across the United States on behalf of the National office of the NAACP.   In May 1981, Sussman served as lead counsel for the Yonkers Branch, NAACP, and a class of approximately 40,000 individuals in a successful school and housing segregation suit against the City of Yonkers, Yonkers Board of Education, State of New York, and HUD. Mr. Sussman was also a Green Party candidate for New York Attorney General.
June 02, 2021
Rent Strike with Lena Melindez
Lena, a candidate for New York City Council talks about her efforts to cancel rents in New York City.
January 14, 2021
Survival in a Capitalist City presents Sam Richards, author of the article, "Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tools Operate in Obscurity Across the Country."
Survival in a Capitalist City presents Sam Richards, author of the article, "Powerful Mobile Phone Surveillance Tools Operate in Obscurity Across the Country." Sam Richards and Robert Dannin discuss Cell Hawk, an application from Hawk Analytics that collects data from cell towers and sells the information to police departments across the country. It's not just the NSA any longer.  Here is a link to Sam's article:
January 14, 2021
Safe Schools: Not in New York
Join us today, with Dermot Myrie, and his friend Ali, as they discuss the situation in New York City, regarding the safety of schools. 
September 26, 2020