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The Applied Spectral Knowledge Podcast

The Applied Spectral Knowledge Podcast

By Ocean Insight Marketing
Applied Spectral Knowledge with Ocean Insight
Ocean Insight 2021 Grant Program
Ocean Insight Knowledge Manager Rob Morris joins a mystery guest to discuss the ins and outs of the Ocean Insight 2021 Grant Program. You’ll learn about the upcoming proposal deadline (2:35), important judging criteria (10:35), and the ease of the application process (13:11).
December 01, 2021
Ocean Insight Lab Services
Ocean Insight Lab Services Manager Yvette Mattley joins colleagues Derek Guenther and Mike McCrory to discuss the resources available to customers through our Lab Services offering. You’ll learn more about types of support we provide (2:25), the benefits of Lab Services for feasibility studies (12:25), and how one customer is advancing an important life sciences project with our help.
September 22, 2021
LIBS: Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Host Ty Olmstead welcomes Ocean Insight colleagues Patrick Allen, Steve Buckley and Amy Bauer for an insightful discussion of LIBS and its applications. Topics include the advantages of LIBS (12:40-14:40); considerations regarding system calibration (8:35-9:50) and laser selection (9:50-11:08); and the evolution of LIBS from esoteric lab technique to problem-solving tool for industrial applications such as materials analysis in mining and metals identification in recycling.
September 24, 2020
NIR Spectroscopy: Expert Insights
Host Yvette Mattley welcomes Ocean Insight colleagues Troy McKay, Joseph Bonvallet and Ty Olmstead for an informative and lively discussion of near infrared spectroscopy. Topics include the advantages and tradeoffs of NIR spectroscopy (5:05); applications that benefit from NIR techniques (10:00); and where future NIR developments may take us (20:10).
August 18, 2020
Developing Custom Solutions at Ocean Insight
Join Director Solutions Engineering Dr. Ty Olmstead as he discusses Ocean Insight’s approach to custom solutions development with Dr. Steve Buckley, Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, and Dr. Joseph Bonvallet, Sr. Applications Engineer. Topics include the company’s solutions development strengths (2:23) and capabilities (4:18); the value of customer collaboration (11:14); and examples of successful custom solutions (14:40).
July 14, 2020
Understanding Color Science
Ocean Insight Solutions Engineering Manager Matt Kremens joins colleagues James Gass and Ethan Montag to discuss key elements of color. Both Gass, our Calibration Lab Manager and Senior Application Engineer, and Montag, a Senior Scientist, have extensive experience in color measurements. Topics include the basics of color (1:20); emissive and reflective color (4:38), with examples of each (16:25); and color applications beyond aesthetic considerations (24:40).
July 01, 2020
Meet the Ocean Insight Raman Experts
Join Ocean Lab Services Manager Dr. Yvette Mattley as she discusses the ins and outs of Raman spectroscopy with Ocean Insight scientists Drs. Amy Bauer and Anne-Marie Dowgiallo. Learn more about Raman and its origins (1:50), choosing the best laser excitation wavelength (9:37) and other setup tips (16:06), and why Raman has promise in detecting bacteria and viruses (30:53).
June 03, 2020
Guiding Customers through Spectral Challenges
Join Ocean Lab Services Manager Dr. Yvette Mattley as she discusses customer support at Ocean Insight with technical support engineers Nigel DeJesus and Norm Hoffer. Learn the answers to frequently asked questions about our spectroscopy hardware and software, and enjoy key measurement tips from our experienced panel.
May 14, 2020